ISIS Delivers Terrifying Warning About Their Next Attacks

The Nashir News Agency, one of several pro-ISIS media outlets, has issued a warning to Muslims in America, Britain, Russia, and throughout the West to avoid certain areas that are likely to be targeted by Islamic extremists in the coming weeks. The message, intended for those Muslims who aren’t fortunate enough to join the Islamic State in their failing caliphate, warned followers that they should stay away from “gathering places of the Crusaders” because “thousands of lonely lions” are plotting to slaughter innocent people in some of the West’s most populated cities.

“We will explode, run over people by vehicles and cut off their necks in any time,” said the message.

In an accompanying message to the “Crusaders,” the ISIS outlet warns those Westerners who would dare to oppose their Islamic supremacy that they will be killed by the losers who consider themselves loyalists to the murderous cause. A cause, they claim, that was incited by American aggression against Islam.

“You have started the aggression against us … and you will pay costly for that,” they write. “The Islamic State haven’t started the war against you, as your governments and media imagine. We have prepared for you worst days, surprises after surprises, and to answer the call of targeting the crusader’s countries thousands of lonely lions have been prepared in your countries and have sold their bodies and souls for the sake of Allah. And wait for attacks, and we wait too!”

Hopefully, at least in the U.S., we’re reaching the point where we’re done simply “waiting” for the attacks to unfold. Under President Trump, ISIS has been decimated in Iraq and there are reports that the Pentagon is getting ready to step up the war against Islamic State forces in Afghanistan, where they are gaining a foothold.

Of course, it would be much easier to defend ourselves from attacks on our homeland if the liberal courts were not constantly thwarting President Trumps authority to do so. We will see in the coming days if the Supreme Court can lend some sanity back to these issues and overturn the earlier rulings against Trump’s wise travel ban.

But even if they do, it won’t solve the problem of these “lonely lions” spoken about by the ISIS news agency. These are homegrown Muslims who have been radicalized by ISIS propaganda online. To confront this threat, the Trump administration needs to crack down on American mosques that turn a blind eye to extremists among them…when they aren’t harboring them with the worst of intentions. It will require violating the sacred rules of political correctness. It will take nothing less than true resolve in the face of liberal tears.

But if Trump is as clear-headed on the problem as we believe he is, that shouldn’t be a problem. We can’t stop every lunatic who pledges allegiance to ISIS, but we can certainly start taking the issue seriously. That alone will make a difference. That alone will save lives.

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  1. Notice that the warning was sent out to fellow muslims – I wonder did they warn you left wing loons too?

    • They plan to attack in cities, hopefully not a demotard anti Trump rally, or maybe a feral ape riot….Hey muzlim filth, please don’t hurt any of our universities!!!

      • Yea, and don’t throw mw in the briar patch!

      • And don’t forget those muslim camps near our airports and military bases and they are prepared! We can’t sit back and allow this to continue, so please let’s all write Trump to move on this the same as ICE and Border Guards are on invaders. The address is: http://www.whitehouse/gov/contact#page and let him know something must be done now because most were invited in by Obama and we all know what O wanted then to do because they are part of his Brotherhood.

      • What universities? They’re all propaganda centers now!

  2. Ah, the religion of “peace” as we so often hear from the cluless. I won’t bother to use quotes from the Koran to show how fundamental violence is to their religion. But, when I hear from someone that it isn’t all of them that are doing these dreadful things, just the “radical few”, I respond with “All the Germans weren’t Nazis either. How did that work out?

    • Yeah, ask surviving civilians of Berlin, Dresden, Frankfurt…..etc.

      • If you’re keeping score, the conventional fire bombings of Tokyo, Yokohama, and nearly every other major city in Japan killed more people than the atomic bombs dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima. We used to fight wars to win.

    • I call it “the religion of pieces”.

    • Pew Research says 28% of Muslims are sympathetic to, if not yet actively participating in, the cause of ISIS. That’s about 364,000,000 potential terrorists.

      That’s about the same percentage of the American population who supported the American Revolution. About a third supported it, a third opposed it, and a third sat on their hands waiting to see who won, wanting to be on the side of the winner.

      • All practicing Muslims are sympathetic to the causes of ISIS as all practicing Muslims believe in jihad.

        • I disagree. Most of them believe theirs is a religion of peace. They haven’t read the last half of their holy book. If they really want a religion of peace, they need to reject the Quran and form a new religion. The real perversion of Islam is what they believe. ISIS is right.

          • You mean the part that Muhammad done away with, with a better verse/rule???

          • You don’t know what you’re talking about. It was Muhammad who commanded killing infidels in the last part of the book. The first part was all about peace and love.

          • The abrogation of verses are those superseded by later verses. Most verses put in the Quran prior to Muhammad’s departure to Modena was done away with verses after he established his new kingdom of terror.

          • I have read that Mohamed had a scibe who followed him around and wrote down what mohamed said. AFTER Mohamed died leaders of the Islamic faith, who obviously wanted to rule the masses put the koran together from scrolls made by the scribe. They also burned many scrolls. I believe some of that last part of the book was added after Mohamed died. I’m not defending him he was still a bad guy who envisioned himself a world leader, follower of satan. But those who came after were worse.
            All of Islam has been a blight on mankind since it’s beginig. Robbing, raping, taking slaves murdering everythig that got in their way. Islam is a religion of satan. There are many who are born into islam, and know nothing else. They are tought to hate anything not of the Islamic religion. They are taught to live like Mohamed did in 700 AD.
            LOok at where they come from, look at what they do!
            All goes back to the book of Genesis. Ishmael and Issac.
            Issac the legitimate son of promise and the illegitimate son not of the promise. That is why the muslims hate the jewish nation so passionately.

          • Yup, it all goes back to Ishmael and Issac, and it started because Abraham listened to Sarah, and took her handmaiden instead of trusting God to provide a son. The handmaiden Hagar got pregnant and had Ishmael, then started to taunt Sarah with the fact that she gave Abraham a child, and Sarah didn’t. After Sarah miraculously got pregnant in her old age (they figure she was about 90) and had Issac, she wanted to get rid of Hagar and her child Ishmael. Abraham really didn’t want to, but he did it for Sarah’s sake. God took care of Ishmael and Hagar, and fulfilled his promise that Ishmael would become a great nation, but the hatred, jealousy, abandonment and bitterness, never went away, to this day. Issac was the chosen one, and the Jews God’s chosen people, that doesn’t mean that God doesn’t care about Arabs, of course he does, anyone who accepts Jesus will inherit the kingdom of God, and will become his children.

          • You have been reading the book I have, you are so correct.

          • The book is the King James Bible. Fountain of wisdom and truth.

          • Pray tell, who wrote – nay, who commissioned – the production of the King James Bible? And what was the agenda? Not everyone is ignorant, man.

          • Uh, that would be King James. The agenda was to make the Bible understandable to non-Latin speakers and to bypass the power of the clergy. They made some translating errors, to be sure, but it was an improvement over the status quo.



          • As I understand it, the split between the Shia and the Sunni factions began when Muhammed died. The Shia believed that the head of Islam should be a blood relative of Muhammed, the the Sunni believed the leader should be elected. The Sunni kinda settled the issue by killing all of Muhammed’s blood relatives, which kinda put a damper on the relationship since.



          • Want to check out about Mohammad and the Quran, you can read [The Life of Muhammad- or -The History of Islam, Mohammad and the Koran] they both will take some time to read but they will let you know just what sort of person the Muzzie’s call their profit.

          • P.S. They both can be found on the internet!!!

          • Read it and several others.

          • The Nuns taught us all about Islam’ that any Christians needed to know! That was in 1957 0r so, in the 3rd. and 4th grade! “Class!! ‘Islam is spread ‘by the Sword’! Either you embrace Islam or they will kill you!” P/C has all but Killed the U.S.A.!

          • Actually Robert, Mohamed could neither read nor write. He had scribes to write his so called wisdom, and since he couldn’t read, he had way of verifying what it is supposed that he said. Mostly his scribes were cousins and other close kin. He married an older woman whom was quite wealthy. He had begun his religion several years before he learned that the Arabs were also decedents of Abraham. Thinking this would bring Jews into his religion, he included them as his chosen ones, but the Jews weren’t interested. He even called Jesus a Prophet. He became basically a war lord, and managed to establish himself around the Mediterrananean Sea. Their present way of spreading their religion is to portray themselves as outcasts going into other nations. Once there, they cadjel their hosts to allow certain articles that would ordinarily be illegal to become legalized for them! From that step, they force recoginition and then subservience. It seems to work better than conquering for them. We see this being played out in the Philippines, India and Macedonia right now!

          • Check out Hamtramck, MI.


          • From one granny to another, I say the tide is turning against the liberal Demos. Two states having special elections elected Republicans!
            Just wait until elections in 2018–all of this nation will finally understand that the days of Liberals are numbered!
            Then perhaps we can address our very real Muslim problem here.
            Recently one commenter said, “The only difference between the radical and peaceful Muslims is that the radicals want to kill us. The peaceful ones just hope they do!!!!

          • Yes, you are preaching to the choir. I am up on all that.

          • Re the subject of post-mortem editing, the Council of Nicea in 325 AD was an attempt to formally organize Christian doctrine, and officially established the doctrine that Jesus was the Son of God. For 325 years, that was a subject of debate. It was a political decision to bring Christians together.


          • In other words, Jefferson was not a true believer. This is what faith is….believing what is not seen with the naked eye. I am disappointed. Did Jefferson not understand that Paul was one of the truest disciples because he went from a Christian killer to repenting and was baptized in Jesus’ name….he was completely transformed into a new creation through the Holy Spirit? He gave his old life up willingly and preached and followed God’s leading….even giving up his life for that which he knew was true – the Gospel. It is his confession of his sin and a turning away from what he knew was sin and trusting in Jesus Christ which gave him a new name….Saul to Paul. I admire Paul…but I worship who he preached of. There is no other name under heaven, given among men, by which we must be saved. JESUS CHRIST.

          • Jefferson viewed Paul as an opportunist and a Charltan, and thought he made up the epiphany on the Road to Damascus. The only “witness” was Annanais, who spent the rest his days with Paul on his travelling road show.

            Do some searches on the several ways that Paul’s views contradicted those of Jesus. There’s quite a debate about them.

          • No thanks “I stand alone on he Word of God- The B-I-B-L-E!!” My faith has found a resting place….not in device nor creed…I found the ever-living One – His wounds for me shall plead…I need no other argument, I need no other plea…it is enough that Jesus died and that He died for me……

          • I’m sure you will, and if your faith gives you comfort, more power to you.

            For me, I’ve observed that every word of the bible was written by mortal men, who claim to speak for God. If someone said that today, we wouldn’t believe him. As far as I can tell, God has never written or spoken a single word, and Jesus never put anything in writing, so we have to depend on what others claim He said. The NT was written at least 50 years after the crucifixion. I’m 70, and if I tried to remember everything I heard ver batim when I was 20, I’m afraid I’d be at a bit of loss.

          • Geee……I’m sure glad you did all your scholarly research. By grace you are saved through faith…and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God, not of works, lest any man should boast. There are many who think because they have read something somewhere that some professor has “researched” that it is true. There are many flawed studies. I choose to take the Bible as inerrant – the Word of the Very God who is the Creator, no matter what may come against it. On Christ the solid Rock I stand…all other ground is sinking sand!

          • Well, I figure that if there is a God, He gave me the power to reason, and would be pretty disappointed if I didn’t use it. I don’t believe in a hereafter, and I don’t believe in forgiveness of sins. I believe we will be held accountable in the here and now, there is no “get out of hell free” card if we utter the appropriate abra cadabra before we die, and those who share my views will be less likely to sin than the true believers. I also believe that a belief in the hereafter diminishes the value we place on the one life we know for certain we have, and increases the suicide rate.

          • Praying for ya Ctal! Thanks for taking the time to respond to my remarks. Have a great day.

          • Prayer: An appeal that the laws of the universe be repealed on behalf of a single petitioner, confessedly unworthy.

          • My understanding is that many of the founding fathers were deists nkt Christians.

          • Genesis 16:12 [of Ishmael]. He will be a wild ass of a man, his hand against every man and every man’s hand against him. Perfectly describes Islam.

          • You are so right!
            They will fight against each other and anyone else they come across.

          • Mohammed died, at age 50 o 60, June 8, 632. His father-in-law Abu Bakr became the Muslim Caliph and founder of the Umayyad Dynasty which became the strongest sect of Islam., Abu Bakr launched Islam into almost 1,500 years of continual imperialist/colonialist, bloody conquests and subjugation through invasion and war that stretched from the Philippines, across Asia, the Middle East, northen Africa, Spain and Portugal (711 to 1481. and to Europe, a role Islam continues to this very day.
            Muslims calling themselves ISIS, Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, travel the same road as Abu Bakr. They are modern Nazis supported by inaction of most politicians around the world who will not admit ISIS is Islamic. I’ve studied the Koran since 1958 and 1959 while stationed in Turkey and Libya; ISIS is following it to the letter.
            Before 21 Christian’s heads were hacked off, ISIS’s leader proclaimed “We are at war with the Cross and we will win the whole world for Allah”. Yunis Al Astal, popular Hamas cleric and Islamic law scholar in his April 11, 2009 speech: “Very soon, Allah willing, Rome will be conquered, just like Constantinople was, as was prophesied by our prophet Muhammad. This capital of theirs will be an advanced post for the Islamic conquests, which will spread through Europe in its entirety, and then will turn to the two Americas, and even Eastern Europe.”
            If you truly wish to understand Islam simply reading the Quran, as I did years ago, is not sufficient, you MUST read, Reliance of the Traveler, ‘Umdat al-Salik written by Ahmad ibn Naqib al-Misri who died in 1368. The English translation by Nuh Ha Mim Keller,(available on Amazon) is called the Classic Manual of Islamic Sacred Law, and it bears the approval stamps of Al-Azhar University in Cairo and the U.S. International Institute of Islamic Thought. Every single day more than 80% of Imams, Mosques and virtually every Islamic university in the world teach from this book . They preach strict unwavering adherence to Sharia Law, they teach the entire world under a reestablished Caliphate, they teach every last person on the planet should be forced into submission to Islam and Allah.
            It is the height of ignorance to think that the violent acts of radical Islamists can be divorced from their religious ideals, an ideology ingrained in the core of Islam itself.


          • “Modena”?

          • Muhammad didn’t just command it, he was a part of the slaughter. It is true that at first Muhammad was peaceful, but then later he became violent, and believed he was justified in taking over, and forcing Islam on everyone.

          • That’s right. This is what happens when we give power to people who think they know better than we do how we should live our lives. They use that power to dictate our lives and enforce their rules with force and coercion. I just described the Democratic Party. Totalitarian to the core.

          • We’re seeing that attempt here and now in the USA as the Socialists among us try to put them in power.

          • The irony of that is that if the Muslim extremists were to achieve their Caliphate here, the socialists among us would be the first to go, because their beliefs are the furthest from the Muslim radicals, who absolutely reject women’s rights, open sexuality, and lack of public modesty. And, of course, the gays would be eliminated. Islam is the very essence of a Patriarchal society in which women’s only roles are to stay barefoot and pregnant.

            If anyone should be Islamophobic, its the Democrats.

          • What I find amazing is in the post-election madness and ensuing gun fight Republicans arm themselves with knives…

          • Gut a hunch that Mueller isn’t going to be Special Counsel much longer. Way too many conflicts of interest. “Independent,” my sister’s black cat’s butt.

          • That said, a knife can be an appropriate weapon under the right circumstances. I carry an extremely sharp hunting knife in a leather sheath tucked between the driver’s seat and the passenger seat of my car. It’s been there for years and I’ve never used it for anything, but I know it’s there if I need it. A knife can be as deadly as a gun, less risk of collateral damage, and doesn’t wake the neighbors.

          • But, hey, an ” ice pick” can be deadly too.

          • So tell us, SHOSHOLOZA, how many elections have Independents won? How has your party changed anything?
            There are only eleven state that have truly “open primaries.”
            It is amusing that you are so smugly an Independent!

          • Theres a two party tyranny I want no part of. Be patient, the times they’re achanging…

          • The song “The Times They Are A-changing” sung by Bob Dylan in 1964 may have been prophetic, for that is about the time the chaos started.
            So! That is one fact about which we both agree.

          • People of every political party should ask themselves, “How many of them can I manage to take with me when they take me out?”
            Then, prepare yourselves with the best protection you can afford.

          • My advice: Don’t live in an urban center.

          • I was reared in Middle America and so “country” that I probably wouldn’t survive in a really crowded urban center.

          • My folks were raised on farms in Kansas through the Depression. I asked one of my uncles what it was like. He said, “Well, never had any money, but we had well water, livestock, chickens, and crops, so we always had plenty to eat.”

            City folks can’t say that. If the system breaks down due to riots or bank closings, they’re in big trouble.

          • I am sorry about your wife’s parents. Both mine are gone also. It gives one a strange feeling to realize that YOU are now the “older generation.”
            I am an Okie transplanted in FloriDUH.
            You two are blessed to have a place to which you can retreat if America really gets in bad shape. I am a prepper and surviver on small scale. Whatever happens I will survive, but if not, I will take many others with me if attacked.
            You have the perfect place and location to prep and be ready for whatever may come. Please discuss this with your wife and family.
            In the meantime, GOD BLESS AMERICA!

          • I’ve been cursed by marrying two women from Iowa (not at the same time), who cook like they’re expecting a battalion to show up for dinner.

          • Ya know, the way the Democrats are behaving, I”m beginning to understand where Muhammed was coming from. LOL

          • The kind of peace and love they get by raping little 3 year old babies? Or maybe the kind they get when they cut hands and heads off people. Or maybe when they douse someone in gasoline and St them on fire while penned up in a cage. This is not a religion. This is an ideology that wants to conquer the world.

          • Fair enough. We’ll see when we find weapons in American mosques.

          • They don’t need weapons in mosques to corrupt minds with hatred. They can go home and convert anything to a weapon. Guns usually aren’t their preferred choice. Explosives and knives are.

          • Don’t forget cats as their weapon of choice!

          • Trucks seem to be preferred over cars, but that’s a very good point.

          • Your right but if a truck isn’t available they will use anything that is.



          • When I got the notice of your reply in my inbox, you hadn’t edited it yet, and it said “Don’t forget cats.” I was going to reply that cats are a self-inflicted injury. I’ve had them all my life, and I’m allergic to them. My fat cat Stewy that looks like Garfield stares at me from across the room waiting for me to die so he can have my chair. He’s only affectionate with me when he wants to be fed.

          • ROFLMAO! That is to funny!! When I proof read my post I thought right Btty what have you been drinking and I don’t drink.

          • Ctaj, if you were to be sprawled out on the floor, Stewy would look at you and say, “Oh! It has fallen and can’t get up! Who’s going to feed ME?” LOL
            That is just the nature of the beast!
            Dogs have masters, cats have slaves. I know this because my home also is infected with two cats!

          • Nah, he’d look at my body and say, “Great, 200+ pounds of fresh meat!”

          • I think God created cats to show he has a sense of humor!

          • I have always respected the independence of cats. They only have two interests: food and sex. I can relate to that.

          • Yes, there was another attack with a vehicle in London, a couple of days ago. I really hope this president takes the threat seriously, let us all pray he does. The Muslim mayor of London hates Trump, that’s a good sign.

          • Col C, when we get hit the next time every liberal/Commie politician and every liberal judge in the 9th circuit should be held accountable! For the people who loose their lives, for those who require medical costs etc. Those commies should have to cough up every single penny to the injured families. Not our money, I’m talking about out of their own personal stash they’ve stolen from us over the years! Then they should have to spend time in Prison right alongside the terrorists or even be given the death penalty! This country and our politicians have lost their balls!


          • Our government is afraid to even go in to look. It would be considered offensive to the very people promising to kill all infidels. Trump is trying to do just that and the democrat communists and GOP Establishment rinos are fighting him every way possible. Time for a attitude change for Congress. Based on what they do for us that is for our benefit we do not need Congress.

          • We must be very careful for whom we vote in the elections of 2018. Let’s make an another statement as we did when we elected DT.




          • mosques – ALL need to be blown up ~~~~~~

          • Or they are reading the koran in an English translation, which I’ve been told does not really present the full degree of violence that appears in an Arabic version.

          • Craig Vandertie

            Have you noticed how many “Moonie Muslime” Face Book members there are with phrases written in Arabic, you click on translation and it barely makes any sense.



          • Craig Vandertie

            Last 1/2, from what I have heard 1/4 to 1/3 the way through it is repeatedly preaching deception of and hatred towards all non-believers.


        • Not all, but the few Muslims who openly oppose ISIS, and there are a few, are on the hit list as well.

          • Walid Shoebat and Aayan Hirsi Ali come to mind. I know that Hirsi Ali always travels with security, as does Brigitte Gabriel, who was born Christian in territory (Lebanon) that was controlled by muslims at the time.

          • LOVE HER ~~~~~~~~~~

          • Me too

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          • Craig Vandertie

            Yes, and I am sure there are more fake job ad campaign posters out there.

          • How per hour for you MarybellBreast ?

          • Go out and get a real job, quit posting your BS scams on forums like this, no one is interested !

          • Michael Dennewitz

            If they oppose it, they SHOULDN’T BE CALLING THEMSELVES MOOSESLIMES!@ ?

          • Most people from those countries are considered that, even if they aren’t, guilty by association. A religion does not make a race..

          • If you were born into it, they will always consider you one and denouncing Islam is a death sentence. I guess they can’t keep people in it if they don’t threaten them.


          • First of all, this isn’t a religion. It is an evil ideology/cult! They use the term “religion” simply to infiltrate other countries. Once there, they start using that nations laws against the very country that took them in. It’s happened here over and over and over again!

          • Bill, I can’t count the number of times I have corrected people about islam not being a religion but an ideology. They come back with: But our government recognizes them as a religion and I say: Trust your government at your own peril. Remember our government has be controlled by commies for over 20 years. The problem with our country right now is the result of corrupt activist attorneys and judges.

          • Margaretmhiggins

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          • Amen! I couldn’t have said it better.

          • DITTO……………~~~~~~~~~~~

          • The Hadjis training on American Soil are Targets of Opportunity. They should be Killed on sight. They are mostly “Off In the Woods”! Sooo– It should be possible to kill a few and make a get-a-way! No backwoods County Sheriff would expend much effort, to catch someone who “Did him a Favor’. So to speak! I’ll bet most of the Hadjis in the 35 ‘KNOWN’ Terror training camps aren’t here legally anyway! Death to the Moslem Hord!

          • How many people have you personally killed, Bozo?

          • Shamus didn’t say he/she had killed any. But I hope your not saying just because someone has never killed they can’t kill if the need arises? Obviously you’ve never heard that the most dangerous animal when cornered is man! If it wasn’t such a long story I could tell you one that backs that up.

          • Shamu brags about killing when it’s well known he’s a cowardly draft-dodging criminal. I’m saying murder is literally never the answer.

          • We will have to agree to disagree on that. I absolutely believe there are reasons for killing! I don’t know anything about Shamu being a draft dodger. How do you know that?

          • I AGREE ~~~~~~~~~~

          • That would work.

          • The very idia that they are being allowed to have these camps in the first place is unbelievable and should be investigated as to who is responsible for allowing this , this is TREASON against the country what the HE– is going on ?

          • 4is4iHe4CHKelly Danley

            If we know wherre these camps are then we should bomb the he’ll out of them or let the people of our country eliminate them. We got some smart people here. Thhey would destroy them before anyone even knew. I’d. Damn sure go with them

          • WIPE THEM OUT exactly right , oue leaders should have done this long ago , this is TREASON .

          • 4is4iHe4CHKelly Danley

            Can we put a price on their head—bounty hunter

          • Craig Vandertie

            You mean those treasonous politicians after the articles of our Constitution were enacted, and the laws that were enacted in the 50s that that established that islam was not a religion and nor was it compatible with the morals of our culture, any claim to the contrary is complete ignorance of the truth.

            Our founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson who thoroughly reviewed the quran realized that it was the viewpoints of a man with a very demented mind, venomous hatred towards those who did not embrace his way of living basically bowing to his desires.

            “Moonie Muslimes” are not humans they are weak minded demons carrying out the wishes of their man/god Muhammad/allah.

          • You are spot on Craig!

          • Slimey disgusting sub-humans ~~~~~~~~~

          • It was a sad day for me when I woke up and realized I didn’t trust my government. As a child I thought our government would never lie to us and always do the best they could to help us…police would not lie, FBI would not lie, etc. I love my country and am so sad to see going the way of the Roman Empire…death from within.

          • I understand Ellen but I guess I’m a bit more cynical. I don’t think I’ve ever trusted my government. I saw what was allowed to happen in the 60’S and I think that was the beginning of the end. God is the only answer. I do see him working and I have some hope for our country. 😉

          • Only GOD is CORRECT ~~~~~~~~~~

          • I agree but obviously WE are/were naive………..BUT when i get it, i get it REAL GOOD ~~~~AND believe me I GOT IT ~~~~~~~

          • Remember what Kruschev foretold?

          • Blow the fuching places up ASAP………gets my vote

          • That works for me! We should never have allowed Mosques or these training camps in our country!

          • They start out all nice & friendly AND then stick it to you……….you kno about the pig farmer in (sweden ?)….typical…………if NOT let me kno & i’ll tell you ~~~~~~there are mosques all over the USA….i wish someone would blow them ALL UP ~~~~~~~~~~~~

          • I have no idea what happened pertaining to the pig farmer but I’ve heard awful stories about some Muslims and goats and camels. It’s disgusting and sick! Poor animals! I’m with you when it comes to those mosques! All they are is recruitment centers!

          • hahahaha lmao…you probably thought it was sex w/ animals……no BUT i’m sure it goes on……a pig farmer in sweden (?) not sure where…raised pigs, mu-sluimes bought the property next door (i would have shot myself)…since they don’t eat or abide pigs, they wanted him to move……guy had some big balls so he got his neighbors together & every weekend they had pig races….i saw this more than once.,,,,,,,,,,wish i knew the outcome…those scum bags move in AND then want to take over,…………………have NO GO ZONES in your own country…….

          • Actually that happened in Katy,Texas a few months ago. The farmer, Craig Baker was asked to move his pigs because Muslims bought land adjacent to his property and intended to build a mosque. So now, on Friday nights they hold races.
            I think you can Google: “Oinkers are off to the races”.

          • Yes, that’s what I was told they do! OMG! They are spawns of Satan! That is so funny about the pig farmer. He should have gotten together with his friends and fried up some Bacon and spread it and the grease all over their property. Better yet rent a dump truck, load it with dung and dump it on their property! I have to admit I’ve never seen a pig race before. That must be hilarious! I had a friend that came over and said: Btty, do you want this little piglet? It was the runt of the litter and the Mom and other piglet had eaten off the tips of its ears and tail. When he showed it to me I instantly fell in love. I gave it a bath, put powder on it and raised her. Her name was Charlotte. She followed me everywhere and was just darling. But she grew up and rooted my whole yard up. As I said I knew nothing about pigs! I was furious and we had her killed and that was the best bacon I’ve ever had.

          • In the Old Testament God commanded that both the man the animal must be put to death.

          • Our government needs to call it like it is this is not a Religion it is a form of Mafia styled control outfit with its objective to concur the world , and our leaders in this country could not be so stupid that they dont know this somthing stinks in Denmark and this AIN`T denmark !

          • TRUE………..and it’s conquer ~~~~~~~just a litle info

          • Thanks I knew that didnt look right ha.

          • You’re welcome……correct spelling always makes one look intelligent ~~~~~i used to be an excellent speller BUT i must confess now that i’m getting REALLY OLD i have to look up how to spell words i never had trouble with….86 takes it’s toll………….

          • The question is why are traitors being allowed to do this in our country plotting against the county ect as I read it you cant even go into these compounds they are off limits ect ?

          • Good question! Could it be that our politicians want them unleashed on us or maybe they want us picked off a few at a time? The later is already happening. It’s my understanding that it is illegal to have groups of people assemble with the intent to do harm. What the hell does our government think these muslimes are doing? When the chit hits the fan you watch, the commies will be blaming it on guns not these terrorist camps!

          • Ya thats the usual procedure , where is our government law enforcement ? again what is going on .

          • I agree with you except I would have several of those small remote drones dumping pigs blood prior to detonation with speakers broadcasting the spraying of the pigs blood!
            THEN push the button!! That way not only will they die BUT the will know they WILL NOT see allah nor get 72 virgin goats! LOL!

          • The sheeple certainly don’t, they’ve drunk the kool-aid already.

          • You are absolutely correct about this. Shut down all immigration until a vetting system can be built that does whatever is necessary to validate immigrants no matter where they come from. If no records can be found they are kept out of America. This is not only “common sense” it is “survival sense”.

          • Can’t do that according to the US court system. Really looking out for us aren’t they? ??



          • Forget the vetting. Just keep them all out and send the ones that are already here back!!!

          • Just to be safe right? I agree Sickofit

          • AMEN ““““““““““““`

          • Bill, you nailed it! It’s ANYTHING but a religion. It’s a disease that’ll wipe all non believers off the face of the Earth if they’re not eradicated NOW! And I know of no other President that was willing to do what Trump has been trying to do from Day 1 to get rid of this vermin once and for all. And, btw, Obama is the biggest vermin of all. He rolled out the red carpet and did everything he could to aid and welcome this evil into our lives.

          • Rosie, kind of like liberalism!

          • So are you like a Tokyo Rose? Act like you’re a patriot but really a communist working for the downfall of America?

          • ABSOLUTELY TRUE……….the muslime POS ~~~~~~

          • That’s why you keep hearing about sharia over and over.

          • Are you willing to take the risk by splitting hairs?




          • EXACTLY ~~~~~~~~evil pervert scummy POS.

          • NO THEN THEY’D HAVE TO BE HUMAN AND THAT DOESN’T MIX DOES IT? just remember if you start it you all will go down. We won’t ask your religion or your political affliction it will be a mass murder, women and children first. Oh with the way he’ll aim at anyone with a mask on first, but I wouldn’t get in the way or be running with them.


          • Craig Vandertie

            Don’t forget Comey or Mueller anyone and everyone with ties to the Osama or Clinton administration are a bunch of traitors.

          • Ron_fromrealityland_1

            I remember in science class we were taught that the world was made up of protons and neutrons…..they forgot about the morons.

          • Excellent Picture. When Jihad starts Americans better be armed and ready if they don’t want to die.


            Bite me!!!

          • 4is4iHe4CHKelly Danley

            Locked, loaded and ready to those mgs down!!!


          • Craig Vandertie

            The must be the ones who actually detest most of what is outlined within the quran, because if they faithfully and repeatedly read the venomous words of the demigod Muhammad/allah they too would hate all non-muslims and if that be the case they are despised above all other non-believers.

          • They should separate themselves from bad guy ,should secretly pointed the bag guy out ,you knew your community better than any one else ,help yourself first


          • But all of the Muslims whether they oppose them or not none will not inform on any of them, no mater what they know they are planning.



          • Unfortunately that seams like it might be getting harder and harder to do, with the Rep now stabbing Trump in the back. Call your congressmen and tell them to back our president, call 202-224-3121, give your state and tell your Senator to stand behind your president.

          • Bullshit all muslims will participat for the cause.

          • I understand your anger, and in the end, yes, I believe all Muslims, leftists, and American traitors will participate in the cause, just like most participated in the cause of the Third Reich in Nazi Germany, because they believed the lies, or they feared the Nazis. I’m hoping and praying that our country will resist this overthrow, but there were an awful lot of people that naively voted for Barack Obama, and Hillary (who both support Islam), and that is scary.

          • EXACTLY RIGHT…imagine if hitlery was our president……..OMG UNIMAGINABLE ~~~~~~~~~

          • We had the closest thing to Hitler and that was Obama and his regime.

          • EXACTLY, my husband was in WW2, received a Silver Star for demining a mine field….he would not believe what is going on today…been gone for a long time ~~~ i married an older GREAT man ~~~even my parents would be stunned at the news today ~~~~~~

          • We have a lot in common. God Bless your husband for his service. My husband was older and in WWII. He was an officer in the Navy and he would be outraged by what’s happening in our country today. Those were different and better days. Ever wish we could go back to the days of old? I sure do. Take good care and God Bless you.

          • I cannot imagine what my patriotic parents would be thinking if they were here today.

          • WOW!! Must be a very short list!!

          • lol, Yes, I’m sure it is!

          in fact we should have kept them out way back when Thomas Jefferson kicked them out off the Barbary Coast and Tripoli, with the start of the Maine Corp., ending the Muslims’ tyranny of the high seas.
          Their practice is dangerous and against our agenda to maintaining our freedom and governing class their infiltration of our government has been apparent and their course is clearly that against our constitution, so each and every Muslim should be removed from the country, unless they wish to stop making their demands try and become a use full member of society.

      • Personally I believe those sympathetic to Muslim Extremist are much higher!!

      • Jihad is what they are taught from the time they are small children, they are brain-washed. Until the so called good ones turn in the bad ones they are part of the problem. President Trump even said to the King of Saudi Arabia, that they needed to kick the terrorists out of their Mosques.

        • Yeah, I know. We do ideological training camps in our schools, too. I watched Trump’s speech to the leaders of 52 Muslim countries, telling them they had to stop supporting the radical element of Islam. They sat without expression on their faces. But I’ll bet the temperature in that room rose 20-degrees.

          A few days later, they got together and closed the borders to Qatar, as if it were the only Muslim state supporting the radicals. Qatar hosts our largest base in the region, from which we base our B-52s and B1 and B2 Stealth Bombers. And we just agreed to sell Qatar $15 billion worth of F-15s. Was the isolation of Qatar by the rest of the Muslim countries in the region justified, or was that their way of spitting in Trump’s face?

          I’m still trying to figure out what the hell is going on there.

          • Camille Gilliam

            I don’t get what is going on there either, I sent President Trump a note on a way to make them think twice about attacking here again, I don’t know if he will ever use it or not. I used a different version on an Iman on Facebook, He said that he thought all American women want to be raped, because we don’t dress to suit them. You can guess my answer!

          • You remind me of the time I was on a long road trip visiting with several internet acquaintances. One of them, a very religious and wealthy Christian woman I had some great online debates with asked me to include her on my list of visitations.

            When I pulled into her driveway down in Arkansas, a German Shepard ran up to me with a tennis ball in his mouth. When I reached for it, he pulled it away, then came back to tempt me again.

            The woman came out of the house and said, “He’s just like a woman. He wants you to want that he’s got, but he doesn’t want to give it to you.”

          • Camille Gilliam


          • And what’s their excuse for raping children–little boys and little girls–and injuring them beyond belief? In the name of God, they are not even human!

      • Craig Vandertie

        How would Pew know, how would anyone know, “Moonie Muslimes” are masters at deception, unless you are trained at being able to detect them lying which even that is no guarantee, maybe truth serum, hypnotic drugs and hypnosis, but anything less, no, they could be lying to your face and you would never know the difference.

        • I’m well aware of that. The point of the post was that a lot more Muslims are sympathetic to the radical ISIS cause than most Americans seem to think. The actual number is probably quite a bit higher. But short of 100%.

          On a similar vein, a year or so there was a survey that claimed to have surveyed over 5,000 illegal/undocumented immigrants living in the United States, and 17% of them volunteered to say that, yes, they were registered to vote and actually voted. And those were just the ones who admitted to pollsters that they had broken the law. The actual number is probably quite a bit higher, but short of 100%.

      • And the brainless democrat communist party want to bring more of them to the US. It is Trumps primary responsibility to protect the lives of American citizens by doing whatever is necessary. He has the full authority of the Constitution to shut down all immigration just like was done in 1952 by Harry Truman. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals needs to be dealt with and damn soon. NO IMMIGRATION FRON ANYWHERE OUTSIDE THE US……PERIOD.

        • You don’t have to go back that far. In 1979, President Jimmy Carter banned all Shiite Muslims and all Iranians from the US. Even deported citizens.

      • All Muslims are sympathetic to the cause and well participat in time.


      • i think you have one wrong, it was the 81 percent that sat on their hands and waited to see how it would go, the 3 percent belived and died for it, 3 percent outright denounced it vie being with the reds and another 3 percent believed and supported it outright.

    • The only “peace” which the so-called “religion of peace” brings is the peace of the graveyard.

      • Kinda hard to put someone in a graveyard who has blown himself into tiny bits and pieces.

        • Pour pig’s blood over the bits and pieces, and call it a day for funerals.

        • then you feed the pieces to the pigs,,, and see if they get their virgins then

        • A man wanted purchase a blow up sex doll. He was asked “do you want a Christian one or Jewish or Muslim”? He asked “what difference does it make”? The store owner replied “The Muslim ones blow themselves up.”

          • LOL. But the Jewish one is only functional if you take it to Miami.

          • Got a down vote on that one. Most of my Jewish friends, and I have a lot of them, have a sense of humor. Bibi Netanyahu is one of my heroes.

            Why does this site identify the up votes but not the down votes? Seems rather cowardly.

      • Deploraphobia_Incites_Violence

        It’s called the religion of peace because once everyone submits, (the term “Islam” means submit) then there will be peace because all other religions will be extinct.

        • Bonnie Bouton Dinbokowitz

          Even when Muslim population is 100%, and you expect it to be peaceful, it isn’t. Unfortunately peace is never achieved as the most radical Muslims intimidate and spew hatred, and satisfy their blood lust by killing less radical Muslims.

    • “Peaceful” religion my ass! “Murdering” religion is more like it!

    • Perfect post.. Thank you..

    • My dad was a full-blooded German, but his folks were “Germans from Russia” who immigrated to Kansas in 1904. He was already an officer in the Army when Pearl Harbor was hit. A couple of weeks after D-day, the tank company he commanded caught a German company in an ambush, a cross-fire that killed all of them. The next day, he was taken prisoner by the Nazis and spent the rest of the war in a Nazi prison camp. He was a German who hated the Nazis.

      • When you get down to it, Most Germans hated Nazi’s. I had a college room mate who lived through the war. Most citizens were afraid to speak out. Those whom did, didn’t live too much longer! It was kind of like a gaggle of geese. You didn’t want to be noticed if you could help it! If you were noticed you toe’d the line pretty closely until the heat was off! You never knew who whom had the government ear.

    • You hit the nail on the head, that’s supposed to be why we learn history, so we don’t repeat it.

    • Craig Vandertie

      There fools who tell me that I should actually read the quran before I criticize, the 3 things I know for fact about the quran 1) The quran preaches deception of all non-believers. 2)The quran preaches hatred towards all non-believers and 3) The quran preaches both prior mentioned facts repeatedly.

      Only a fool would nitpick about not reviewing the quran inside and out and claim that anything else than other than knowing that the quran repeatedly preaches deception of and hatred towards all non-muslims is of any relevance, but as you have pointed out they are brain washed fools and useful idiots, just the way the Socialst islamic Demoncommiecrats and Rats prefer their legal constituents to be.

    • ALL MUSLIMS, whether moderate or radical, share the dream of “Ruling the World with Allah”. If anyone believes this isn’t the case, they are sadly mistaken and will feel the wrath of these highly violent individuals. The only difference between the moderate Muslims and the Radical Muslims is that the Moderate Muslims are just waiting for the Radical Muslims to “get the job done”. Moderates are bideing their time until the Radicals rule the world. Unfortunately for the Moderate Muslims, many of their offspring sons have become Jihadists, killing Americans and tainting the Moderates reputations. Makes Americans think twice about letting any Muslim stay inside our country!

      ALL MUSLIMS must be deported and removed from our Nation in order to secure Peace and Safety for all American Citizens. This is more than a Political Correctness issue. This is an American Citizen survival issue. Time to wise up and defend our families and loved ones from these violent creatures!

    • OldConservativeGuy

      You took the words out of my mouth! Very well said.

    • You could also remind them that the Twin Towers had innocent people in them! From then on it’s the hazards of war?

  3. Just remember, there are two type of Mooslims. 1. Those that are dead & 2. Those that should be.

    • How very right you are my friend. Sad but true. They all need to go yesterday. Enough is enough.

      • I have some friends who are practicing Muslims who escaped from Kabul, Afghanistan. Her father was a university professor with Western views, and he got word that there was a Taliban hit order on him, so he took his family, escaped to Pakistan, and made his way to the US. They have three children, and both parents work in the finance industry and are doing well financially.

        When I first met them to refinance their mortgage, I asked the wife, “So, do you walk three paces behind your husband, and let him make all the decisions?” She laughed and said, “Not in THIS house.” They’re very Americanized, but still attend a Mosque.

        This situation does worry me about people like them. They still have relatives in Kabul. They told me that if the US pulls out, there will be a civil war and at least a million people will die.

      • Michael Dennewitz


    • Cause the only Muslim you know for an absolute certainty ISN’T planning to hack your head off with a butcher knife is a dead one. If a Muzzie is breathing, he COULD be plotting mayhem.

  4. Bring it on, you pathetic losers! If you make the mistake of bringing a knife to a gun fight, your brains will be splattered before you can cut my throat. You have no idea that a scorched-earth policy will hasten you into the arms of your supposed 72 virgins. The only problem is, your virgins are the meanest, ugliest NUNS imaginable!

    Go ahead: Make me mad, then piss me off! I’ve got a great big can of whoop-ass ready for your inbred, camel-humping, perverted, dumb ass!

  5. muslims have been acting like this for at least 1000 years. Who were they blaming before they had Americas to pin their filthy behavior on? PIGS all of them

    • They have been locked into eradication of their own species since day one. They are not happy unless they are trying to kill someone. Shia against Sunni. Sunni against Shia. Kinda like catholics against protestants.

      • Traveller, Catholics against Jews but not protestants. Get more informed on history and none of this taking place today, whereas we have 1400 yrs. of murdering muslims.

        • I was talking about history, as I know none of that is happening today. Guess I got the different sects totally WRONG. Yes, I agree with you. My bad on the “peoples”.

        • I have attended Catholic services for many years in many different churches and not once have I heard of any race
          religion or group of people we should fear or be against. I have to conclude that the church singled me out to keep this secret from me. Most of these fairy tales are concocted and passed on to the true believers.

          • Ditto I, here and abroad. What I have heard and read in Mass and the bulletin is that the muslims
            are our brothers. Are you kidding? This is a problem with have with the bishops getting money from
            Obama to give to parishes to take care of illegals rather than Americans in need, and obviously
            Francis, our non-pope. preaching brotherhood.

            Since the 3 main parts of Mass are what we are to attend, I do that and leave asap. However,
            Catholic churches in China are growing (we have visited several times there and I studied Oriental
            Medicine there) rapidly and are FULL. It feels great to attend Mass in Hong Kong and on the
            mainland, or as one Asian women said, they want God in their lives. So do we!

            Caroline and Horst Haessler

          • I do not and have not attended Mass for many years. However when I did attend, I do not recall any talk of hatred for my fellow man, whatever his/her religious belief. The Catholicism I know was and is one of love, as you point out in your comment. A religion that preaches anything

            but love and kindness should be avoided like the plague.

      • And everybody against the Jews.

      • Not any more Traveller62! Not if we’re going to keep America as the land of the free! I would even accept Muslims if they would accept me. Trouble is most Muslims will only accept other Muslims and there are conditions there though as well!

  6. Voice Of Reason

    Hey ISIS, could you do your thing at an “ANTI-FA” Gathering?

    These poor bastards won’t be missed. They already dress up in Black like you do and even cover their faces so you can blend in perfectly. Just walk into their gathering and shout “All My Snack Bar” and you’ll meet and get to sexually experience your 72 transgendered unmolested goats!

  7. Islam and Christianity are like black and white. Complete opposites. How would we ever dwell together peaceably when Allah = hate and Our God = love? The fruit of the Spirit is Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness,Gentleness, Faithfulness and Self-Control. How many of these traits do we see? It is so sad to see people who are created in God’s image, throw away their eternal home, thinking if they do this, or do that, it will send them to paradise – when all our God asks is that we have a heart for Him/Jesus Christ plus nothing!

    • Izzlam means “control”. Christianity preaches “love”. Nuff said.

    • I don’t understand how people cannot see that God doesn’t have to force you to believe; when he reveals himself to you, you want to. And that is one of the major differences between Christianity and Islam.

  8. Ernest Hendrickson

    Liberals tears? The tears of crocodiles as they tear us apart. Liberals are dangerous criminals. Name even one you trust? Democratic party should be outlawed 50 uears ago.

    • The domestic muzlims better think about that, when the SHTF and we go into the streets, many of us will NOT be choosy….Demotards might want to take notice as well, may be a good time to give America that seriously needed enema….

  9. Ernest Hendrickson

    Sadly America has its criminals posing as patriotic Americans as they sneak behind our backs and stab us…

    • Got any examples?

      • Ernest Hendrickson

        Yes. Clinton RENO FREEH MURDERED 100. Innocent Americans at Waco and Ruby Ridge and got away with it. McCain collaborated against America. Hillary murdered soldiers and one ambassador at Benghazi. Etc etc etc

        • Yeah, Hillary and her “I’ll be there for the 3am phone call.” RIIIIIIIIGHT. That call was made, she was no where to be found, and as a result, soldiers and the ambassador were murdered, while she was too chicken to authorize any action.

          • Had those CIA agents followed the stand down orders more would have been killed. They rescued about 30 people from the embassy that we are still waiting to hear from.

        • I despise both Clintons. I think they’re both corrupt. Her strategy to unseat Gaddafi in Libya with the help of US air power, but without a plan in place to fill the power vacuum it created was a disaster. But as for “killing the ambassador,” I think she was falling on her sword for Obama. At one point, she actually had a Marine detachment head for Behghazi, but they were called back. It was in violation of Obama’s order of “no boots on the ground in Libya.” It was Obama’s order that killed them. Her decision to delete emails might well have been on orders from the President.

          • She didn’t have the Marines going, she stopped them! They were already boarded on their planes ready to go!

  10. Until Trump is able to secure a ban on entry and immigration for all countries until a secure as possible vetting system can be perfected for the 6 countries on the list and should the Supreme Court decide the original order/ban is legal and appropriate, he an then apply the entry and ban to fewer countries. How else is he to protect us from these nuts? We also need to do something about sending back many that are here already and that have not been vetted, enforce that Sharia Law is illegal in the United States and those practicing it, including medical procedures on the genitalia of women and young females, family honor killings, and all other atrocities being committed should result in the immediate deportation without question. Federal law enforcement needs to maintain a high level of vigilance on mosques and muslim communities that have been established in the US with the hope of preventing another 9/11 or an incident like those happening in London and France and other European countries. It is time to bring out the big guns and stop fooling around.

    • I agree with everything you said except for “a secure vetting system”. These lower than any lifeform demons have that poisonous Muslim blood running through their hate-filled veins and no amount of vetting is going to change that ever. They need to be eradicated from Earth. Hell, I’d rather have dinosaurs running amongst us in the streets instead of these demons from hell.

      • Well, if they break down MY front door, they will meet HELL with pig-greased bullets applied to the head, with NO anesthesia.

    • They need to monitor mosques, and they have the right because many are breeding grounds for sedition. If the want to monitor my church (just to be fair), so be it, I don’t care.

  11. i really do not care what the liberal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and the other liberal judges have ruled. we need to round up every Muslim and their supporters and ship them to the Middle East even if they were born here and let them killed each other till there are none left.

  12. Liberal media won’t report this. That means they are complicit.

  13. Deplorable wizard

    “They” publish publicly the plans “they” have ffor us.

    What does the washington post, cnn, msnbc, or the rest of the liberal media do?

    They ignore it. They ignore it because it’s not an anonymous source, because it’s a credible threat. They ignore it because it’s “islamaphobic” to think “they” want to “cut our throats out” and “. . . explode, run over by vehicles . . .”

    The liberal media, and the leftist loons, ignore it because THEY are anti-American, THEY are one world communists and duped imbeciles.

    • So explain to me just how the liberal mindset thinks they can avoid having their throats slit by Issis/terrorists…do they think Issis cares if they are liberals?

      • Speaking of “liberal mindset”. ISIS will go after the gays first, then others after that. There’s no room for gays in izzlam.

        • I know…those loonies parade their gay selves all over the country & social media…just can’t fix stupid!

          • Something about being tied up and thrown off the highest building in whatever city they invade. Uh, San Francisco and New Orleans–the numbers one and two gay cities in America. Now that will be interesting.

          • It’s called “In Your Face” SGirl!

        • Not true. Had a nephew, went to Afghanistan. One of the generals he HAD to work with always took his pick of new afghan troops to share his bed!

      • Deplorable wizard

        The liberal sheeple think, as they have been trained, that the scum known as isis is only after Christians and conservatives and the capitalist way of life.

        The one worlders in politics see Christians and conseratives , and rightfully so, as a hindrance to their communist agenda. They just hope the collateral damage is mot too high, as they use isis as a tool to rid the world of independent thought and the ideas of individual liberties.

        At this point you must know that isis is attacking the citizenry, not the governments, worldwide. This is part of the plan.

        Sharia mandates subjugation of the Hebrew and Christian faith people, and death to all others. This lends credence to the belief by many that islam IS a creation of Lucifer, and mohamad was his puppet. Subjugation of the believers in the one true God is hIS goal, as it would mean (in his mind) that he is as powerful as God and that he can defeat Him.

        Sorry, I digress.

        As I said, the sheeple don’t think isis and islam is out for them, just Christians and conservatives, because that’s what they are told. Not what they see but what they’re told to believe.

        • Only Christians and conservatives you say. Is that a new distinction, Gee I’m glad you pointed that out to me, thanks for the heads up, I didn’t get the memo.

          • Deplorable wizard

            Put another way, the sheeple feel that islam, isis, and the sharia law they mandate – including death of all gays, nonbelievers, agnostics, and athiests doesn’t mean them, even though they all fit that bill.

      • Once Islam is done using the leftists, they will be murdered too, or they will be bowing down to total Sharia Law.

      • Only a Liberal would accept the Liberal concept of government. But what they don’t seem to realize is that once their Socialistic government is established, is that THEY will have purchased fore themselves, serfdom. That is that THE GOVERNMENT will make all decisions for the citizens whom will have become subjects or Serfs, which ever title you want to be known by. Socialism is one step, one dictator away from being communist! We are waiting right now, for a good supposedly freedom loving government to make up rules and laws concerning everyone’s medical care! This is the big step that will make America the United Socialistic States of America! From that day on, we, none of us will ever be free again! In the sixties the Federal Government pushed itself into our nation’s schools. ” We will only provide funds for the poorer school” they said. Look at our schools today!!! What a mess! In a few years our medical care will be a bigger mess than it is even NOW! Once a people adopt the idea that the government owes them care and a living, they are no longer free men or women.

  14. Is that a call from the religion of peace to “Love thy Neighbor?”

  15. Lock and load. Bette get ready for hem.

  16. As we contemplate the specter of the “lonely lions,” consider this:
    Question: When can you tell that a Muslim woman is a terrorist?
    Answer: When she walks into a crowded Walmart and detonates the explosive device secreted in her baby’s blankets.
    Wake up, America! It’s later than you think!!!

    • When I see a muzzie woman in WalMart, I head the opposite direction. Can’t afford to be in the area of “blast radius”. REALLY!!! You can’t trust those people.

  17. Their message: “We are a religion of peace, and if you don’t agree with us, submit to us, and join us, we will kill you.”

    We are in a state of war with radical Islam and it’s time we acted like it.

  18. Note to Muslims living in the U.S. and Europe: Look up the word “pogrom”. Sooner or later (and my money is on SOONER) you’re going to get a front row seat for one (or more) of those things. It may not be “right” or “just” or “fair” but then the universe is seldom “right” or “just” or “fair”. But you have a phrase (petard) upon you are about to be hoisted which goes something like “in sha Allah”. By your own doctrine, whatever happens to you is merely the working out of the will of your infernal deity.

  19. These leftovers from the 5th century need to understand that America fights back. Throw them out, they have no rights here in my opinion. Marshall law is coming and I’m not sorry. It’s time to take our country out of this dem mess.

  20. The Obama Legacy: Men is girls’ bathrooms and ISIS is all 50 states.

  21. Samuel Stephens

    Since Islam is so peaceful, why is there so much violence and death or am I imagining that? I don’t think so.

  22. Dale P Patterson

    If that happens here then it’s time to drop a few big ones.

    • The problem with our current military strategy, using drones, missiles, and bombs, is that they create too much collateral damage, killing the very people we’re trying to help. Only a soldier with a rifle can be selective about who he kills. We need a lot more ground troops. Millions more. Enough to provide security for the people we’re trying to help.

      • Have you ever served? Sometimes ground troops isn’t the right strategy. See what Japan says about that one.

  23. This is truth: In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. The Creator is love and truth and more, All else is a lie. Not one person has proved the Word of God false. Jesus and the coming end of time has been told for thousands of years and the predictions about Jesus, His life, death and rebirth have proved true. No other predictions have been proved correct even once.
    Unbelievers are like the frog in the pot. God is real and He is coming back, sooner than you hope or think. When will it be to late to depend on the truth? No one knows, but it’s a bad gamble to bet your forever.

  24. Yes, let’s all speak of the ” good muslims ” I don’t care if every muslim in this country is capable of singing like Barnabas and preaching like Paul, they are commanded by the tenets of their totolitarian ideology to support Bloody Jihad and it’s practitioners in every way their Imams dictate. They must pay in what ever currency is demanded, money, safe places to hide, arms if they can obtain them and must do these things while keeping a smile on their lips and treachery in their hearts. It is estimated that mosques are meeting places not just for prayer but for planning attacks. Not all of them by any means, at least not yet. If these ISIS people are captured they should be sent with every member of their family to their place of origin, citizenship to be revoked and never permitted to return. If people have been slaughtered and they are convicted. Let them choose either Federal Prison with no hope of parole or the death penalty. Their choice. No access to computers or cell phones. Keep the muslim population to below 2 % by allowing no further muslim immigration. It works well for Japan, Hungary. Poland, and Putin has his own pro blems with without giving them a welcome mat. 2.1 billion people should have no trouble subduing the murderers they have sicced on the world. They generated this and are if they practice Islam just,as responsible since they are the jihadis supply line.

  25. Gee, it wasn’t the American public that created a war against the radical Islamic people, it was the Clinton’s and their buddies of the one world order to make a market for their overpriced war goods and materials as well as economic supremacy over the general population of the world. Those people should be the radical Islamic warriors targets, not the general public who were not involved with them. Look at the Political leaders of each country and their contributions to the wars before you target people that had nothing to do with them.

    • Deploraphobia_Incites_Violence

      Well a certain part of the population voted these people in, so some of the population are asking for it.

      • Or as in most democratic election wins, they cheated, bought, and used fraud to gain the win. Seems to me that most Democratic Presidents get us into wars and Republicans are left to clean up their mess. Look at Viet Nam War (Kennedy/Johnson), Afgan/Iraq Clinton’s legacy, and still going on.

        • LBJ micromanaged the Vietnam war on our side. Or was it like Truman when he “armchaired” his war?

          • What ever it was, when are the American Public and politically elect going to wake up to the fact those elected to public officials, most of which have never been in the military and know nothing of it and the tools they use, cannot successfully run a war. Every war, or “police action” (since when did we become the world police department), since WWII we have LOST because of political interference. Let the Generals who have been trained to do the job, do it, win, and stop this BS. If we stop messing around and go in to win, the wars will be less costly in loss of life, and equipment. We pussyfoot around to much and tell the enemy what we plan to do before we even get there, why?

  26. Keep spreading fear and hate. Trump has done nothing but make a mockery of the presidency. For the record , neither trump , nor Clinton had any business running for president. The 2016 election was doomed the moment these 2 crooks were allowed to run.

    If this world is going to thrive , we need leaders who want the best for EVERYONE , not just those who have put them in power. We need leaders who show respect and honesty to ALL the people, who care about our environment, and building Bridges- not walls to other countries.

    Feel free to disagree with me, this is simply my opinion.

    • Oh brother………..a snowflake!!

    • In other words a One world Government run by the likes of people like George Soros?

    • Unless you have “served this country honorably”, unless you have raised your hand to swear to protect and defend our Constitution, unless you have actually SEEN the muzzlim desecrations and murders of others, you have absolutely NO leg to stand on.

    • I can only believe that since your views are so liberal that you are a strong democrat and believe as the shooter did that all Republicans are evil. So you believe they should be shot and exterminated in order to further your cause instead of working to make things work. Oh, you do try to make things work but nobody will accept your ideas. Ok, go by the democratic way of handing things, put two bullets in the back of someone’s head, cry foul when you lose an election, make up stories about how the boogieman destroyed your given election, plan reprisals, keep pecking away at the lawfully elected POTUS so that he cannot do his job. Yup, you are a great American alright, one I would just as soon do without as I had to stand by and let the past POTUS almost destroy this nation and it’s health care system.

    • Tell you what. Give us your name and address and we will send you the money for a one way ticket to Iran, or any mideastern Muslim based country and we will await your report on fear and hate if you even have time to make the report before you, as a probably liberal Christian, lose your head.

  27. they do realize that every muslim will then be killed

  28. Frankly, close down ALL mosques and deport/remove all muslims here as they when polled wanted sharia indicating they do not want our culture nor our Constitutional or federal laws, and hate our flag. Some have even set up no go zones and using sharia. This cannot be allowed! They must be removed down to the 5th or maybe even 6th generation as they breed like rabbits and most on our welfare, and apparently many with the low IQ of 80, meaning they are easily controlled and will obey everything we are and hold dear. Therefore, they must ALL be removed from our soil and dropped off wherever. This has to be done very soon as their numbers are increasing! This murderous cult will never be part of our culture and our America, so why leave them here to kill us!

  29. Until civilization stops responding to Islam as a religion, Islam will win. True, the majority of Muslims do practice it as a religion, like everyone else they fail to understand Islam is a totalitarian political ideology disguised as a religion by a 7th Century barbarian warlord as a means of convincing ignorant peoples to accept his rule. Islam is not and never has been about peace except in one context. That context is there will be peace when the entire world submits to the rule of this barbarian ideology. The flaw in THAT idea is that won’t bring about would wide peace because then the various Islamic factions will be at war with each other. Bottom line: Islam has been about violence from day one!!

    • They will lose out on Judgment Day. Can’t you just see the “long black train” sitting there, patiently waiting for its passengers?

  30. Remember the days when we would respond to threats from terrorist group by attacking them with forcr. We didn’t care whether other nation were opposed to it. ISIS should be so terrified of attacknk Americans, that they tremble in fear at the mention of our nation. There is no good reason why even one of them is alive. They need to be a extinct breed.

  31. Unfortunately we have the DDDD (Dumbed Down Delusionist Dems) and their army of gullible and naive followers who must be convinced that the reality with respect to beheadings, rapes, burning alive, mowing down and blowing up perpetrated by this loving bunch is real and not the fabrication of Left Wing Islamophobic, Xenophobic and Homophobic hatemongers. In my opinion it would be easier to penetrate a 4′ thick wall made of Krell steel with a BB gun than it would be to penetrate the thick skulls of these DDDD’s deniers.

    The DDDD’s need to realize that the real world is not the world they would like it to be. The real world “Is what if is” and it cannot be changed by wishing it was something else.

  32. Pamela Sue Therrien

    When I grew up we lived in a Muslim Nation that was a Moderate Nation and one our Military had a base in thus us as well though we lived in town before we moved on base. Loved the people. The culture is far different and the mind set is as well that was clear even to a child. Obvious the people live think and function far differently than we do. Americans cannot begin to understand the fundamental differences unless they also understand the views not just held by the culture and faith but the extent of how deeply it embedded into the people from birth there are no options nor choices. Life is not sacred and in fact cheap, Children talk more openly than adults and friends are friends yet even children in Islam quickly find the walls between them as you are an unbeliever an infidel and not worthy of real friendship in fact it isn’t possible, only to a point. Lies are Holy when spoken to infidels in the Koran it has a very special name you are free to bold face lie to an infidel if it furthers Islam in any way. Gay people must die no exceptions. Women are little more than cattle and men are free to deal with even to kill them for more reasons than I can count or mutilate them for improper dressing or disrespect or , or ,or. Slavery is acceptable and the treatment there of as the man chooses. If a female of any age is raped from child to elder she must be killed the rapist, not punished at all. A man is not held responsible to control himself it is always the fault of the female. Children are spoon fed hate of the Jewish people and at the time It was not so pronounced. Now the younger generation after all these years later I was shocked to see the sickening hate at the infidels the hate seeped out of their pores and eyes a Nation, a people I have always loved , infected to the soul sitting in our Nation with the desire to see us all ….GONE.


  34. We get tired of hearing all the killing and other evil taught by Mohammedans. Can’t they do anything constructive? We are most thankful for Israel and IDF, and anyone who is willing to think and to be upright!

  35. We must stop letting these terrorists hide behind America’s 1st Amendment by refusing to acknowledge islam as a “religion” and call it what it is — a totalitarian political system that is completely contradictory to the US Constitution. I suspect Trump knows this, but he and Sessions must somehow make this general knowledge. That way, he has the right to ban their entry into the US and to deport those who were not born here. There, of course, lies the rub, as those who do hold US citizenship can still practice their resettlement jihad.

    It’s unfortunate that we didn’t start this defense earlier and follow the guidelines that exist in Japan where islam is totally banned and its adherents may not own property, may not conduct business, and where korans may not be sold.


    • I wonder if you are a man of another religion, do you get all of the virgins when they kill you? Probably not, but if you speak their language, you might try it as a bargaining tool. I’ll kill you so you can have all of the virgins if you let me go. Wouldn’t that be a hoot if it worked? LOL

  37. WORD OF WARNING TO MU SLIME ASS HOLES!! Ready for you locked and loaded! Don’t think you will scare us and run over us like you did to the girl concert! You will be sent to your resting place quickly and forget about the virgins!!

  38. Katherine Nixon

    Words are not war, idiots

  39. And that’s why I carry!!!

  40. Paul Hoisington

    I know Jesus is my savior. You muslim pieces of shit come and meet me. I have something for you. President Trump is the best thing that has happened to the USA since President Reagan.

  41. How many thousands and thousands of ISIS supporting Muslims are already in America, waiting for the word?
    How do you stop people who are willing to blow themselves up, and murder everybody around them in the name of Allah?

  42. it matters not what ‘isis’ or anyone else ‘threatens’…we need a president who delivers on the promises we elected him for… make America Great?…sigh…he is still a %1000 times better than what we would’ve got with the Clinton Cabal

  43. by the way…mr no president…while you do nothing of importance….ceptin maybe answer to all the inquisitions by republicans and democrats ( be the man gdit)…get rid of the death tax

  44. They do not belong in this country……….PERIOD…


  46. Use the military to decimate these losers, keep em on the defensive, running for their lousy lives, and they won’t have time to mount attacks here! Also, use the FCC to shut down twitter, facebook and other platforms they use to spread their poisonous, luciferian ideology. Go after the mosques and front groups like CAIR and the muslim sisterhood that are used not only to fund jihad and advance sharia thru PC leftists, but these groups are also very savvy at using the rules in our free society to infiltrate every facet of life and waging a parallel civilization jihad.

  47. The islamic movement is the same as the Nazi movement. They both want to control the world and the people. The problem with the desert rat muslims is that they have been fighting wars since 0001 BC, mostly amongst themselves; seems like thats all they know how to do. They have not contributed anything to the world except violence and hatred. You notice in pics that you never see them smiling; what a miserable and unhappy bunch of backward people. They have contributed nothing to science, technology, health; no pulitzer prize …nothing.
    Hitlers movement came into being without the Germans realizing something would come of it. But the stupid islamics is letting everyone know in advance what they want to do yet their are stupid countries, politicians and people are turning a blind eye to it like the Germans did to Hitler. The cowardly muslims in the US & other countries need to go back home with their hatred and fight there and not runaway to other countries and create havoc and violence. Hope everyone will wake up to the fact that they need to be eradicated, anihilated and eliminated now before they continue to multiply like rabbits, rather insects, and become to huge a force to recond with as they will be the cause of WWIII.

  48. Michael Dennewitz

    Their queeran says it all. The pedophile moohumid, the baby raper wrote it out for them and commands that they follow it to the letter. The is NO SUCH THING AS A PEACEFUL MOOSESLIME.. Read their queeran before you refute that!! ?

  49. Give us PROOF !!!!!! that the leader of ISIS , has been killed, then we can concentrate on taking on his followers, they are continuing to make threats against people,,,,it Is time ,that we make a stand to make America Great Again.

  50. Since Rosenstein, Mueller, Comey, McCain, Pelosi, Waters, Schumer, Lee & others are suffering from Trump induced dementia who is in Washington to make a sane decision? We are wide open for terrorist attack & these morons are too self-absorbed to see the truth! God have mercy on us all & bring these people to a cold, cruel revelation! I don’t know how they sleep @ night! Clinton is a loser & anyone standing beside/behind her will go down as a loser! Fixation is a psychological term we all need to study & work on! My God McCain still rues his loss in 2008 – get over it Dude!

  51. If the ISIS want to die we will make there dreams come true.Semper Fi.

  52. Hey – as long as it’s the west coast of NY ——- WHO CARES…..

  53. Michael Dennewitz

    Trey Gowdy and Jason Chaffetz are two well loved and respected Republican senators. Either or both will never give up until they get the truth in anything. The only bad/dangerous thing is that they are both getting far too close to the reality of Benghazi. Today it was reported that TWO of Mr Gowdy’s investigators were tortured and MURDERED. One shot to the back of the head, on their knees. ? It was said to be a contract killing. With all those that have been mysteriously murdered or disappeared, my bet is that the clinton cartel and ovomit are responsible! ? It will not surprise me if there is an attempt to do the same to Mr Trump. This country is soooo close to another civil war.. GOD HELP US !!

  54. Lawrence L. Camarena

    As for ISIS! Find them, fix them and kill ’em all? No quarter asked or given! Let Allah sort out the MFer’s!

  55. The only “peace” they accept, would be when the ISLAMIST CALIPHATE rules the world. They don’t want to live alongside of AMERICANS or any Christian, they want to kill all of them and the ones who don’t get killed are made slaves. Think about this, it is true. Read the Koran.

  56. Tell them their BROTHER is no longer in charge of the White House! We now have a real man in charge that won’t look the other way. Plus we have MAD DOG!!!

  57. Ah… Those liberal tears… They are great for watering the weeds in my yard, just so I can rip them from this Earth and watch them die in the sun.

  58. Obama, comey, nsa, democrat congress gave them SOMALGET, and America paid for the funding, 2014. CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS BEFORE CONGRESS. Congress should be arrested, comey should be arrested, Mueller should be arrested for CRCRIMES AGAINST AMERICA, SELLING SWEEPING INTELLIGENCE TO FOREIGN COUNTRY ( MUSLIM BROTHERS OF OBAMA ). This warrantless wireless wiretapping was used on private citizen Trump and now President of The United States Trump, judges, supreme court, congress,intelligence operatives ( agents working in fforeign countries) their families, GOVERNMENT officials, AMERICA. DEMAND THE INTELLIGENCE HEARING BE STOPPED AND CHARGES AGAINST ALL BY ALL AGENCIES THAT HAVE THE AUTHORITIES. MILITARY MARTIAL LAW IS NOW THE ONLY MEANS OF THEIR REMOVAL, OBAMA’S, CONGRESS, FBI, NSA, DEMOCRAT DEMANDED KILLINGS, AND THEIR IMPRISONMENT AND DEPORTATION DUE TO COMPROMISING, SELLING SURVELLIENCE TO FOREIGN COUNTRIES ( ISIS ) !!!

  59. The US needs to begin resettling Muslims back into the Middle East. The Muslims currently in the US do not have a goal of assimilation. Their goal is to grow their numbers and reduce the Christian population through violence until Sharia is established in the US and America is dead.

  60. Is Berkeley prepared?

  61. Come and get you self some Islamic pigs. Your mistake was to start this shit. You will be sent to your allah.

  62. It is easy to rid America from the Muslims by putting swine pens as close to a mosque possible and also build restaurants as close as possible that specialize in pork chops, ham and sausage menu’s.
    Muslim men of ISIS believe that when they blow themselves up in a crowd of American’s that Allah will provide them with 72 virgins, but when they see these virgins they find that they’re built like manikins and then they cry to their Allah that this is Hell!!!

    • I like to tell the online muslim sympathizers that “Allah” will give them 72 virgin PIGS and dare them to name one muslim who came back from the dead to report differently.

      • I saw once where there were 72 male virgins waiting for them. No one ever said they would be female. I have also read where they really get 72 raisins – imagine their disappointment in either case.

        • The irony is that although muslims throw openly gay men off tall buildings, they do like little boys.
          Their mantra is “Boys are for fun and girls are for babies”.

          • They’ll rape a goat and say it was the goats faulty. They are huge hypocrites – they have a lot in common with the Democrats.

  63. All the intel community has to do is tell us who they are and we will take care of it ourselves. These mussie scum will see the wrath of western rednecks with big 4×4 trucks and big guns who they will not be able to get away from and who’s vehicles will be crushed by giant 4×4 Red neck trucks with massive horsepower engines with tires as tall as they are and even bigger ! They will learn to fear the sound of the roaring V-8 engines and Hank Williams Junior singing A Country Boy Can Survive ! When they here these things from a distance they will need to change there diapers which they have starting wearing because of the fear of Rednecks making them let loose their bowels ! Come play in the dirty south and let the mud sling and bullets fly until our freedom is defended and Liberty prevails !

  64. When it comes to war, all sides are guilty of something. Instead of more fighting, persecution, and killing, we should set up a global forum and see what everyone wants. If all parties come to the table with respect, decency, and goodwill, all voices will be heard. Like the President of Vietnam said on his visit with President Trump: “Dialogue…not confrontation”. Let’s talk and see if we can put together a deal.

  65. And that would be with the blessing of the ninth circuit court of appeals….who claim that Muslims murdering people is a religious right as they allow ever more ISIS fighter’s into the USA…and that my friends are what the liberal democrat party is doing for you…period!

  66. The main problem is that these ratfink left wing judges who were appointed by fellow anti American scum like Clinton and Obama are on the same side as the muslim garbage who want to murder all American Christians and Jews.

  67. Muslims are so proud of their evils, they even tell you what their next act of evil will be.

  68. If Americans wait and do nothing abt ISIS, ISIS will bring death to their doors. Come on now Americans!! What does it take to get you off your butts and acting to protect your families?
    A van driving fown the sidewalk?
    A bomb blowing up at a teenage Concert?
    A bomb blowing up at a dance club?
    A madman shooting innocent bystanders?

    These are acts of “DERANGED” JIHADISTS who have been indoctrinated from birth that “THE GREAT SATAN” is evil and myst be destroyed. It makes NO DIFFERENCE that these killers were born here in the U.S. – they were turned into Jihadists when they returned to Saudi Arabia a year before they committed their twisted crime of jihad. It is the exact same thing that happened to all of these killers.

    So what do we do about this? President Trump is trying to stop our Nation ftom this invasion of vermin, but the Liberal Courts keep stopping him. Perhaps those judges need a wake up call to their lack of reality – like the next Jihad happening on their doorsteps to make them understand WE LIVE IN DANGEROUS TIMES – THIS ISN’T OUR DADDY’S WORLD!

    IF you want your children safe, teach them about “people who “hate” America and are sick in their brains/heart” that want to hurt people. Teach your kids survival skills, to be aware of those people around them acting differently or su suspiciously carrying backpacks or just not acting normal. Teach your kids to be careful and listen to their gut feelings and to get far away from an area that feels “off”! We must be survivors, our kuds must be survivors – THIS ISN’T OUR DADDY’S WORLD ANY MORE!

    • What most people don’t realize is – that they are already here. They have been here for years waiting for their orders. The refugees are reinforcements. If you look at all of the refugees look at how most of them are military aged men. Yes the media loves to put a few women and children on camera foe effect, but when you look at the camps and lines of refugees look closely. You will also notice that most of the women are barefoot and carrying everything they own including kids – while the men all wearing shoes just stroll along empty handed.

      • Indeed, Obama and Holder were sneaking in about 1 million muslims per year while they were in office.

        • People have to learn to understand what they are seeing. It is very difficult to tell sometimes between the good guys and bad guys and at first glance most would miss it. But the bad guys have certain “tells”.

      • Yes, I am painfully aware of the discrepancies between Muslim men and their second class wives/mothers/children. Women and children are nothing more than possessions to the slave drivers that are their husbands, brothers, or fathers. It is so sickening!!

        In some remote villages, a young daughter of 9 or 10 is given to an old geezer of 50 – 70 by her father for money, possessions, whatever. Yes, that innocent little girl has her life changed when that perverted old fart has sex with her for the first time when she isn’t even developed enough to do so. THERE ARE SO MANY THINGS WRONG WITH MUSLIMS, THAT A SINGLE BLOG CANNOT GIVE YOU ALL THE INFO NECESSARY TO SEE WHAT SAVAGES AND BARBARIC PEOPLE THE MUSLIMS REALLY ARE. THE ONLY PLACE THEY BELONG IS IN A CAVE IN THE MIDDLE EAST WHERE THEY ALL CAME FROM — EVEN THE MUSLIMS WHO ARE U.S. CITIZENS BECAUSE THEY ARE THE ONES WHOSE CHILDREN HAVE BECOME THE KILLER OS NON-MUSLIMS. SEND THEM “ALL” BACK TO WHERE THEY CAME!

        One thing I will say is that the women – mothers, daughters, sisters, etc. – are all victims and unless they escape the strangle hold their male members have on them and the brainwashing they receive from childhood. get an education, they are condemned to a life of slavery and abuse. Females have NO RIGHTS…NONE WHATSOEVER. Once educated and removed from the nastiness of their home countries, the women are exposed to better lives and most refuse to return to their birth countries. Can you blame them?

        When we lived in Arizona, a crazed Muslim father literally ran over his 18 year old daughter because she was becoming “too westernized”. Hello idiot muslim father. What did you expect when you brought her to the U.S. and she attended U.S. schools? Of course she is going to want to be like the other girls, wear make up, jeans, pretty things, and be free of that barbaric culture that destroys females. STUPID. The father went to prison, the other daughter and Mother returned to the Middle East and has never been heard from since.

        Where Muslims land, misery blooms.

        And you are so correct when you say the majority of supposed Muslim refugees entering all the countries were young fighting age muslim men. Yes, there were a few women/children, but mostly the men. How very ignorant of the Germans, Swedes, French, etc. for opening their borders to these vermin. Now those same countries are trying to figure out how to deport the snakes before too many more of their countrymen are killed or hurt. Stupid Leaders destroy more countries than civil unrest. For example, a close friend of mine was born in Germany and still has family and friends living there. Some of them were literally forced out of their homes so the muslim refugees could have a place to live. Her friends were forced to move away from their childhood neighborhoods. There are many very unhappy Germans and Merkel is treading in dangerous waters. Plus many young kids (boys and girls) have been molested/raped by these savages that think they can do whatever they want to who ever they want. The German media tries to cover these instances up but the news gets out via relatives/friends emailing the information.

        I had a female friend who was kidnaped, raped and held captive by a Muslim man who she mistakenly answered where the produce section was in a grocery store. His male hormones were raging and he thought she was coming on to him…she wasn’t. She was being polite. She answered him and went on her way. He followed her home, knocked on her apartment door and forced his way in when she answered it. She was raped repeatedly and beaten and was not allowed to leave her apt. We called her and left a message if she didn’t come to our party, we would come to her apartment to get her. So both our friend and the muslim came. He had a vice grip on her arm so she couldn’t go anywhere, but when we saw her face and the heavy makeup she had on (she never wore any makeup), we knew something was wrong. So I approached them both, removed his hand from her arm and told him we had “girl” stuff to discuss. We both left for the kitchen where our guy friend took her out the back door and drove her to her parent’s home. The muslim became suspicious and came into the kitchen looking for her. We said she had to leave and we didn’t ask where she was going. The muslim took off fast.
        Our friend went to the police and pressed charges against the muslim for rape and kidnaping. She had a Protective Order against him, but he was gone, left the country when he found out there was an order for his arrest. Her parents moved her to another city much further away for her own protection.

        ALL THIS HAPPENED BECAUSE OUR FRIEND WAS NICE AND POLITELY ANSWERED A QUESTION IN A GROCERY STORE. The Muslim culture is radically different than our Western Culture. There is NO PLACE for muslims in the Western World. In fact, there is no place for muslims anywhere in the world except the caves in the Middle East. That’s where they originated, that’s here they belong…ALL OF THEM! Liberals think that muslims can live anywhere and not hurt the people they live amongst. LIBERALS ARE RADICALLY WRONG. THEY ARE DREAMERS, NOT REALISTS. Muslims may smile at you while shaking your hand, but they a plotting how they can “use” you to benefit themselves…sneaky, deliberate, devious people.

    • Very well put.

  69. LEOs cannot be everywhere, “lone wolves” or multiple terrorists can try to do harm anytime. Your safety in the end is your responsibility and as the song goes “wishing and hoping and praying” alone is not going to cut it in terms of improving your odds in a terrorist attack. If you live in a state where being armed is legal, pack heat daily, be wary and practice regularly. Someone in the gun world wrote,” packing a gun it not meant to be comfortable, it’s meant to be comforting”. On the other hand if you live in a state like California, I don’t know what to tell you, I guess you’re back to “wishing and hoping and praying”.

    • Simpleton gun nut. More of you dumb bastards will shoot yourselves accidentally than ISIS could ever jarm.

      • speak for yourself, I have been taught and I have used the learning in nam you are the simpleton that won’t know how to defend yourself when the time comes

        • You are a coward. You never served in nam, liar.

          • I sure would like to show you. you are right about one thing I wished I wasn’t there , you must be a muslim that don’t belong here so get your head out of the area between your two back pockets and get the hell out of here

          • I have had more fake Christians be racist to me that Muslims.

  70. With all the left wing loons gathering to protest everywhere this should be interesting.

  71. The Muslim community all over the word should cleaning out “the thousands of lonely lions ” in their community by themselves before we kick all of them out because we do not know who is “lonely lion ” who in not ,we been warned by ISIS ,we will not just wait & see [ how sound stupid it is ,wait & see when they kill us ?that what liberal & democrat want us to do ],please enforce the travel ban & watching closely Muslim community

  72. These homicidal ISIS lunatics say that “we” (I assume they mean Christians) started the aggression against them! Their religion calls for subjugation or termination of all non-believers which only adds to the falsehood of their fundamental beliefs! We have been assaulted by these devils for hundreds of years and it will only stop when they have been eradicated from the face of the earth!

  73. You stupid ass right wing websites print this terrorist propaganda. You fucking dopes play right into the hands of the terrorists.

  74. S top the islamifacation of America
    ACT for America founded by Brigette Gabriel
    ACT is now 750,000 strong, 225,000 in the last two weeks. But we are capable of being a 6 million + organization. JOIN ACT today its free. Show up at the rallies on your feet is the best donation.

    Stop the islamic indoctrination in public schools.

    Join CAN Christian Action Network Its free and you need not be christian to fight ilamic sharia law in our country.

  75. Camel Dung, “You have started the aggression against us!”. Excuse me Mohammed’s Assholes, who flew the jets into our buildings? They were not Christians or Jews, they were Camel Jockey Muslims. Crusaders are waiting for you Muslime balls to start your Jihad and we’ll give you a taste of how Cowboys treat their enemies.

  76. Remember Islam means “surrender” or “submit” (or else). A ”moderate Muslim” v ” Islamic extremist” is like saying a rattlesnake is “moderately venomous” compared to a cobra ( you wouldn’t want either to crawl into your baby’s crib ). Read “The woman & the snake”.

  77. Strange that President Trump would choose to cozy up to the Saudis when they export Wahabbism all over the world. Between Saudi and Pakistan they have taken over the UK.


  79. Troops are cornering the ISIS forces, and they have to squeal. Threatening innocent people is their mantra. Look up the word “Terrorism” in the dictionary, and it states “implied psychological’ threats . It is time for the “Religion of Peace” to be annihilated.. Be cautious, and vigilant. Armed if Legal, and ready.

  80. “Lonely Lions?” “LONELY LIONS?!” ‘Abject lonely LOSERS’ seeking a fast introduction to Satan!

  81. Paul Craig Roberts United
    States Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy President Ronald Reagan Personal details Born April 3, 1939 (age 78)

    Atlanta, Georgia, US Nationality American
    Political party Independent (formerly Republican)[1][2] Alma mater Georgia Institute of

    (BA Economics)

    University of Virginia

    (PhD Economics) University of Oxford

    (Fellow in Economics) Occupation Economist,

    Paul Craig Roberts (born April
    3, 1939) is an American economist,
    journalist, blogger and former civil servant.[3] He is best known as a journalist specializing in
    economic affairs from an anti-establishment, liberal conservative perspective.[4]

  82. Today the Federal Reserve Is the Bank of the United States, and There Is No President Andrew Jackson

  83. It appears muslims suffer from inbreeding and fornicating with barnyard animals especially swine which have caused mental defects.

  84. ahh, the Koranderthal Death Cult, of nescient, inbred, barbarian, deviant, lunatics….. (peaceful) NOT, they just need “hugs” and “jobs”

  85. Oh….I see! WE have started the aggression against THEM? WE did? I beg to differ, ISIS! What about all the attacks that happened long ago….remember 911? Remember all the recent attacks…so many we can’t count!!
    And WE are the aggressors? Oh…I suppose that is supposed to endear us to your so-called faith? Any “religion” supporting hate and killing is NO religion…you are a CULT! You must go from our country – you are no longer welcome! It’s like inviting a visitor to your home to stay overnight and then wake up in the morning to find your wife raped, your kids killed, your home ransacked and robbed! Sanctuary, my eye!! GO HOME!!!

  86. Look at this another way, if the general ‘peaceful’ muslim especially in the USA doesn’t fight to rid this world of the evil among them then the rest of us will have to do it and if that happens none of those ‘peaceful’ muslims will survive the payback. Sorry, but we are not a threat to the world, you are and NO ONE can beat us. Think about it and decide, is it worth it to live in a free world here, or die for a losing cause and live in HELL. Your choice and you had better make it soon. The ‘TO LATE’ is comin up.

  87. matters not now…our previous supreme leader has let the gutter rats infiltrate our very society and institutions…and I have about lost faith in our current supreme leader…it is almost every man for himself now.

  88. THE ONLY WAY TO SAVE THE LIVES OF MANY IS TO TAKE OUT THE FEW YOU find ARE MAKING THE THREATS AND DOING THE TREASON! I see Trump doing a lot to try and eradicate the ISIS in Iran, Iraq and now Afghanistan, but that leaves all these No-Go Zones, Mosques and Sanctuary Cities that are in the country and harboring rapists, killers, terrorist and now growing domestic radicals. I would feel better if the government would try and come together and find a way to rid OUR COUNTRY of these traitorous weasels that are widdeling away at the very foundation of our Constitution.
    As for starting this thing it has been the liberal Dem that seam to have been the most violent and think that the use of force was the only way and it has been the Rep that ended the warts they got us into the debt they obtain and the trouble, by thinking that terroristic threats and actions could help solve something.
    The demands of these immigrants are outrageous and has never been heard of before they are getting way out of hand and if they don’t like it here I would say that they are welcome to GO THE FUCK HOME !

  89. There are far too many Muslims already here in the U.S. to deport. Therefore, when the time comes, We the Sane, Patriotic People of this nation need to be adequately armed to take them out one by one.

  90. Yeah, I’m shaking in my boots—NOT!!
    Bring it on–you savages—dirt bag pedophiles, goat raping inbred animals.

  91. Dennis Anderson

    Oh yes the peaceful Muzzies, but it must be done off with the infidels heads and they will act like it didnt happen. Its time to ship out eeverything that has come into our country since Obama took office. ALL OF THEMMMMMMMMM.

  92. The religion of peace but that they won’t have peace so they say until every last infidel is converted or exterminated off the face of the planet. Meanwhile the liberal media and democrats invent stories about our President obstructing justice in the WH, even before the odor from the previous administration has even left the oval office. People….we really need to focus on what’s important and what’s going to make America Great Again.

  93. Islamists offer us only murder and misery, not to mention the poverty that their movement guarantees.

  94. We can NOW hold the 9th circuit court and it’s judges accountable for ANY attacks in the United States. Give TRUMP his Presidential rights to protect the nation!


  96. Muslims Kill Christians, Bottle Their Blood, And Sell It For $100,000 A Piece To Saudis

    by Ted on December 26, 2013 in General
    By Theodore Shoebat

    A nun in Germany has recently done a presentation in a conference of an independent investigation she conducted of the treatment of Christians in Syria under the hands of Muslim fundamentalists. She revealed that Muslims are butchering Christians, draining their blood in bottles, and selling each bottle for $100,000 to Muslims in Saudi Arabia who take it to wash their hands in Christian blood, with the belief that it atones for their sins.

    Truly, Saudi Arabia is that “woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus” (Revelation 17:6), and the kings of the earth are fornicating with her, trading with this harlot the wine (oil) for the obliteration of the saints.

  97. If the cowards want to bring it, they will find that the toll on islamics is far greater than they could ever imagine. For they are outnumbered and out gunned. And there are many just waiting to put a bullet through their heads. There are no innocent islamics. Just ones that have gone insane yet.

  98. Craig Vandertie

    Too bad someone cannot create a virus that kills those who condone killing those who do not bow to that false god allah, but that would require it being able to target only those with such thoughts, oh well, keep the fantasy alive.

  99. Americans, Islam is trying to take over the world. Christians cannot let
    this happen. Hillary Clinton, she and Obama are in love with the Muslims and
    are crazy people that want to destroy America. Americans see what the Radical
    Islamic Terrorist are teaching in the Muslim Islamic Mosques, then they are
    sent to become radicalized and come back to kill Americans, Jews, Christians
    and non-Islamic folks. This tells the story and this is not a religion, instead
    it is a cult and taking over the world. Americans need to close all of the
    Mosques and deport all of the Muslims that practice the Sharia Law, get them
    out of America. Americans need to understand that Islam is not a peaceful
    religion and they are out to change Americas Constitution, laws, rules,
    regulations and try and take over the world. Obama and Hillary Clinton want to
    allow thousands more into the USA which will cause more of these barbaric
    savages in our country and more people killed.

  100. I maybe missing something here,but I don’t remember ISIS ever warning ANYBODY before a surprise attack! It kind of takes the SURPRISE out of a surprise attack!

  101. Islam is more a military / political system than a kind of faith. Faith has nothing to do with it. Every is a product of threats, fear, death. Even for the majority of muslims the ultimate and mature ( not sure this is the correct term) completion of the fulfillment from the koran standpoint is killing the infidel (us). We must understand that the majority of muslims, they aren’t terrorists…..YET!

  102. Destroy those ISIS maggots please!


  104. If you live in a State that allows concealed carry, you should do so and carry at all times. Protect yourself, your family, and those around you. If you live in one of those crazy States like CA where guns are a no no, you have to decide whether to break the law for safety sake.

  105. If war was declared against ISIS, would it make any difference when handling the mindless liberals? Perhaps political correctness would change in the face of war.

  106. Americans should keep vigilant against these animals and be watching always they started let’s finish it

  107. Pres. Trump pls. make a Saturation Drive of ALL Muslims ALL OVER USA and Start the Intense Vetting…Doing so Radicals and possible Radicals will be Identified and throw them Out of the country..

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