Is Hillary Clinton Mentally Unstable?

Voters already know that Hillary Clinton is not to be trusted, but a new insider report says that her predilection for secrecy and lies may not be the most disturbing aspect of her personality. According to D.C. Whispers, Clinton’s campaign workers are worried about their girl.

– “Lost”

– “Confused

– “Tired”

– “Angry”

These are a few of the adjectives being used to describe Clinton by those who know her best. Unable to get away from the email scandal, Clinton is apparently falling into a pattern of erratic mood swings and bizarre behavior. One source told DC Whispers:

“She doesn’t understand how it works. She still thinks the New York Times is the end-all, be-all regarding media coverage and because they (the Clinton Machine) pretty much control how the Times covers them, she feels she controls her own media destiny and when that doesn’t happen, it infuriates her. She gets very angry very quickly and it’s a particularly aggressive kind of nasty on her part.”

Oh this is good…

Clinton wants this victory so bad she can taste it. Finally, she can come out from under her husband’s shadow to prove herself worthy of the national stage. To be the first female president. Why, she would do more than come out of Bill’s shadow; she would go down in the record books right beside Barack Obama. When future generations said the name “Clinton,” they would think of her first and her husband second.

And now she sees that even her inevitable Democratic nomination may not be as inevitable as she thought. Bernie Sanders is gaining on her fast in crucial first states, she has an unfavorable rating among the voters for the first time in years, and these scandals are showing no signs of going away. Meanwhile, the entire political world is talking about Donald Trump, leaving her to twist in the wind.

She is trying desperately to change her image from a cold, calculating liar to a kindly grandmother. When a New Hampshire voter asked her how she would like to be addressed, she smiled brightly and said, “Hillary is fine by me.” Armed with a fluctuating accent and a closetful of pantsuits, Clinton is determined to give herself a media makeover. But if the media – no longer quite the same monolithic empire as it was in the 1990s – doesn’t play ball, she is apparently going to seriously lose it.

The best we can hope for is that when she finally blows her lid, she does it on national television for everyone to enjoy.

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