Iran: Obama Gave Us More Than $10 Billion

According to senior officials in Iran, the Obama administration has given their nation more than $10 billion over the last four years just to keep them at the negotiating table. They say that President Obama has been keeping the real figure under wraps for fear of inciting dissension domestically.

After a Wall Street Journal investigation was published last week alleging that the White House handed Iran $10 billion in cash and assets to keep the nuclear deal from falling through, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Ghasemi said that even this was a lowball estimate.

“I will not speak about the precise amount,” Ghasemi said. “This report is true but the value was higher.”

Ghasemi told the Iranian press that the U.S. arranged a payment plan that would keep Tehran interested in further negotiations.

“After the Geneva conference and the resulting agreement, it was decided that $700 million dollars were to be dispensed per month,” said Ghassemi. “In addition to the cash funds which we received, we received our deliveries in gold, bullion, and other things.”

This news comes as military tensions escalate between the U.S. and our friends in Tehran. It was reported Monday that a Navy ship fired several warning shots at four Iranian boats in the Strait of Hormuz:

The USS Mahan tried to order the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard boats to stop via bridge-to-bridge radio communication, but the vessels didn’t respond to the request, prompting the destroyer to fire three warning shots with a .50 caliber machine gun Sunday morning, a U.S. defense official said. After the shots were fired, the Iranian boats stopped the approach, Cmdr. Bill Urban, spokesman for U.S. Naval Forces Central Command, told Fox News.

Donald Trump is going to have his work cut out for him when it comes to foreign policy, that much is for sure. Obama has made such a mess of things, it will be a wonder if Trump can pull us back from the brink of disaster in time.


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  1. Ovomit is a traitor

    • He should be treated as such, Arraigned, tried, convicted and HUNG !!!

      • Drawn & Quartered!

      • put on a one way trip to Egypt and tell them what plane he is on.

        • Better yet…put him on a one-way trip to Israel…since he was obviously prejudiced against Israel as reflected by his attitude toward Israel…even
          though Israel and America have been allies for years and years! Yet, he gave trillions to countries
          detrimental to the U.S.!
          I believe we should give him a taste of his own medicine…let’s get a petition
          and send it to President Trump to send Obama’s RETIREMENT monies, that he will probably get for years, to our ALLIES!! Maybe this will teach him that
          he is NO LONGER ABOVE THE LAW and give him a “taste of his own medicine”?

          MAYBE EACH NEIGHBORHOOD in the U.S. can start a petition, at least from
          Republicans, DEMANDING that his retirement funds go to our allies!!! LET THE PUNISHMENT FIT THE CRIME!!

      • yea! I like the sound hung fits in any sentence that obama’s name is in

      • Cite the law you claim has been broken, paragraph and chapter.
        Then tell us why the House did not bring impeachment action.

        • Why would we give a country who wants to destroy us the money and means to do so? The President is supposed to protect us, not aid in destroying us. He has put us and other countries in grave danger. He should have been impeached but the pc culture in this country terrifies politicians. None have the spine to take on this divisionist president.

          • Wants to destroy us?
            What proof do you have to support that accusation?

          • How about giving money to our enemy.

          • How about honesty?
            No money was ” given” to Iran.

            The People of Iran’s money, held since 1979, was returned to them.

            The Shah made a deposit on a purchase of weapons and military equipment. There was a revolution. That money has been illegally held for almost 1/2 Century.

          • It is highly illegal for an angry mob to attack and invade a nation’s embassy. The bloodthirsty Iranian street mob invaded the US embassy in Tehran in 1979, and kidnapped about 70 Americans for 444 days. The Iranian Mullahs did nothing about that, they even encouraged the attack and the lawlessness. You want to talk “illegal” genius? Try that.
            And by the way, it is highly questionable that the US should be giving any money to the world’s central bank of terrorism, Iran. If and when the lunatic mullahs and the barbaric revolutionary guard are overthrown, that would be the appropriate time to return the money, not rush it up because the Obummer is leaving office and wants a legacy.

          • In 1979, a revolution took place in Iran. America was one of the enemies. We had supported the Shah and his reign of terror and violence.
            Suggest you try opening the history books.

          • I know a lot more about Middle East history than you ever will. You majored in touchy feely stuff and were an honor student at your madrassa.

          • Your posts tell a very different story.

          • You only need to keep up with news AKLady2016…what is it
            with Democrats…don’t they ever pay attention to what’s going on? In my opinion..OBAMAnable is nothing but a traitor to our country…open your eyes!
            During his entire presidency he has done NOTHING to help America…only to
            help countries that are hostile to America such as giving hostile countries trillions of Americas’ money, when we are very close to having a depression
            in our OWN country! Wake up and learn something about how a depression
            happens…such as America’s ECONOMY goes down the drain…and our dollars lose value…not only in America, but around the world!!! We need to
            trade in the world with dollars! What do you think will happen when or if the dollar loses it’value…it is called a collapse in the value of the dollar and another possible Great Depression…possibly making the dollar almost worthless! I grew up toward the end of the last GREAT depression…which
            is far WORSE than a recession. We had nothing to eat other than bread soak in water…back then…and were lucky we had some chickens and roosters! When the chickens quit laying eggs…that is when my parents would have to chop off their necks to kill them to eat..very disturbing if u aren’t a farmer and
            your children sees that! With a weak economy…we won’t be able to build
            missiles to defend ourselves…Just one missile these days can blow away a
            Large chunk of the U.S. Back when we had the Cuban missile crisis…you probably weren’t around then…Cuba could probably only wipe Florida off the face of the earth…yet OBAMAnable also gave CUBA about the same amount for nothing
            more than a “promise” to give FREEDOM to it’s people. While OBAMA was still in Cuba a few miles away, getting to his plane..the Castro regime arrested
            a small group of women who were “PEACEFULLY” marching for freedom! So much for that effort.
            Therefore, THE ONLY conclusion that could be reached by any reasonable person is he has been helping our enemies, by financing them with our money…thus hurting AMERICA’S economy to the point of NEAR
            collapse…and providing our enemies with enough to build more NUCLEAR

            I say we should put both OBAMA and HILLARY in prison, charging them with TREASON and throw the keys away!! That is why Pres. Trump WON!! People are hoping he can FIX
            our economy and avoid another great depression!! I have absolutely no symphony
            for OBAMA…nor Hillary. Their is an old saying “they made their bed…now let
            them lay in it…which means “they committed the crime…now let them pay
            for it…which I HOPE will land them both in alcatraz (jail) if it still exists…or
            another such prison for the rest of their lives!! And…I doubt they still,have chain gangs in jail…but if so…put them in the chain gangs so they can pay our society back a few dollars of the trillions they took out of our economy!!

          • Why do you need to tell these lies?

            Why do you embarrass America this way?

            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          • I’m sorry…you need to take a reality check…or, you ARE delusional! If you are
            NOT delusional…you just haven’t been paying attention to what is going on in
            Obama’s politics…he iIS a traitor, in my opinion…and many others agree with me. Do you really keep up with politics? Honestly…if you have been keeping
            up with politics as much as I have, and aren’t delusional…you should be able to CLEARLY SEE the damage he has done to our country. A truly good
            President would NOT pay ANY COUNTRY…that is still a THREAT to the U.S.
            enough money to build nuclear weapons! It would be like YOU giving me hundreds of dollars after I disagreed with YOU!? Think about what I have said; and, if you still think what OBAMA did is o.k…I sincerely hope you will
            seek help for your memory problems! I am not trying to judge you..I have had
            my share of memory issues as well…but not as bad. I feel America would agree with me on
            this subject!

          • Dear Judith, the Nation of Iran has a thriving oil business.

            Returning their assets to then does not change their financial status in any significant way.

            However, it does remove one of the roadblocks to peace between their Nation and Ours.

            I sincerely hope you will seek help for your lack of information and lack of education problems

          • Are you registered as an agent of Iran?

            You should be.

          • You are not a big supporter of either fact or truth, are you?

          • All you do is fill the comments section with lies a k a taqiyya. You wouldn’t know the truth if you had a frontal labotomy.

          • Awe, that explains your entire lack of morality.

          • Are you speaking to us? Or are you speaking to the MSM that is owned by the New World Order that made this farce possible?

          • Stow the propaganda,

          • In my opinion OBAMAnable may have a valid birth certificate, born of
            Muslim parents…or his birth certificate was a very good fake! Or, he may have Muslim parents who brought him up with the Muslim ideology and he was born in the U.S. Anyway…history will probably show him as the worse president America has ever had! I have been saying the same things about him since his first term; but, when it comes to common sense, Democrats don’t seem to have any!! My
            own brother is a Democrat…and seemed to have total blinders on about the MULTIPLE issues I brought up to him about Obama’s many
            discrepancies…as well as Hillary’s. For the life of me…I can’t under-
            stand how we Americans stood by and didn’t call for his immediate impeachment by the end of his first term! I don’t understand how he
            is STILL free except that Democrats are such slow learners; and, how he not only has not been tried for treason…but,
            got away with all the cr.p… unless he paid a lot of people to keep their mouths shut! He seems to me that
            he loves Americas’ enemies more than America! Both he and Hillary should have their butts thrown in jail for the rest of their lives!
            If they are traitors…they can now get paid millions by our enemies for all they know about Americas’ military defense, bombs, other defenses, etc. If they haven’t already!
            How Americans in general didn’t call for his impeachment in his first year is beyond me! We Americans better wake up to what harm he has
            already caused us…we won’t know for years, most likely. Hopefully
            Donald Trump can get our economy back on tract. I was disappointed
            that Pres. Trump backed off about prosecuting Hillary…but, probably
            did it on advice of his party, due to pressure from the Democratic public! Shame on them! Maybe Pres. Trump should rethink his thoughts on not bringing Hillary to trial for her acts of treason and include OBAMA in the trial as well!!
            I think both OBAMA and Hillary should be serving life in prison…or
            Obama should stay in prison until he pays America all the money he took from our economy to give our enemies..starting by confiscating it from his salary for the past 8 years He even had the nerve, after bringing Pres. Trump up on current politics…of making what I felt were demeaning remarks about President Trump…only an A-hole would do what sounded like being disrespectful to our new president! He probably, in view of his most recent scandal, should be tried for HIGH treason!
            He and Hillary should BOTH be thrown in jail, and, Democrats should
            have been harder on OBAMA than they are now about Pres. Trump!
            But then, most Democrats like to stick their heads in the sand and not
            pay attention to what Obama was doing! They rather believe what the news media says than think for themselves…like a bunch of sheep going to the slaughter. It was also reported that the news media gets
            paid off big bucks to favor Democrats…don’t know if that is true or not,
            but that may explain why the news media is ALWAYS pro-Democrat
            Like you say…I also AGREE that OBAMA should be tried…then thrown
            In jail for Treason…common sense should tell EVERY TRUE AMERICAN
            to stand up and demand this TRAITOR be tried for HIGH TREASON…
            by giving 10 billion dollars of American taxpayers money to Iran to use
            to increase their nuclear capabilities! Nice going Democrats…next
            time we have an election…try to use your heads for something other than a hat rack. If the above info IS true…you not only donated to his campaign, u helped him rip this country apart, damage our economy and give 10 billion dollars to Iran to build enough nuclear weapons to
            blow America away! All I can say at this point is…if you read that .OBAMA and or Hillary is moving to another country…u better start
            making out your wills and getting out of (Dodge). For u youngsters…”getting out of dodge” is an old saying that means go
            to a safe place…probably as far away from America as u can go”
            American voters made the correct judgement by voting for Mr. Trump…
            hopefully it’s not too late for us…we should DEMAND that Pres. Trump,
            if the above article is true, puts Hillary and Obamas in jail. If it is already too late…at least Hillary and OBAMA will not be able to escape either!


        • Proof: Iran hates the US. Obama gave them $10 billion of taxpayer $$ to help build their nuclear capabilites. What more proof do you need?

          • ..
            Cite the law you claim has been broken, paragraph and chapter.

            Then tell us why the House did not bring impeachment action.

          • The only thing you said that makes sense is why the House did not bring
            Impeachment action! Maybe because our representatives in the “house” felt
            it would create a devisive racial issue that might tear this country apart again…and
            return us back to the days when blacks were not treated as equals? I hope this helps answer your questions!

          • First there has to be a crime. There was none.

          • Oh, and ignorant one, if you had bothered to do a little research, you would know that the U.S. not only built Iran’s reactors, we also trained their scientists.

          • AKLady2015…I certainly don’t mean to sound mean…but where have you been living these past years during Obama’s Presidency? He has given trillions to Cuba and Iran…enough to help them build more Nuclear bombs…In case you have DEMENTIA, THEY are our adversaries…which in plain language means they can turn around and use that money to build more nuclear weapons to DESTROY AMERICA…you know…the country WE live in? The only advice I can give you…and I certainly hope you DO NOT have DEMENTIA
            and don’t forget…is that you go see a doctor, seriously..because you don’t
            seem to understand what problems this administration has caused America!
            Our economy cannot afford to be giving trillions to middle eastern countries…
            yet, I couldn’t believe when I read online that he is going to give another
            please let me know? I have been sleep deprived throughout this past election
            and am still trying to figure out just how Obamanable got away with all his
            traitorist CR$P!

          • Why do you need to tell these lies?

            Why do you embarrass America this way?

            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          • Iran does not need money from America, they have a very profitable oil business.

          • If their economy was not so primitive, they would be hurting more. They do however need many more dollars to finance Hezbollah’s terrorism, and Obummer helped facilitate that.

          • Iran is the second largest economy in the Middle East and North Africa. Forecast growth for 2017 is 4.5%. You might want to check out the World Bank data.
            Your name calling is very infantile.

      • Blah, blah, blah, lie, insult …repeat ad nauseam.
        Never one example.
        Never one fact.
        Tedious, boring, repetitive …

      • Horses are hung
        Criminals are hanged

        And I agree, he should be executed

    • Name calling is nursery school behavior.

    • B.O. is most probably guilty of treason, a heinous crime that exists on the books for show only! All part of a façade to convince the masses that our country has laws to cover all considerations – which it does, but almost without variation, uses those laws selectively in support of the ruling class, and not in the name of justice! Edward Snowden blows the whistle on questionable government policies and they call him traitor. Obama provides aid and comfort to our mortal enemies and he is given accolades and honors! Justice? When, or if, and in what world?

      • Francine Ellen Carraher

        You people really are stupid. No one, not you, not me, not a President, no one, can be charged with treason except for one reason only – giving aid and comfort to the enemy ONLY DURING TIME OF WAR. Since the United States is not at war with any nation at this time, nor has it been at war since December 8, 1941 – the day after Pearl Harbor was attacked – the event that pulled us into WWII, no one can be charged with treason – it’s clearly stated in the Constitution of the United States, Article 3, Section 3.

        • Unlike liberals who never admit their mistakes, and taking the basis of your correction at face value, but which is flawed as well, I stand partially corrected.
          The US declared war on December 8, 1941, and was at war at least through a date in 1945 (VJ Day). Although Obama may not (due to there not being a declaration of war by Congress) be technically guilty of the crime of treason, his underhanded approach by passing funds to countries that are certainly not our friends, failure to back up countries that most certainly are our friends, and other very questionable acts that scream of impropriety, give this administration a real sinister reputation which Obama can be thankful that war has not been officially declared!

          • Francine Ellen Carraher

            The Iran deal and its related sanctions has been an ongoing debate and in the works since 1971. At that time, among the sanctions placed on Iran was the freezing of their assets throughout the world. The billions of dollars spoken of are among those assets. Some of those assets found in the US were at their various embassies and compounds here in our Nation. Some were not liquid and were ultimately sold and placed into interest-bearing escrow accounts. As part of the Iran Nuclear Deal, those sanctions placed on Iran all those many years ago would be gradually lifted and the funds gradually returned to them. It was Iran’s property, and as sanctions are lifted, they have a right for the funds to be returned. This measure and deal was approved by the UN Security Council and the US Congress. Our Nation is not the only one were Iran’s assets were frozen and now subject to recturn. South Korea, China, and others must also do the same. I’ve attached a link of the entire document. It’s very long and very complicated (159 pages). This is a document nearly 46 years in the making between several nations and Iran. It was approved by the UN Security Council and the US Congress (who could have rejected the deal, but chose to approve it.) Not all the sanctions originally placed on Iran are being lifted, and of those that are, not all are being returned in the form of money. It is not a perfect deal, but after all these years, it’s the only thing we have going. So please, don’t be in such a hurry to place blame squarely on the back of President Obama. There were literally 1,000s who touched this deal in the last 45+ years, including the Republicans who don’t want to accept their share of responsibility – as usual. But with the election of Trump, it is quite possible that everything, and I do mean everything, will be going down the swamp drain – you, me and the world. This is what you voted for? Not even God is going to be able to get us out of this one.

          • Thousands might have touched this deal, over the years, but all except Obama had the chance to do what he did, and they were all smart enough not to do it! I don’t care that the money rightfully was the property of Iran. You don’t finance your enemies, even if it’s their own money that you do it with! Trump might very well preside over the dilemma he has been given, but he did not make it. He was handed it by the most inept politician that ever held the office! Quite frankly, I don’t believe that any mortal man can save the country now, but I wish Trump all the luck in the universe in his quest to save us all!

          • Iran an enemy?
            When? How?
            The active terror training camp is located in Saudi Arabia — our ally.

            All but one of the 9/11 attackers were Saudi Arabian citizens.

          • AK is a typical liberal. She brings up another topic when she is losing a discussion and is out of ammunition. She is so wrong on so many issues that she embarrasses herself but has not the wisdom to know she is doing it!
            Yes, once in a while she makes a point, but even a blind squirrel finds an acorn once in a while!

          • Typical right-wing strategy. . When thry cannot score with facts, they insult.

          • You don’t know what facts and truth are AK! Right wingers only exist because they state facts to support their position. left wing liberals rely on fiction for their position, which shifts so often that even they can’t keep up with it!

          • The Shah was in charge in Iran from 1971 until 1979, FYI. These negotiations have not been going on since 1971. This “deal” aka mass give away has been going on only during the Obama administration. Obviously you were never involved in a world history class with an intelligent teacher. You do however enjoy re-writing history to fit your own political opinions.
            Were you out smoking a bowl or a joint?

          • The Shah’s son was going to college at Texas Tech in Lubbock, Texas and had a large home there during the time the shah was in power. I was there at that time.

          • “Around the world,” unquestionably.

            However, the majority of the world understands that there are policies that fail and policies that win.

            Cuba and Iran are two of America’s policies that failed. Cuba exists as evidence that the $ dollar speaks louder than bombs and sanctions.

            At this point and time, the Iranian people only see and hear what their government allows them contact with. When money flows into their hand, the Desert Curtin will fall as surely as did the Iron Curtin and the Bamboo Curtin.

          • Why do you need to tell these lies?

            Why do you embarrass America this way?

            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          • What in the world are you talking about?
            I sometimes am incorrect in my facts, but I NEVER EVER LIE!
            Be specific before you cast aspersions my way!
            I think your ding-a-ling doesn’t dong anymore?

          • You don’t finance your enemies, even if it’s their own money that you do it with!

            It is their money. We have head it for almost 1/2 Century.

            It is the Saudi who are training terrorists.

          • That is 100% correct! If you think differently, you need professional help!

          • Iran is not our enemy, at least not yet.
            After the idiot Trump is finished, the whole world may be our enemy.

          • Trump hasn’t done anything bad to this country!
            What makes people like you tick?
            You, personally, are one of the nastiest know it all democrat liberals that I have ever had the misfortune to run across! You haven’t got anything good to say about anybody! The first thing you seem to want to do is call bad names to everyone? Why don’t you just go somewhere else where you can pester others or be with your own kind? I’m not wasting anymore words on you!

          • Thank you.

            Your input is always welcome

            It says so much about you.

          • Iran supports Hezbollah which is 100% a terrorist organization. Hezbollah does the “dirty work” for Iran so ostensibly Iran can claim it has not invaded another country for 300 years, blah blah blah. That is a line you leftists have swallowed hook, line, and sinker.
            Iran was responsible along with Hezbollah for destroying the US Marine barracks in Beirut, Lebanon in 1983 killing 241 US Marines and 60 French peacekeepers. Iran is behind the Khobar towers bombing in Saudi Arabia in the late 1990s killing more US troops and civilians. Iran/Hezbollah are responsible for two separate bombings in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1992 and 1994 at the Jewish community center and the Embassy of Israel, killing more than 100 people almost all civilians. Several of Iran’s top government leaders including Rafsanjani were on Interpol’s list of suspects for the Argentine bombings. The former head of Argentina’s government helped Iran cover up the crimes in return for certain favors. They even assassinated the prosecuting attorney looking into the cover-up. Hezbollah has illegal smuggling and drug operations going on in Latin America today especially in the 3 corner area. They are a threat to the US as well and are involved in sneaking operatives across our southern border. You can call people “idiot” all you like, but it appears your background knowledge and opinions are pure Obama b.s. worldview.

          • There are actually two groups under the label “Hezbollah'” One is terrorist, the other is political. The European Union, New Zealand and the United Kingdom make clear distinction between the two.

          • Anybody who is associated with Hezbollah is a terrorist.
            And you sympathize with them, so what does that make you?

          • There you are, as usual, creating lies by putting words in other people’s mouths.

          • Oh my God! You got a “thumbs up”. How much did that cost you?

          • You just lost the respect I had for you. Without fact to rely upon, you have tyrned to insult.

          • I have NEVER had your respect, so don’t lay that one on me. You of all people should NOT accuse someone of insulting another person. Look at your comments.

            Why do you need to tell these lies?

            Why do you embarrass America this way?

            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

            Most give it up by the 2nd or 3rd grade.

            Temper, temper …

            You need to practice more, you have not yet gotten the adult part down.
            You should practice what you preach.

          • Questions are now insults?
            Pray tell, were those questions not justified?

          • Wrong, question can be insulting, for example, “Are you stupid” or “Why do you need to tell these lies?” You have just accused the person of telling lies and believing it is acceptable to repeat lies, that, in my book, is an obvious insult.
            If I ask you why YOU need to tell “these” lies, did I insult you or just state a “fact” that may or may not be true. You might as well ask the person, “Have you stopped lying?” Think about it.

          • If I state truth it is an insult.

          • I had a great deal of respect for you.

          • If that was true, it sure did not take much for me to lose that “great deal of respect”, wouldn’t you agree?

          • I’ve been posting on this site for over a year.

            Oh, and you have stopped low enough to up vote me in the past.

          • I have even come to your defense in the past too.
            So, you have been posting on this site for over a year with 27,788 postings and 2,905 upvotes for 10%. I have been posting on this site for 3 years with 2,107 postings and 2,096 upvotes for 99%. Seems like one of us is going for quantity and the other is going for quality.

          • Truth is not a popularity contest.

          • Who ever said that posting quality comments was a popularity contest?

          • “I have been posting on this site for 3 years with 2,107 postings and 2,096 upvotes for 99%”

          • Looks like an accurate comment to me just like “I’ve been posting on this site for over a year” with 27,788 postings and 2,905 upvotes. Boy, I can readily see why you don’t want this to be a popularity contest. One upvote for every 957 comments. Seems like you should reevaluate your comments, since SO MANY people agree with you.

          • Truth is not exactly popular on this site.

            I will never re-evaluate my devotion to truth.

          • 28,000 comments 2900 likes not a very impressive record.

          • Truth is not a game.

          • Iran is determined to be the hedgemon in the middle east. They are financing and training terrorists to overthrow governments they don’t like. Examples: 1. Hezbollah which has overtaken the legitimate government of Lebanon 2. Houties in Yemen 3. supporting the butcher Assad in Syria who is responsible for over 400,000 deaths, people of his own country. They tried and failed in Sudan, which has now become closer to the Saudis.
            Iran is definitely the enemy.

          • The largest terror training camp in the Middle East is located in Saudi Arabia, which as your are aware, is our ally.

            “[T]he legitimate government of Lebanon” Do you mean the one put in place by the West, or that under Israeli occupation?

            Hezbollah has two parts. One is political, the other military.

          • Aklady spouts the same old bullshit over and over she doesn’t have the intelligence to come up with something new.

          • Facts don’t change just because you want them to.

        • Barkingdeathsquirrel

          US Constitution

          Article 3 Section 3.

          Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort. No person shall be convicted of treason unless on the testimony of two witnesses to the same overt act, or on confession in open court.

          The Congress shall have power to declare the punishment of treason, but no attainder of treason shall work corruption of blood, or forfeiture except during the life of the person attainted.

          Now, seeing that iran IS an enemy of the United States and has been found to be funding terrorist organizations that have attacked the United States and the people thereof, 0bama HAS committed treason and should be put on trial for such.
          A proper punishment for such a treason is full confiscation of wealth, removal of citizenship, and imprisonment in an undisclosed location coupled with interrogations as to who he is working for and where he got his orders.

          • Francine Ellen Carraher

            But – WE ARE NOT AT WAR WITH IRAN OR ANY OTHER COUNTRY. That is the primary prerequisite for anyone to be charged with treason. At any other time, such as in the case of Snowden, a person can only at best, be charged with espionage. WAR MUST BE DECLARED LEGALLY – it has not. Therefore, treason cannot be applied. Since it cannot be applied, Congress cannot decide on a punishment for treason – and wouldn’t since they too would be found guilty of being complicit of espionage and subject to said punishment – they approved the deal.Russian is an enemy of our Nation and democratic process, but we are NOT at war with them. Now since Congress is the only one who can approve and issue a Declaration of War, at the request of the President, and upon review of that request and relevant evidence, what you may interpret as “treason” is not so under the Constitution. Proof again that what one may want, and what one may get, are often not one and the same.

          • Correct. We also have no valid reason to be at was with Iran.

          • Wrong.
            Saudi Arabia funds the terror training camps located in their nation.
            All byt one of the 9/11 attackers were Saudi citizens.
            Saudi Arabia is still our ally, while Iran is not

          • We are not at war with Iran.

        • You call “you people” stupid even while you failed at history yourself. The US was at war in Europe until May 8, 1945, and was at war with Japan until August, 1945.
          Just because war was declared by Congress the day after Pearl Harbor was attacked does not mean it ended then.

          Furthermore, undeclared wars in Korea, Viet Nam, and the Gulf area would likely be considered “at war” also because our troops are at risk. You want to see stupid?

          Look in the mirror.

          • Francine Ellen Carraher

            Of course not idiot, I only stated that the last time war was declared was December 8, 1941 against Japan, and it pulled us into WWII. Learn to read.

          • My reading ability is far above yours. How did you enjoy that touchy feely special education you got?

            Your statement proves it: “We are not at war with Iran or any other country…”
            well toots, they are at war with us. Get out of your safe space and learn something about the real world.

          • Your writing says you did not pass the “touchy feely” you got.

          • Of course not idiot

          • Golf foxtrot yankee

            when your IQ gets up to double digits, get back to us

          • When you grow up enough to leave the sewer language behind, get back to us mature adults.

        • The diaper domes have already declared war on us just in case you haven’t heard. So we’re at war no matter who did the declaring.

          • Your racial slur insults many of America’s allies.
            Please educate yourself and act line the adult you are pretending to be.

          • If they happen to be Muslim, they’re not our allies. If they adhere to the dictates of the Quran, they are not our allies. they cannot on the one hand be our so-called allies and on the other refuse to control their uncivilized radical element. Besides, I merely commented on their preferred head dress, which is no racial slur. If they wore 10-gallon hats, I’d probably call them cowboys.

          • You insult everything our Founders fought and die for.
            Your slur is racial.
            It applies not only to Arabs, but also to East Indians.

        • You have absolutely no idea what treason is doing you? Go back to school libterd moron nobody wants you here don’t you get it yet little girl?

      • Send him to Gitmo

      • U r pathetic and excellent bait for fake news sites. I have read so much false info on this site, and in the end, it proves false. Get a grip, righties.

    • He makes Benedict Arnold look like a choir boy.

    • Name calling is something most give up in grade school. How old did you say you were

    • Name calling is childish.
      Most give it up by the 2nd or 3rd grade.
      You need to practice more, you have not yet gotten the adult part down.

    • Obummer was out to destroy America and he is doing his very best to do so. Can you imagine…./he actually gave HIMSELF a medal!!!!!! LIke he deserves something like that (o way) but to GIVE IT TO HIMSELF???What a lover of himself. Does he think he actually deserves ANY medal????

  2. And Dubya and his entire asshole riddled cabinet gave us illegal, non-necessary wars which put us deeper in debt to China and cost the lives of untold thousands of innocent people and US service members. But you have no problem with any of that. Right?

  3. Iran is 90% Shiite Muslim. Obama was born and raised Shiite Muslim. Iran is “The Jewel in the Crown” for the Jihadist, they can control the Gulf of Hormuz and all trading/ships entering or leaving the Middle East. Obama lied and gave them nuclear weapon capabilities by saying it was for energy production. 80% of Iran’s revenues come from oil sales – they don’t have any energy issues.

    • Why do you have the need to embarrass America with this lie?

      • Are you that naive and uninformed? You are the one who cannot even consider another point of view.

        • Facts are not “points of view.”

          Lies are not “points of view”.

          One can enter disapproval of an administration without exhibiting a lack of morals.

          • You must have blinders on if you can’t see what Obama has done. He has given them the ability to acquire nuclear weapons capabilities.

          • In 1967, America built Iran’s first reactor and trained their scientists.

            They had nuclear weapons capability the day that reactor went into operation.

          • You’re not very bright. That was back when Iran was an ally. They would have to enrich the nuclear material to turn it into weapons grade material. They didn’t have that capability, nor did they have the rocket technology to deliver it. They are getting it now thanks to Obama. Also Obama’s Iran deal is giving them the funding to pursue the technology.

            Thanks to Jimmy Carter for destabilizing the region now Iran is an enemy. Wake Up BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!!!!!!

          • Progressive Republican

            It wasn’t Carter, it was Eisenhower.

          • Barkingdeathsquirrel

            It was carter and the coup occurred in 1979.
            Learn a little history, communist.

          • Progressive Republican

            It was Eisenhower and the coup occurred in 1953.

            Learn a little history, jackass communist.

          • You’re the idiot that doesn’t know your history. Again Mohammad Reza Shaw was on the throne from 1941 to 1972. Eisenhower didn’t have anything to do with it yeah moron.

          • Progressive Republican

            I can’t tell if you’re a bigger idiot or liar.

            Congratulations on that.

          • These are the facts. I know it’s hard for you liberals to handle the facts.

          • Progressive Republican

            These are what you claim to be facts. You’ve done nothing to verify them.

            But you have proven me right.


          • Where is your proof that Eisenhower put the Shah of Iran in power. It’s funny since Mohammad Reza Shah was on the throne from 1941 to 1979. Eisenhower wasn’t even the president yet. LOOK IT UP!!!! you’re afraid too because you’ll be proved wrong.

          • Progressive Republican

            Try harder, Skippy. He wasn’t in power the whole time. It took a CIA-led coup d’etat to put that crapsack back in power against the wishes of the people. LOOK IT UP!!!! You’re afraid to because you’ll be proved wrong.

            Working on your spelling wouldn’t hurt you any either.

            At least you’d look a bit less stupid. Not much, but a little.

          • That’s a bunch of BS. You don’t know your history or you believe in a revisionist version of history. Carter was the one that created the environment for the overthrow of the Shaw of Iran. Go back and study your history.

          • Progressive Republican

            That’s a bunch of BS. You don’t know your history or you believe in a revisionist version of history. Eisenhower was the one that created the environment for the installation of the Shah of Iran (note the correct spelling. It’s not the only thing you got wrong). Go back and study your history.

          • You must really think I’m stupid. Another liberal drone caught in a lie. You must have been absent from your history class. Let me educate you. Before September 1941 Reza Shah was on the throne. In September 19141 the British, and USSR invaded Iran, because the current Shah was too friendly with Germany. They put his son Mohammed Reza Shah in his place 9/16/1941. Eisenhower wasn’t even president of The United States, he even wasn’t involved in WW2 yet. Mohammad Reza Shah was the King of Iran 1941 to 1979.

            Again it was Jimmy Carter that destabilize the region. Which allowed for the overthrow of the Shah of Iran. I know I have you libs when you attack my spelling. By the way my phone autocorrected and I didn’t catch it oops!!

          • Progressive Republican

            I never said you were stupid.

            You just bent over backwards to prove it. That’s all.

            Not that you’ve actually made your case or anything, but you;ve clearly made mine.

          • Typical liberal when hit with the facts ya just ignore it. You think if you tell a lie long enough it will become the truth. It’s not that hard to look it up to see who’s telling the truth. Again you must have skipped your history class.

          • Progressive Republican

            Typical conservative. When hit with the facts ya just ignore them.

            You think if you tell a lie long enough it will become the truth, just like GOP spinmeister Frank Luntz and Hitler both said.

            It’s not that hard to look it up to see who’s telling the truth, yet you refuse to do so.

            You clearly skipped your history class, noded off again, or were just to busy screwing around to pay attention.


            You claim you have proof. Present it or stfu.

          • You’re the one that hasn’t proved anything. Before I responded I wanted to look some stuff up to make sure I got the dates right. I googled The Shah of Iran and it came up. You just proved to me that you’re a mindless liberal drone.

          • Progressive Republican

            The only thing you’ve proven is your willful ignorance. If you’d actually read about his reign you’d know better than you claim.

            Go for it.

            Fight conservatism.


          • It’s time to put up or shut up. put forth some facts to backup your statement. I just looked at another one go to Wikipedia that’s probably the easiest one for liberal drone to like you to look at. Go back and study your history. Yes I’m a proud conservative I don’t have to lie like you liberals do!

          • Progressive Republican

            Follow your own advice.

            Go back and study your history.

            Educate yourself to be smart enough to not vote conservative.

          • You’re just a typical mindless liberal drone. I told you to put up or shut up where is the facts to back up your statement? You have not been able to disprove anything I’ve said. Again where’s your proof? I’ll give you some stuff to study if you dare. Start with The Constitution, the federalist papers, antifederalist papers, and the writings of Thomas Jefferson. Then maybe you’ll learn how our Government is supposed to work. This Country is a Constitutional Republic, not a democracy.

          • Progressive Republican

            And I told you to follow your own advice, go back and study your history, and educate yourself to be smart enough to not vote conservative.

            That last one is no challenge for one interested in truth as opposed to fact.

            What you’ve said is accurate as far as it goes.

            Typical for a conservative, you only go where you wish: to prove yourself right.

            You can’t learn that way. Thus, you’ll remain stupid enough to vote conservative.

          • Typical remark from a mindless liberal drone. Acting like a three year old saying I’m right I’m right and you’re wrong you’re wrong, with absolutely no facts to backup what you’ve said. I told you one of the places to go to that backs up what I’ve said. You obviously haven’t gone and looked. You can also Google the Shah of Iran and that will bring up alot of sights that backup what I’ve said. Again where’s your proof drone!!!!

            I know what I’ve said is accurate, I don’t add things into history or The Constitution that isn’t there like you liberals do. You hope if you tell a lie long enough people will believe you. That’s all you liberals can do is to lie and try to rewrite history.

            You’re afraid to study our founding, because it undermined your beliefs.

            I’ve searched and can’t find anytime that Mohammad Reza Shah was ever removed and put back in power by Eisenhower. It must only exist in your twisted mind.

            If you don’t like the way our Country was setup by our founding fathers, then leave. How about Russia, or Europe I’m sure you’d love it better there than here.

          • Progressive Republican

            I’ve searched and can’t find anytime that Mohammad Reza Shah was ever removed and put back in power by Eisenhower.

            Pulling your head of of your ass might help.

            But then you’re too stupid to know the difference between ‘sight’ and ‘site’.



          • The mindless liberal drone is throwing a temper tantrum, does it need it’s pacifier.

            You’re to stupid to provide any proof to backup your statement. Again where’s your proof?

          • Progressive Republican

            And now projection.

            Were you even capable of intellectual integrity, you’d’ve proven me right by now.

            But then you’d lose your conservative credentials, so just keep proving me right, numbnuts.

            You’re to (sic) stupid…


          • I know providing proof to backup what you say is very difficult for mindless liberal drones. Where’s your proof?

          • Progressive Republican

            …asked the [wtfe] devoid if any sort of integrity.

            Go ahead and provide yet another meaningless response. Just keep proving your vacuity.

          • Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha ….

            Foolush one, any radioactive material can be used as a weapon.

            Significant exposure to radioactive material causes radiation sickness, which can kill.

            That is why your doctor keeps track of the x-rays you have undergone.

            The American shell casings littering Iraq are causing cancers and deformed babies. The armor piercing shells contain U238.

            Oh, and for your education, Russia is Iran’s ally and has provided everything you are crediting to Obama.

          • We have a mindless liberal drone. Yes DS regular radioactive material can be used it’s called a dirty bomb. I’m talking weapons grade atomic weapons. They don’t want a dirty bomb they want a they want a WEAPONS GRADE NUClEAR BOMB TO STRAP ON AN ICBM! That’s what Obama has done.

            You are too much of a liberal drone to see. WAKE UP BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!!!!!!!

          • Russia is Iran’s ally and has provided everything you are crediting to Obama.

          • You really are a mindless drone. The Iran deal that Obama did and also all the money he has given to them. Also technology that he has aloud them to get from the lifting of sanctions.

          • Iran was not “given” any money. Their down payment on a never completed weapons purchase was refunded to them. Those monies held since 1979, were a very nice “loan” to the American government.

          • Go ahead and keep in believing the lies of Obama. As a matter of fact they got that weapon system it was a bunch of F-14 Tomcats. After Jimmy Carter mess over there the Grumman teem left without finishing the training.

          • You can post BS from now until infinity.
            There are people who were alive to see the history made.

          • This coming from a mindless liberal drone. For your information I was alive when this happened.

          • Childish name calling. Why do I not believe anything you have to say?

          • You started it by calling me foolish one Note I didn’t attack your spelling.

            If you don’t believe me go to Wikipedia look up Iranian F-14 Tomcats.

            Saying Obama is the first honorable man since Kennedy. Tell that to the families of the men and women that died in Benghazi. He went to sleep when that was going down. Then to lie about it, and say it was because of a video. As a person that was in the military I know that the only person that can give a stand down order like that is the president. Don’t even get me started on Hillary. John F Kennedy being honorable he cheated on his wife how’s that honorable?

          • Why don’t you try dealing with the fact that Stevens turned down additional security — not once, but twice. The offers were made by General Carter Ham — in person.
            Name one powerful, rich man who has not committed adultery.
            Homo sapien sapien is the apex primate. He is not programmed to be monogamous. Yes, foolish one. many human behaviors are programmed, rather than learned, or even choice.

          • First of all that’s a flat out lie. Stevens did ask for additional security, and the last one was three or four days before the attack. I saw transcripts of the emails.

            Typical liberal response about a man cheating on his wife. I take great offence to you saying man can’t control himself because it’s programmed. I’ve been with my wife over 20 years and never once cheated on her. The difference between man and animals is we can choose to control our urges. Plus we have a soul.

            You asked me to name one rich and powerful man that didn’t commit adultery. Here’s one Ronald Reagan, I read alot about him and I don’t recall any extra marital affairs in both of his marriages. I know for a fact he didn’t cheat on Nancy.
            You’re a typical mindless liberal drone living in a fantasy land. Look up the word foolish and you’ll see why I fight back.

          • General Carter Ham is not a liar.

            No matter how much you want it to be, Reagan was not a saint.

          • That is true he did turndown when there wasn’t a possible threat. When they got intel of a threat he asked for additional security, and they did nothing. Again how can Obama be honorable when he went to sleep while Americans were being killed. Reagan would have been awake, and sending support, and wouldn’t go to sleep until all that could be done was done.

            I know Reagan was no saint, but he admitted when he made a mistake. That’s what honorable men do. Unlike Obama that lied, and said that it was a video that started it. Again typical liberal response. When asked to name one rich an powerful man that didn’t commit adultery, and I named one your response was that he was no saint.
            I know that I’m not perfect but I admit when I’m wrong, and try to do what’s right.

          • Lies are lies. Turn it off. No amount of twisting and turning will change anything. Stevens was not posted at Benghazi.

            Oh, and by the way, there is an 8 hour time difference between Washington and Benghazi.

            Responsibility for the military response did not fall on Clinton, but rather on Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Marty Dempsey.

            Reagan committed adultery. He had affairs with Doris Day, Lana Turner, Ava Gardner, Betty Gtable and Marylyn Monroe.

          • I don’t have to lie like you liberals do. Yes drone I do there is an 8 hours difference. The only one that could give the stand down order was Obama.

            It doesn’t matter how many times Stevens turned down extra security, what matters is when he asked for it, it didn’t come!!!! Where have I said that he was posted at Benghazi?

            Where did you get you information that Reagan had extra marital affairs? From what I’ve read he was faithful to his wife.

            I gave where to look about the Iranian Tomcats, but I don’t think you looked. Google Benghazi and that will also prove that Stevens did ask for more security, and didn’t get it. If the Obama administration isn’t trying to cover up what happened, then why did the servers have to sign a non disclosure document? They are trying to keep from the American people the truth of what really happened.

          • Don’t you mean wives?

            Read: “Love Triangle: Ronald Reagan, Jane Wyman and Nancy Davis” by Darwin Porter and Danfprth Prince

          • You liberals are despicable. I did some digging after I responded to you, and came across two books one of which you mentioned. They have nothing in them to back up their claims. They are gossip books nothing more. The only thing that I could find that had a little credibility is, in Hollywood it is believed that Reagan had an affair with Jane Wyman when she was married, and before he married Nancy Davis. That’s not a fact, it’s just rumor.

            Again you liberals are so despicable. You liberals hate Reagan so much, that you wait until he’s dead to lie about him, and to smear his reputation. You guys make stuff up to say see Reagan was a womanizer just like Kennedy, and Clinton. When you get some real facts tell me.

          • Yes I did mean wives. I did mention that before in another response to you. I think I said he was faithful to both of his wives.

          • Stop making excuses for men you think is honorable, when in fact they are sleazy.

          • Excuse? What excuse?
            Facts are facts.
            You can deal with science or you can ignore it.

            There is not one species on the face of this planet which is sexually monogamous,. Lifelong pair bonds do not equate to sexual monogamy. Males are hardwired to spread their genes and females try to seek the best dad for their young.

          • Typical liberal response. There is a big difference between man and animals I’ve already ready explained that. This is away for you liberals excuse any immoral behavior. Keep on clinging to your bogus science.

          • Homo sapien sapien is a primate.

            He is the apex predator. One of the few which kills for fun.

            He is programmed to reproduce.

            Keep clinging to you false beliefs. Ingrained through guilt, undoubtedly. Probably, religion induced.

          • I’m proud to call myself a Christian. I do believe that God created man different that animals. You can worship at the alter of bogus science, because you’re right to do so. You liberals use bogus science to excuse any immoral act done by man.

          • There are over 4,000 gods just in the Hindu religion.

            How much one hates is closely tied to their choice of religious faith.

            Yes, many who claim to be Christian are haters and liars, and science deniers.

          • Some of this so called science. They are basing all their beliefs on a scientific theory not fact. Evolution, and the big bang is just a theory, not scientific fact.

          • According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a hypothesis is an idea that hasn’t been proven yet.

            If enough evidence accumulates to support a hypothesis, it moves to the next step — known as a theory — in the scientific method and becomes accepted as a valid explanation of a phenomenon.

            You see, no scientific theory can be proven 100%. Some are just more accurate than

            Oh, and foolish one, evolution takes place every day, before your very eyes.

          • Grow up.
            Get out the history books.

          • Yes you want me out of the history books, because you liberals are busy rewriting history.

          • Please increase your reading comprehension.
            Oh, and putting words in someone else’s mouth is the same as lying.

          • I apologize I was going to work, and noticed your reply. I glanced at what you wrote.

            I’m into the history books, because I like history. My favorite time periods at WW1 through to the cold war years. I’m tired of liberals trying to rewrite history.

          • Thank you.

          • Don’t bother your arguing with a Muslim obviously.

          • You want to explain that last comment to past President’s Kennedy and Clinton” Oops! Shouldn’t mention the revered John F. Kennedy, should I? But they both could use that admonishment about “lack or morals”.

          • I don’t see a post on this blog from President’s Kennedy and Clinton.
            Do you?

      • you are one stupid person Obama done embarrassed The US you know there three American
        north middle and south understand traitor is gone finally
        Obama chief of lies he lie when he said you can keep your health insurance he lied
        lady just blow away
        he is a muslim looh at his middle name H stand for it Hussina this is fact

        • She is Lajos. AK for this lady stands for A _ _ Kisser.

        • Hussein is an Arabic name which is the diminutive of Hassan, meaning “good”, “handsome” or “beautiful”.

          The ACA did not force you to change insurance.
          Obama did not lie.

          Why do you have the need to embarrass America with this lies?

      • Progressive Republican


      • Why don’t you read up on your boy. Not only was he raised a Shiite Muslim, his mother was shacking up with a known communist Frank Marshall Davis – in fact if you look at the photos of Obama Jr. & Sr. they look absolutely nothing alike – Look at Jr. and Davis. You really need to read more and make your opinions less from how you feel.

        • Why do you have the need to embarrass America with this lies?

          • Just like Assange – He did not embarrass the U.S. he just said what Hillary did – she embarrassed us by doing so – people like you have no business making comments like yours prove me wrong lady or else STFU!

          • Freedom of religion is a Constitutional Right.

            If you don’t like our laws, move somewhere else.

            Save your bigotry, insults and nonsense for someone you can impress with your trash talk.

          • “Life is hard – It’s even harder when your stupid”

      • You are the liar that is embarrassing America!
        What he said is the truth!

    • Beeotchstewie the deplorable

      Obama also just gave them enough of OUR uranium for them to complete a nuclear weapon within the next 2-5 years.

      • He gave nuclear capabilities to Iran and Hillary as Secretary of Take sold all that uranium to Russia – don’t worry she made plenty on the deal – All the while Obama wants to disarm our nukes, open the borders and take away our guns – his minions just don’t understand what that means

  4. This is what you get when you let color politics run the show, that is why the dnc ran bath house barry so they could toss the race card like you would the get out of jail card in monopoly anytime anyone questions the boy blunders sanity the insults you heard in order:
    1 racist
    2 bigot
    3 uneducated
    4 white privilege

    And the tool is half white… the devious leading the gullible, or how many times can you lie to your constituency and them fall for it, Johnson, Carter, Clinton and barry and you still have a murder rate many times the national average and more poor now than ever.

    • More nursery school behavior.

      • Maybe nursery school behavior but it is still the truth. Most of the big cities with so much crime also have black Mayors.

        • Progressive Republican

          No doubt you have irrefutable evidence.

          Please present it.

        • Francine Ellen Carraher

          It is not the color of the mayor that is to blame. The other variable in those cities is that the population is predominantly black, regardless of the color of the mayor. I’m not a racist or a bigot. But I am a member of a particular race, and so is the rest of the world. It’s called the human race, although most people seem to have forgotten that. Stop looking at the color of one’s skin, or the shape of their nose, or wondering what religion they happen to be or not to be. Look in their eyes,at their smile, at the anger and frustration, at their homelessness and their hunger, feel their pain. Don’t show them fear, offer them help, offer them comfort, offer them a caring hand – offer them love. If they can’t read, teach them. If they can’t walk without help, let them lean on you. Go into their communities and stand up for them – through your action. When all is said and done, it is your good works that you will be judged on – not the color of your skin, or the shape of your nose or eyes.

          Now if perchance someday we, our planet, is invaded by some evil ETs bent on killing us all in order to take over our planet for their own gain, how many of OUR race are going to sit by and just watch it happen? Give me a call and me and my crew will show up for the fight. My crew you ask? Yes, my crew – the 99.999% of the world’s population that actually give a dam about the survival of OUR race – the human race. The other .001% – they will be hiding in their ivory towers still believing that they can buy their way out. They’ll likely be the first to die.

      • if you cant take the heat stay out of the kitchen time for diaper change

    • Yo, Warpaint, I like your style. “Bath house Barry?” I laughed so hard I had to go take a whiz…the liberal press keeps tellin’ us Barry Soetoro is the greatest leader since George Washington…

  5. Lets see: Wrong race, wrong political philosophy(communist), wrong religion, unknown citizenship… what could possibly go wrong.

    • The right wing might be cured and suddenly become able to deal in facts?

      • Obama started his tenor with a national debt of 10 trillion. That took 43 presidents to create that national debt of 10 trillion. By the time Obama leaves office the national debt will be 20 trillion dollars. In 8 years he has doubled our national debt. No you tell me where that money is? Are you not even the slightest pissed off that he doubled it and really there is nothing to show for it so where is the money? How are those FACTS for you. Disprove my numbers.

        • Francine Ellen Carraher

          You are blaming the wrong people again, as usual. It was the Republicans that caused the “stimulus package” to fail. Why you ask? Because they refused to approve the amount he wanted to prevent the US economy from continuing it’s downward economic spiral into a depression worse than what existed in the 1920s. Let’s not forget that Congress, specifically the Republicans, decided not to approve, or even put forth for a hearing, any proposal he might put forward. They decided party over the rest of the people. They did the same with the ACA. They still don’t have a workable solution or program for that. They’ve had 9 years to come up with one – hahaha – they sure aren’t going to be able to do it in 90 days, like Trump is demanding.

          • You just keep telling yourself that. The numbers don’t lie. It was almost 10 trillion he took office and 20 trillion when he leaves. 43 other presidents were able to make it work this one just doubled it. You live in a delusional world. Some people just like to be worked over I guess.

          • Are you saying obama’s failed stimulus package would have wasted even more money if it weren’t for the Republicans?

        • Congress spends the money.
          You elect Congress.

          National debt is cumulative, the interest on previous debt does not stop when a new president is elected.

          The Bush II wars ran up the debt by $1 million a day, each. The War in Afghanistan is still active..

          The American people are still paying for the Korean War debt, and everything that was added since.

          • I forgot your a snowflake there is no way you could understand that the blame stops at the commander and chief. It’s his budget, it’s his presidency, it’s his pen and phone that creates these costs. But snowflakes like it better when there is someone else to blame.

          • Congress spends the money.
            You elect Congress.

            Congress always gets the last word,
            even on a Presidential veto.

            It is not my snowflake. Maybe you should learn the difference between “you are” and “your” While you are at it, learn how your government functions.

            Also, it is Commander in Chief, not Commander AND Chief.

          • It’s you who needs to learn how it works. ” The President is considered the country’s chief executive. He develops federal policies, prepares national budgets, enforces federal laws, and appoints federal officials. ” If the budget is exceedingly large then who is to blame. Oh ya the very person who is responsible for it. Don’t give me your white washed congress crap. It’s his job you idiot.

          • Apparently, you are not aware that Congress can override a Presidential veto.

          • LOL… what ever

          • It;s a little hard to approve a budget that never gets submitted. President Obummer just submitted spending bills for the first 6 years. He didn’t even let congress have a say so. Now show me Obummers approved budgets for the first 6 years and then we will talk.

          • Since President Barack Obama first took office:

            Homicides have dropped 13 percent, but gun sales have surged.

            The economy has added more than 9 million jobs, and the jobless rate has dropped to below the historical median.

            The number of long-term unemployed Americans has dropped by 614,000.

            Corporate profits are up 166 percent; real weekly wages are up 3.4 percent.

            There are 15 million fewer people who lack health insurance.

            Wind and solar power have nearly tripled, and now account for more than 5 percent of U.S. electricity.

          • You really are a snowflake. You have done everything you can to not admit that what I said was true. Absolutely 100% true. Obama added 10 trillion through sketchy moves and would scream the race card if congress objected. Show me those budgets. Those job numbers are a joke too. You know the truthful numbers are out there and you refuse to look past your God Obama. LOL

          • Congress spends the money. You elect Congress.

          • Again. They spend what he puts forth in the budget. He didn’t submit a budget for 6 years. Congress spent what he pushed through in spending bills that he set the amounts on. Is it that hard for you to understand? Most presidents do their job and SUBMIT the budget. That is their job. It’s congresses job to disperse the amounts that the PRESIDENT gave in the BUDGET he is suppose to SUBMIT for APPROVAL. Get it now?

          • Congress spends the money. You elect Congress.

          • Just so we understand. I am done now educating you. I am tired of liberals who feel the need to change the way things work. You really are thick headed and until you can show me the budgets I don’t wish to continue this discussion. Have a great day.

          • You have no education to offer.

      • Progressive Republican

        Two chances:

        1) Fat

        2) Slim

      • I’m surprised with you.
        You aren’t upset that Obama gave that money to them when it could have been used for social programs right here at home?
        How many poor and unfed could have been helped?
        How many illegals could have been educated?
        What about the other social programs that need money, such as the homeless situation?
        He’s your guy, and he let you down.
        And yet still you defend him.
        Look who ISN’T dealing with these facts now.
        Embarrassing, isn’t it?
        BTW, just HOW RICH has he made himself since he’s been in office?
        Your own Party backstabbed your best candidate Bernie, and here you are defending the chief conspirator of the DNC scam.
        You really are the embodiment of the (allegedly) Lenin quote.

        • Obama’s honesty is greater than any other President’s since 1979.


          In 1979, the Shah of Iran made deposit on a purchase of military equipment. The was a revolution, the arms sale never went through. America held the People of Iran’s money for almost 1/2 Century.

      • What facts do you want us to present, and where are your facts?

      • Francine Ellen Carraher

        hahahaha Only when they finally realize that King T played them. It could be a little while, but one day, and I suspect not all that far off, we will hear a collective, “S*^&%T” coming from their direction.

    • The things that did !!!!

      • Francine Ellen Carraher

        You do realize that the things that went wrong had nothing to do with him and more to do with automation and technology, and your lack of obtaining the new skills necessary to fill those new tech positions (many of which are still out there waiting to be filled), don’t you? Of course not. That would mean re-educating yourself, something you are clearly unwilling to do.

    • Francine Ellen Carraher

      You aree truly pathetic. You still believe the lies that King Trump was feeding you for your vote alone. He even stated he was wrong and President Obama was born in the US, and is not Muslim. Hahahahaha Your ignorance is laughable. hahahahahah SMH

      • You give women a bad name with your spewing. I knew all the things that was said above, long before Trump ever appeared on the scene, and why would a born in US American citizen say the best thing in the morning is the call to prayer in Mecca?

        • Francine Ellen Carraher

          Really, because I am a strong woman who is willing to fight for what I believe in, and don’t rely on a man to protect me or support me? You are the one that should be ashamed, and cannot at all claim that you are a true American or a patriot. I suppose you don’t believe that the best thing on Sunday, is going to church and hearing that opening hymn as the choir sings as they walk down the aisle and the priest, pastor, reverand, welcomes you to worship? A Muslim’s call to prayer is no different. Obama has Muslim heritage and ancestry, and finds that the song calling Muslims to prayer as beautiful. I love gospel music, and the song of the Cantor singing the prayers of worship to his Jewish congretation. It’s breathtaking, beautiful. What is so wrong with that??? You apparently don’t realize that people from all walks of life and religions made this country great and prosper. Not just “US born American citizens.” Or have you forgotten how the first Americans stole this land from those who where really the first Americans – NATIVE AMERICANS. You know nothing – you only know, or think you know, the lies that T tells you. You will find out the truth soon enough.

    • Francine Ellen Carraher

      SMH. Still buying into the lies and fake news are you? His opions, view, political beliefs (not communist), religion (Christian), born in Hawaii – what could go wrong? People like you.

  6. John Gotti was the Teflon Don and now Obama is the Racist/Bigot President, nothing stick to him either. People are afraid to call out bad behavior in blacks and look at what it is getting us, cop killings like they vermin to be eradicated. This will come back to haunt us big time, ladies and gents. When the pendulum swings the other way, the KKK will look like Sunday school attendees.

    • Beeotchstewie the deplorable

      Blacks kill more of their own every year than the KKK killed over its entire existence combined. BTW, the KKK was also founded and funded by the Democratic party, as were Jim Crow laws. Why blacks vote continually for their own demise is beyond me.

  7. His pension ,his assets , bank account should be confiscated to repay the tax payers

  8. 10 Billion,that is how many times I CURSE that traitorous S.O.B.!!

  9. A friend In Christ

    Why are we not informed before so we can do something about it. Where were the republicans. As usual they weren’t doing their job. Can’t stand demoncrats and republicans aren’t much better. I just pray that Trump will get things started in the right direction. At least he is saying the right things. We need to hold his feet to the fire.Looking forward to the things he says he will do.
    People are talking, demoncrats, that if we send all the illegals back to where they came from, that will create a hardship for the businesses. What it will do is force the businesses that hire illegals at a very low wage and force Americans out of employment. They, the businesses, will be forced to pay a living wage to their workers. Americans shouldn’t work for less than, at least $20,00 per hour. Big business has gotten away with stealing from their workers for toooooo loooong. They need to pay their workers.

  10. Yes, muzlim filth we know. Don’t expect any more, sentient adults will take over Jan 20….

  11. I’ve got something to keep them at the table, I got nukes a lot of them, long before you even thought about it, now sit down at the damn table !

  12. there are lots of dark deals done by Obama, against our country’s economy. Now since this is on the open, why not charge him immediately with treason and take him out of office under handcuff. Where are all the democrats hiding on this. I am sure something like that Trump does it, and he will be crucified, and charged with all sorts of felonies, but on Obama that is not a problem.

  13. No wonder Iran had so much money to support terrorists. They were using our money thanks to the biggest terrorist of all. Now we know why Obama fought so hard to get Hillary in the WH, she would have continued paying terrorists our tax dollars.

  14. Obama is the delusional liar-in-chief. He actually thinks he has made things better the last 8 years. He is a sick mind along with the rest of his party of failure.

  15. Parents learn that you can’t pay your children a quarter to eat their vegetables. It might take slow parents a while to learn that.
    You’d think obama would know this.

  16. Not only did Iran get 10 Billion, but Obama has raise the amount of Foreign-Aid to his birth Country.

    Foreign-Aid to Kenya

    2017 626.37 Million
    2016 630.34
    2015 671.48 ”
    2014 674.83
    2013 592.84
    2012 508.35 ”
    2011 798.39
    2010 797.89
    2009 684.44
    2008 478.27 ”
    2007 269.55

  17. Obozo’s days as POTUS are soon to be in single digits. Jan.20 can’t come soon enough.

  18. I would like to know who do the media ask in the polls, putting Obama at a 65% approval ratings. And Trump at 36%. This can’t be right. I think they are only asking Democrats

    • The media members takes polls only among themselves.

      They tried to use their fake polls to influence last year’s elections. The media’s fake polls made their own followers overconfident and motivated hilLIARy’s opposition to vote against her. Surprise!

  19. Not only that he just gave uranium for furthering their nuclear capabilities. What a guy.

  20. Anyone really surprised at this? Obama has always rewarded our enemies and trashed our friends. This will abruptly end 1/20/17, unless of course, congressional Republicans do their typical thing.

  21. I cannot wait to hear the sounds of him patting himself on the back at his farewell speech tonight. What a waste of breath and flesh! IMHO he is and has been public enemy number 1. Good riddance!

  22. Deport this bag of crap to Iran

  23. This piece of trash has sold our country out for years. Now were going to pay him for the rest of his life? Does nobody have the guts to say, your under arrest .What is wrong with our lawmaker?

    • Beeotchstewie the deplorable

      He should be sent to Gitmo immediately and waterboarded with pig blood until he names the names of every Muslim traitor he placed into his illegal, anti-American administration. Then the penalty for treason needs to be carried out. If ever a President earned that fate, it is Obama. Hands down the worst, most destructive bigot ever to DISGRACE the White House.

  24. How this man can tout success is beyond me. Obama has trodded all over our foreign policies and has put forth a majorly dangerous cloud that now surrounds the Trump administration. I am anxious to see how these democrats react to the news that they will hold almost no power once Obama is gone. It cant happen to soon for me.

  25. Obama the Anti-Christ

  26. We can’t let this slimy bastard get away with all of this. He has abused his position as president. He has spent or stolen BILLIONS from the american people! All of his assets should be seized as well as his wife’s and then he should be tried for high crimes and treason. If we are lucky and he is convicted. He should be required to make amends and repay all he has stolen from us and then and only then be publicly Flogged , before being forced to leave the country with all the Muslim trash he allowed in.

  27. When he gets to I got Bin Laden ask him why he waited five months to help him get away? Bartender champagne! I have a Trump coupon. Blessed are the Trumpateers for they shall see justice for all.


    SAVAGE I CAUGHT YOUR ST. SCHMENDRICK. For years our religion founded by a Rabbi with a Jewish mother prayed to St. Christopher. The patron saint of travelers. It started with a medal then a medal on the visor finally a statue. The story goes that ST. Christopher was a very strong man who carried travelers across swollen rivers. One day a little boy knocked on his door to be carried across a raging river. St. Christopher started out strong but the boy got heavier and heavier. Exhausted, St. Christopher looked up at the boy on his shoulder and asked the boy why he was so heavy? The boy responded because I carry the sins of the world.Later on the church denied the existance of ST. Christopher but it was too late. Once a believer always a believer. Once the water is poured and the magic words are said VIVA CHRISTO REY! The safest way to come from Mexico across the border is in Our Lady of Guadalupe Procession. No drugas. We have a lot of saints we pray thru. Do you know why New York and California vote communist? St. Patrick chased all the snakes out of Ireland. My patron Saint is ST. Dismas the good thief. I too wear an amulate. It is called a scapula. They say if you wear it when you die you go to heaven. True or false, better safe than sorry. It is a piece of cloth with the Blessed mother on one side and the sacred heart on the other. Here is the best one.If you ever saw Blessed Mel Gibson’s, The Passion or a Passion play.” The night before the Crucifixion Pontius Pilate’s wife says to him: I had a dream last night. Have nothing to do with this man. Pilate says, in two weeks no one will remember his name. Boy was he wrong. The most rememembered Roman in history Is not Caesar. At every Catholic mass through out the world you will hear these words. Jesus Christ suffered under Pontius Pilate was crucified , died and was buried. He rose again on the third day and sits at the right hand of the Father. You know what blows my mind? Jesus said Suffer Little Children to come unto me. WE KILL 4700 LITTLE CHILDREN A DAY. HEINRICH SCHUMER SAYS ROE VS WADE IS SETTLED LAW. CHRIST SAYS WHAT YOU DO TO THE LEAST OF MY PEOPLE YOU DO UNTO ME. When a plane crashes. We recover the black box to learn what really took place. Is the soul God’s black box? When does the soul arrive? According to my epistle to the Las Vegians, When the one sperm enters the egg that is jackpot. Three liberty bells straight across. Protect all American POW’s.Prisoners of the womb. GI’s in FT. Levenworth jailed by Gitmo Obama. Families broken in shame and poverty while he frees Taliban Province chiefs and IED instructors. End the thirty year war against cops. Today we bury an NYPD hero crippled 30 years ago by three racist bullets. Today he walks with the LORD.

    To those who suffered the nightmare of abortion. Good people would never condemn you. We suffer with you. God suffers with you and the child. God loves you. To the PTSD GI’s and children of divorce. No one loves you more than GOD and no one knows you better than God. He is listening. Talk to him. Ask for help and love.

    Prisoners of the womb. save the kids. abortion is murder.

  28. For the past eight years Barack insane Hussein Obama has done everything in his power to deplete the nation’s wealth. This will not even be discovered for years to come. The rat bastard needs to be fully investigated all of his programs and regulations that have been used for the sole purpose of harming the United States of America or the citizens of said nation. He needs to be held accountable and hung by the neck until dead.

  29. Good riddance obama. You left a black stain on America forever.

  30. Obama gave $10, Billion Dollars to Iran one of the Worlds biggest Supporters of Terrorism. So I’ll bet that still nothing will happen to the Muslim Terrorist Barack Obama. I have never seen a so called President get away with so much High Treason and so many lies then Barack Obama and gets away Scott Free???? I hope Mr. Trump will do a full investigation on all the Republican and Democratic politicians in Congress and the senate because they have had to conspired with Obama to Protect him from getting Impeached in the past 8 years of lies and Supporting ISIS or ISIL and all the Killing of Christians in the Middle East.

    • RATS and CANS are always plentiful at the trash dump.

      When I was young (and ammunition was inexpensive), my friends and I used to take our .22 rimfire rifles to the trash dump to shoot RATS and CANS.

      I’d still like to shoot RATS and CANS, but now ammunition is too expensive to waste shooting demonicRATS and republiCANS at the trash dump.

  31. Let’s believe the Iranians. After all, they’re at least as truthful as Trump…and probably more.

  32. disqus_k3oycamN0W

    When in the office, Trump should inform the country about Obama’s treasonous deal

  33. You can’t feed them to the pigs ,they don’t eat their own.

  34. When will this United States Of America, punish this bastard of a none president resident to imprison him and take away all his assets that he had made on personal gains on government time. That means the peoples government. This man from Kenyan Africa has been a thorn in the peoples government from day one till the end of his term January ,19,2017 If i had my way ,I would shoot this traitor with a firing squad and show the people this is what happens when you want a socialist Marxist and communist one form of government of a Obama transformation to destroy the united states economy. This Kenyan man should have left eight years ago. The criminal democrats won’t let it go and continue to attack the President elect Donald Trump president till his term expires.

  35. Progressive Republican

    Perhaps the liar -er- author could prove that Obama gave Iran what he claims.


  36. Hey congress! This is good stuff for you to exercise your patriotic authority on. This may be your last opportunity to get a traitor from within our midst. Are you there? Do you care? Or, are you just saving yourself’s for the obstruction your planning for the new president. You know, the one that can actually prove that he was born here of two citizen parents….

    • Congress hesitated to oppose obama because it was afraid of the wrath of obama’s media and the threat of riots.

      No longer must Congress fear the wrath of the media or the threat of riots when opposing Trump. I will not be surprised if the Republican-controlled Congress opposes Trump’s good intentions much more than it ever opposed obama’s bad intentions.

      • Yes, I agree. Their is a common nickname used for a Lawyer. It’s “Liar”. I believe the nickname for congress should be coward. I hope we can weed some more of the bad ones out in two years….

  37. OK, so this should come out of his retirement pay and litigation to seize other assets such as real estate, presidential library, etc.

  38. I have been telling people from the beginning when the Democrats white washed Oscumbags passport and they sealed his records that he was an operative for the enemy.. OBAMA IS THE FOUNDER OF ISIS…and Iran is the cover for the funding of ISIS. ONLY SOMEONE WITH SOMETHING TO HIDE DOES THIS…

  39. Irene Elizabeth Grooms


  40. There can be no doubt that this is what he was recruited for in Kenya, why he was indoctrinated in the Indonesian madrassah, why he was trained by the Communist Party USA and why he was parachuted into Harvard with a fake identity. We have been for 8 years under the control of a foreign agent, but we have somehow survived. We must remain alert for another week for this Mobutu-Mugabe wannabe to try one last throw to remain in office, and he leaves behind an Obammunist coalition of satanists, socialists and sodomites that will certainly attempt revolution whenever they get a chance, so we must remember that we are only a hundred thousand votes or so away from Venezuela. The great historical task and opportunity before Donald Trump, however, will be to pull the republic back from the brink after the party of Marx, Mohammed and Mapplethorpe did not quite manage to drag it over.

  41. This awful Muslim anti American a whole needs to be In prison for treason, fraud, murder, along with old crook soros, clinton, jarrett, kerry, holder ,lynchh, etc.

  42. 10 billion mega tons of nuke explosion should have been delivered. Iran declared war upon us with the sacking of our embassy.
    Two important points about islime
    1. they are at war with the entire world
    2. they always lie

  43. Of course! And $400million was definitely ransom payment.
    Obama has put the US into the most tight corner ever. Iran and all ISIS nations will now increase their demands as as excuse to continue negotiating.
    But, the Obama administration is not dumb. It is all an intentionally calculated move to empower radical Islamic groups against us. Many of his advisors are Muslim with ties to CAIR.

  44. This is treasonous! Obama and Kerry need to be locked up and this pay off deal terminated immediately! What a jackass to pay off Iran and then claim how wonderful a negotiator you were! They should be tried in court for these crimes! We are talking about giving away billions of our tax dollars while we are suffering financially all over America. Let them have Meryl Streep if she thinks she is worth so much!

    • If our POTUS, SOS can dig up this much taxpayer money to ILLEGALLY GIVE, without Congress, to an evil terrorist nation like Iran?? They, our Fed.Gov’t, has too much money!! The fact that they can always find places to OVERSPEND and increase our debt to $20T??? IS treasonous. And, libs/far left/dems. STILL want to tax the upper income levels EVEN MORE!!

      I wonder what private citizens and private companies in the U.S. – could do for the economy WITH $10B?? I wonder how many new cars?? I wonder how many retail stores and small businesses could do with those billions??

      Yes, we all know, it’s continually reported; the Fed. Gov’t’s amount of waste and fraud could seriously improve our economy?? The $ spent on a huge entitlement, ACA; could’ve easily have given people under certain income tax credits for buying health insurance of their choice. Our founders knew the sins of gov’t and their continual grab/push for more power/size/spending and tried to prevent that with their laws – we’ve failed, and this OBESE BLOATED gov’t is not what was intended and doesn’t WORK. I am hopeful, of the work Trump/Pence will be doing.

  45. A Billion is 1,000 million and he gave 10 times that amount too and that is 100 X 1,000 million $ lot of money and I bet we do not have any more gold in the treasury to back up any money either

  46. Last night’s BS session, very small not big like a Trump rally in Alabama. Go Jeff Go.

    Nice try communists. You fooled us for eight Shiite years. Now it our time to rebuild what you destroyed. Good riddence to Obama Bin Lenin bin Laden. When
    the communists brag Obama got Bin Laden. Ask them who gave Bin Laden five months to get away before he was forced to act. Why he left the Pakistani doctor to be tortured daily in a prison and never negotiated for his release? To save reward money 25 mil. Every day he has his feet beat and worse. Paul O’Neal and seal team six avenged 911. Obama did lose seal team six to his allies in the CH47 shootdown in a set up ambush.

    It seems Obama has a leave behind mentality as well as his lead from behind tactics.Whether it is leave no carrier in the gulf, leave two navy boats to be captured by an Iranian fisherman with an ak47. Then comes relieving. The admiral and the General who wanted to go rescue the witnesses. More media cover up anybody? Then there is Benghazi covered up and abandoned. What a legacy.

    Thanks for nothing President divider. Thanks for reinforcing communism with your party of death to little children and communist propaganda. You have won the brainwashing war. Even the conservative media is afraid to say the word communist. They will say leftist,liberal, progressive and democrat but never the word communist.
    They are afraid to be labeled a McCarthyite. If you label back with the Rosenberg label. They call you an anti semite. No one knows that the great American judge who sentenced the two communists to death was Jewish, Juge Kaufman. Google his one page sentence to see real American justice.

    Now we have new doctors in the house, senate and a working CEO. The communist virus has been arrested and now comes the cure. Big medicine starting with American health care.
    The good news is by 2018 Trump will have 70% of the vote anytime he needs it. The demo commos will have ten less senate seats and the beat goes on. The saying in a big family is first up best dressed. Trump starts work at three am. If you want the truth before the communist media can spin it. Just go to Trump twitter the real media.

  47. KTNN!! So, it’s been paying our enemies for the privilege of discussing paying them more. The HNIC is/ has been a far more vicious enemy to America than Iran could ever be. KTNN (and it’s progeny)!!

  48. Thank God that lying piece of human feces is going to be history. And yes, both he and that fairy Kerry are traitors and should be treated as such.

  49. Would he be as free, as frivolous with his own purse, I doubt it, but then I was never an Obama fan.

  50. so the traitor Obama paid tribute to Iran almost every year like the countries used to do in the 18th and 19th century to the Barbary Coast pirates. well we went in and beat their ass once and stopped paying and we can and need to do it to Iran.

  51. Jew Jew Obama paid ISIS – terrorist, in occupied Palestine, $39 Billion ISIS = Israeli Secret Intelligence Service & logistics-! Same as 9/11 Pearl Harbor and the Selection process not just for POTUS but Congress as well-! notice the kabbalah Attack going on against America & the world-! Soon every one see Humpty Dumpty had a great Wall Humpty Dumpty had a great fall-! as the Candle is soon lit-!

  52. The only good democrat is a dead democrat. Period.

  53. Then, it’s time to convict Obozo and his minions and sheeple of high treason. Hell, $10B could have started “The Wall”. Where’s Carlos Hathcock and/or Chris Kyle when we need them ???

  54. This is fake news. U posters here believe everything the radical sites print and state it as fact.

  55. Let’s not rush to judgement on one comment by an Iranian. After Trump is sworn in, an audit of the books needs to be done to verity the payments made to Iran over the years the “deal” was negotiated. If the audit turns up evidence the report is true, those involved need to be identified fired or impeached on the spot with the with the forfeiture of any and all pensions or privileges earned. It may be difficult to prove Obama was behind it, but I’m sure Trump could easily assign members of the “White Arian Race” to be his security detail.

  56. I what kind of property barry and family got for all of our money.It must be a pretty fancy and well defended compound for that kind of money.I hope that they enjoy it.WHILE IT LASTS.

  57. $10 billion could finance a lot of terrorist operations for Iran.

    Iran does not have to develop nuclear weapons and missile delivery systems; Iran could just buy those from North Korea with the U.S. taxpayer money obama gave to Iran.

  58. That is ONLY one reason obama was SO upset that hilLIARy lost the election. obama was expecting hilLIARy to cover his corruption along with her own.

    When that did not work, obama stirred up trouble the past two months to try to distract Trump from MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. With the help of California, obama and eric holder will continue to interfere with the Trump Administration.

    I won’t be surprised at all if much more of obama’s corruption surfaces after Trump’s cabinet members take over their respective departments and the federal employees who were suppressed under obama start to blow their whistles.

  59. It’s infuriating to think about how Obama has been so eager to send as much money as possible to Iran, which is known to be a state sponsor of terrorism, using taxpayer money that could have been much better spent reducing our national debt, or fixing our infrastructure, or helping to provide capital to small businesses. But, no, instead Obama found a way to sponsor terrorism. Wow. Thank God Hillary lost, and hopefully Trump will be able to bring this madness to an end.

  60. Who will be the 1st Media to start telling the truth? It would be so refreshing & enjoyable to read. I cancelled my newspaper during this election. The lies were over whelming.

  61. Does Obama know?

  62. Obamababoon paid his islamic trash friends billions to develop nuclear weapons under the table knowing that they would build and use them against Israel and anyone else they choose. Should WWIII start because of this, let the first body to fall in this country be the Obamababoon! NO TRIAL!

  63. Question? Just where did these billions come from? Did the House allow it? I would like an answer to this and the money to buy gold bullion as well. Something very strange going on.

  64. Wow, these funds would have gone so far in cleaning up America. taking care of Vets, etc. etc.
    When are we going to stop taking care of the rest of the world and take care of us – Jan 20th can’t get here fast enough.

  65. He is a Muslim in Christian attire doing everything possible to undermine US interests and promote Islam worldwide especially in the US.

  66. Where was congress when this money was being distributed. Thought they held the purse strings? In other words, they are complicit in the future destruction of our country. Why would we give a country who wants to destroy us the capability to do so?

  67. This no good bastard from kenya and his henchmen and women need to be in the ground up to their neck and allow the citizens of the usa to saw at their neck with bamboo swords like the Japanese did in fedual Japan.
    This lying bastard needs to be fully investigated and brought to justice.
    Trump needs to stop pussy footing around with Odumber and company and MUST NOT ALLOW this basatrd to fly in AF1 on inauguration day for another vaction.
    Trump also needs to demand OBAMA pay for his own security detail and improvements.

  68. Carpet bomb Iran!

  69. Will we ever know the truth about how much Obama spent in tax dollars on vacations, trips and parties in the last 8 years? Last I heard it was 90 million, but he’s getting ready for another big send off party. Ovimit is right.

  70. Obozo = The Enemy Within ?

  71. sorry folks but B O is not the only one that need to be under arrest as soon as Mr. Trump is President ! kerry, clinton, lynch, holder, all the white house people that bo had in his staff, all of his czar’s from all over the country ! true their are more but they will come out as we go along !

  72. Disgusting! Obama was not a USA patriot! He did a lot of damage and let us hope that most of it can be fixed for the better. We are a Republic! Our government is not in business! It should never support any business nor bail out any business! Our government is not socialistic nor communistic! We do not support people! Social Security and Medicare are paid for by the people using it, but government has bastardised it all! Healthcare Insurance should be entirely non-profit! It is paid for by the people for the people. Government is to protect all of us and provide basic infrastructure, basic guidance, support and maintain laws,
    and keep us all legal and honest and keep us from killing each other! They are trying to run our lives and push us into doing what they want us to do. Stop looking for the government to take care of you!

    • Did you also read where he is sending something like a billion dollars to a Middle East country, I believe it is for Iran, all the while knowing our own
      economy is hurting? Why is it so hard for Democrats to get it through their
      thick skulls that HE ISN’T on America’s side! He has literally sold America out in favor of the MIDDLE EAST and should be tried for TREASON! He
      has also put OUR allies…such as Israel down! He and Hillary, in my opinion,
      should both be tried as enemies of the U.S. Thank God Hillary didn’t win…
      too bad President Trump didn’t prosecute them both for treason!

  73. Obama want’s to drag America down to the same low life of his father and grandfather so he can think of them as something more important than they were thus giving him some kind of worth that he doesn’t feel he has ! And as far as I’m concerned he has no worth.

  74. Iran should have asked for the Bomb obama would have given it to them including a B-52 to go with it

  75. Dennis B Anderson

    You know what I have heard that the republicans control the purse. Im fed up with this $cheieit He took it, no he gave it, no he signed off for it, What was signed for wasnt written in at the time? When it was it wasnt was it? Was he even there? Ive heard he is a really – really a good man? Obama said so you can take that to the bank? What a incredible product of forgery Obama was, he wasnt he.

  76. No wonder the “Public Debt” got so high, O’Bama was giving it all away to his Muslim friends in order to bankrupt this country so the Muslims could take-over “without firing a shot”.

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