ICE Leaks Immigrant Data

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in a breach of security released the personal information of more than 6,252 immigrants who entered the U.S. after fleeing their countries because of prosecution. The countries they migrated from include Iran, Russia, and China.

The information which was made available on the ICE website on Monday included birthdays, names, case numbers, nationalities, and detention locations. With this information out in public, it is possible that there might be retaliation from the countries these people fled from.

It is also important to note that everyone whose information was posted is currently in ICE custody. However, their details should have remained confidential until a decision was reached on their case.
The ICE typically will detain asylum seekers for a few days before all of their claims are evaluated. If they are granted asylum then their information is processed and they are allowed to stay in the United States. If not they are sent back to their country of origin.

An ICE official told the LA Times that to have this information posted on the website is concerning, but it only happened due to a mistake while the website was updating. The agency also asked that anyone who might have downloaded this information should delete it.

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