How Will Trump Deal With the United Nations?

There’s a piece in the New York Times this weekend about the United Nations and its role in a Donald Trump world. While the article notes some of Trump’s complimentary words about the UN, it also points out some of the areas where the international body and the Trump administration could find themselves at sharp odds:

Sarah F. Cliffe, a former United Nations assistant secretary general […] said she expected a reprise of the tensions that erupted between the United States and the United Nations during the administration of President George W. Bush.


But Ms. Cliffe said Mr. Trump may also find the United Nations useful.

“He prides himself on making deals,” she said. “The U.N. is the forum where countries make deals in their own national interests but that also does some collective good.”

The Times goes on to note several areas where Trump and the UN may not be able to bridge the gap: climate change, refugees, and the Iran nuclear deal.

On the first, Trump has steadfastly maintained that he does not believe that climate change is a serious threat to the United States. He has called it a hoax, and his early prospects for the incoming administration appear to reflect that view. Trump and many other Republicans have called for the U.S. to withdraw from the Paris agreement.

This week, after speaking with Trump by phone, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said he was optimistic about changing the president-elect’s mind.

“As president of the United States, I am sure that he will understand this, he will listen, he will evaluate his campaign remarks,” Ban said.

The majority of Americans are not opposed to climate change efforts, but those efforts cannot conflict with our economic growth and competitiveness. If Trump can strike a balance that favors those interests, it will satisfy most of us. But nothing short of a federal ban on carbon emissions would satisfy the UN, so Trump shouldn’t worry too much about that.

As far as refugees are concerned, the UN isn’t going to win. Trump didn’t make much noise about climate change in his campaign, but he was very strict and very specific about refugees. He’s going to do everything possible to shut down the Syrian refugee program until his administration can put together a serious vetting process. No chance that the UN is going to get their way on this one.

As for the Iran deal…well, that’s the one that’s really up in the air. Now that the opportunity has arisen for the U.S. president to shred it, many Republicans are now urging him to stick with the plan. And that may be the best course at this point; after all, Iran already has the money. We might as well see at this point if we can hold them to the terms of the deal. Trump, of course, may not see it that way.


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  1. Trump should withdraw us from the UN. That would be the way to deal with it.

    • The pressure is all on the US to change their ways, how about these other countries, are the “Dicktators” changing how they pollute their countries?

      • No, because we have had a pussy in the White House for the last 8 years. He wants us to pay for the myth of global warming and turn the U.S. in to a 3rd world country. But that is about to change.

      • HEY… ‘change’ has been made into a dirty word… by … you-know-who !!!

      • Really have you seen videos on China lately? Why is it that you want 0 emissions from US and blind eye to everyone else?

        • Absolutely. The only reason China has a larger economy is because everything they do to grow it has totally ignored the “global warming mandates” imposed by the UN and our own moronic officials. They no longer use the term global warming because it was proven by NASA satellite photographs that both ice caps increased over the past 20 years instead of Gores asinine predictions. So due to their lies being exposed they changed to “climate change” which has been going on for Oh about 4 billion years.

        • Really, is that what you got from my comment?? I was showing the hypocrisy of these “Dicktators” in how they operate and how stupid our leaders are for going along with them. Maybe you should read it again and the others that upped you.

        • Actually since we have visited China several times and I studied there, have yet to see smog any worse than in LA or Mexico. However, Japan need to clean up their act. The Kyoto agreement seems only to point to America.

      • all the UN is doing is making the rulers or dictators rich we are bribing them to no harm us when in reality we can turn sand into glass

    • Absolutely. Send the UN to Paris or Brussels, withdraw all UN “special privileges” and “diplomatic immunity” on their despots.

    • My sentiments exactly.
      Only a few of the Nations that belong to the UN care about the United States and stands by it. The other Nations in the UN hates America and Americans and would destroy if they get a chance. Vast majority of the Nations that belong to the UN are there only to bring spies to the US and take the billions the US contributes to the UN to use it as a gift to the wealthy people in their country, in essence giving it to their wealthy families to continue increasing their wealth. The government of these ungracious countries the rest of the money’s used to spread a hateful tone to their people about what a great satan the US is. My suggestion to Mr. Trump is UN out of the US and US out of the UN.

    • Amen : the ultimate solution to MANY of our problems and the lessening of MANY others! The UN should be denied funding by the US and sent packing somewhere off our soil. I am not particular but Antarctica might be a nice place for them.

      • None of his business – that’s Congress and the Senate.

        • Congress is both inept and corrupt; The Seante is the more corrupt of the two houses. and you apparently don’t read or comprehend simple things , like no replies.

          • “Corrupt” seems rather strong, but both parties represent the same groups and conglomerates or the 5% – not the people. Thus no change – the only difference between the two is petty issues; abortion, LGBT and gun regulation. Non-issues in the rest of the modern world, mostly.

            The President is irrelevant – no power to haul them into line. If you really wanted change then you need a new party that is not funded by those same groups, running for both Congress and the Senate. The NRA support both Republican and Democrat – thus no change. Trump is a farce; can’t do anything but make moronic statements that have no substance or depth – that does not mean I supported Clinton; both were repugnant candidates.

            “No replies” – I feel quite within my rights to riposte, if you wish to stop then you do it. That means you don’t get the last word – dipshit!


    That’s why he was hired to make these decisions. After he talks to his peeps he’ll make the right decision, have a little faith .

  3. agree withdraw – we have to ask whats in it for the US – we’ve done our share for the rest of the world – no more tax payer funds to other countries.

    • All we are doing is making the rulers or presidents of those countries rich and bribing them to not fight us or they will not get their bribery money those countries do not like us not all but most celebrated 9-11

    • While you’re at we would also like this black hole Black Budget that has been eating over 28% of GNP that is responsible for over 134 underground sites that are up to 7 tunnels deep. STOP the spraying from planes and get control of HARPP !

    • If we terminated all foreign aid and pulled out of the UN and made NATO nations using our military to prop them up so they can use their money domestically we could retire our deficit within 2 years.

  4. Global warming? The UN supports the false narrative about climate change causes.
    The earth has gone through climate cycles since its beginning. Even if global warming is real, the idea that human intervention is going to change what is naturally happening is another ridiculous idea of the left.
    The climate will be the climate. We have no power over the minor adjustments to the earth’s axis, nor the subtle change in the magnetic north that we are experiencing, nor other naturally occurring phenomena. These natural factors have more impact than CO2 emissions from work processes. All of this CO2 nonsense is based on bad science. The elites are planning to make a fortune by forcing it on us.

    • Trees and other plants need CO2 to live—-WE need the oxygen produced by those plants and trees for our survival. Cutting CO2 would be signing our death warrants—-which a lot of elites seem to want—-more for them, less for the ordinary person, but, there would be NO animals, either. Bad move to cut it or to remove it!

      • Progressives, liberals, NWO proponents are all population control zealots. That’s one reason they don’t mind killing unborn human babies. Then there is the massive amount of income they get from the chop shop butchering to harvest parts for sale too.

    • We need to leave. Someone has to get it.

    • Ice core drilling research has shown that the Earths atmosphere supported much higher levels of CO2 tens of thousands of years ago. Along with surface temperatures that supported plant life that only exists in tropical areas now. Pollen and ash collected from the ice core samples show proof that the Earth was much warmer over a larger area. If this warming is “man made” why is there no irrefutable evidence of a massive population disaster? It’s because it never was man made climate change.

      • Once upon a time, before the left wing took over the educational system, what you are saying was taught in high school. Today, what is taught is that global warming is manmade.
        If the left tells the lie long enough, and the left indoctrinates the impressionable children into believing the lie, then the lie becomes the kids’ reality, then protests in the streets.
        All started by elites looking to make another fortune with carbon credits, etc.

    We have been pouring tax dollars down a rat hole! Trump can use that
    money for more positive measures!

    • And get the UN out of the USA…that land can be used for something productive and useful…like a parking lot.

      • Or a hotel for homeless Americans. Street people from all over the country should be brought to NYC so we could see how tolerant the right coast liberals really are. But wait, hasn’t there been massive street people removal efforts by several New York liberal mayors, like Bloomberg and his ilk?

      • “eeeh, what a muroooon !”-Bugs

  6. Also stop foreign aid to nations that oppose us in the UN. Why send money to people who will only stab you in the back?

  7. I doubt that Trump will withdraw from the UN,but he has said he will tell the Other Nations that they must pay their fair share.The US can no longer afford to protect them on our dime.Put up or shut up.We cannot be the Lone Ranger.We need a coalition of countries but it is not our job to do it for free.

    • What really bothers me also is the Dicktators that are heads of committees. They do not treat their own people fairly. There seems to be no accountability on the money that is sent to them from us.

    • To hell with that. We don’t need them. America first. Screw the world.

    • You might be referring to Trumps comments on NATO because it’s NATO member countries that we have agreements with to protect them militarily. But the same holds true for the UN because the US supplies most of the funds for UN operations of all sorts.

  8. Trump should cut the umbilical cord and get us as far away as possible from United Nations! They are an evil and corrupt system that serves no other purpose than to take tax dollars from American citizens and try to regulate our laws that they have no business trying to impose on! Get rid of them and save us billions of dollars per year!

  9. Get the U.S. out of the UN, and the UN out of the US.!
    We could use that building for homeless veterans, or tear it down to build something more useful!
    Besides, we could put the 22% we pay into the UN for AMERICAN FAMILIES!

  10. Climate change happens 4 times a year, winter, spring, summer, and fall. Globalists tend to make serious dollars with the fear they use to promote this false idea(AL GORE) for a fine example. then There’s old man John Kerry who does not speak for me or many other Americans I would like to say! So to the UN i say bye bye and enjoy

  11. Other than siphoning off money and putting it in their own pockets, the U.N. serves no practical purpose that I have ever seen. New York City has a parking space problem. It would serve all much better if they removed the U.N. and built a mammoth multilevel parking garage on the site. They’ve failed since day one. Their first major undertaking was the Korean War and we’ve all seen how well that turned out.

    Graft and corruption are their main attributes and, I have to admit, they’re darned good at those.

    • Yes, like Kofi Annam and his son who ripped off the money that was to go to their home country. Ghana. They were much like Bill & Hillary with the Kofi Annam Foundation. Criminals and despots seem to like the UN a lot.

    • Graft and Corruption ? Aeren’t they going to be in Orangutrump’s cabinet if he is elected?

      • Gosh I hope not. We’ve had enough of that during the Clinton and Obama administrations. I’d hate to see it continue on into the upcoming administration.

        By the way, you’re being paged over at moveon.cor.

  12. a nuke on Theran would get the Islimic pervs attention

  13. Trump will not put up with any UN moves that will weaken or hurt America. I certainly hope the majority in congress will back him up.

  14. the U.S. should not only withdraw from the U.N., but stop footing over 1/2 of the cost of supporting it and tell all the countries to set up shop somewhere else and pay their own way. it is about time that these other welfare countries stop leeching off the American taxpayers while spitting in our faces at the same time.

  15. Let’s get out of the U.N., apply the huge amount of cash saved towards the debt, kick the U.N. out of the country and sell the prime New York water front property for some more debt reduction. The only way to save U.S. sovereignty and keep the U.N. from supporting terrorist nations and communists.

  16. President-Elect Trump could consider following President Reagan’s lead in dealing with the UN.

    After years of the UN bad-mouthing the United States, he cut off our donation (approx 60 %) funding their operation.

    The UN quickly cried “Uncle.”


  18. No deals! Get them out of the U.S. and get us out of it.

  19. If the United Nations wants to keep using that building in New York City, then they need to have it moved…. to France. The collection of Communists and cannibals of the U.N. would feel a lot more comfortable there, and Americans would feel more comfortable with all of them out of our nation.

  20. Hopefully, rump will get us the Hell OUT of the UN !

  21. get the un out of this country for good fk the un.

  22. I agree that we should withdraw from the UN. It basically is a corrupt organization. Their climate change fiasco is a primary example.

  23. In my opinion, Mr, Trump should install Mr. John Bolton into the UN seat representing the USA, then advise the UN to reform or The USA will withdraw its funding and then if no action is taken, The USA should withdraw from this useless body of corrupt/crooked statesmen!

  24. “Buckle Up”!

  25. Quite obvious. Drop out of it. What purpose died it serve for us? Everyone voted against us and wants to establish a Workd Order. They are after our sovereignty and our politicians are allowing it to happen . We can function very well without them, thank you very much. Get them the hell out of our country . They can headquarter themselves in Baghdad for all I care. We pay for most of it anyway. The U N is a failure and we need to leave . If we do then perhaps our real allies might drop out also. Let’s start maintaining our sovereignty. Obama and Hillary want to take our guns and those like them will go through the UN to get them. If we want to exist we need to drop out of the UN. It is a dangerous organization to freedom. Push your political reps to get outed the UN.

  26. I can recall billboards from the 50s that advocated getting the US out of the UN and the UN administration kicked out of NYC. Use the building to house pigs or some other useful purpose

  27. I think, like many here, that we should exit the UN and it should go to Switzerland.

    The UN got us into our first unconstitutional war the Korean War.

  28. The article states that “The majority of Americans are not opposed to climate change efforts, . . . ”
    I don’t know where they got that misinformation but the VAST majority of the US citizenry are aware that the climate has not warmed an iota for the past 50+ years If you want an unbiased record of temperatures in the US look at the farmers almanac they have been recording HONEST temperatures for the past 200+ years and farmers have been successfully growing crops using this information. Follow the money.

  29. In this Vietnam disabled vet’s opinion: The only reasonable way to deal with the U.N. as the inimical enemy within to our sovereignty and the desire it has for total control of our electorate , resources and sovereignty is to defund it immediately and throw the scumbags off American Soil, Period : end of story, AND all illegal immigration, every other plot hatched by the accursed U.N. to destroy us from within and advance their implementation of U.N. Agenda 21, effectively turning us into a vassal state of slaves with no individual liberties or choices period. . The Lunatic liberals now protesting election results and threatening assassination to achieve THEIR ends are a PERFECT example of why we need to get rid of them off our soil. NOW!~ The U.N. is a terminal cancer to our Sovereignty and SHOULD BE RECOGNIZED AS SUCH!

    • Just like ANY form of cancer the treatment SHOULD be Chemo-Radiation until it’s cured! Cure the U.N. cancer! NOW!!!

    • The UN is a collection of countries with a table to discuss issues. Not the plaything of anybodies. It is there to promote co-operation, which is considerably better than wars.

      You are already a slave to the plutocracy that is American politics – run by the 5%, for the 5% and stuff the rest.


      • The UN is a self serving concept and the successor to Woodrow Wilson’s notion of what he propose would one day evolve into a single World Government. Neither otganization has been very successful in the attempt to become such but technology and a series of clandestine power brokers have turned the once stable UN into a series of factions with their own agendas within the context of a wish for that organization by International Treaty, to extend their “authority,” over all nations. You see it in the L.O.T.S. and Small Arms Treaties both of which Obama as a disdainer of our constitution with a paternalistic conviction that he Knows Best what is good in his colossal Arrogance and narcissism for EVERYONE in this country, is an avowed Advocate for the UN and has tried to force the Congress to sign these Treaties. As corrupt as it is, congress has not yet done so and I fervently hope they NEVER will. David Spangler is head of the Planetary Initiative Committee of the UN and in April of 2013 , in Beijing admitted publicly to these facts and also to the attempted implementation by treaty and other methods where appropriate of UN Agenda 21. You can think what you like if you can think at all. However if you .look this data up, you will find out I am correct. And, if you would also see why it was that HILLARY CLINTON never should have been allowed to run for president after Whitewater, Benghazi and China-gate and Uranium-gate and the other scandals and bloody suspicions collected against her but obstructed constantly by the DOJ at every point of investigation, refer yourself to Federal Law, Title 18, Section 2071, paragraphs a) & b). . If you do, you may change your mind , what little there is of it. If you are so enamored of International New World Order desires, perhaps YOU should move elsewhere. We as a nation have too many like you already and when the day comes we must fight to retain what is ours. I have no desire to have such as you by my side or that of any other American patriot as there would seem to be little about you identifiable as a real American Citizen, period.However did you manage to survive the recent Thanksgiving holiday, TURKEY!?

        • Drivel and mostly conspiracy drivel at that.

          Arms Trade Treaty – restricts import and export to scum. That’s it! Means we can’t sell to despots and dictators – well that’s mostly already in place unless we approve of those despots.

          Agenda 21 – I may be a Climate Change Skeptic, but I’m all for cleaner air and water – not too mention free power. My hot water is free – thanks solar. That’s all it is.

          “Whitewater, Benghazi……..” nothing proven and no prosecution. If they shouldn’t have run nor should Trump – bankrupt, proven misogynist and convicted employer of “illegals”. Both candidates were scum!

          Fight to retain what – you have nothing; America has been a plutocracy for 50 years. You’re dreaming. We have the worst social disparity and social mobility in the modern world (W Europe, Canada, NZ and Australia), plus a homicide rate five to ten times theirs. Our education system is ranked at 30th in OECD countries and our health system alongside Costa Rica’s. America the toilet of the modern world.

          You have no facts, move to Hollywood and write scripts you’re full of BS.

          Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel – get a life! And stop making things up – present facts not hyperbole and BS.

          Turkey – breast, wrapped in cheese and herb coat, done in the barbecue. Very nice! Otherwise, bit boring and flavorless – prefer goose or duck.

  30. Hope he tells them to take a flyer and find another nation to pay their expences. Go set up your headquarters in Germany or France.

  31. Most Americans have little confidence or respect for the UN. UN sucks the life blood of money from the US to give to countries of the UN, which most of the UN countries hates America and would like to destroy the United States.
    US should pull out of the UN. And have the UN to find itself another country

  32. Hopefully, he will send all nations in arrears regarding payment a bill!

  33. Getting out of the UN would go a long way to getting our finances in order. The US provides the space for the UN building in New York and probably paid for it’s construction, operation and upkeep. On top of that the US provides 85% of the funding for the UN operations. We are getting screwed by all the little socialist/communist countries that fake poverty while they support their own domestic agendas at our expense. Trump should start out by withholding funding until it is made more equitable to us. If it doesn’t then the US should pull out.

  34. Get us out of the un and get the un out of the US, Paying for them is like cutting our own throats .


  36. Hope Trump don’t swallow the poison pill about the UN being in any way friendly toward the US. UN Sectary-General Ban Ki-Moon has done nothing in the way of helping the United States at the UN since being Sectary-General. He has done more to distance the UN from the US since his tenure as Sectary-general.
    US should withdraw from the UN and demand all countries contribute the same amount of funds for the UN’s continued operation in another country.
    Countries that are part of the UN have their quarters at the UN filled with spies collecting information about the US in their consulates.

  37. Withdraw. Why should we allow them to tell us how to run this country, spend our money how many refugees we take…

  38. FThis is the same pattern Ayn Rand identified decades ago, when she compared the United Nations to “a crime-fighting committee whose board of directors include[s] the leading gangsters of the community.” Yet the only thing that can give such a commission any pretense at legitimacy is the participation of the city’s upstanding citizens. Similarly, the only thing that gives the United Nations any legitimacy is America’s cooperation: our might, our money, and our moral sanction.

  39. he U.N. charter declares that any “peace-loving” nation is eligible for membership. Yet its founding members included the largest dictatorship of the time: the Soviet Union–a nation at war with its own people and in the process of subjugating half of Europe. In the half-century since, the United Nations’ membership criteria have not gotten any more selective.

    How many “peaceful” nation????There in lies grounds for withdrawal

  40. niki haley ? what a bad pick. John Bolton needs to be there. The UN rats do not want him around as he simply tells them how full of it they are and is well versed in the worl NO

  41. I was hoping we FINALLY had a President who would get us OUT of the UN. That does not appear to be the case.

  42. I remember the UN when it first started in the middle 1940s. So much hope was pinned on the new body, so much money (OURS) and work (again, OURS) went into it—but, after the questionable deaths of the first two Security Council Secretaries, and—although I hate to say it, but it is the truth—when the body started allowing some nations of color into membership, the whole works started on a downhill slide. From the very beginning, even though the US was doing all the funding, absolutely NO ONE was truly on our side—not even the UK or France—-and WE were supposed to sit there, silent and obedient, and allow ourselves to be denigrated, brow-beaten, virtually spit upon–without protest. You think Obama has made apologetic speeches, you should have heard Dan Moynihan, our senior ambassador, for many years. One American, Jean Kirkpatrick, stood up one day in the general assembly, and ripped the entire body to pieces for its treatment of America and Americans—and very nearly lost her job because Moynihan felt she was out of line for standing up for her country and her people. But, the truth remains: The UN has NEVER been for freedom for all, many of the members still practice the customs of their native countries—slavery, drug running, female mutilation, etc., and they all hide behind “Diplomatic Immunity.” Our laws go out the window along with derisive laughter. To the world, sadly, all the US is good for is a massive piggy bank, military muscle, and nothing to be given in return. I say, with all due respect to all “allies” and bitterness towards our enemies, it is time for the U.S. to remove its presence from the UN, and remove the UN from our shores. The time has come for America and Americans to turn our attention inward, to rebuild our own country, to heal our people without having to pay out such enormous amounts to a failed body who hates us, but loves our money.

  43. The commie UNs global warming/ climate change/ Agenda21/ Agenda 2030/ sustainability/ social and economic justice/ or whatever they are calling it now, is a sham being forced down our throats (much like ObummerCare) with shoddy under the table junk ‘science’, using so called “climate models” guessed at with ancient ice cores and ocean bottom crap and adjusted temps. If anything, the American voter needs to chime in and decide our fate.
    Gw and/or cc are the results of the Earths molten core and the vents caused by it, volcanoes, geothermal zones, ….. and the Earth/Sun system. The Sun is a massive nuclear furnace with no thermostat that cycles through a hot/warm cycle and emits solar energy that affects our magnetic fields and or surface. The Earth’s elliptical orbit plays a minor role, causing the southern hemisphere to receive more radiation than the northern hemisphere. The randomness of all of these events cause gw, cc and whatever the “experts” are calling it now.
    BTW, the latest “social and economic justice” pretty much explains their intent of global socialism/communism.

  44. The UN is an outdated building in New York and hardly safe for these anti-American diplomats to work in, plus their disregard for parking violations is annoying and quite frankly since we have been supplying the building, the rest of the world should fund that communist anti-American conclave. There is nothing united about the UN and since America pays for the brunt of the operating costs I say not another red cent from America. Instead we should provide a demolition schedule for the outdated building so these mostly anti-American haters can go play in some other country on their own dime! We don’t need the stinking UN, we are a sovereign nation, was the most powerful in the world and already have our established allies! We don’t need to accommodate those nations who hate America but love our money and have issues with our Constitution! Kick their asses out I say and see how they like it!

  45. I am all for the US leaving the UN we could use all that saved money to rebuild our roads and bridges thus providing jobs

  46. 1. Why would anybody think the NYT is honest and unbiased?
    2. We should get out of the UN and cut funding and turn off all utilities to the building..

  47. The UN does good? Get real, they only take care of themselves and hate America and us! Dump them, Trump, and lets remove them from the UN building in NY and cleanse it thoroughly and use it more beneficially!

  48. How will Trump deal with the U.N. Here’s my plan: Withdraw from it and and kick it out of America. He won’t but he will send Nicki Haley in to lecture them. That does a lot of good!

  49. What does Mr Trump want re the vetting of Syrians? The vetting process for immigrants takes from 18 to 24 months. What is he looking for here/

  50. It is of interest here that the United States was a founding member of the United Nations. What’s all the beefing about? Have we forgotten what the UN is all about? Should we “unsubscribe” from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights? Should we stop funding UNICEF? Should we not do everything possible to cooperate (doesn’t mean agree with) other nations? We live in a complex world. We have to keep figuring out what it means for us to do so. We can’t just run away like a spoiled child all whining and whimpering.


  52. I would “nuke” Tehran, Iran & Damascus, Syria and say “o.k.” now let’s start over! Maybe I should be Sec. of State!!

  53. and after withdrawing from the un as JCluvs suggests then load those arrogant aholes and all of their baggage and airdrop the clowns in africur…

  54. We have footed the bill long enough for the UN. It’s time for some other country to pay. Climate change is a hoax. I like to know the daily temperature and I never thought to ask Congress about it.

  55. Get the U.S. out of the U.N. and kick the U.N. out of the U.S.

  56. simple. put John Bolton their and cut offf all US funds to the UN

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  59. I agree,get out of the u.n.,all they want to do is make AMERICA a third world country,it is the same thing that the liberals are doing with the help of lord Obama and his densocrats.

  60. MolokaiAdvertiserNews

    USA OUT of the U.N.
    U.N. OUT of the USA ! NOW.
    And arrest Obama and Clintons and Kerry to NDAA Prison for TREASON and Enemy Infiltrators.

  61. Abort UN defund dismantle deport
    Dump UN

  62. One can only hope that Mr. Trump finds the “pull-chain” and flushes it down the sewer, where it belongs!

  63. The UN has a place but they have worn out their welcome in America, they were not formed to dictate laws but to ensure no one country would try to rule the world, we don’t need them in our day to day government but this is where they are headed, if they cannot do their intended job then they have outlived their need! it’s time for America to take measures to ensure that no outside force can rule or govern us, if this means pulling out of the UN so be it!

  64. trump should give them John Bolton. His mandate will be to say shgut up untill you all pay up with no US dollars untill that happens. Nop pay up? your vote does not count and clear out your offices

  65. If we don’t get out of the Islamic Fascist United Nations, America will lose her sovereignty and freedoms. The Fascist/Socialist Global government that the UN wants to impose on the entire world is called UN 2030 Agenda and/or UN Agenda 2030. This tyrannical world government will erase our borders, void our laws and destroy our US Constitution. All the Democrats and a few Republicans are Globalist puppets of the Globalist Elite puppet masters. Getting out of the UN will stop the Globalists. I pray that Trump and the Republicans will get us out of the UN and get the UN out of America. Our freedoms depend on that.

  66. Hopefully, he will tell them to GET OUT!

  67. I concur completely. What have they done for us accept more money and a safe haven for them. Move the from NY and move to Brussles or another country. With the UN trying to override our constitution to hell with them. I feel so proud to be an American citizen again I almost want to cry. Trump will bring America back to a world leader, both financially and an independent country, it will catch all those liberals by surprise, which is something Obama or Hillary would not be able to do, and make us a true super power again.
    Happy thanksgiving to all and irregardless of color or religion, we in these United States of America give blessings to all people.

  68. Defund the socialist UN and send them packing. Oh, but first, make them pay all of their trafic and parking fines to NYC. The NYC indigents can use the building.

  69. Not a chance to keep Iran to the terms of the none deal! These are fanatics. Just like Hitler. Had he had the nuke he would have used it.

  70. Jill Stein is doing America a service. Just 90 minutes before Wisconsin’s 5 pm deadline today for filing with the state’s Election Commission, she filed her petition for an election recount in Wisconsin. She has standing to seek such a recount because she was on the ballot in Wisconsin, and has raised over $5 million so far to pay for it. She also promises to seek recounts in Pennsylvania and Michigan. If the recounts show Hillary Clinton won these three states, Clinton will …have secured enough electoral votes to win the election. Perhaps Fuhrer Drumpf will not have the opportunity to embarrass us further.

  71. I hope Trump deals with them fairly, then refuse to pay any more money to a communist organization and throw the United Nations out of OUR country. Close the doors to OUR building that WE paid for. Sorry, you’ll have to move and bad-mouth the UNITED STATES from another country, if they’ll have you. Your perks will no longer support your lavish life style you’ve grown accustomed to. If any country needs help packing, I’m sure I can find a thousand people to help. The UN should never been quartered in the US.

  72. Trump Should not let the UN have the upper hand, ever! It is the one body, like the Bilderberger, that would like to see the U.S. stripped off its sovereignty. It has been aiming for a one world gov’t and the US is on the way of it. Obama would like to be its president someday. What does that tell you?

  73. Trump needs to kick the UN out of our country…we pay for this anti american organization…kick them out!


  75. AllenBarclayAllen

    How will Trump deal with the UN ? Defund them for attempting carbon taxation without representation of the United States people ! Its his patriotic duty to all of our ancestors and our Constitution !

  76. There is only one way to deal with the United Nations. 1. Withdraw from the United Nations. 2.Kick them out of the United States. 3. Tell the other Nations to pay their own way.


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