Elon Musk Attacks Gates In Billionaire Internet Showdown

Bill Gates is worth $132 billion, but apparently, he still needs to go beg other rich people for money to fund his various pet projects. One of those includes the climate change hysteria the Microsoft founder pushes, and that recently led him to contact Elon Musk, the billionaire who is attempting to buy Twitter.

In leaked text messages, Gates, who has been connected to now-deceased serial abuser Jeffrey Epstein, is seen pushing Musk to contribute to a supposedly philanthropic effort to combat climate change. This apparently pre-empted or followed an in-person meeting between the two (I’m not completely clear on that). Regardless, here’s how the exchange went.

While I almost certainly don’t agree with Musk’s views on climate change, you have to respect the fact that he managed to expose Gates’ hypocrisy on the subject in such a clear way (Musk confirms the texts are real here). You see, Gates, like most rich climate hysterics, expends more carbon in a few days than most do in an entire year. He has private jets, massive houses, big boats, and generally more random stuff than almost anyone could ever dream of owning.

But while Gates preaches doom, including the need to drink poo water to save the planet, he ultimately does what all rich people do: He prioritizes his profit motive over everything else. In this case, he holds a massive short position against Tesla, which may indeed be overvalued. If Gates truly believed climate change was an existential threat, though, wouldn’t he be looking to invest in Tesla instead of betting against it to make a buck?

Musk called him out on that and Gates tried to act as if he’s got plans to sell the short position. I highly doubt that’s true. Rather, I’d bet good money that Gates got caught in an awkward position and tried to play it off.

Musk didn’t buy it and then decided to respond with some A+ trolling, which I had to screenshot and retweet to get rid of the naughty word. We make an attempt to stay family-friendly here at RedState.

While you should never delude yourself to believe that Musk is “on your side,” because he holds a lot of left-wing positions, you still have to respect the fact that he just doesn’t care what anyone thinks. He’s out here dropping male pregnancy (an oxymoron) emoji memes on Bill Gates without even a second thought that he’s burning a bridge to one of the richest men in the world. And while Musk may not be the perfect ally for the right’s fight to pull back corporate censorship, he’s a welcomed one.

Original Article: https://redstate.com/bonchie/2022/04/23/bill-gates-comes-begging-to-elon-musk-resulting-in-an-incredible-troll-n554812

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  1. Samantha Looring

    Musk is his own person with his own set of beliefs. They may not be to everyone’s liking but at least he doesn’t try to shove them down your throat saying “do this or die” as the left likes to do. He appears honest and upfront with no hidden agenda and that’s commendable…unlike Gates who appears as a dirty old man with nefarious intentions and probably a bedfellow with George Soros…both evil men. There has to be a good reason for Melinda leaving him, especially since one of his best friends was a well-known pedophile. Musk is too smart to be associated with someone like that. Nuff said…

  2. I’d rather have Musk on my side than Gates. I don’t trust either of them much.

  3. Hypocrisy and tyranny will always find their nemesis. The out of touch liberal elite often make the mistake of overestimating their ability to force others to bend to their will and always underestimate the forces that inevitably oppose their high handed approaches in order to impose their ideology. Balance is one of the staunchest realities in the cosmological universe. It’s omnipresent and never fails to quell a despot.. Unfortunately people suffer real world consequences when they are subjected to the whims of the radicals who believe their own nonsense and somehow feel their opinions and actions are of more value than the rest of the world. ie Wal Mart shoppers. In the end balance will always be restored simply because the dreams of some ideological nincompoop never work and never will. Pretending a man is a woman is the epitome of ludicrous and ridiculous. When the technology to replace fossil fuels can sustain the needs of our planet and humanity the natural course of events will tip in that direction. Until then it’s foolish and delusional to try to force it. We will inevitably find those solutions but it’s clear now is not the time.

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