Election Extended In One State

Georgia’s Cobb County has plans to extend the ballot return deadline for around 1,000 absentee voters who had not been sent their mail ballots on time after their initial request.

The American Civil Liberties Union and the Southern Poverty Law Center sued the Cobb County Board of Elections and Registration on Sunday after they announced that approximately 1,046 absentee ballots had not been mailed out to those who requested them in the battleground state. According to the reports, this mistake was caused by human error.

Daniel White, one of the attorneys for the county’s election board, has said that both of the parties have already submitted to a judge a proposed consent order. This will also be followed by an emergency hearing. As part of this entire process it might be needed for the polls to be extended post-Nov. 14. However, the ballots will still need to be postmarked by Election Day.

The order was signed on Monday, which was the same day as the proposals were submitted. If this passes, then those people who have been sent overnight ballots for the mistake to be amended will be able to have their votes counted even if it arrives later. However, they must all post their ballot by Election Day. Any votes that are not postmarked by that day will not be counted.

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  1. Have to make sure all of the “REAL” votes can be counted, so they will know how many more to “manufacture” so the democommunist will “WIN” without it being too obvious.

    • My thoughts exactly, It could only happen in Georgia.

      • It also happened in Arizona where the machines were failing and they asked for an extension of closing down time, but the judge said NO. Wonder why????

        • You’re right . Republicans were refused to be allowed to vote when they were at the polls in person when the machines were not working . But people that said they didn’t get their mail in ballots and waited until after the election was over to say anything are allowed to vote . I know why .They are just trying to get enough votes to put Warnock over the 50% mark to avoid a run off they know Walker will win . Look at Nevada saying thousands of people dropped their mail in ballots off at the polling place the day of the election . Why do people need a mail in ballot only to go personally and drop it off at the polling place? The steal is on again . We need to end mail in ballots . The democrats are using them to steal elections . A mail in ballot that is delivered in person should not be counted . Maybe they also voted again while there . We’ll never know

      • Arizona as well!!


    • Cliff… AHMEN…

  2. I agree with Cliff and Irwin. This is really getting old when it’s election time. We know Georgia’s history in past elections. Election day is Election day. If your vote isn’t in by the time the poll closes, you don’t vote. And why does every state have such different Election laws?? Maybe, just maybe, if all states followed the same laws, we would know results on voting day. We need Election Reform. Fair for everyone.

  3. If it was a mandate that no early votes and no late votes were excepted and had a Rep & Dem counting the ballots together, then we might, possibly) get a true count of the votes. Till then, it will never happen with the rules/regulations we have now days.

  4. There is absolutely no reason to extend election days. The voting day is known way in advance by everyone and laws and polls dates are set way in advance too. Should get back to same day voting only (with minimal mail in) and Voter ID also, to offset any chance of cheating or fraud. One would think all would prefer a legal and legitimate election at all times.

  5. So the steal is in again . Year after year the same things go on . Why would these people wait until after the election to speak up . Same with Nevada saying thousands of mail in ballots were dropped off at the polls the day of the election . Why do we need mail in ballots if the people are coming to the polls to drop them off. We need to end mail in ballots . They are being used to cheat in the elections . Since these people waited until after the election ten they have no right to vote later .

  6. Here in Phoenix, AZ in Maricopa county La Raza went into heavily Hispanic districts where English is barely spoken, they convince them to vote democrat, then take possession of their mail-in ballots. Then tell those very same people to go in-person to vote on election day and fill out a provisional ballot. Then they get resident con-man Fontes(running for Secretary of State) and the twice convicted racist Katie Hobbs(running for governor). to get on liberal media and demand ALL votes be counted, a liberal judge agrees, orders it done and the west Phoenix hispanics get to vote twice. La Raza has been doing that for the last few elections. They are crooks and don’t give a damn about hispanics. They are also heavily funded by their Nazi-in-Chief George Soros and the Mexican drug cartels. Even when evidence is present they just pull out the race card.
    Hard to have a fair election with shenanigans like that going on.

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