Democrats Plotting to Overthrow the Election Results

As of November 22, at least six Democrats in the Electoral College have joined a movement to keep Donald Trump from getting to 270 votes. On Dec. 19, the 538 members of the Electoral College will meet in their respective state capitals to make Trump’s victory official. Until they cast their votes, Trump’s win is merely theoretical. We’ve never seen the Electoral College rebel en masse, but it’s constitutionally possible.

The electors plotting against Trump know they are up against extraordinarily slim odds; they would have to convince at least 37 Republican electors to join their cause, some of whom would have to break state law to do so. And even in the unlikely event that they succeeded, the decision would then go to the GOP-dominated House of Representatives. You know, the guys who were all sporting red MAGA hats a week ago?

But that doesn’t matter to the electors, who have another motive. They want to begin chipping away at the legitimacy of the Electoral College and set the stage for its eventual abolition.

“I do think that a byproduct would be a serious look into Electoral College reform,” said Micheal Baca, a Colorado elector pushing for rebellion.

Another elector told Politico that chaos was the point.

“If it gets into the House, the controversy and the uncertainty that would immediately blow up into a political firestorm in the U.S. would cause enough people — my hope is — to look at the whole concept of the Electoral College,” they said.

Democrats, of course, are sore about the fact that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. They don’t seem to understand that if both candidates had been competing for that vote, their campaign strategies would have been completely different. You can’t assume that Hillary would have won in that environment.

This issue – the relevance of the Electoral College – is something we should probably be talking about. But it’s not something we can talk about right now. Not when it’s still Hillary’s supporters versus Trump’s. We have to let the waters calm a bit before we can have a serious conversation about our elections.

Democrats can take a step towards that conversation by dropping this thinly-veiled war on our new president-elect.

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  1. Name the traitors. I want to know who will be among the first to hang, when they instigate the Civil War. I, for one, pledge to not tolerate their crap. I am willing to die. Are they?

  2. If Hillary the criminal had won there would be no riots, and no question about electoral votes. They are sore losers. She did not get the popular vote. They lie about that too. She stole 5 states. to check it out. They (her hackers) planned to steal more but was stopped. That is why she would not concede and we had to wait for about hour. They (her hackers) were stopped by a plane with a bomb over their head to pull out of the computer voting system. They (her hackers) were going back in to change more states for her when they were called and warned bomb going to drop on them if did not go back out of system. I believe in electoral votes because only a few states would get to rule the United States. I want my vote to count. It would not be fair to let a few big cities rule the whole United States. I may be in Louisiana small state but my vote counts with electoral votes.

    • I’m pretty sure they thought after 8 years of Oblowhards socialist suppression and tyranny the public had been weakened enough to be overthrown by the left. Guess they were wrong again. Under Obama and the socialists in Congress the demonazi party has lost over 1500 political offices nationwide. More states are now controlled by conservative governors and/or legislatures than at any time in our history.

    • That’s exactly why the Founders instituted the electoral college: so your vote would count too, and mine, and all the rest of the “fly over country” voters’.

    • I’m not sure about that. The left has been constantly pushing ‘we the people’ towards civil war since the 90s.

    • Then how come that bitch is not in JAIL?

  3. In the previous 4 occasions where the winner of the popular vote did not win the electoral college, there was no fomented unrest and riots. On this occasion, the riots are manufactured by Soros and his ilk.

    If any capitulating wimps in Congress try to change the representative method we choose our president, they will will be changing our form of government to a pure democracy which our founders called “mob rule.” And the mobs which riot now would riot to get their way in Los Angeles and NYC and these two metropolitan areas would determine the winner, with nothing that people of Iowa and Nebraska, and any other state could do about it.

    • The SJW’s who happen to be a minority of the people, talk of rebellion and secession . Imagine the rebellion and secession from the majority on the right if they were to succeed. It would be like nothing seen before.

      • If they are serious I sincerely hope most of their plots are caught by law enforcement before they hurt themselves. They would have A LOT of range time alone to pick up on lol.


      • He should be in prison along with crooked Clinton and obozo

      • yea! and that would be a good day for America

      • While FUCKING jack_True Justice !

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          • There you go again showing everyone that you are a Lunatic Nut Job who is REALLY in need of Mental Help and needing to check yourself back into the Insane Asylum that you escaped from. Why do you hate America?

          • Thank you.

            Your input is always welcome

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          • It says that I have hit the nail on the head when calling out Anti American Left Wing Vermin LIKE YOU. It shows that you have No defense from the TRUTH about YOU.
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            You have no truth.

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          • Why do you hate the educated?

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            Why do you hate those who uphold truth?

            Why do you insult people who provide verifiable facts?

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          • Wait, there will be brown shirts demanding “papers please”.

            The right-wing extremists have been planning for this day.

            Will Muslims be required to wear a crescent on their clothes?

            What symbol will Hispanics be required to sew on their’s?

            Just how far will Trump take his hate and bigotry?

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            Your input is always welcome

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          • equal rights to true citizens do you think those who are unlawfullyhere have equal rights ,those who don,t go through proper protocal to become citizens have equal rights, is that fair to those that have , rights is not a given

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    • Nobody Mentions that 95%+ of All Rioters are Negroes and Always have been!! No matter what cause is Promoted! .

      • Doubtful,but much Worse is the failure to mention that shamu9 and 100% ofhamu9’s Family Love Feasting on Mounds of Dixie-Fried in Skunks’ Lard Pig Shit Every Day !

      • Not ALWAYS have been. Do a bit of study on american history
        As a start, read up on the Louisville riots of the early 1800s, re; the No Nothing Riots: 17 killed.

        • Ever since the Equal Rights Amendment! Since then, very few Whites, have been involved in Riots. Exception, The Viet Nam War Protests! You’re talking Ancient History! BTW, If you wanna Have a Pizzin’ Contest about this, I hold a a B.S. Degree, Social Science, with a Minor in History! Fla. Atlantic U. ’70.

        • That’s Because Blacks had no Political Power Then! They would have been killed in the streets, and no Law Enforcement would come to their Aid! AND -They Knew it! Now They hold all the Political Cards! When was the last time you heard a politician worry about- “What Will the Taxpaying White Workers think of this Legislation?? Never these Days!The TAIL is Wagging the Dog! Less than 12% of the U.S. pop. is Black. Hispanics, 12% or so also! Sooo- Less than 30% of the Population, RULES the other 70%. U.S. Govt. stats! And you Wonder Why Trump???

    • PLEASE,Southern”Patriot”__Resume your Hourly Injections of Maximum Strength Thorazine !!!!

    • It would take a few other urban centers, like Chicago, Miami, and San Francisco tossed in, but they would decide all Federal elections, denying the bulk of us a vote, essentially. And mob rule is what the Dems are seeking to achieve, to obliterate our Constitution entirely.

      • Exactly. It would concentrate ALL political power in the cities.

      • In problem with your post — it is the right-wing that is demanding mob vote.

        • No; it’s the Dems that are looking to obliterate the Constitution and electoral college, not the right!

          • Trump attacked the First Amenment just the other night.
            It made every news source.
            Maybe you shoud pay more attention.

          • The Donald damned the First Amendment just the other day,

            Is Trump a Dem?

            Presidient Obama publically stood up for those rights

            I guess that must make Obama a Repub?

          • Horse puckeys! O has NEVER given more than the barest lip service to the 1st, or any other Amendment. And Trump had been a Democrat all his adult life, supported Dems an lib policies, etc.

          • Trump has never been a Democrat.

            Trump is a legally documented racist.

            Start your education with:
            Case Name United States v. Fred C. Trump, Donald Trump, and Trump Management, Inc. FH-NY-0024
            Docket / Court 73-1529 ( E.D.N.Y. ) State/Territory New York Case Type(s) Fair Housing/ Lending/Insurance

            Attorney Organization U.S. Dept. of Justice Civil Rights Division

            Case Summary
            This case was brought against Fred and Donald Trump, and their real estate company, in 1973 in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York.

          • Trump has been a Dem all his adult life; he’s voted Dem, supported their pols and positions and chums with them, including the Clintons, socially. Racism is a Dem quality, in case you missed that. So is sexism and a bunch of others. My education on Trump started before that and continued past it.

    • So how I missed “Something”, Who the hell is this “SOROS”? I get the point that he is some “Rich” S.O.B. who Hates TRUMP & the Republican Party & what the “HONEST”, & “LEGAL”, hard working America citizens can see about this, CORRUPTION “Within” “OUR” Government Agencies, Starting at the TOP, with OBAMA, & all of his “CZARS”, and Crooked Cronies, like the, (CLINTONS, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, former A.G. Eric Holder, & current, A.G. Lynch, Senator Chuck Schumer, etc,..)
      My message to “ALL” you, hard working “legal” American Citizens, (Born in the U.S. of A. or, “Legally”
      became and , America Citizen through the proper “Immigration program”, READ, The “Declaration of Independence”, and Discuss the clearly written message from our “Four-Fathers” set out for us to follow, when the Government has, become so corrupt, “It is the RIGHT of the PEOPLE to alter or to abolish it”.
      and “to institute new Government”, (As we have done in Electing, DONALD J. TRUMP, as our “New” PRESIDENT & his “Transformation Team members)..
      So you Crooked S.O.B.’S had better abandon the ship, as it is sinking…

      • Google Soros so you know who the rest of us are talking about. He’s a creep with a lot of money who finances left-wing causes in this country. There is some evidence that he’s paying people to protest against Trump’s election, but read about him. He’s a cancer on this country, and they always say to know your enemies.

      • Just Google George Soros

    • Apparently the people are sick of taxation without representation.

      Wait a minute. wasn’t that what caused the riot calles the Boston Tea Party?

  4. I am waiting for the democrats to fire on the republicans the first shot. The democrats asked for it and its coming.

  5. Dems have been committing vote and voter fraud for decades. Plotting should come as no surprise. Do not be surprised by anything going on. Soros still uses air, plotting will continue.

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    • Demoncrats have never won a fair election, the only way they can win is by fraud, they belong to Satan the father of lies

      • …another ‘reverse Christian’. It goes nicely with your politics of hate and alt-universe of untruth.

        • Yes, I guess that you think killing the babies in the womb is OK, well the God of the Bible is against that, and Satan, and the demoncrats are all for it, Woe to those that call good evil and evil good. I have never found a true word from the demoncrats, only lies from the father of lies which it seems is the god of all demoncrats Satan..

        • That sounds more like you…..YOU r blaming others for exactly what you just did……CALLING reverse Christian

        • No but the truth will set you free from all the deception that surrounds your party. Any party that supports George Soros the founder and supporter of the hate group BLM and the globalist organization of Move on. Org cannot be anything but a party of deceit and fraud. Regardless of your denial of the truth, God is the Truth. No one escapes His judgement. Not you and not I. In summation the truth will set you free.

    • We all remember the election coup of 2000.

    • Amazing how no one goes after it. When we see videos of people who are elated to have voted multiple times or illegally, where is the FBI??? Sadly they also have been politicized and the law abiding citizens have no voice . God knows what’s in store for each of us. I do believe when the last great bastion of freedom in this world is gone, the end will surely be here. I am thankful that I am on the right side of God. It’s better to follow Him than any man.God bless AmericA

  6. There is no plotting. Someone is way, way to slow in counting votes. Was it on purpose ? Or is this the way america does things in counting ?

  7. Try is and all hell well brake loose. You think their are protester now you have not seen shit.

    • I fear you may be 100% correct!

      • Gore won the popular vote in 2000.

        • With the Proven STATS on the Popular Vote . KILLERY , Even LOST THAT . Subtract the ILLEGAL FRAUD VOTES and KILLERY , LOST by MILLIONS .

          • Why do you need to tell these lies?

            Why do you embarrass America this way?

            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          • So…, here we go again. All the questions you mention above apply to YOU as well. Why do YOU tell these lies? Why do YOU embarrass America this way and why do YOU believe it is acceptable to repeat lies? Just about everyone knows by now, that the Democrats have refined cheating to an unparalleled degree! And why do YOU think they have put Nikes on illegal aliens? Well, they want them here, (the sooner the better) for their votes and to put them on their carefully-created, evil plantations (inner city slums) where they will remain indefinitely, waiting for government handouts until they need them again at the next election! Shameful for sure, but that is the way of today’s liberal Democrats!!

          • Cit one lie I you allege I have told.

            Just one.

            Provide a full cite, including the address where it can be found.

          • You are the one always calling conservatives liars, so I suggest that whenever you do that, you provide the proof you are asking of me.

          • Your Whole Life is one Big Lie!

          • No one, well that makes you the liar by default.

          • Truthfully well said !!

          • Thanks. I post what I believe to be the truth but, as you know, there always will be those who see things differently. It is hard to understand how anyone with liberal views have reached their lop-sided conclusions, and although I will never agree with them, they are still entitled to their opinions. Sometimes, you wish you could grab them by the scruff of the neck and shake some sense into them, but, alas, that is just not possible!

          • To much koolaid laced with LSD! Just my thoughts!

          • Sometimes, you do have to wonder…, because no matter how many facts you throw at some of these folks, they refuse to accept the obvious.

          • Totally unbelievable but also undeniable that ” You can lead a horse’s ass to knowledge but you can’t make it think”!

          • Hee, hee, ha, ha. That is funny because I have always heard that saying from the other end of the horse! (: -)

          • Once a Marxist usually it’s always a Marxist . Me thinks they should be careful what they wish for . Any alternative to freedom is misplaced.

          • I think even with a cold, hard, reality check, it would make no difference to someone who has been indoctrinated with Marxist ideas to change their way of thinking. Such is the result of brainwashing!

          • Entitlements, even extended to Half Azzed Opinions is How We Got to ,this Point!

          • Yes, entitlements are a curse and the people who take advantage of them usually do not know what dangerous waters they tread! They lead to continual and permanent bondage on plantations of a new and more evil kind, designed to keep them there in perpetuity! Lincoln freed them and liberal Democrats have put them back on them in a much more sinister way and this time with very slim hopes of ever escaping!! If only they could see the true purpose of entitlements! A very clever way to enslave people in a heartless and cruel way…, strictly to get their votes. Then it is back to the plantation until they are needed again with just enough to survive, but never enough to escape the clutches of these people who have designed their fate with entitlements and the misery that accompanies them!

          • I Ask you the same Questions! BTW, “Cut ‘N Paste” #1! Can’t think of anything Relevent??

          • about that embarrass America Thing – Who are you supposed to be in that garment that appears to be falling off?

          • These men did not have the popular vote: John Quincy Adams, Rutherford B. Hayes, Benjamin Harrison and George W. Bush

          • We already covered that.

        • Yeah, Lispin’ Al Gore! Another Gay Azzed Dem!

        • According to your remarks on the electoral college, the popular vote doesn’t matter, only the electoral college counts. Remember Nixon let it pass as he didn’t want to put the country through the process. But Gore carried it out to the Nth degree, and Bush was sworn in as president. There was a laugh to be had when Gore gave a speech from his living room, standing before 15 American flags laying around their house? He must have borrowed flags from every Legion Hall and Church in town. I wonder if he ever returned them.

    • Doing away with the electoral college would leave the majority of states with no option but to secede. The electoral college gives EVERY state a voice in national elections, not just the most populous states

      • Dems will do anything to steal this election Why is it taking Michigan so long to pronounce Trump the winner. I smell fraud going on. Soros and the left are giving death threats to the electors . They are more dangerous to our freedoms than our foreign is disgusting .

        • Soros is one that the Nazis shouldn’t have missed, and I say that as one with Jewish members of my family whom I care about.

        • STEAL? Exageration is foolish and childish.


          • We the People do not elect a President.
            We the People have never elected a President.
            We the People cannot elect President — the Constitution does not permit us to do so.

            Suggest you learn how your government actually functions.
            Start with the Electoral College.

          • Steal is hardly an exaggeration. It is an abomination! Votes of others are being trashed. therefor their votes are stolen. Leave it to a Democrat, who have practiced it for so many years that they have made it trivial. Also, you seem to have conveniently omitted the Nixon/Kennedy race of 1959. Nixon stated that he did not want to put the country through the process. Nixon was a great statesman, and he was ground into the ground.

          • Nixon was a criminal, a treasonous criminal.

            Nixon prolonged the Vietnam war, obstructed justice from the Oval Office, used the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to go after his political enemies, launched an illegal war in Cambodia, waged a dirty tricks campaign against his opponents, placed Spiro Agnew a heartbeat from the presidency, kept an “enemies list”, was recorded in the Oval Office describing Jews as “aggressive, abrasive and obnoxious” and Italians as not having their “heads screwed on tight”, ended the Vietnam war with neither peace nor honor, was impeached by Congress, resigned the presidency and left a permanent stain on American democracy …

            Oh, and he also committed treason.

          • You think that most of our Presidents are as clean as the white driven snow.
            Think again JFK presidency was purchased by his father who was a whiskey runner in bed with the mafia.
            Roosevelt kept a mistresses , Johnson stuffed the ballot box to win the Senate.
            Clinton & Kennedy had the rear door of the White House about worn out with the women that passed through & I am sure there are many more illegal behavior goes on.
            Do not forget all the Presidents who have bad mouthed this great country overseas, Now that also is TREASON

          • The truth about JFK is more than sufficient. There is no need for you to embellish it with lies.
            Yes, every President is a human being with faults.

            Nixon was a criminal. He resigned to avoid trial. Watergate was a brazen and daring assault, led by Nixon himself, against the heart of American democracy.

          • He learned to do all those EEEVILL Deeds, by studying F.D.R. the Dem-O-Crapp Demi-God! Nixon was a Saint, Compared to your Heroes, Klinton, and “Barky” ‘Bongo Kongo’ OBull-Sheite!’ Both of the Klint-Stones Belong in Prison, for Murder. 53 or so bodies now, at latest count! {the Clinton Chronicles, The Clinton Chronicles 2015!!}

          • YOur post says one thing — your are an immature, bigoted fool.


          • Eisenhower put the first boots on the ground in Vietnam.

            Obama an antiSemite? Your imagination is working overtime.



          • Jews and Muslims worship the God of Abraham. Several other religious sects do as well.

            Why don’t you teach me about Vietnam. Maybe, yoi would like to go to Arlington and put flowers on my Two husband’s graves? You know, the fathers three of my children never really got to know very well …


          • Only the various Christian sects accept the “Son” part of God.

            Actualy, the Chrsitian faith is built very much aound the pagan multi- god belief system: Father, Son, Holy Ghost, all magically somehow considered “one”.

            Muslims consider Christians to be idolaters. The very Orthodox Jewish hold the same opinion.
            Muslims do not hold the Prophet Mohammad above God, nor do they call him a God. They recognize and honor Jesus as a prophet, and hold his mother, Mary in high honor.

          • Just being realistic.

          • Obama an antiSemite? Your imagination is working overtime.

          • Nixon resigned “before” he was going to be impeached. He did this for the good of the country. Saved government a lot of money. Can’t argue that he did wrong, but he was never impeached.

          • It’s true and Mayor Daly that crook, fixed the election in Chicago so Kennedy won Illinois and the election. Dems go back a long ways in fixing elections. All he did was give out free cartons of cigarettes for the votes that gave election to Kennedy. Another dem who was aided by corruption.

          • I agree!!!!!

          • Glad to hear from you!


          • They have him ahead by 10700 votes however they do not declare till Nov 28th. My point was the left has been working on changing election in three states. Wisconsin Michigan and Arizona. Possibly PA. Trump was ahead by over 20000 votes in Michigan. Notice how that has been changed . Can’t trust these criminals on the left. I won’t feel good till the electors say he wins on Dec 19th. Soros and the left are threatening the electors to change their vote and go against the voters. It is unprecedented .
            Then again it is criminal but you won’t see the FBI doing anything.

          • Sorry to disappoint you, but Congress will not make the announcement until January.

          • They counted the vote and then recounted it and then cetified it so Trump wound with 309 electtoal votes. If they didn’t before, I think they should bill Stein/Clinton/Soros for the cost of recounting the votes.

          • Stein is already begging for money on the internet. I wrote that she was a shill for Hillary, she will get plenty of money from the Clinton Foundation and Soros. She is talking about $8 Million for this travesty. With the USA in debt to China for $20 Trillion, they have a nerve to use Millions for this trash.

          • I think Hillary talked Jill Stein into starting this nonsense. The one thing I think is happening is that so much corruption (more than we can even imagine) has gone on the Dems cannot afford to let Trump get into office and find all the illegal stuff that was and still is going on. And, I think you can bet that Soros is funding this whole scheme.

          • Trump has been charged with crimes. Most recent are money laundering and running an unlicensed school. His criminal behavor dates back to 1973 civil rights violations.

            Hillary as never been charged with a crime.

          • I am 75 years old, and in all those years I don’t remember a single Democrat being investigated, and charged for as much as a parking violation. Just for the heck of it I GOOGLED Arkancide, and the crimes on that search almost set my computer on fire. Then I went to Trump. You didn’t mention that Trump and GEORGE SOROS were both involved. Why didn’t you mention George?

          • Soros is not running for President.

          • George Soros can’t run for President. He was born in Hungary! But he he Buys as many as he can.

          • Why do you tell pointless lies?

          • Every time you are given a reply, you answer with this pointless lie crap! Like a well programmed Barbi Doll. If everybody is lying. Tell us the Oracle who is feeding you these truths

          • Fact and truth are wonderdul things.
            You might try them some time..
            Where someone is born is not a qualification when it comes to the Presidency. On the other hand, citizenship by birth is a requirement. Birthright citizenship only reqyires that one of your parents is an American citizen.


          • You don’t remember Clinton being impeached in the House of Representatives for lying under oath? You don’t remember the Monica Lewinski ordeal? You don’t remember White Water? I could name a whole lot more


          • Then there was Nixon, the only President, who was basically forced to resign due to his role in a criminal conspiracy to obstruct justice. Watergate basically destroyed the integrity of the process by which the president of the United States is nominated and elected.

            Nixon makes Clinton look like an angel.

          • I think you have that backward

          • Really? Please do tell us which other American President was forced to resign due to theur illegal activity.


          • He was acquitted by the Senate, he did not resign. After his term as President, he was once again elected to the Senate.

          • I really wanted to go over those Faithless ELECTORS and the $1,000. fine. With the cost of campaigns today and efforts of 1,000’s of volunteers. This $1,000 fine is nothing. These faithless ones should pay for the amount of the cost of the campaign. Now they are soliciting donations to pay any fines :

            Colorado Democratic elector Michael Baca announced he plans to create a fundraising group to help “faithless electors” pay fines associated with their decision to vote in a way other than directed by their respective states, according to a Hill report Thursday.

            Read more:

          • Only because Soros and the far left threatened the people who could and should have charged her with numerous crimes. Everybody that has one brain cell knows that Hillary is crooked as the day is long. Open your eyes. And I don’t believe Trump’s school was unlicensed; it just didn’t deliver. Liberals cannot see the forest for the trees. You don’t think destroying government documents is a crime? You don’t think using a private server off government property and fair game for hackers is not a felony. These are felonies? She should be behind bars and had they had a special prosecutor investigating this case, she would be. No doubt in my mind. You don’t think money that is supposed to go to charity is instead used to pay for Chelsea’s extravagant wedding is O.K.? I could write pages but hopefully you get the point. As an aside, there is not a politician anywhere that is not crooked in some way!!!!

          • Why do you need to tell these lies?

            Why do you embarrass America this way?

            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          • I think you need to ask these questions of Hillary and Obama. Biggest liars known to mankind. Research it. These lies are on line.

          • as you can see below AKL is in her Barbie mode again

          • No that would limit his powers. This way he can throw his money around paying for rioters, mass demonstrations, funding politicians, ruining the treasuries of various treasuries. Do you how to Google him?

          • That sounds Probable

          • Suggest you check out NY rules and those of thw IRS.
            Stop lying.

          • What does the NY rules have to do with this recount jazz? They are not recounting NY. How is the IRS involved in this? Last scandal with the IRS Was the Lois Lerner affair, you remember the one where Lerner was putting thru Democrat requests, and dragging out the Republican requests. Like Obama’s brother had his request fast tracked for a Muslim Org. request.

          • Eyes that cannot see.
            Ears that cannot hear.
            Trump brike the law.

          • Eyes, ears…Oh-the 3 mice, but you forgot the mouth…guy..say no evil actually it is my favorite.

          • Trump brags about assulting women.
            Not enough people are pointing that out.

          • Men’s bathroom talk. Every man (at least most) does this at some point in his life. Trump has great respect for women.

          • In your dreams.
            His visits to Epstien’s Island had nothing to do with respect. His grandfather’s whore house had nothing to do with respect.

          • No honey, that was Bill Clinton who visited Epstein’s Island. I really do think your mind is mixed up. Can’t get the facts straight!!!

          • “I did try and f— her. She was married.”
            “I moved on her like a bitch, but I couldn’t get there. And she was married. Then all of a sudden I see her, she’s now got the big phony tits and everything. She’s totally changed her look.”
            “I’ve gotta use some tic tacs, just in case I start kissing her,” Trump says.”You know I’m automatically attracted to beautiful — I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait.”
            “And when you’re a star they let you do it. You can do anything.”
            “Grab them by the p—y. You can do anything.”

          • Gee when were discussing JFK’s proclivities, that was just fine as he was a man and they weaknesses. OH that was acceptable, JFK was a Democrat

          • Trump is a street thug, period. He has no respect for women or the law.

          • Street Thug! Mr. Trump rides in his Limo to his helicopter to his jet plane. What street are you referring to, His feet are never on any of them. Respect for women! half of his executives are women

          • Respect for women? Sexual assult is respect?
            Donald Trump on the set of Days of Our Lives in 2005:

            “I moved on her like a bitch, but I couldn’t get there. And she was married.”

            “I did try and fuck her. She was married.”

            “Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything.”

            “Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.”

          • Broke what law? Just because he has been criticized, does not mean he broke any laws.

          • You have an Internet connection. Why don’t you use it?
            Frankly, you hand people like you, don’t seem to care that you awant to put a lawbreaker in America’s highest office. Hopefully, the Electoral College has better sensw.

          • Obama has broken more laws than any Republican could even think about. I use the internet all the time and see the stories of the laws Obama has broken. Trump is not President yet, Obama is. What happens is on his watch.

          • Cite one law, paragraph and chapter.

          • Fining people for not buying an Obamacare policy is against the Constitution. So instead Obama’s Supreme Court calls the mandate a tax. It is not a tax and we all know it. It’s a mandate to buy someone that an individual doesn’t want. Supreme Court is not suppose to remake laws; they are there to uphold current laws. Obama is holding the power of the purse which is suppose to be in the hands of Congress. Again, against the Constitution. This is not against the law, but Obama has accumulated more national debt than all previous Presidents combined. If you have children and grandchildren, they are the ones who will have to somehow deal with this. AND THIS IS O.K. WITH YOU??? I have children and grandchildren AND IT CERTAINLY IS NOT O.K. WITH ME!!!!! Wake up AKLady2015. Our country is in serious trouble and corrupt Hillary Clinton is not the person to fix it. Do you trust someone who puts government confidential documents on a homemade server for the whole world to hack and see? I CERTAINLY DON’T.

          • Your claims are not true.

            There are no job loss requirements in the ACA.
            Your claim is total fantasy.

            The ACA prevents my having to pay for your health care. The ACA prevents you from dumping the cost of your healthcare on a provider’s future customers. The ACA has markedly reduced bankruptcy due to medical expenses.

            The ACA is a law passed by Congress, it has nothing to do with your imagined “power of the purse”.

            Congress makes the laws. Congress spends the money. You elect Congress. Oh, and by the way, the federal fiscal year runs October 1st through September 30th.

            National debt is accumulated, i.e., spending occurring under previous administrations does not end when a new President is inaugurated. You might want to get out a dictionary and look up the word “accumulated”.

            “Homemade server” ??? Total nonsense. Your computer is a server if just one piece of equipment is attached to it, You have a server, because you obviously have a keyboard and a monitor attaches to your computer. There is no evidence that the Clinton’s computer was “hacked”.

          • You are so right Doris Will!!!!

          • Totally agree

          • Recounting still going on as we speak. Wisconsin and Michigan again. Pennsylvania if stein gets the go ahead from a judge. She missed the deadline but then rules and laws don’t count when it’s a lib. Judge is probably a left winger . Screw the state election laws. How dies someone with less than 1% of the vote allowed a recount? Obviously Hillary put her up to it so she could try and steal the election. Hillary is Satan incarnate.Obama also. No comcious. They can actually live with themselves . Disgusting.

          • The Electoral College has not yet voted.

          • Well they voted today, and Donald Trump still won despite the electors being buried in mail from Hillary backers, some of threatening death. Nice group of people those Democrats.

          • You are a bit confused and brainwashed.
            It is easy to blame Democrats.

            The reality, however, are those who can still remember Hitler — if only from old newsreels. Apparently, you missed what the ex-wives said before he silenced them with court orders.

            Hillary has nothing to do with the issues. But it made a good smokescreen, didn’t it? You bought the propaganda… Probably the Soros trash talk as well. On the right, there are the Koch Brothers, who have ties to Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union.

            Then there is Trump, who’s idol is Putin – and who does business in the $ millions with Russia and Cuba.

            Interesting, Obama goes to Cuba to talk about normalizing relations and he is evil. Trump has been illegally doing business in Cuba – for years – and he is a saint.

          • To the contrary, I am buried in confusion. Hitler was never married. He lived with Ava Braun until they committed suicide. He did have a niece who lived with him in a very odd relationship. It is laughable to think that a man who had 20 million killed in camps would be bothered with court orders.
            The only protests over normalizing relations with Cuba were made by the exiled Cubans in Miami. Most of us didn’t care.
            It hasn’t been Nazi Germany since the end WWII. The Soviet Union hasn’t existed since Glasnost. Just what business could Donald Trump have with Cuba. They have no money, haven’t had any money since the Soviet Union broke up. Their is no Trump hotel, who would stay there, and Donald Trump doesn’t smoke.
            The Koch Brothers did not donate to the RNC because of Trump running in the primaries.
            It has been legal to do business with China since Nixon normalized relations with them. Holy cow it is hard to find anything not made in China, and we owe them $20 Trillion.
            George Soros was not 11 when he worked with the Nazis. He was born in 1930, Hungary was invaded by Germany in 1944. There are countries where they will arrest him if he steps foot on their soil.
            Hillary was in on the recounts, Jill Stein told Alan Colmbs on his radio show. Finally: WHY WOULD REPUBLICANS BOMBARD THE ELECTORS TO BREAK THEIR PLEDGE. ONLY 3 DID, THE ONLY FAITHLESS ELECTORS SINCE 1837.

          • The Electoral College does not vote until Dec 19..
            The EC is not required to folliw the popular vote.
            In 2000, Al Gore won the popular vote.
            The EC elected Bush.

          • Most of EC is bound to vote how the state voted. Last I hear, 302 of the EC is bound.

          • Bound? Ha, ha, ha … DId you look at the consequences for not voting as “bound”? It is at most, a small fine. They are called “Faithless Electors”.

            In 2000, Gore won the popular vote. The Electoral College elected Bush.

            Since the founding of the Electoral College, there have been 157 faithless electors

          • Yes small fine and a great big red X over their head. Don’t forget reputation. Most are not willing to give that up.

          • Incorrect, Clinton is now 2.3 million votes ahead and still growing, Granny.

        • I heard them call Michigan for Trump, on election night. So it shouldn’t be any different now. If it is, we know there’s a crook in the bunch.

        • Michigan announced Trump the winner yesterday 11/28/16. I also heard from Sean Hannity that Jill missed the filing deadline in Pennsylvania (it was last Monday, not this Monday), but haven’t heard anything about it in the news or the posts.

          • All I know is that Clinton will never give up until electors vote on Dec 19. In the mean time they will continue to trash and fight the election. Everyone knows who the real Hillary is. The left headed by Soros is threatening the electors to change their vote. They have put out personal information on these people to try and make them change. What we have seen since the election is anarchy in full bloom.This is the left. The Democratic party is the new Marxist party of America. Those that are not marxists need to leave that party. I would equate them to Fidel Castro. If there are any true democrats who love this country, they need to disavow their party. This is not their fathers and grandfathers Democratic Party. It belongs to the alt left which does not believe in America first nor a free America for that matter. Some Dems voted for trump and many more should follow. 25% of the Dems have taken over the party . We see them in the streets rioting and inciting . We see the next generation of marxists following blindly . Sheeples that our universities put out. I call them the neo marxists .

          • Not Marxists, Bolshevics!! The Original Commie War Party!

          • You are so very right. I went to my Dr. today and we talked about the elections. He said the history books written in the future will say the American USED TO BE a great nation until Obama came along.

          • Yes but all the historians will be Marxist by that time and they will say how bad we were and how good they have made it even though there will be only the elites and the poor. No middle class . I won’t be here when the end comes. However I do think it’s close . All I can do is believe in Jesus Christ because mans systems does not work for the good of all. He knows , I do not. I can only pray but ultimately He will decide. He sees how our society continues to take God out of our society and I am sure is sad but we who believe know that man will never be the final judge. It is better to have faith in God than man. Mans human nature has brought misery and pain all over the world . That misery and pain has come to the US and my God tells me there will be an arrival of His son to sort it out. I do not want to be in opposition when He comes. Just as their are angels on earth there also are demons. We know of both . As a veteran who loves this great country and mourns over her I say God bless AmericA.

          • She did miss deadline but now she is going to a federal judge to get a recount . It’s Pennsylvania so chances are it’s a left wing judge. He should not allow her to since she missed the deadline. But then again there are no laws the left can’t break. It’s a getting ridiculous . If it were repubs doing it the left would be furious and would not let it go . What scumbags they are. Stein just wants to add to the Green Party coffers. Most likely criminally. And the beat goes on.

          • Pennsylvania recount is done and Trump still won.

          • How can it be done. Hadn’t started yet according to last report. How do you know. Thought it was going to judge

          • It was on internet.

          • Wow. I knew by election rules that they did not have to allow a recount of difference was over .5 % but I thought she was going to a judge. If it’s true I fell better. Now they are recounting Wisconsin. And Michigan. Right? I heard they wouldn’t be done by Dec 13. That would not. E could because no one would get those votes .

          • PA recount is not done. One reporter says one thing and another says something different. Don’t know how to keep track of all of this. All I know, I feel it is stupid to waste taxpayers money on a worthless endeavor.

        • Thanks for your note, Keep the faith

        • Hopefully when the election is held on December 19, the electoral will grow some balls and save what’s left of democracy from the anti-American fascist/Nazi Trump Pence Reich. God help us all.

          • …typing in front of the mirror?

          • God has helped us by the election of Trump/Pence. In spite of all the lame street
            media, the RINOs and almost every newspaper dumping on him day after day throughout this long election process, he still won. All the pundits who had him with little to no chance to win were wrong. These last 8 years have been the longest 8 years in history. Hope and change was hype and blame. This president was not a leader for all Americans . He was the great divider along racial, gender
            and socio-
            economic lines. He left half of America behind because they didn’t vote for him. He was a narcissist in chief, a divider in chief, an apologist in chief, law breaker in chief and never a commander in chief. He was all about Marxism and the hell with what half the country wanted. I remember his words. Elections have consequences
            and boy was he right. All bad consequences for this once proud and great nation . He is a disgrace and quite frankly tax payers have gotten screwed while he was in office and when he leaves. You cannot name one policy he promoted or signed which is beneficial to the United Stated. There are none. He was basically a waste for 8 years and did nothing but double our debt with nothing to show for it. He pandered to

            the left . Allowed political correctness to lead the way and insulted millions of Americans who have lost their jobs. Then the high and mighty becomes the reason democrats lost in 2010, 12,14 and 16. Republicans hold more legislative seats in this country since like 90 years ago . He has always been about him. And the American people stood up and said enough of you . They said you have no legacy and quit trying to push voters to the polls because it is your legacy. They said look I am without a job and you didn’t do a dam thing about it. Good riddins Obama
            and take that other loser with you to.

          • Why would God want us to have corporate fascists, Nazis and white supremacists in charge ? I’m in Indiana, Pence was my congressman and is a man you don’t turn your back on. “Maniacal Mike” is a fascist anti constitutional anti American ugly sneaky man. After 8 great years here we are facing destruction and devastation . The world is in fear already, myself included. Nothing good can come from these men.

          • I have learned that God always answers our prayers . It’s either Yes, no or not now . Mine were answered with a yes and yours with not now . Now as for the incessant name calling which comes from your side ie. Those applied by the lame street media , do not in anyway legitimize your canidate or your party . It is the main reason your canidate was defeated. People are sick and tired of political correctness instituted by the left. They were sick and tired of being trashed by the left . They were sick and tired of the intolerance of the left especially when it came to freedom of speech and freedom of religion .so the Clinton news network and the No one but Clinton network and the lame street media like the New York slimes and the Washington Compost became to much for the electorate . The vitriol and hate coming from the left was way over the top and after being rejected they are doubling down with the same vitriol. Get used to it the left is not credible . The left wing media in this country has been rejected. They are no longer credible or relevant . People have rejected Globalism . It all started with Brexit and then went to Trump. Hopefully over the next 8 years others will follow . Globalism is unfit for human consumption.

          • I’m from Indiana, and totally disagree with you!!!!!!!

          • I agree with you 100%. Obama encouraged racism, terrorism, late term abortions, etc., etc., etc.

      • There are currently a total of 538 electors, corresponding to the 435 Representatives, the 100 Senators, plus three electors for the District of Columbia as provided for in the Twenty-third Amendment.

        A state’s population ize determines the number of Representatives and Sneators has.

        All states except Maine and Nebraska have chosen electors on a “winner-take-all” basis since the 1880s. The national popular vote is not the basis for electing the president or vice president.

      • How right you are! Thank you.

      • The easy answer is that no elected official cannot be a delegate. this would do away with the super delegates who are being bought & paid for by their parties. As for the Texas Senator it is not his vote , It is the people of Texas vote. Who does he think he is

    • You are absolutely,positively right !

    • We the People do not elect a President.
      We the People have never elected a President.
      We the People cannot elect President — the Constitution does not permit us to do so.

      Suggest you learn how your government actually functions.

      Start with the Electoral College.


    • Correctly said, janniefay!

    • Edit: omit ‘is’ /the first sentence is not a complete sentence, it does not have a subject. There are two forms of the word ‘brake’ and your post has nothing to do with trucks so you would use ‘break’. You have guessed the incorrect form of the word ‘their’ (possessive), you should have guessed ‘there'(place), also add an adverb to match ‘try’; ‘protester’ should be plural, ‘protesters’ , because it must match the plural ‘they’ in the second sentence plus a comma after ‘now’ as well as add a period of time in which we have not seen shit to complete the sentence. Let’s rewrite your post together: “Try to overthrow the election and all hell will break loose. If you think there are protesters now, you have not seen shit as yet.” There, that’s better, but Fuhrer Trump still doesn’t have the capacity to understand what you are saying.

    • No we have seen shit. It is good description of the left. A bunch of hired George Soros surrogates who can’t think for themselves .Sheeples who cannot think for themselves. Hell half you goons didn’t even vote . Truth be told you are hypocrites. I always said that the definition of insanity is the far left wing nut jobs . Most who have never had a job and who are led by a pied piper. Well you can cry and scream all you want but Law and order will be coming your way. The left wing mayors and governors can’t protect you forever . I can’t wait for that day to come. Time to put all the scumbags in jail.

  8. The liberals are slimy weasels, who turn their backs on the very principles they want you to think are important to them, if the principles don’t achieve want they want. Their orchestrated protests are getting them nowhere, their Virginia felon voters got them nowhere, their illegal immigrant voting got them nowhere, the biased media got them nowhere and Hillary got them nowhere. Now they are reaching up a horse’s a — to try to change s electoral process that has been done for almost the last two hundred years of this country’s history. Let’s give them California and New York and let the rest of us live in peace.

  9. This does not take into account that there is evidence that Hillary DID NOT win the popular vote. At this point, there have been over 3 million votes cast illegally by illegal aliens in the count. Other voter fraud has also been found on the Democrat side, with some estimates as high as 10 million illegal or invalid votes being counted for Hillary. If we go back and count all of the absentees and military/oversees votes, there could be an even larger margin of popular votes for President-elect Trump. We cannot allow the liberals to steal this, or any other election.

    • Sir, I think that there were far more illegal aliens voting in California than 3 million. Out here, in the land of fruits and nuts any person that can walk, talk and/or spit can obtain a drivers license without proof of citizenship and are not required to surrender any license from a foreign country, as people from other states who move here are required to do. Along with their new drivers license they are provided a voter registration card and information of healthcare, welfare and food subsidy programs. They have been doing it for at least 2 years now, so 3 million illegal voters is a drop in the ocean.

      • Agreed Ron. I’m, unfortunately, in California also. This is definitely the Socialist Utopia they’ve built it to be. However, I’m from the conservative part of the state, away from the coast and the two liberal bastions of socialist thought; San Francisco and Los Angeles. My hope is we can eventually separate the rest of the state from the coastal counties from SF down, If they push this state secession too far, it could happen.

        • Snowman45 Amen brother. Happy Thanksgiving. I am in San Diego, the County used to be conservative. I really want to move to East Texas far far away from Governor Moon beam Choo Choo and his merry band of lunatics. I have never been able to grasp their reasoning for the rail. Given that most fossil fuel power plants have been shut down and hydroelectric dams have been torn down so the useless snail darter has water to swim in while we die of thirst. They plan on an electric power system to move this travesty, they haven’t given any thought as to where they intend to acquire this power. So like most of their half baked looney plans that they just can’t seem to reason it out for themselves. They can secede but I will never go with them.

          • I agree completely, Ron. I’m just waiting for President-Elect Trump to take over and stop this Sanctuary City crap, appoint some strong conservative federal judges, and get some this State’s un-Constitutional BS overturned. There is a Federal law signed by Bill Clinton back in the 90’s that said States and cities can lose Federal grants and funding if they fail to comply with immigration law (and maybe others). In fact, the law can be enforced retroactively, so all the way back to the declaration of “Sanctuary City” or state status. Might bring these idiots to their knees. Let us hope.

        • I was born in CA to a family that has been there since the 1870s, but I can’t stand to go there now. I feel as if it’s enemy territory, and hate spending a dime there even though a lot of my family (mostly liberals) still live there. Still, folks I know in the center of the state and Sierra foothills hate the way CA has gone. It’s really sad. If you guys ever get to establish a separate state, I’ll move back with my dogs and guns!

  10. What a bunch of crybabies. This isn’t the first election where the candidate who (allegedly) had the “popular vote” did not win the electoral college votes. The libtards are just pissed off that Trump’s win derailed their plans for turning the “Land of the Free and Home of the Brave” into the “Land of the Sheep and Home of the Slaves”.
    Oh, and they also were denied their chance to worship the “first woman president” like they got to worship the first black president, so their goddess was unable to attain her throne.

    Remember all the riots, protests, pillaging, burning, and looting by conservatives when OBozo the Clown won? NEITHER DO I!

  11. Our forefathers were wise to select an electoral voting system, because it gave each state a voice, eliminating highly populated states from controlling the countries politics.
    If we abandoned the electoral voting system, the States of California and New York, alone, would dominate all presidential elections each and every year. Hillary popular vote count in these states exceeded Trump by a minimum of 3.8 million votes; if you remove those 2 states, Trump wins the popular vote by 1.8 million. All this talk about Hillary winning the popular vote by 2 million, totally ignores the original concept of an electoral system, and only serves to conger-up anger in the US populous. If a popular voting system was implemented; candidates would limit their campaigning to a few selected large cities, totally ignoring underpopulated states, i.e. instead of “The United States,” it would be “The Selected Sates-no longer United.”

    • If not for the electoral system environmental radicals in CA and NY would have elected hilLIARy to stop:

      1. Coal mining in WV, KY, and PA;
      2. Lead mining and paper production in WI;
      3. Commercial fishing off AK, ME, and LA;
      4. Oil production in TX and OK;
      5. Cattle ranching in WY and MT; and
      6. Farming in KS, NE, SD, IA, and IL.

      • As it is, the liberal representation in congress reside in just 3 liberal stated. Not much of a representation for the other 47 states. The liberals corral the minority vote, but do little to improve their lives. A course in civics would probably cure the problem.

  12. A final desperate act by a group of losers.


    • They will never get over it. Petulant little cry babies. Contrary to popular liberal belief America never was established as a absolute democracy by the Founders. They established a constitutional republic. Democrats should be encouraged to leave this terrible country and seek their “safe space” somewhere else; like Syria, Afghanistan, Libya and a few EU nations. I hear there are a lot of jobs available there now.

  14. It should be remembered that every objection to Obama had to do with his legality, essential eligibility, to run for or hold the office of president, on the sole basis of the stipulations of the law. This is important. On the same basis, it is the objections of liberals with respect to the established laws which govern both process and election which, apparently, is supposed to justify the universal acceptance of the reasons and purposes of liberalism in governance, lawlessness, the absence of law. On that basis, no liberal could, honestly with an informed conscience, take the oath of office of president, since he does not believe in the preservation, defense or protection of that which is the essence of law, the constitution, which can not be defined as “that which one has a simple, unqualified ability to do or make,” impeded or empowered only by others who have a similar ability. Liberalism is saying, essentially, since grace and mercy and forgiveness are the automatic, necessary responses to commission or omission of obligations, debts or guilt, there is no reason for the laws which define them, in the first place. Everything is economics and it is economic opportunity which is the common goal of all people, not just American citizens, who seem to feel that history and heritage have privileged them, to the envy of the entire world, and which is the reason for the controversy over immigration, a term which implies an origin from one place to a destination in another place. Liberals are reluctant to serve in the military, precisely because there is no law which is worth imposing or for which sacrifice is justified. There is no logic to a conviction on the basis of law, only on the basis of objection to it. The liberal is his own god and on that basis, we have the history of the Democrat party during the campaign of 2016. Is it really superior to that of conservatism which experiences a purposeful, beneficial restraint based on the impediment to injustice which obedience to the law provides? The reason that liberals CAN NOT represent conservatives is because their policies inhibit survival. That is unconstitutional.

  15. Old Clinton never won the popular vote if the illegal votes were counted, dead names votes, multiple votes ,rigged soros machine votes, etc. Etc

    • The real irony here is that the demonazis that perfected vote fraud over the past 50 years are now claiming the voting machines that they introduced so they could more easily tamper with elections were hacked in three former blue states; Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. I live in one of those states and I can tell you philosophically the people were always red staters at heart. All it took was to get the rural area voters to understand how critical this election was to get them to “go out and vote”. Highly liberal urban areas were only powerful because the rural conservatives stayed home. NOT THIS TIME! Go to any of those states and the only liberal conclaves are in what are known as “college towns” controlled by weak kneed liberal college employees.

    • HORSE SHIT,del Cunt !!

    • Clinton DID win the popular vote, but never the MAJORITY vote.

  16. Hopefully oldass Benghazi killer bitch Hillary Clinton will be dead by then

  17. Don’t worry, the days of thugs and mob bosses, meaning Cuomo, DeBlasio and other city dictators are coming to an end as we speak! Better days are finally coming, Thank God.

  18. Doesn’t the Hag, Bill Ayers, Soros, and all the other traitors ever quit?

  19. Tammy Dorsey Berthaut

    And this is yet another reason why anyone with a brain won’t ever vote for another DemoRAT. They are worse then rich spoiled children. They don’t give a crap about anything, anyone as long as its for their agenda. Once Trump is in he needs to get Soro’s and send him to pay for his crimes. He is behind this and using the useful idiots…70 flipping percent of which was too stupid and lazy to go vote…yet for $15 a hour they will riot and burn down cities but hey they are being bused in so its not their city! Wake the hell up people! The RATS are using you and your falling for it. Oh and they say the right is racist…go look up history it was the RATS that fought to keep slavery, At least learn your facts!

    • I know Soros is a naturalized citizen but I’m not sure if he actually lives in the U.S. If he does it should not be impossible to find out where that might be. Maybe the relatives whose families he reported to the Nazi Gestapo or SS in Hungary would be interested in helping the Israeli Mossad locate him and his sons.

  20. How dare they declare war on our president, How dare they. fuck these Democrats, they plotting to to destroy a innocent man’s life. And like Obma stated ” Trump has a scandal free admitrastion”. therefore I charge these Democrats for destroying a innocent man’s life and for jeopardizing his presidency and especially because selfish brats who won’t accept the election results.


  21. Not surprising! The moral and political corruption in this once great nation is beyond description! One more sign that America is finished as a Republic! There will be more planned demonstrations by idiots who are willing to sacrifice their freedom for a supposed “cause” led by evil fools who want to control every aspect of the society! What will they do when God executes final judgment on this once God-fearing land and brings destruction?! They will lose everything! As well they should!

  22. If Trump does not become President, because of some jack asses ,, America will never forget day all hell breaks, We have put up with enough crap, from protesters and George Soros ..

  23. I say…post the names, photo and location of each and every elector that joins this movement! Then, post each and every electors vote (538 of them)! See how they react to “TRANSPARENCY” !!! This protocol should apply to every part of our political system…enough already!

  24. The Democrates are just acting like cry babies. Someone should change their diapers. If it was the other way around they would be laughing at us. It shows what God can do when you pray. Example, Franklin Graham with prayer meetings all across AMERICA. Thank you Franklin Graham and all that joined in prayer for this GREAT NATION. “IN GOD WE TRUST ONCE MORE.”

  25. George Sorryass should be handed over to the Russians who have a bounty out on him! At the least he should be made to stay out of this country and out of ANY American business!!

  26. Democrats, or more appropriately radical Marxists had better think very long and hard about even trying to subvert the recent election of Donald Trump and Mike Pence. Despite all of the media collusion and sedition that all of the networks and news reporters and hosts took part in, the people, sick and tired of all of their crap exercised their right to elect the person they wanted and not the person the media and major political parties wanted. If the piss ant liberals think they can change that, they are delusional. Just try it. Tens of millions are patiently waiting for you to show your stupidity.

  27. The founding fathers wanted the electoral college to prevent a tyranny of the majority from electing a dictator. They saw the possibility of a trump from the beginning.

  28. Yogi Berra had said: “it ain’t over till it’s over” – these communists will not cede power PEACEFULLY; hence, like I adamantly say: REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION, unfortunately that is all that is left when the government does not abide by the RULE OF LAW but rather defines what the rule of law is instead of the constitution! Really, what other recourse is there, get down on your knees in servitude to these TYRANTS?

  29. If the electoral college is done away with, Kalifornicate, Texas and New York will dominate the government. Ther will be a splattering of noise heard from Ohio and Illinois. In other words only the big population areas will have a say in who and what happens in this country. That is NOT the way our founders designed this government. Using the term “Democratic” to describe our government is WRONG!!! A democracy is where the majority rules without regard for all the others within it’s borders. WE are a Republic!!! The electoral college spreads the decision making process fairly throughout ALL states whether they have large major cities or not.
    Just because Hillary lost does not mean the electoral college needs to be done away with. To the contrary, it shows that all areas (states) within our borders have a say in who governs. Of course the liberals don’t see it that way now do they ??? It’s their way or the highway.

  30. Why “overthrow” the Election? Real Patriots must Simply Drive a Stake through the Orange Monster-Elect’s heart and Stuff Trumps pumpkin head with Garlic!

  31. Irene Pfannenstiel

    The sad part is that I understand the left is threatening the lives of electoral college voters if they don’t change their vote away from Trump. What kind of fair election would that be if votes were changed because they fear for their lives or the lives of their family members. I sure hope the electoral college doesn’t let these leftist bullies get away with their threats. I have lost all respect for the democratic party after all the cheating they pulled during the election and now with all the crap they are pulling to try to change the vote from Trump to Hillary at the electoral college level. It just isn’t right.

    • I don’t know where you get your information, but there has not been any mention of any threats on any member of the electoral college in any major news source, conservative or liberal.

  32. KAMPF Fur Fuehrer Trump und Sheist Kopfen Volk !!

  33. The only thing that legitimately has been mentioned has been a call for recounts in some of the states that were up for grabs and used a digital voting process. The change of votes of members of the Electoral College is a pie-in-the-sky fantasy. It would take too many electors to change their votes and some states have laws in place to prevent that from happening.

  34. Oh Jesus, in 2008 Hillary loss to Obama even though Hillary won the popular vote. Did they make this fuss then? No! They need to get over themselves.

  35. Worse losers since their party was created. No wonder they lost since they do not recognize the key symptom called they are totally brain dead and it is the number prerequisite for membership.

    Just keep that trussed & tucked SFO broad in charge and one thing is a fact – losing will be repeated again and again. Get over it and try this concept called ‘introspection’. Disasters such as the one you dolts created will occur again and you will never because it is always the other parties fault. Dems have no clue about your base and you will never ever understand them.

  36. Take away votes from dead people…take away votes from those not registered…take away votes from those that managed to vote several times…take away the votes from Soros’s illegal voting machines. Guess what? Trump won the legal popular vote!

  37. Hey….just for fun, let’s revisit the Requirement of a PHOTO voter I.D. Card……that is always good for several
    laughs and even more stupid excuses why it would be just all wrong.

  38. The, “Poor Crooked losers”, will continue to spend, “Millions” in trying “Everything” they can to “Remain in Power”,
    and continue their, “Political Correct” (Corruption), within “OUR” Government Agencies, They need them, The, (Justice Department, the A.G.’S, Office, the F.B.I, DEA, Homeland Security, ETC>) to be able to continue their , “illegal” dealings & Cover-ups>> WHAT IS “NEW” about them?

  39. Time to declare war on Soros and the left. Actually that was secretly declared not too long ago and this is why Trump won. Lots going on behind the scenes to trip up the evil left right now. Usually they just kill themselves off by sheer stupidity but the left is getting a lot of backing. More to come.

  40. The plan is clearly the abolition of the Electoral College and after that it will be as Californication goes, so goes the nation – until we are merged with Mexico and submerged into the caliphate. Once the Electoral College is gone, the only question will be how many monkeys, mongrels and missing links can be coaxed out of the Central American rainforest and flown or bused to the Third World malignant melanoma that is now growing on America’s backside. It will be all “Hunger Games” all the time, only there will be two Capitols, one in Manhattan and one in Malibu, and the rest of us will starve, shiver and sweat in District 12 for the benefit of the preening and posturing inhabitants of the Twin Cities of bolshevism, babykilling and buggery.

  41. How is it possible that there are so many idiots in this country who refuse to admit the truth about KILLERy? She wants to turn the country over to the 1%… the UN… the NWO. Freedom will cease to exist COMPLETELY. The NWO has a plan called Agenda 21 and the first thing is calls for is the death of 95% of the population wwith enslavement of the rest.

  42. Robbert Hoekstra Azusa

    What is the difference between Democracy and Democrats? There is nothing DEMOCRATIC about Democrats. They are showing it now.

  43. Let them plot, at least they’re wasting their time and not our money! Get over it, you lost, and America won!

  44. It will be like declaring the Constitution unconstitutional, and it will be a declaration of war against those of us who still believe this is supposed to be a constitutional republic. Secessions will begin immediately if the Dems manage to do this, and it will be the end of the United States. Sad.

  45. The Democrat party is out to destroy what is left of our Constitution and elections. Felonious Hillary could end this with one call but she won’t. She is so power hungry that she could care less about the survival of or country. Congress needs to nip this at the bud right now. President elect Trump won in an unfair election. He won against an one sided media and a corrupt GOP Establishment. The American people have spoken and the Elites better listen or they will force the people to make them listen. Enough is enough with all the corruption. They had their 15 minutes. Time to take names and clean house. Take that as a notice from the people. You know who you are and so do we. Leave or be forced to leave.

  46. I use to think the electoral college was a bad idea but after paying closer attention I see it’s necessity, what needs to be done is to force all electoral votes to be for who the people in their state chooses not for them to be able to choose to go against them, to do this there would have to be more than a slap on the wrist penalty, instead of fining them $1000 put them in jail for the term of the elected president add a $100,000 fine and I’ll bet they will all vote to the demands of the people! But I don’t see a change from Trump to hillary happening not with Trump winning the electoral vote by such a large margin!

  47. All ready know how our government works, lady don’t get so up in the air. I also know how cheating works, and cooked Hillary.

  48. To all, please go down and move your cursor over the up votes for BILL3000. The A–wipe is giving itself up votes!!! Pretty sad when the ONLY way to an up vote is from ones self! ROFLMAO!
    P.S. With it’s rantings and raving and narcissistic B.S. I feel it’s possibly “Another Kooky Lady 2015’s” spouse!


  50. Any more conspiracy theories up your sleeve? Where do you get the notion that some kind of plot is underway?


  52. Yup. The unintended consequences of their divide and conquer demographics just kicked their asses. Thank God for our founders wisdom and the electoral college huh?

  53. Hey democrats! Ever heard of voter I.D.? Make sure the right people are voting and you won’t have to re-count. Unless you are planning to count until you win!

  54. If the left can manipulate the voting machines get dead peolle to vote, truck n illegals they will want to go population votes

  55. hopefully that old Jill Stien, something terrible happens to her and all the money she is swindling stupid Americans and illegals out of!!!

  56. If You take the 60.000 votes in Virginia from mass pardons by Clinton
    conspirator Terry McAwaful. And all of the votes in California by Illegal
    Aliens approximately 4 million. And All of the Grave yard votes from Her
    home city Chicago at least 1 million. The so called Popular vote swings
    to Trump.

  57. So 6 have decided they do not have to follow what they have been hired to do. Tells a lot about them. Self serving and probably being paid a lot of money for that vote. Time to stop this crap and that is exactly what it is. Millions of Illigal alien votes were cast for Hillary, and thrown many for Trump from illegals ….I would Guess?…zero. So who is the crook here.? They better watch very carefully with Republicns counting right along, so the count like the polls is not padded for Hillary. Her smarts in how to steal is well known. If there is a way, there’s Hillary smiling eyes rolling and cackling like a banshee at the bottom of it.

  58. Seems the DEMONRATS really want a violent revoloution with lots of bloodshed they need to be very careful what they wish for as it will backfire and the democratic population may take a big hit!!! good luck with that

  59. There’s plenty of evidence that Hillary DID NOT WIN the popular vote. There are over 3 million votes by illegal aliens that have been discovered. Estimates of numbers of dead voters and those who voted in more than one location or state up the total to somewhere between 8 to 10 million. There are no ethics or morals among these fools.

  60. when the Democrats started with “super delegates” in the 1970’s they started their campaign to undermine the electoral college. They have also instituted demographic ‘required’ delegates for select minorities and women


  62. If such an attempt were remotely successful, the American People can watch the TRUMP surge in all our national stock markets’ go from their NEW RECORD HIGH’s into a dismal Market CRASH in the opposite direction. The thought of Hillary Clinton in charge of anything in government, especially now with everything that’s come out about her criminal behavior, would send our country into a new Depression. Or America’s 2nd Amendment Constitutionalists, rising up, loaded for DEMS, into a new American Revolution…or BOTH. The DEM Party would become a banned party just as the Nazi’s were after WW2, hunted down, jailed and become a forgotten evil of our history.

  63. I hope the entire Republican party is taking this seriously. They will do anything they can to steal this from Trump. I have no doubt Obama has a plan B in mind, he knows if the Executive branch falls into the wrong hands, he’s done. He has undermined America throughout his tenure. Watch for Obama to come into all this with Homeland Security – filled with Muslim Brotherhood by the way.

  64. WHY would we want the people that have been acting like complete jackasses in power? That is reason enough to go the other way!!!!

    • Let’s remind our friends, relatives, and co-workers during the 2020 election campaign about how the radicals behaved after the 2016 election.

  65. And she DID NOT win the popular vote!

  66. The demonRATs are SOOOO angry and humiliated after gloating for many months that hilLIARy would win by a MUDSLIDE. They can NOT understand how hilLIARy LOST THE ELECTION despite so much vote fraud committed on her behalf.

  67. No members of Congress should be allowed to be electors as they are biased & can be bought very easily. I cannot figure out why this Jill Stein is getting into bed with HRC

  68. Soros has to die. The sooner the better.

  69. Well, I Agree With The Other Comments I’ve Read. Also If “THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE WAS DONE AWAY WITH”, A republICAN Would Have A Slim Chance Of Winning Unless He Was A Sure Bet ‘Cause The Overpopulated CALIF., Ill., & N.YORK Would Have A Dire Effect On The Election In “THE democRAT’S FAVOR”!!!! Jim

  70. Kenneth Schoonover

    The Democrats aren’t going to get away with their dirty tricks!

  71. Hillary didn’t win the popular vote; there are several million illegal votes, with over 3 million illegal aliens voting for Hillary. If Trump gets these votes thrown out, and gets it done in several Hillary states, she could conceivably lose not only the popular vote, but a couple/few state electoral college votes as well, making her loss even bigger.


  73. Irene Elizabeth Grooms


  74. Folks stop fearing, even the NWO Communists realize to do such a thing would put America into civil war, they don’t want that. They want a peaceful take over, after all look what they have done to the Democrats, and the Republicans are not far behind. A quarter are already useful idiots, give it time. America is just to set in the two party system of CORRUPTION and only wishful thinkers are going to think it’s going to get better! The leaven has already infiltrated the dough. Only one thing to do, trash the dough and start over, and that will not happen the way many think, many will die and it will get worse. It is time to draw close to Jesus Christ, the destroyer is very near, a Continent away on seven hills.

  75. I would like Trump to make all states scrutinize their votes and eliminate ALL false, illegal votes. After the inauguration, the second Executive Order after negating all of Obama’s Executive Orders, should be classifying voter fraud as Treason, and the punishment should follow, along with the full force of all governments to ferret out everyone who committed fraud, and bring them to justice.

  76. they are fixing to start a civil war

  77. Boy have you been brainwashed by the alt left. False narratives is the lefts claim to fame. Talk about untruther , you need not look past yourself. Your alphabet stations were in the tank for Hillary. The public didn’t but it and the lame street media is left with zero credibility . Now they double down doing exactly the same as they did during the election and even re vote for Pelosi as minority leader in the house. ?? Really?!Want to place Keith Ellison head of DNC. A Louis farakan lover, Jew hater, and a 911 truther. Really? Not to mention he is a BLM supporter and Wants Sharia Law the Dems are the party of Hippocrates, slavery, liars and hypocrites . So don’t bring your false narratives here. All you people have is racism, sexism, and any other names you choose to espouse . None of them are based in fact. Like I said your party has zero credibility . I do thank the left on doubling down on their rhetoric because no one listens anymore . Have a Merry Christmas . Mine will be Merry

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