Clinton Emails Should Trouble Both Parties

A number of Democrats insisted Wednesday that the e-mail issue would fade quickly in voter’s minds.

This is a line from a Thursday Washington Post article about the growing concerns about Hillary Clinton’s decision to conduct all of her electronic correspondence from a private account during her tenure as Secretary of State. And it’s that line that says so much about what’s wrong the state of today’s politics.

The fact that Clinton engaged in this level of inexplicable secrecy while holding one of the top cabinet positions in the country should be enough to legally disqualify her from running for president. Fade quickly in the voter’s minds? This is not a scandal that should simply be tossed into the Republican Witch Hunt category and brushed under the rug. This is not the blue dress. This is not Clinton saying that businesses don’t create jobs. This is a potentially-major breach of federal law, and it should be treated as nothing less.

State Department spokesman Marie Harf defended Clinton on Wednesday, insisting that there was no indication that Clinton had exposed classified information to security hazards through her private email account. But when pressed, she was forced to admit that she was taking this on faith from Clinton and her aides. White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest played the same game, assuring reporters that he had seen no evidence of the Clinton team withholding documents. Again, though, he was forced to temper that assurance with the same disclaimer.

Partisan Press On High Alert

I would not be the least bit surprised to see all of this fade into the background. At the conclusion of the Washington Post story, they finish in predictably-partisan fashion:

“As somebody who desperately wants her to run and wants her to win, on a scale of 1 to 10 this is a negative 12,” said Paul Begala, a longtime Clinton family friend and Democratic strategist. No real voter, Begala said, is going to base a decision on whether “she had a non-archival-compliant e-mail server.”

This is a perfect example of how the media works bias into their “news” stories without coming right out with the author’s opinions. The last thing readers take away from the article is the opinion of the ultimate partisan, minimizing the scandal in such a way that makes it seem utterly frivolous. Job well done, WaPo. Job well done.

The Clintons have made it their business to pursue their political ambitions without thought or consideration for the lives they crush along the way. Mrs. Clinton may strike some as a kindly grandmother in 2015, but she is every bit the ruthless politician that she and her husband were in the 1990s and before. What is hidden in those servers? Will we ever know? How will we ever be sure that their contents have not been pruned for public and congressional consumption? Why, in this age of condemnation for the secrecy of the Obama administration, would we consider putting someone like this in his place?

There are a number of answers for that final question, but the most relevant is: our nation’s journalists, supposedly driven to keep our government’s tyranny in check, are more concerned about their liberal heroes than they are the truth.



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