Clinton Emails Should Trouble Both Parties

A number of Democrats insisted Wednesday that the e-mail issue would fade quickly in voter’s minds.

This is a line from a Thursday Washington Post article about the growing concerns about Hillary Clinton’s decision to conduct all of her electronic correspondence from a private account during her tenure as Secretary of State. And it’s that line that says so much about what’s wrong the state of today’s politics.

The fact that Clinton engaged in this level of inexplicable secrecy while holding one of the top cabinet positions in the country should be enough to legally disqualify her from running for president. Fade quickly in the voter’s minds? This is not a scandal that should simply be tossed into the Republican Witch Hunt category and brushed under the rug. This is not the blue dress. This is not Clinton saying that businesses don’t create jobs. This is a potentially-major breach of federal law, and it should be treated as nothing less.

State Department spokesman Marie Harf defended Clinton on Wednesday, insisting that there was no indication that Clinton had exposed classified information to security hazards through her private email account. But when pressed, she was forced to admit that she was taking this on faith from Clinton and her aides. White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest played the same game, assuring reporters that he had seen no evidence of the Clinton team withholding documents. Again, though, he was forced to temper that assurance with the same disclaimer.

Partisan Press On High Alert

I would not be the least bit surprised to see all of this fade into the background. At the conclusion of the Washington Post story, they finish in predictably-partisan fashion:

“As somebody who desperately wants her to run and wants her to win, on a scale of 1 to 10 this is a negative 12,” said Paul Begala, a longtime Clinton family friend and Democratic strategist. No real voter, Begala said, is going to base a decision on whether “she had a non-archival-compliant e-mail server.”

This is a perfect example of how the media works bias into their “news” stories without coming right out with the author’s opinions. The last thing readers take away from the article is the opinion of the ultimate partisan, minimizing the scandal in such a way that makes it seem utterly frivolous. Job well done, WaPo. Job well done.

The Clintons have made it their business to pursue their political ambitions without thought or consideration for the lives they crush along the way. Mrs. Clinton may strike some as a kindly grandmother in 2015, but she is every bit the ruthless politician that she and her husband were in the 1990s and before. What is hidden in those servers? Will we ever know? How will we ever be sure that their contents have not been pruned for public and congressional consumption? Why, in this age of condemnation for the secrecy of the Obama administration, would we consider putting someone like this in his place?

There are a number of answers for that final question, but the most relevant is: our nation’s journalists, supposedly driven to keep our government’s tyranny in check, are more concerned about their liberal heroes than they are the truth.



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  1. Im concerned that Hillary is not the only Pol that has gone off the rez with Private servers……….Hackers , do some research for the American people, please

    • In Hitlery Rotten Benghazi Clinton’s words, “What difference–at this point, what difference does it make?”

  2. I’v been a Hilary supporter but now I’m having doubts. What will she do if she gets into office?

    • You will not have a need to know…
      Nobody will have a need to know.
      She should not get into office.
      We used to hold our Politicians and Presidents to a Higher Standard.

      • He evidently has not followed the bodies assoc. with killery, and the fact that after Watergate, where she was fired and lost law lic. now both Clinton’s and Obama’s disbarred.

    • Francisco Machado

      If you don’t already have a good idea of the direction Hillary will move government if she gets into office, it probably explains why you were a supporter. I hope enough people will ask themselves that question before the 2016 election. you haven’t seen her vehemently decrying Obama’s policies yet, have you? I’m afraid she finds him too conservative.

  3. 0bama got away with sealing his school papers, visa’s and just about his entire life, He hasn’t even had to define “Fundamental Change.”
    Isn’t it just fair that Hillary should be able to do the same?

    • Before Fraud Obama ever came along Hitlery Rotten Benghazi Clinton and Bubba were doing far worse.

      • The blood trail they left is just a reminder, DFWTC

      • At least the media went after the Clintons. The media has given 0bama a free pass. They are also giving Hillary a free pass on this email scandal. They are currently obfuscating the truth about just how bad her crime was.

        • You have to be kidding!

          • No, Unfortunately I am not. I should have been clearer, “In the early days.”
            I believe that the Left Stream Media is owned and controlled by Liberal Progressives. Those liberals are in the TANK for an ideology and will not betray that ideology.
            I think when Clinton was running against 0bama, they chose 0bama, and gave Clinton the same treatment as they gave the Republicans. That is they whacked both Clinton and ANY Republican.
            Now that 0bama is out of the picture, the corruption will slide to the new “chosen” one. Currently that is Clinton, and Clinton will get special treatment from ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN. Etc. The corruption is in place and it worked for 0bama.
            I also believe that NO Conservative cause will get proper unbiased press until the corruption in the media is addressed. ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC will not change unless they are forced to change.
            AND that is the entire reason for my boycott website. To remove the corruption, or at a minimum, shed a light on the subject.

          • Thanks for your clarification. Gosh, I think we are more in agreement on this issue than not. Both sides of the aisle have become so corrupt that I can hardly deal with it. I don’t think it is arguable that ABC, CNN, NBC, CBS, and MSNBC are essentially arms around Obama and whomever it is they decide to be the “chosen” one. The so-called MSM is totally in the tank for Progressivism/Liberalism/Marxism/Socialism. We are in a fight for our lives and this great nation. I’ve been around for a long time. I’ve seen a lot of presidents come and go, but I have never seen anything like this.

          • The irony is the MSM will be totally shut down if Socialism/Marxism takes over completely. Little do these morons know they are sealing their demise.

          • This is what always happens. It’s too bad the MSM does not read history, because the rest of us will have to suffer right along with them.

          • And I hope we never do again.

    • Dennis B Anderson

      Seems that the cork suckers always pull this out?? Well is what we did was it so bad look – lookie what they did, and they did it first?? Im tired of the smoked over story see what Bush did. You morons buy into it, and where does it stop?? I was asking about Obamas background the first time I heard that sappy caramelized voice of his. My ears cringe everytime I hear him say === THE FOLKS””

      • Conservatives, and Conservative values do NOT stand a chance with the Liberal media cabal that has formed.
        ABC, NBC, and CBS collude, they do not compete. On the west coast, none of these programs are on the same time slot. All they do is pass the viewers from one station to the next. Their stories are so similar that the three stations seem to support each ones credibility. I have personally heard people say, “How can all three get it wrong?”
        Those viewers that are immersed in the corruption have NO CLUE that they are being brainwashed by propaganda.
        I am dead serious, Conservatives (Republican Candidates), Conservative Values (Abortion, Defeating 0bamacare, Benghazi, IRS Scandal, Hillary’s Emails, the list goes on and on.)
        There is something we can do. Please consider joining my boycott.
        It is more than just not watching these programs. We are going after their source of funding. We boycott the Advertisers, ask them to move their ads off the offending “News” program.
        The boycotters don’t have to watch any of the programs, boycott lists are on the web site and updated weekly.
        When enough people sign up, the boycotters will listen to us.
        Please join and tell a friend.

      • Me too! I’ll bet he never used that term prior to his run for office. But remember, it’s one of his stupid little sycophants writing all his stuff. He doesn’t even get to Oval office until after 11:00 AM. When he’s on AirForceOne, he watches strictly sports. He reads less than 40% of intelligence briefings. Why do you think majority of people don’t have confidence in his foreign policy? He doesn’t know squat. I can’t stand Marie Harf or Jen Psaki and of course the real ruler, VJ. He readily admits, he doesn’t do anything without checking with her 1st,which should be illegal because she’s not an elected cabinet member.

  4. Yet another story that exposes the media bias.
    The media will not report bad things about Liberal Progressives like Hillary. They will obfuscate the truth.
    Unless We the People start talking about these crimes, they will sweep them under the rug and pull the wool over the eyes of the ones too lazy to dig for the truth.

    • Dennis B Anderson

      Watch Judge Jeanine! She just ripped off Hillary Rotten Clits underwear on her personal computer she kept our countrys business on. It hadnt been that long ago that Hillary fired one of her underlings for doing the very same thing. What do you want to bet her campaign funds from Saudia, Arabia was for the very information she had on her server at home. She was going to give up all of her information on Benghazi supposedly didnt know she was conducting federal goverment business like a giddy 15 year old girl??? She knew exactly what she was doing and its time to pull the god dam+ guns out and run amuck.

    • You must be listening to FoxNews Bill O and Hannity. These are bent to divide the country into races and gender. We caught Bill O lying. We have already caught Hannity using old picture footage to beef up his show. That is why I never watch his dumb show. All news now is fake.

      • I believe your wrong. I believe that Fox does not practice bias by omission in their NEWS reporting.
        FOX does not practice bias by omission. They report on stories regardless of what ideology it helps.
        O’Reilly and Hannity are OPINION programs that talk about the news, they do not REPORT the news.. And EVERYBODY is free to have an opinion.
        ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC all have nightly news programs that use bias by omission. That is the practice of omitting news stories that hurt their ideology and conversely omitting news stories that help the oppositions news stories.
        Bias by Omission is an insidious practice that robs the viewers of those programs of valuable information that they should be using to make their decisions. What is left after bias by omission is nothing better than propaganda. AGAIN FOX does not practice bias by omission.
        The reason you don’t like FOX is because you are a liberal. The reason you don’t want others to watch FOX is because FOX is the only station that has not joined the Liberals propaganda CABAL.
        The reality is, sorry for saying this, you are dumber for NOT watching FOX. The news isn’t FAKE, it is the “News” programs that are FAKE, and the reason they are fake is because they practice bias by omission.

        • I thought you were smart. But now you have convinced me otherwise. I am surprised to hear from you that Sean Hannity is normal. He is not only stupid but a racist and bigot big time. I sometimes listen to him by accident. Sean has called our President all kinds of names: Muslim, Kenyan, community organizer etc. Sean, like Scott Walker, is a college drop-out and therefore has inferiorly complex. To make up for his deficiencies Sean calls our president all foul names. O’rielly makes a mountain out of a mole; such as Benghazi. Bill has been hurting internally for the last 6 years because people in the WH are now racial minorities. Bill hurt more when Romney lost. Bill had been raised to believe the WH belongs to Whites only. Bill campaigned for Romney; but it did not work. So Bill, as allowed by FoxNews racist executives, tries as much as possible to destroy the present federal administration. It has not worked. And here you’re saying FoxNews is balanced. FoxNews is evil and is responsible for perpetuation of racial divide in this country..

          • Seems that the little Alinsky Radical pmbalele is loosing it. Your desperation makes me laugh. The wailing, and gnashing of teeth.
            As usual when a liberal has nothing left they pull out the insults. Strip the insults out of your post, and you said nothing. You only proved me right.
            Oh, except for the pathetic use of the race card.
            Fox News is balanced. If you “Sometimes” had listened by accident, you might have learned something, but I can tell all you do is repeat what your handlers tell you to repeat.

            So let me fill you in on some facts…
            0bama and Hillary lied about the video being to blame for Benghazi, ANY time a President lies is more than a mole hill.
            0bama lied to get 0bamacare passed.
            Those proven lies mean that 0bama does not deserve the benefit of doubt.
            Hillary may go to jail over her hypocritical use of emails.

          • Did you not watch Bugs-Bunny when little? Bugs took care of his home first before going to help others. That is the American way. But TPs and Repubs in Congress do not want that now. They prefer President Obama order his military to go round the world to solve all nations’ problems. We tried to solve Iraq problems by removing Sadam – and that what we got –ISIS. Nigeria has a national army; but Nigeria government does not want to confront Boko. It makes no sense to me with these TPs and Repubs want Obama to solve all problems abroad when there is still racism and other ills in this country.

          • Still trying to blame things on Republicans and Tea Party members?? Pathetic.
            0bama got ISIS, why, because 0bama withdrew prematurely. Even Bush predicted this disaster. If you watched anything other than the propaganda outlets that you subscribe to you would know that.
            You can not make sense of these things because you have no honor, you do not stand behind or support your friends or the weak and those in need. You watch others get gang raped from the sidelines and are scared to get involved.
            Bugs took care of his friends as well as his family. He took care of those in need.
            0bama does not want to solve racism, he actually promotes it.

          • Mary Ellen Wilson

            Yes. There were many reasons we went to Iraq based on greed and egos but there is one reason that may be the overwhelming one. Back in the 70s there was consideration of invading Saudi Arabia to keep the oil flowing. Kissinger negotiated a peace with them that all oil would be sold in dollars and in return we would protect them from their volatile neighbors. Sadam said he was going to sell his oil in euros. Extracting ourselves depends on finding some other way to prop up the dollar. Oil is becoming obsolete. We need to find a solution to this soon. Any thoughts?

          • Please do not show your posting to Dick Cheney. He is the one who coaxed Bush II to re-invade Iraq and therefor responsible for ISIS birth

          • Bull. 0bama’s mishandling of IRAQ is the reason ISIS is on the map today.
            Bush warned all of us of what would happen if we left too soon.
            0bama did not listen to ANYBODY when he decided to leave Iraq. Not the Military, not the politicians, not our Allies, AND not the people of the United States.
            0bama only listened to his own ego.

          • There you’re again -showing not only ignorance but racism. Think. Bush went there for immoral reason because of Cheney advice.

          • No evidence to prove that. Neither man PROFITED, neither man rules over IRAQ, neither man plundered.
            It is your racism and ignorance that is on display here.

          • The biggest mistake Bush made, was not going after the Alkida /ISIS/ Iranian insurgents in Iran!

          • The entire notion that America goes to war for less than noble reasons is just an evil plot to get Americans to reject their history, reject Capitalism, and accept socialism.
            Check out the book America, by Dinesh D’Souza or watch the movie. It is very enlightening with regards to the socialists plot to destroy America. Liberals must destroy America, so that the can “Rebuild America.” First the Liberal must get America to REJECT Capitalism in order for them to “Rebuild America.”
            I believe THAT evil plot is the source of all the Hate America crap. Bottom Line, we went into IRAQ because Sadam was a threat, he was in violation of NUMEROUS UN sanctions, and EVERYBODY though there were WMD’s. Bush and America was WRONG, but I have not seen proof that Bush lied.
            As for egos and profits, I do not see the huge profits. We do not plunder, we do not conquer, rape, pillage and all that stuff.
            Nor do I see evidence of Bush’s ego. Bush hasn’t spiked the ball, or claimed that HE accomplished something that America’s finest accomplished.
            I caution ANY solution must come from innovation, We the People should not give our government ANY more power. The Government is too big, too inefficient, and only has the Governments growth on its mind.
            Your thoughts?
            Note the difference between 0bama’s “I killed 0sama” bragging, and Bush’s class and humble regard for the military.
            I guess, I do not buy that America has gone into ANY war for less than noble reasons, and that is to free an oppressed society from evil, and help those in need with the power we were blessed with.

          • You are high if you think the Republicans want Obama to solve “all the problems abroad “. I would trust him to solve the problems of a wet dream and it was on Obama’s watch that the rise of ISIS occurred. Remember when that fool announced when we would pull out ALL of our troops ? Do you not think leaving a security force behind because the pros that fight the wars, I.e. the military said we needed to or this would happen would not have made a difference ? That’s right, Obamas tactical military genius is far superior to that of a career military man, right ?

          • You’re such a dummy. Do you know why we were in Iraq the second timef- for nothing. There we no WMD. If Bush II had not gone there the second time we would not have ISIS today. Sadam had grips on those morons now they call themselves ISIS.

          • Dennis B Anderson

            Bill Clit recently with his white friend that has an Island again has dove in between under aged girls legs and got his little willie exposed. Black / White purple Fox News stations tell whats out there its why Oblah – blah wants to shut them down.

          • He is Muslim. They indoctrinate early. His father was a Kenyan. His mother remarried a Muslim Indonesian & if you cared to dig deeper,you’d know how young they get indoctrinated in the Madrassas. His grandparents were communists. You don’t accidently call yourself a Muslim if you’re a Christian. Ask him to recite John3:16. That’s one every Christian should know by heart. We don’t know if he passed school. He sealed sll records. Probably because he was listed as a foreign student & his grades sucked if his GPA was high, wouldn’t he want everyone to know? I don’t rely on FOX for straight news. I research about 10 different ones including Israeli papers & TV and links to MEMRI. I realize most people don’t have the time. But I never listen to ant of MSM because it’s going to be biased & full of lies. All liberals spout the same garbage & don’t debate. If they disagree they start name calling.

          • Like all right wing people, you are telling us lies. I know President Obama is a product of an Irish-American lady and an African father. Obama also went to Harvard and graduated. Not like your candidate Scott Walker who flunked

          • pmbalele,
            You are so racists.

          • No. I am a normal person telling the truth. There are certain White males who are angry for no reason other than the people in the WH are racial minorities. You better grow up.

          • Sure there are certain White males who are angry for no reason other than the people in the WH are racial minorities. But there are more racial minorities in the WH than those angry people.
            AND you playing the race card does NOT prove your points as the “truly” racist people are definitely in the minority and really have zero impact on “all right wing people.”
            To lump everybody into one category is bigoted and racists and does nothing to prove your points.
            You need to start refuting the points and quit with the silly race card BS.
            0bama has lied to ALL of us. To give him the benefit of doubt is foolish. The fact that you not only give 0bama the benefit of doubt, but you still believe what he says as true, without proof, says a lot of things about your own credibility.
            BTW, Scott Walker quit school for a better opportunity, kind of like when a football player chooses to go pro. There is a huge difference between leaving college for greener pastures than flunking.
            That statement also shows your lack of intelligence.

          • T Thank God you agree there some White males hate to see Blacks in
            the WH. Too bad. – They should get over it. I am warning all Blacks and White
            women never vote for Scott Walker again. Last year Walker secretly signed into
            law to allow companies to pay women lower than man doing the same job. Also
            read why Walker was kicked out of college. Do you really want a guy like Walker
            to lead the Free world? Walker wants sharia law and he is getting a lot votes
            from illiterate White males. Not from me. Walker is lucky he won again last
            year. He would have been in the street like former governor Tommy Thompson. .

          • What I am saying is that those that actually believe that crap are a very small minority of White males. THEY HAVE ZERO impact on our society now.
            Yet, you still invoke their ghosts, in attempts to get more of what you want.
            Walker has endured over astronomical odds, his truth has prevailed. The corruption in the media is obvious in your uninformed and misguided posts.
            Some day you may want to start thinking for yourself and quit being used by those that you listen to.

          • Did you say racists have zero impact in our society?
            You’re kidding. Most of these are CEOs in big companies. These are the people who hire and fire. They love to see Blacks are jobless. But also I have to cushion you that racism is enabled and encouraged by Repub appointed federal
            judges. These work hard to dismiss race cases to avoid offending their friends – the CEOs. Please read 7th Court decisions and write to me.

          • No, I did not say that “racists have had zero impact on our society.” You left out a key word…NOW
            What I did say, was those White Males (both of them) that hate to see Blacks in the WH have zero impact on our society of 300 Million people EPHASIZE, NOW, today, in the present. Those bigoted people are in a very small minority, and HAVE ZERO influence on our society now.
            Corporations are held to very strict hiring standards.
            Are you saying that Herman Cain a black man is a racist because he ran a Corporation? How about Oprah, Jay Z, Puff Daddy… Did you know the VERY FIRST woman to become a millionaire was BLACK, Madam C. J. Walker, look her up.
            I must caution you that one technique that Fascists use is to vilify EVERYONE that disagrees with their ideology. The left is becoming fascist.

          • You and the president must have the same father, as Scot Walker’s situation only makes him more qualified to be president then Saboteur and Chief!

          • How do you explain his ratings ? It couldn’t possibly be because more viewers agree with his position than that of the liberal medias could it ? As far as dividing this country and being racist, I would say that all that garbage coming out of the White House is just as responsible and possibly more for the divide. Obama has done nothing but fan the flames of racism.

        • Well put MAHB001

          • Thank You!
            For all those that want to fight the corruption.
            Please join my boycott.
            Where the usual boycott by not watching does not work, this boycott will work. We are boycotting the advertisers that support the corrupt news programs on ABC, NBC, and CBS.
            MadAsHellBoycott is easy (for the boycotters) all you have to do is sign up, the site (me) does the rest. Lists are updated weekly. AND, I contact each advertiser and politely ask them to move their ads off the programming hour.
            With enough people, the advertisers will realize that they are loosing more money than gaining by advertising during the nightly news and they will remove their funding. Without advertiser funding the Liberal Progressives can not afford to spread their propaganda. .

      • I guess ‘n you don’t know who judge Jeanine is? It’s best you stay tuned to MSN!

  5. Every scandal is turned into a political fight, and why is that? Well when was the last time either party held one of their own to the higher standards they should abide by? The answer most likely is never if both parties were accountable they would be going after the truth no matter what, instead all they do is protect their own without regard for the citizens and laws of this country. Time to be the people we elected you to be the guardians of our Constitution, Amendments, Laws and the citizens of this country. No more protectionism of your own. The Truth and Accountability is what you owe us every day. And that goes for the msm as well.

  6. Dennis B Anderson

    What is this our country doesnt hang people for treason anymore.??? They just get a tongue lashing and told not to do this anymore. This bitch should be in jail waiting for her execution date. Hey Washington youre all a bunch of forking pussyssssss???

  7. carlton goodson

    It should bother them all due to the fact that all are up to there necks in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. How about this: In order to qualify for holding public office, the following binding agreement must be signed.
    I (politicians name) hereby agree to be held to the following:
    1. I will not accept campaign money from outside sources seeking to influence any vote I may cast. No back door deals will be tolerated by my constituents, my staff or myself. I am prepared to vote as directed by the people who sent me to this office.
    2. I will resign my office if I am found to be morally deficient in any way. I will not succumb to drug or alcohol abuse, sexual affairs, misuse of public funds or any misconduct which could reflect upon my office or my political party.
    3. I do not now nor have I ever held allegiance to any philosophy, point of view or foreign government that is in conflict with the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights and Governing Laws as set forth by The Founding Fathers of The USA. I believe that our free democracy and Government for the People and by the People should be defended at all costs.
    If every elected official in the country, even local ones would sign this before accepting office…I believe we would be on the right track to bringing back America to the respectful position we once held.

  9. What bothers me more than Hillary, is the fact that others in our govt are doing it too with relative impunity. Running the govt on two sets of books. Not just the Email thing either. It’s a whole culture of covert operations hidden from the Citizens. Look at: Fast & Furious, IRS scandals, VA abuses, Benghazi, Green Energy bailouts, Convention overspending, paying for duplicative and overlapping programs, encouraging illegal immigration, waste fraud & abuse in medicaid medicare and now Obamacare. All out of the spotlight and under the radar. When a ray of light breaks through then they abuse the whistleblowers, give a free pass to the culprits, lie & stonewall the truth, and subvert freedom of information. Until Citizens take an active part by voting and demanding action via their representatives nothing will change. Talk about it. Share your views often. Get involved and let the collective voice of the People be heard loud & clear. No excuses

  10. The truth does not even come into consideration when partisan voters go to the poles. Dems and RINOs, same same. Out right lawlessness is a prime example of this Administration and, I might add congress has been complicit too. Other administrations have had their lawless points but none so blatant as this one. A de-facto KING again with congresses complicity.

  11. Boy,Hillary is in trouble now. Lois Lerner went to prison and now Hillary will be goin….What?..Lerner didn’t…?..Oh..Never mind.

  12. The National Media and most of our Universities are apparently controlled by hard core liberal progressives. They also control the Political correctness movement.
    Let us look at the meaning of the individual words and the whole terms, the good, the bad and the ugly.
    The UK Thesaurus – Microsoft word defines the terms as follows:
    Liberal = generous, open-minded, tolerant etc.
    Progressive = liberal, reformist, radical, left-winger, etc.
    Political = party-political, radical, partisan, dogmatic
    Correctness = appropriateness, acceptability, uprightness, rectitude, conventionality
    (in the framework of party lines).
    Essentially if we follow and analyze their actions, they remind us on the inquisition. They are using
    the 2000 year old tool invented by the Catholic Church: To isolate, ostracise, to shame, and if they don’t rescind – burn them on the stake.
    Who has set up the Political Correctness lobby as judge, jury and executioner? Who has given them
    the power to forbid and prosecute free speech – to persecute their adversaries,drag them thru their courts, hunt them out of their jobs, ruin their lively hood and break them financially if they do not say mi culpa, mi culpa,. Is it not the quest for total control and total Power?
    Today’s happenings are reminiscent of the start of
    the Nazi regime in Germany,
    the communists in Russia,
    Mao in China,
    the terror regimes in the Middle East.
    Liberal Progressives and political correctness in the USA
    The end sum of non-tolerance, dogmatic, partisan and propaganda (lies).

    Well come to the USA 2015.

  13. Bring back public hangings in town square. That will make these tyrants think twice about violating the law. Two words that don’t exist in todays political circles: MORALS and ETHICS!!!

  14. What Hitlery Rotten Benghazi Clinton did is so despicable that I have difficulty writing about it. I remember when I was a young man who worked for the Department of the Navy, before email, and I assure you if I had pursued Navy business in my home that I would have lost my job and the Naval Investigative Service would have seen to it that I went to jail. We had to keep Confidential and Secret messages in safe which I did not even have the combination!

  15. Not only what Killerbeast done illegal, but also by using a private e-mail/server which is not encrypted, I am sure our adversaries hacked highly classified correspondence regularly to the detriment & security of the USA. The bitch belongs in jail for a long, ling time, if not charged with TREASON. Her and Horn Dog Bill have a history of criminal doings. Hope there is a follow-up on sleaze ball womanizer Bill flying on Epsteins Jet “Lolita” & going to “Orgy Island” where the convicted pedophile was using under aged girls for sexual trysts.

  16. Why should the GOP be concerned, it’s a Clinton and the GOP who are all RINOs.

  17. It is Stories like this that is the reason Obola wants to Control
    the internet so the truth about what he dose and the rest of
    the Socialist’s do is not reported. The FCC the newest arm of
    the Obola KGB/Gestapo.

  18. Why certainly it should but it won’t because the ‘Dem-O-Coms’ are behind ‘Hillary the Pillory’ the ole, ugly commie whore and the ‘Re-PUNK-lican’ leader(less)ship is part of the two-headed, one party oligarchy that is only interested in enriching themselves while enslaving ‘US’! This is the truth, like it or not and this also is the truth, like it or not: REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION! mInr, NSA!

  19. I’ve had a Mac since 1985 & I use it every day!
    I still don’t have 55,000 pages of e-mail!!

    What could this Kunt possibily have to say ????

  20. Let’s hope in this case chett flows uphill, karma is sweetest when in full stream and you’re out of its way!

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