Chelsea Clinton Forced to Publicly Deny Worshiping Satan

There has been a lot of talk over the past year of Chelsea Clinton following her mother and father into politics, but we can’t imagine that this is the kind of thing that launches a career into the stratosphere. As one conservative site humorously put it, it’s never a good day when you have to publicly deny that you worship Satan. But that’s exactly what Clinton was forced to do this week after her social media overtures to the official Church of Satan sent Twitter into a tizzy.

The trouble began on Tuesday. In a tweet to Chrissy Teigen (how does this idiot always wind up in the middle of things?), Chelsea wrote, “In 2017, @Church of Satan & I were put on a few threads together. In 2018, it’s…@Hooters. What a time to be alive Chrissy!”

In response, the Church of Satan tweeted, “The never ending excitement here is never ending.”

To this, Chelsea wrote: “It’s been so long! Happy New Year!”

The Church of Satan does not claim to literally worship the demonic presence of the Bible, but rather uses the name as a symbol for man’s “carnal” nature. They describe their religious ideology in this way:

We are the first above-ground organization in history openly dedicated to the acceptance of Man’s true nature—that of a carnal beast, living in a cosmos that is indifferent to our existence. To us, Satan is the symbol that best suits the nature of we who are carnal by birth—people who feel no battles raging between our thoughts and feelings, we who do not embrace the concept of a soul imprisoned in a body. He represents pride, liberty, and individualism—qualities often defined as Evil by those who worship external deities, who feel there is a war between their minds and emotions.

The exchange led many on social media to wonder aloud if Chelsea worshiped the Devil or, in any case, identified with the Church of Satan’s ideology. This forced Chelsea to defend herself, claiming to be a Methodist with a Jewish husband but insisting that it was possible to be respectful to those with different beliefs.

“Oh goodness gracious,” she wrote. “We can be civil, cheerful, and respectful to and friends with people who don’t share our religious beliefs. Sometimes we even marry them. I’m a Methodist and my husband is Jewish, thank you very much.”

In any case, Chelsea now has a possible campaign slogan to launch her political career. CHELSEA CLINTON: I Don’t Literally Worship the Devil!

Which, in fairness, still has a better ring to it than “Stronger Together.”


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  1. Reading the Past Posts of Miss Chelsea, seems to me that she has a congenital condition which results in
    LOW IQ! Sad. And she wants to run for office, that’s even Sadder!

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    • Sad for the people of New York, because that is who she will start to screw first.

      • i wonder if that’s with or without the benefit of intercourse ? just a thought .

        • God, I hope without!! I wouldn’t touch her.

        • Hard to say, hojo, but rumor has it that a 53ft. semi trailer load of KY jelly was delivered to the Chappaqua, NY residence. No word on who it was for but I believe we could eliminate the hildebeast immediately.

        • Don Paul Anderson

          I wouldn’t consider that a benefit, more of a form of torture. Probably has to wear a porkchop around her neck just to get the dog to play with her.

          • LOL, or better yet they tied a dead dog around her neck and she dragged it all around the yard!

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        • Without Vaseline like the good Demon Rats have done for decades .

        • Who’d want it with HER? People have to stand up for their own standards, she has none!

      • JCluvs:
        Right ! The idiot people voting in NYC, who always select the worst possible candidate, are right now preparing tons of lies about little Chelsea, regarding all the experience at government she has and what she has learned at her mama’s knee. “Don’t talk to the hired help”!

        • She probably should have been put over the knee a few times . No more Klintons in Politics !!!!

        • She has zero experience in gov’t. She does have massive experience in fraud however.

          • Well look at the thing we had in the oval office for 8 years he knew absolutely nothing as well, he/it caused all sorts of damage to the country.

          • Exactly. And we don’t need any more of that shit.

          • The only thing bamba boy did was raise taxes and impose all sorts of regulations many of which are now getting eliminated, taxes are getting cut and regulations are getting eliminated, all good things for business, companies are now putting people back to work..

          • Yes. God Bless President Trump.

          • Thank the president. And call for Hillary, Holder, Lynch and Comey to go to prison.

          • The prison those thugs need to be in needs to be either under about 500 feet of water or out in space, either way if they try to escape they meet a very grisly end.

    • The entire Clinton, Bush, and Obama families need to run……..For the border!!!

      • Come on. Ovomit’s daughters are just getting out of high school.
        Barbara Bush (twin): Yale University, Member of Kappa Alpha Theta
        Jenna Bush Hager: UT Austin and NYU

        Fair is fair. It will be interesting to see what universities Malia and Sasha attend.

        • curmudgeon VN Veteran

          Their diplomas are already printed regardless of where they decide to go and they like their parents won’t even have to attend classes nor do any classwork. Diversity you know.

          • Their daddy??? got a nobel prize just for being black they should get at least advanced or multiple PHD’s

          • not their daddy

          • Their daddy is not Barry – Barry’s daddy is not Obama Sr. – Michael?? It runs in the family. Then again Bucky Hubbell is not Bill’s daughter either – A simple legitimate DNA paternity test would clear all of this up quickly but don’t hold your breath waiting.

          • Or their mother either, (Big Mike) !!

          • how fast can they print those out. hope they do a better job than Obamas Birth Cirtificate

        • They will attend Harvard but this time their dad will have to pay.

          • BUT which daddy! The real one, or the pretend one.

          • DNA testing should be required to male sure they are not Imports like Obozo was !!!

          • Absolutely!! I always felt that something wasn’t right about Obama back when they started promoting him as a future presidential candidate out of nowhere.

          • Jarret was the one that took the Obamas under her wing way back before politics .

          • That explains everything.

          • His handlers wanted him in place of the hildebeast! Even though he was half black, they knew that would work for what they wanted to accomplish. The deep state establishment has been working with the NWO for years and they have always known that to succeed in their one world government, the United States had to be taken down. This slick talking, marxist, Kenyan, America hating gay caballero had that skin color advantage over the hildebeast and he could play the race card with impunity! The damage he did in 8 years is pretty unbelievable, but he didn’t quite get the job done! The deep state commies weren’t too worried, though, because they had no doubt that the hildebeast would be elected and she would have no trouble finishing the job! A big woooopsie happened in the 2016 election and upset these jerk’s apple cart. Thank God for Donald J. Trump…….MAGA President Trump!!!!!

          • Let’s just hope that he can get things done before the NWO has the Deep State do something horrendous to Trump. If only he could round ALL of Obama’s plants up in the various agencies and put them away in a maximum security prison or even Gitmo with NO communications.

          • Soooo true….I couldn’t agree more!!!

          • and gas them on public television

          • Not to forget the pretend mom………….

          • and pretend wife

          • Don’t bet on that CG……I bet they have so much of the taxpayers money stashed away somewhere it would make your head swim!!!

        • Probably ISIS U.

        • Malia and Sasha…………..I sure would like to know who their parents are!!??

      • they are ALL tied up with the NWO

      • That would be a prayer answered !!!

    • She is VERY intelligent; I believe she was a Rhodes Scholar like Billy Boy was; has numerous Master’s Degrees, and a Ph.D. from Somewhere University. She sits on numerous Charity Boards as well.

      Yep. She is DEFINITELY being groomed to go into politics, unfortunately.

      I wonder if she took a course on “Lying to the People 101?”

      • Chelsea was home taught to lie by her parents from early childhood!

      • About her ‘LYING’….well, that’s in her DNA!

      • Raquel Salientes

        She doesn’t need that course (Lying to the People 101). That’s a congenital condition, inherited from her mother.

      • In the Clinton family, that’s called home schooling.

      • Why did Rhodes Scholar Bill leave Oxford without finishing a degree program?

        • he couldn’t cut it, it got in the way of his Coke Habit so he went to Russia to study and avoid the draft

          • Actually it was due to accusations of a sexual nature he is well known for. Like most colleges they do every thing possible to protect the reputation of the school.

          • So did Obama ! He was sent by Alice Palmer , his boss when he was an ACORN agent and helped her get elected , by Fraud to the Illinois Senate , She sent him to school to study Marxism and Communism , Nikita was right when he gave his Speech to the UN in Sept, 1959 Your Childrens Children will be Communists ! Socialism then next!

          • NOT in My country not as long as I’m alive anyway. there will be Dead Commies/Socialists/Liberals everywhere

          • You old fool just STFU

          • Alice Palmer was a card caring communist and so was Obama’s Father , Frank Marshal Davis ,We have had them for along time along with people that are traitors , At 88 i do not think I’ll be around that long but have some great Children and Grand Children , America has been Great for Me , I did not like it when i was in Korea from 1950 to 1952 as a medic but the needs of the service come first!

          • Nancy Pelosi s husband is a Card carrying Communist to this day; there are still several Communists in our Govt. and I don’t know why we allow them in.

        • ronirus:
          Because he wasn’t there to pursue a degree. He was there only to dodge his draft number.

      • Rabid madcow on msnbc was a Rhodes scholar too. So what’s your point? ” any liberal a-hole can be a Rhodes scholar.

      • She comes by it naturally.

      • anyone can be a Rhodes Scholar with enough $$$$$$$$$$$$$

      • Having a nepotistic degree from an institution of higher inbreeding for socialist/communist progressive so called elites, or their Rhodes, or Fulbright awards for possession of progressive parentage are no longer emblems of academic achievement but simply an expression of left wing liberal narrow mindedness, bigotry and the inability to reason, or apply common sense.

      • she’s had that course all her life with Billzeebub and HildaBeast

    • She went to college as the child of an ex-world leader – She would have been “awarded” ( given ) a PHD if all she did was color in her coloring book the whole time she was there – even if she couldn’t stay inside the lines and her choice of colors was abysmal.

    • As a politician she will not be the only one with a low IQ, and a stupid brain/mouth. She will most likely be just like Mom, arrogant and stupid.

    • Sasquach Clinton is sleezy lying crook just like her mother

    • What’s even sadder is that many will actually believe that she’s worthy of office, and other’s will know what a dirt bag she is but will vote for her anyway–Typical “Clinton Supporters.

    • Hopefully Chelsea as a major player in the Clinton Cartel Foundation will be in prison with her parents – Killary, Slick, & Webb Hubbell.

  2. The only way Chelsea could get into office is if the Elites put her in office. The American people on both sides of the isle have rejected the Clinton crime syndicate.

    The only way the Elites can put her into office is through a corrupted voting system. Be prepared for them to try.

    • Chelsea Clinton does not worship Satan. Satan worships her.

      • Now that is worth a million upvotes.

      • Hahahahahahahaha thanks for starting my morning off with a lol:-)

      • LOL, great one!

      • Shout at the Devil!!!!

      • curmudgeon VN Veteran

        Hillary was finishing up a day on the campaign trail when the Devil suddenly appeared in her and made her an offer.

        “I am here to make you a deal,” the Devil says. “I will give you unlimited wealth, power, and a media that will pander to your every whim. In return, all I ask for is your soul, the souls of every member of your family, and the souls of all your constituents.”

        Hillary ponders for a moment and then asks, “Unlimited wealth and power?”

        “Completely unlimited,” the Devil confirms.

        “A pandering media?” she asked.

        “They’ll fall over themselves to support you, no matter what you do or say,” the Devil assured.

        “And you want my soul, my family’s souls, and the souls of my constituents?” she asks.

        “Yes. All of them,” says the Devil.

        Hillary thinks deeply about it, then finally says, “So…what’s the catch?”

  3. I want her to publicly deny it hooked up to a polygraph machine.

  4. The Clinton’s are Disciples of Satan right? Wait Hildebeast is a witch, that’s different right? Bill Clinton is just a bag of pus.

  5. Francisco Machado

    Forcing people to falsely deny their beliefs is unamerican. It is redolent of a totalitarian regime, of the Inquisition. Chelsea, from a carnal standpoint, certainly couldn’t get a rise out of me. The resemblance to Jimmy Carter is, sad to say, too striking. Might have better luck with the Satanists.

    • curmudgeon VN Veteran

      The resemblance to Webster Hubbell even more so. She would be one more of the female democRAT antidotes for the four hour erection.

  6. These people are so stupid, the church of satan was started by anton levay, back in the 60s, he wrote the satanic bible, so what they high graded it. The devil is the father of lies just like these morons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I like that. The Devil is the Father of all lies. The Clinton’s are nothing but, the Devils Messengers………….
      May the peace of the Lord be with US .

  7. Even though her father is an ex-president ,Chelsea’s background is sad.

    • We can say that about the Bush II and Obama daughters.

      • I have no further argument.

      • Barbara Pierce Bush graduated from Yale University
        Jenna Bush Hager graduated from UT Austin

        The fact that she was smart and graduated from UT Austin says a lot. A TRUE Texan!! LOL

        • They were both drunks, while #43 was gov. of Texas and president.
          Chelsea has a lot of collage degrees too. Better collages than UT Austin!
          See they all have a lot in common……….

    • Look her up. Look at her education record. I can’t stand her, but she does have a noteworthy education.

      • curmudgeon VN Veteran

        I wonder if her classwork is as hard to find as that of Obama?

      • Lots of degrees, NO job experience. How “liberal of her”.. classic liberal profile. Attend school… accomplish nothing of value.
        Run the Clinton Crime Foundation? Yeah, right, that should read well on a CV, when the true details become known.

        • No job experience and ZERO common sense. She’d fit right IN with the Female Moron Caucus in Congress–you know, Nancy Pelosi, Debbie Wasserman-Schutlz, Mad Maxine Waters, Frederica Wilson, Shirley Jackson Lee . . .

      • I’ve heard you can BUY degrees if your parents donate enough money to the college . . .

      • You swallowed it.

  8. This dynastic dimwit who put the “twit” in Twitter is a perfect example of the Obammunist left’s plan to first marginalize and then criminalize and finally suppress Christianity, and then replace it with an established religion that combines paganism, earth veneration and Roman-type worship of the (progressive) leaders of the state. Make no mistake, these people will go as Stalin in pursuit of burned or dynamited churches, executed clergy and believers incarcerated in the “camps for adults” her own mother advocated to “change our religious and cultural belief”. They will realize too late that once they let in Baphomet, they will get Mahomet (up their well-used wazoos) and by then it will be too late to do anything about it.

    • I smell the GOLDEN SOCIETY all over this……..

      • HRH Princess Chelsea of Manhattan is connected to the Open Society Foundation rather than to the Golden Dawn Society.

        • The Open Society is an off shoot of the Temple of Isis,
          Which in turn was a off shoot of The Golden Dawn Society.
          You should read up on these things. Crowely died when Soros came on the stage. Black magic might be behind the decline of our Christian based society.

      • . . . of which both Hill and Billy are NO DOUBT charter members!

  9. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to find that these Clintons have sold their souls to Satan.

    • Why would Satan buy something he already owns???????

    • Robert Wayne, I think that is pretty much a given! Satan protects his OWN–and look how the TEFLON Clintons commit one crime after another, raise money for poor starving Haitians, then spend it on themselves, etc.—and they are NEVER held accountable for ANY OF IT? But Satan is patient–he KNOWS he will get them eventually–and there will be NO skating away from justice on that day!

  10. Why don’t we leave these people alone? What good does it serve to go after the daughter of a failed presidential candidate? If she does choose to run and a party selects her as their candidate will be time enough for all this hatred and garbage. Come on!

    • Chelsea lives in a $10M Penthouse in Manhattan, paid for by Haitian Blood Money and the Haitians know that the Clinton’s stole 100’s millions earmark for their survival

      Care to send your comment to the many Haitian children that are starving and dying because that charitable money went for Chelsea’s lavish lifestyle. Get Real!

    • Chelsea brings it on herself by running her mouth and saying really STUPID things–then has the GALL to denigrate and insult Trump supporters. I guess if SHE can and her DEMONIC MOTHER can insult US, we can insult HER.


  12. Every one better watch out, and forget this NWO, BS.
    The GOLDEN SOCIETY may rise again!!
    Maybe George Soros is not the “Man Behind the Curtain”.
    Alister Crowelly might really be behind the curtain pulling the strings of Evil.
    Hillary does share the Golden Society beliefs…………

  13. It looks to me that most if not all Democrats/Communists worship SATAN or some Islamic “relic” in their behaviour.Noboby is that evil being a regular Christian or Jew.The Democrat party has mutated to a totally EVIL institution and their sheeple are the same,look at who is rioting

  14. ANYONE that would support Chelsea Clinton for ANY public office is not only a FOOL but a….

  15. If Chelsea is a Satan Worshiper like her mother and step-father Billie, do we really believe she would admit it. The mark of a true Satanist, is that they are blatant serial liars, look at Hillary’s no shame big whopper lies.

    To use the backslidden Methodist denominations who allow gay women pastors, as covering is weak, a true Christian would denounce satanist not embrace it as just another way of life, Chelsea is lying

  16. This PUSH for INCLUSIVENESS has gone TOO FAR!!!

  17. curmudgeon VN Veteran

    A few minutes before the church services started, the congregation was sitting in their pews and talking. Suddenly, Satan appeared at the front of the church. Everyone started screaming and running for the front entrance, trampling each other in a frantic effort to get away from evil incarnate.

    Soon the church was empty except for Bill Clinton

    who sat calmly in his pew without moving,seemingly oblivious to the fact that God’s ultimate enemy was in his presence.

    So Satan walked up to Bill and said, “Do you know who I am?”Clinton replied, “Yep, sure do.”

    “Aren’t you afraid of me?” Satan asked.”Nope, sure am not,” said the calm as a clam Clinton.

    “Don’t you realize I can kill you with one word?” asked Satan.

    “Don’t doubt it for a minute,” returned Bill, in an even tone.

    “Did you know that I can cause you profound, horrifying AGONY for all eternity?” persisted Satan.”Yep,” was the calm reply.

    “And you are still not afraid?” asked Satan.”Nope,” said Bill.

    More than a little perturbed, Satan asked, “Why aren’t you afraid of me?”

    Clinton calmly replied,”Been married to your sister for over 40years…

  18. angelo cucuzza,jr


  19. Chelsea Clinton was actually conceived via the second known Immaculate Conception the world has ever known.
    Hillary Clinton is living proof that a woman can be impregnated by sitting on a toilet seat that was recently sat upon by a sperm donor. Even Bill Clinton would not penetrate the inner sanctum of Hillary Clinton. It’s not due to Clinton’s scruples though. It’s due to the fact that he is known for always wanting to be on top, not vice versa.

  20. Chelsea doesn’t have a chance, she has inherited the evilness of both her parents!!!

  21. ha! her parents are Bill and Hillary that’s being with the devil!

  22. Lock her up.

  23. Ironically that is all the Clintons do – is deny. Until they are eventually are “Forced” to admit it – then they go into their blame game.

  24. Seeing Killary is possessed by Satan it is very likely Chelsea Hubbell is also.

  25. Considering the fact that the apple never falls far from the tree, Chelsea’s parents are minions of Satan and, her husband is the nephew of the true Anti-Christ, George Soros, none of this surprises me!

  26. It’s been said by ex bodyguard that Hillary regularly attends a witch’s coven somewhere in L.A…. there is SO much dark stuff about the Clintons…what more proof do we need that she is corrupt to the core. Chelsea is a chip off the ol block…..PAY FOR PLAY DAYS ARE OVER! SO GIVE IT UP CHELSEA! WHAT THE HELL DO YOU KNOW ABOUT WHAT AMERICANS NEED! YOUR COFFERS ARE FULL OF BLOOD MONEY!

  27. Chelsea Clinton is part of the Clintonista cabal. She, HRC, and Bill are evil.

  28. Well, if they uplift the Carnality of mankind’s nature, they may ‘think’ that they are not worshiping the Devil, but in truth they are being led by him. God kicked him out of heaven because he became too full of himself.

  29. All the Clinton’s are the same, dirt bags and criminals

  30. If her Dad were alive today he would be so proud!! Unfortunately, he befell the fate of so many Clinton associates……Arkancide!!

  31. IF she is not a “Satanist” why is she communicating with them? I am 75 years old and in all those years I have NEVER communicated with the devil except to say FU. Everyone knows there is something really wrong with the Clinton clan. I’m not in denial about that are you?

  32. Hey Chelsea, who’s your Daddy?

  33. “We can be civil, cheerful, and respectful to and friends with people who don’t share our religious beliefs.” Now, if they could be just as respectful of people who don’t share their political beliefs. Remember, they are tolerant of everyone, as long as they believe what they believe. More hypocrisy from another Clinton.

  34. I hope this woman will never be anything in our government. She is as looney as her Mother

  35. This is too silly for words. We are not forced in this contry to declare our religious affiliation for one and all to know .

    • Yeah, well, CHELSEA was the one cozying up to the Church of Satan, and if they really ARE “grooming” this MORON to run for the Senate (the CLinton Foundation coffers must be getting pretty lean now that they don’t have anymore influence to sell–they have GOT to get another Clinton into government so they can get the “pay to play” family business up and running again!) then we certainly have a right to KNOW if she is a SATANIST before she raises her hand and LIES her way through the oath of office like both her PARENTS have done in the past! After all, Satan is called the Father of Lies, and the LAST thing we need is another of his acolytes in our Congress!

  36. Chelsea Clinton for President in 2020! Please, oh please!

  37. Mans true nature “that of a carnal beast” pretty well covers her old man, Slick Willy to a tee!!

  38. They’re PERFECT together, the Madame DUMBASS and Madame DEVIL!

  39. Chelsea is NOT very bright!

  40. Satan is here on earth people!! It is wearing a Pant suit and tried to get elected President!! Chelsea obviously belongs to that church that worships her mommy!! Her daddy web Hubbel must really be proud!!

  41. So what? Some of your type are too stupid to live, and Chelsea had to explain the joke to you.

    Hey, how about Trump disbanding his little voter fraud commission after they couldn’t find a single fraudulent vote by a Democrat? Now that’s funny.

  42. She can deny it all she wants, but as a member of the Clinton crime family, he probably owns her lock, stock and barrel. Besides, she may well BE a Satan worshiper. You can bet she would just LIE about it–it’s the Clinton way!

  43. voncile fullwood

    Satan church is Satan church no matter how you look at it or what she said, and I would never go to what they call a Satan church he has cults he don’t have a church,anyone in doubt about satan worshipers pull up Bohemian Cult in western California then you will see the names and there are many surprises on some names but don’t be surprise of others they meet in the summer the most once a month and her husband can say he is a Jew but that don’t make him a true Jew,just like Mark Zuckerburg which is of a Jewish heritage but don’t make him a true Jew…even Satan can quote scriptures from the word but he is still Satan.



  46. That’s another Clinton lie. Don’t worry the whole Clinton clan will be BURNING IN HELL!!!

  47. Wasn’t Hillary’s parents big into the Satanic crap and could explain the sickness of Hillary and now her butt ugly daughter! They all sold their souls to the devil for mad money from whom ever!

  48. Will you and the rest of the Manure Stream Media ….. PUHLEEEZE ! stop wagging the name of this spoiled, Clinton brat in front of we readers as if it were an important name.
    Lord willing, she will never be a serious candidate for any public office unless the name dependent democRATS lose what little cognizant sense the have left.

  49. Hey…She’s been worshiping her mother her whole life. How can denying it now change the fact?

  50. Thanks Rex -more chub for the right wing nut jobs to go crazy making ad hominem comments…what a worthless waste of time. You are the biggest idiot of all…unless you are making money on them.

  51. Chelsea is continuing to learn from Bill and Hill. Most recent lesson: FBI investigation heats up, so a convenient fire destroys Secret Service computers, video surveillance files and visitor logs at Clinton NY compound.

  52. Chelsea is continuing to learn from Bill and Hill. Most recent lesson: FBI investigation intensifies – and a convenient fire destroys Secret Service computers, video surveillance files and visitor logs at Clinton compound in New York.

  53. The Church of Satan’s claim not to worship the Biblical Satan is just a marketing ploy. If they were simply humanists, they wouldn’t need to openly identify with evil.

  54. “We are the first above-ground organization in history openly dedicated to the acceptance of Man’s true nature—that of a carnal beast, living in a cosmos that is indifferent to our existence. To us, Satan is the symbol that best suits the nature of we who are carnal by birth—people who feel no battles raging between our thoughts and feelings, we who do not embrace the concept of a soul imprisoned in a body. He represents pride, liberty, and individualism—qualities often defined as Evil by those who worship external deities, who feel there is a war between their minds and emotions.”

    No one denies that man is an animal, with all the biological needs of an animal. As for the cosmos, it should be obvious that it was created for sentient beings to inhabit, so that they could have Free Will, to choose between Good and Evil, to learn the rewards and consequences of those choices. Religion was created by the “gods” who created man, so he could learn how to be civilized. It should be obvious that souls are not “imprisoned” in our bodies. Suicide is an option. Many people believe suicide is a sin, with going to Hell the punishment for committing it. Are these Satanists saying they fear punishment that “imprisons” their souls? Is not believing in Satan, worshiping an “external deity”? Pride is not a sin, but having too much pride, is. Leading us into temptation, is not a form of liberty, because it’s our sins that enslave us into repeating them because we choose to, not because some symbol leads us to do it. And there’s nothing wrong with individualism, as long as the individual lives within the laws of men and chooses Good over Evil. Do not people who worship “external deities” blame Satan for tempting them into sin, as in “the Devil made me do it?” Our minds are at war with our flesh, because the flesh is weak. Which is why we all need to learn discipline, regardless of our religious beliefs.

  55. Gee, I thought the Church of Satan was a Clinton Foundation activity. They should own it after all…

  56. Bubba isn’t her father. It has come out that she was sired by Anton LeVay, High Priest and founder of the Church of Satan. Actually, Webb Hubble is thought to be her real dad. He was Hillary’s old boss. He looks just like Chelsea!

  57. Chelsea & Amy Carter, the two prettiest First Daughters ever. MUCH better looking than the Bush girls or Trump’s daughters!

  58. Chelsea worships Hillary and Hillary is as close to a living Satan, as what we’ve ever seen. So Chelsea is still a Satan worshipper.
    Anybody who would steal money from a starving country like Haiti, which is what Hillary did when she sent millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation, instead of giving it to the poor people of Haiti, so she and Bill could pocket it, is treasonous.

  59. So, Chelsea has officially pronounced she will not follow the teachings of her parents. I still would never cast a vote for her. One never knows what is lying in wait, does one?

  60. Chelsea has been pictured wearing an up-side down cross, symbolic of a Satanic Cult. And who believes anything she says. Like Mother, like daughter.

  61. It does make sense that this skanky offspring of 2 left wing $ and power hungry, treasonous and seditious scumbags could (very) possibly believe in Satan.
    Sadly Satan is real and very powerful. Could be “driving force” behind the Clintons.
    Actually behind the entire d-RAT party.
    I am (albeit, not a very good one) a Christian and I DO believe what the “Bible” says.

  62. The whole Clinton family worship Satan and if they say they don’t then they are lying .

  63. I just had to take a look at this and just as my first thought turned out to be true I have to say “WHO GIVES A SHI-” about her or her parents.

  64. I was wondering if she’s gone to visit her real fathers grave?

  65. Well why would she not worship Satan , It is what she has seen as she grew up , Just runs in hr Family .

  66. There is something very wrong with George Soros and he does not think there is any God bigger than him , He has as puppets many Followers , The Clinton Clan , Obama , many RINO”s only , They worship his money !, but are upset that Donald trump is wealthy and he got it by working , now he is trying to make America Great again ! How was it George Soros got Rich ? He sent his Jewish Friends to the Gas Chamber , His day is coming , at 87 he will soon meet his maker ! So will his followers ! Some have time to Repent Chelsea may see where she has done wrong !

  67. Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    Why would she be tweeting to the Church of Satan at all?
    Then the next day her mom’s house catches on fire?
    Very strange! Sure, I never had spells with those people!! That’s
    the ticket. Yeah, right………….. LOL

  68. Bill And Hillary racked up a good body count in their wake and with their direction their spawn could have hundreds executed to further her career.

  69. in at least one religio-fantasy schism, Methodist and Jewish are “the satan” – Chelsey is the daughter of the HildaBeast… religious or not

  70. Actually, she does have devilish associations, there’s her mother, hilly c, and her step-dad, billy c, and her husband, who is also a man who sold his soul to Satana!!!!

  71. What on earth has IQ – a debateable notion in the first place – got to do with politics?

  72. She is spawn of Satan and her husband!

    • Nah, Chelsea’s related to Slithery Hillary and Webb Hubbell. Slithery worked with him when she was still physiologically acceptable enough to have sex.

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