Biden Appears to Blame Elton John for AIDS Epidemic

Wow.  How awkward!

Joe Biden and Dr. Jill, in a tight-fitting plastic bag, honored Elton John last night in Washington DC.

Poor Elton.

During the ceremony, at one point Joe Biden wrapped his arm around Elton and told the crowd, “By the way, it’s all his fault we are spending $6 billion in tax payer dollars on HIV and AIDS this month.”

Why is that, Joe?  It’s his fault because he’s gay?  What the hell, Joe?

And, for the record, Joe has NO IDEA what he’s talking about once again.

According to the US spent $7 billion on AIDS funding in 2020.

The US spent $7.2 billion on AIDS funding in 2021.

And the US spent $7.4 billion on AIDS funding in fiscal year 2022.

So it’s not clear where Joe pulled that number from.

If the US is spending $6 billion a month on AIDS at this point there needs to be a readjustment.

Original Article: WOW! Joe Biden Wraps His Arm Around Elton John, Then Tells Crowd, “It’s All His Fault We’re Spending $6 Billion on HIV and AIDS this Month” (VIDEO) (

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  1. I know where Sleepy Joe pulled that number from. The same place he pulls everything out when he opens his mouth. His A$$!

  2. hay, Joe did get something right, Elton is partly to blame for spending all our taxes on HIV and Aids , To bad the Gov. does not spend this money for Cancer.

  3. Sir Elton John has donated more money to the aids foundation and I commend him for his kindness his sympathy is compassion. He’s the best and I can’t believe the President Biden would say anything derogatory and blame Elton John because we spend money on aids.


  5. What an arrogant ass

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