Voters Admit To Dems What They Really Want

Americans appear to believe that controlling the southern border has become a serious problem as the rates of illegal immigrants entering the country have greatly increased. With the midterm elections fast approaching this has become a key issue that people are considering. According to October’s I&I/TIPP Poll, public opinion seems to swing in the direction of the Republicans as they are commonly viewed as the party that would do the best in securing the border.

The poll showed that 43 percent of Americans thought the Republicans were a better option for dealing with the border crisis, while 34 percent leaned in favor of the Democratic party. Twenty-three percent were unsure about which of the two would be the best.

The results also showed a big divide along partisan lines on this issue.

Seventy-four percent of Democrats believed that their party was doing a good job at securing the border. Three percent of Republicans agreed with that perspective and 16 percent of independents also expressed their support for the ruling party.

Of those who said the Republicans would do a better job at securing the border, 91 percent were Republicans, 9 percent were Democrats and 38 percent were independents.

Among white voters 50 percent expressed support for the Republicans on this issue, while only 28 percent supported the Democrats. Hispanic voters were also mostly in support of Republicans with 38 percent, while only 36 percent said that they believed Democrats would do a better job securing the border. Black voters supported Democratic policies by 58 percent and Republican policies by 20 percent.

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