Liberals Sink to New Low with “2nd Amendment” Accusations

Just when you think you’ve seen the Democrats sink to the lowest point possible, here they come to prove that their capacity for evil knows no depths. The media (which is really, at this point, just an arm of the Democratic Party) has misconstrued Donald Trump’s remarks since last summer, but they’re now trying to see just how far they can stretch reality until it breaks. This, by the way, is the exact mindset they injected into their coverage of the Black Lives Matter phenomenon, which is part of why that movement has been rejected by so many Americans. You can get away with years and years of subtle deception, but most Americans are still alert enough to detect outright bullshit.

And what else can you call this latest Trump controversy?

If you follow politics at all, you hardly need a rundown; every media outlet in the country has covered this story from one angle or another. But, like “they’re sending drugs, they’re sending crime,” this appears destined to become one of Trump’s most frequently-repeated quotes. So why not read them again:

“If she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks,” Trump said of Hillary at a rally in Wilmington, N.C. “Although the Second Amendment people – maybe there is, I don’t know.”

Okay, so let’s take away all the nonsense first of all. The idea that Trump meant this in context of a political movement is almost as silly as what his critics are saying, which is that he was calling for Hillary Clinton’s assassination. If you watch the video, it’s very clear that he’s making a sly comment of some kind. The press releases from the campaign are ludicrous, but then again, Trump is probably stunned that he’s having to defend himself from these asinine accusations.

Now, only Trump himself knows what he truly meant, but here’s the thing. If he meant what the liberals say he meant, then he’s doing more than speculating on Hillary’s assassination. He’s also exposing a very dim view of “Second Amendment people.” If that’s his idea of a “joke,” it would mean he thinks of his supporters as the terrifying, violent monsters the media says they are. OR, it means that he’s a terrifying, violent monster himself who would actually find it amusing if such a thing happened.

So to believe the media’s version of this, you have to believe Trump is either a fraud or a sociopath.

And wouldn’t they love to get you to that point?

But the simpler explanation is the one the media really doesn’t want to accept. In this interpretation, Trump was indeed making a dark, violent joke, but not the one they think he was making. He was simply saying that if Hillary’s liberal Supreme Court starts down the road to forcible confiscation, “Second Amendment people” might not be as helpless as they imagined.

To liberals, this interpretation is invisible because they don’t understand that this is the foundation of the Second Amendment. This is the whole thing, right here, what Trump is talking about. It’s not about hunting or personal protection or any of this other stuff. Those are all well and good and important, but they aren’t what the Second Amendment is really about. The Second Amendment – like the rest of the Bill of Rights – is about freedom from a tyrannical government. It is – like the rest of the Bill of Rights – a ray of light the Founders poked through their own power – a ray of true freedom. Not freedom bestowed; freedom eternal.

Democrats believe we must be saved from our own freedom, and they are blind to the millions of Americans who are quite willing to die for the sake of keeping it.

That freedom exists no matter how many liberal judges Hillary Clinton puts on the Supreme Court, and no sane “Second Amendment person” would be driven to violence were that to happen.

But yes, when push comes to shove and the edict comes down and the enforcers show up at the door…then…then things might indeed get interesting. When it comes down to a moment’s choice – freedom or enslavement – then there is, indeed, something you can do. Trump’s words resonate with anyone who understands this truth, and the fact that he would even allude to it shows that he has the heart of the Founding Fathers beating within him.

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