U.S. Police Struggling To Control Riots Across Country

Photo by Manny Becerra on Unsplash

(PatriotNewsDaily.com) – Across the U.S., police departments have been sending additional officers to protests following the violence outbreaks that have occurred between supporters of Palestine and Israel. On Saturday, Hamas, an Islamist terror organization, launched several coordinated attacks against Israel which have led to a war breaking out between Israel and Hamas. Security has also been increased in areas with religious institutions, synagogues, and mosques as a precaution.

Michel Moore, the police chief of Los Angeles, has sent additional patrols to communities with significant Muslim and Jewish populations. The additional officers were arranged only a few hours after the original attacks by Hamas militants were launched.

On Monday, Israel in retaliation for the attacks launched missile attacks on Gaza. This resulted in Hamas threatening to execute the Israeli hostages they had taken.

According to police sources, the LAPS is now preparing for the pro-Palestine rallies that are going to be scheduled for the next few days.

Similarly, a police spokesperson in New York City has noted that there were additional officers placed outside the headquarters of the United Nations, following a confrontation between Pro-Israel and Pro-Palestine supporters. In Times Square, police also set up barricades to separate the supporters of the two groups.

Palestinian Youth Movement member Munir Atalla who helped organize the rally stated that there was a lot of police in the area and that this might have been the largest number of police officers that had ever been in a protest.

Israel was caught by complete surprise by the unexpected Hamas attack. While the United States expressed support for the nation following the attack, members from both communities have taken to the streets to rally in support of their side.

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