CBS Caught Helping Democrats

Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash

( – On Thursday CBS News “incorrectly” edited one of the exchanges between Vice President Kamala Harris and “Face The Nation” anchor Margaret Brennan shown in a preview clip on “CBS Mornings.”

According to the outlet, during the editing part of the interview, they had omitted one of the interview’s key parts. On Thursday, in a preview clip that they aired on “CBS Mornings,” Brennan asks Harris about whether age is one of the factors of the 2024 presidential election, as President Biden, her running mate is leading the Democratic primary race at the age of 80. Brennan added that Harris was currently 58 and that by the end of a possible second term, Biden would be 86. The camera then proceeded to cut to Harris’s face.”

The clip proceeded with Brennan talking and asking about the concerns about Biden being too old to run, and about whether or not Harris was ready to be the “commander in chief.” In response, Harris said that she was ready if it was necessary and then proceeded to defend Biden’s health and fitness.

However, as the network revealed this clip is not indicative of how the conversation between Harris and Brennan went. During the editing of the interview, a bit of Harris being grilled was left out. Brennan had asked her about the criticisms and comments that GOP presidential candidates Nikki Haley and Chris Christie had made about a vote for Biden being a vote for her, and comments opposing her potentially taking over if Biden is unable to complete his second term.

Harris, in response, had claimed that their administration had delivered for the American people and that most of those who opposed them did not have an actual plan for the country.

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