Biden’s New Plan To Target Gun Owners

Photo by Tom Def on Unsplash

( – On Friday, President Biden announced the formation of a gun violence prevention federal office. The efforts are going to be led by Stefanie Feldman, a White House staff secretary and Biden aide who has expertise on firearms issues. According to the reports by Politico and the Washington Post, officials have already been briefed about the new office.

Previously Feldman had been part of the Domestic Policy Council and had overseen the White House’s gun policy portfolio. The creation of the office marks a win for gun control groups, some of which will have their representatives included in the office.

Community Justice Action Fund executive director Greg Jackson and Everytown for Gun Safety federal government affairs senior director Rob Wilcox are both going to be part of the efforts.

Following Biden’s inauguration, many gun control groups have been lobbying for the president to declare a national emergency on gun violence and to take executive action against firearms.

In January, a letter was sent to the President signed by a coalition of 117 groups that were requesting for a federal office to be created focused on preventing gun violence. They further pushed for a community violence intervention program and for a ban on weapons manufactured abroad, among other regulations.

The groups had written at the time that the number of injuries and deaths from firearms were affecting Asian American, Brown, and Black communities across the U.S. They added that Congress ought to continue prioritizing gun violence prevention and that President Biden had the chance to bring forward a comprehensive plan to combat gun violence at the 2023 State of the Union address in February.

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