Biden Breaks Silence On Gaza Hospital Blast

Photo by Ahmed Abu Hameeda on Unsplash

( – During a conversation with reporters on a recent Wednesday, President Joe Biden addressed skepticism over who was actually responsible for a missile strike on a hospital in Gaza. The doubts were specifically about the insistence from both the U.S. administration and Israel that the Israeli forces were not involved.

Responding to a reporter’s comments about the general disbelief among people in the affected region, Biden expressed an understanding of why they might feel that way, especially in the current situation. However, he emphasized his trust in the information sources, particularly pointing to the U.S. Defense Department’s assessments, which suggested that the characteristics of the attack didn’t align with those typically seen from Israeli operations.

Moving on, Biden clarified that he wasn’t implying that Hamas had intentionally launched the attack on the hospital. Instead, he made a figurative remark about the necessity of accurate targeting.

Previously, Hamas, the governing authority in Gaza, had attributed the hospital hit to an Israeli airstrike. Contradicting this, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) issued a statement explaining the blast as the result of a Hamas rocket that didn’t reach its intended target. They also released an audio recording, which they claimed captured the voices of Hamas operatives acknowledging a launch error.

However, this audio evidence was called into question by the UK’s Channel 4, based on feedback from Arab journalists. These experts found inconsistencies in the language used in the recording, leading to suspicions about its authenticity. Furthermore, Channel 4’s own analysis of the missile’s path raised further doubts, indicating that it was unlikely to have originated from Hamas, thereby challenging the IDF’s narrative.

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