Will Republicans Lose Their House Majority?

Photo by Ian Hutchinson on Unsplash

(PatriotNewsDaily.com) – On Wednesday, Representative Chris Stewart, a Utah Republican, stated that he is going to resign from Congress once they can ensure that an orderly transition can take place.

Stewart, a six-term lawmaker, announced that he would be resigning from the House of Representatives because of his wife’s illness. His resignation is going to open up a Republican seat on the House Appropriations and Intelligence Committees and will reduce the GOP’s narrow majority to only four seats.

In his statement, Stewart noted that it had been “one of the great honors of my life” to serve in Utah and that he has made many friends and memories during his time in office. He added that he has been “honored to have played an important role in guiding our nation” through some hard times, but because of his wife’s health concerns, he will now be stepping down from his position.

Under Utah law, the governor is going to need to call a special election for the vacant seat in the House to be filled. The election announcement is going to be made after Steward files his official resignation. Following the official resignation, Republican Gov. Spencer Cox is going to have seven days in order to decide on the primary and special election. According to the law, those days need to be the same as the municipal primary and general elections already scheduled for this year, unless appropriate funds for a separate election exist.

Stewart represents Utah’s 2nd Congressional District, which is a red constituency in western Utah. It is thus likely that the seat will continue to be held by a Republican.

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