Trump New Name For ‘Migrant Crime’

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – At a recent event in Waterford Township, Michigan, former President Donald Trump shared his concerns about the impact of increased migration on American workers and communities, particularly highlighting safety concerns and the potential for increased crime. Trump introduced the term “migrant crime” to describe what he perceives as a new trend of criminal activity associated with migrants, suggesting that it represents a significant shift in the nature of crime in the United States.

Trump specifically pointed to incidents in New York City, a sanctuary city, where police officers were reportedly attacked by illegal migrants. He argued that the influx of migrants is leading to more severe criminal activities, including gang violence, which he believes is exacerbated by what he calls “Bigrant crime,” a term he coined to link these issues directly to President Joe Biden’s immigration policies.

The former president expressed that these developments are particularly alarming for cities that have historically welcomed immigrants, as they now face unprecedented challenges in managing these new dynamics. Trump used the term “Biden crime” to emphasize his belief that the current administration’s policies are directly responsible for these issues.

Trump also discussed the economic implications of increased migration, suggesting that Michigan workers, among others, could face job losses and wage reductions as a result of competition from new arrivals willing to work for lower pay. He criticized union leaders who support Biden, arguing that their members, including those from the United Auto Workers and Teamsters, are at risk of losing their well-paying jobs due to the influx of migrants willing to accept lower wages.

Overall, Trump’s comments reflect a broader debate about immigration policy, labor markets, and community safety, highlighting the tensions and challenges that arise in managing migration and its impacts on American society.

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