Republicans Shut Down Squatters In Major U.S. City

Photo by ibuki Tsubo on Unsplash

( – Georgia GOP lawmakers are trying to deal with the squatting crisis in Atlanta through a new proposed bill that would turn squatting into a criminal offense. This is because many neighborhoods in the city are struggling to handle the situation. 

The National Rental Home Council trade group has noted that around 1,200 homes have had squatters take over. However, because of the local tenant rights laws, local law enforcement is not able to take any action, and homeowners are limited in their options for taking back their property. 

The Georgia Squatter Reform Act, HB 1017 is looking to create an easier process. 

Rep. Devan Seabaugh, the GOP co-sponsoring the bill, told Fox News Digital that they needed to take some action to handle the situation. He added that they were currently dealing with criminals who were aware that what they were doing was wrong and that they were essentially stealing people’s homes. He added that he had heard from many people that this situation had led to them having to file for bankruptcy and that it had also been mentally harmful and draining for them. He noted that this was a hard situation and that they needed to take action regarding it. He pointed out that he did not know why it had taken them so long but that it was time for them to take action. 

Seabaugh is co-sponsoring the bill along with State Reps. Bill Yearta, Clint Crowe, Deborah Silcox, James Burchett and Matt Reeves. However, while all the co-signers are Republicans the bill also has the support of the Democrats. 

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