Ocasio-Cortez Pursues Re-Election In Latest Move

nrkbeta, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

(PatriotNewsDaily.com) – On Thursday afternoon, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., filed for re-election. Ocasio-Cortez already won her reelection two months prior.

Ocasio-Cortez will be running once again in the Democratic 14th Congressional District in New York. Previously she has managed to win in her district with wide margins, with her latest victory against Republican Tina Forte being won by a 70.6 percent to 27.5 percent margin in November. This is according to the latest statistics by the Federal Election Committee.

Ocasio-Cortez originally won her position in Congress in 2018, following the defeat of Democratic incumbent Joseph Crowley during the Democratic primary. From there, she also won the district’s general election. This is not as surprising as this New York congressional district is deeply-blue and does not appear to often favor GOP candidates.

She has become a prominent voice within the Democratic party often promoting more progressive policies and pushing President Biden to achieve key goals such as Medicare for all. In a recent episode of “Pod Save America” Ocasio-Cortez noted that the Democratic party has not tried enough to help its Latino voters. She then continued by inquiring where the Dream Act or the necessary immigration reforms were. She further noted that during President Biden’s marijuana executive order, where many people were exempt from simple marijuana convictions, those immigrants or undocumented individuals did not get to benefit from a pardon for that same crime. This is something she has heavily criticized Biden for in recent months.

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