New Party Enters 2024 Race

Photo by Casey Horner on Unsplash

Arizona Secretary of State Adrian Fontes (D) in a statement on Tuesday determined that No Labels Party, a centrist political party, had met the minimum signatures requirements in order to be on the ballot for the federal, statewide, and legislative races in the 2024 primaries and general elections in the state. However, many Democrats are concerned about the role that this party might play in the 2024 elections in Arizona.

In a statement, Fontes noted that “As Secretary of State, I am committed to supporting county election officials to ensure that they are prepared for this new addition to the state’s list of parties and any other changes to the 2024 ballot.”

However, the Democratic think tank Third Way blasted No Labels earlier this week and stated that they could end up paying a spoiler for Democratic candidates, especially considering that the party has no way that they would manage to win.

The think tank’s memo was originally reported by Political and it notes that No Labels’ plan to put forth a “unity ticket” in the 2024 presidential election could lead to former President Donald Trump winning the election in the state. The memo also states that the group is trying to bring the ballot forward in many other battleground states including North Carolina, Florida, and Nevada. A ballot has already been made in Colorado as well.

On their website, No Labels write that the unity ticket is a type of “insurance plan” for the case where both the Democrats and Republicans choose “unreasonably divisive” presidential nominees.