Lawmakers Plan To Stop Pro-Palestine Riots In The U.S.

Photo by Ash Hayes on Unsplash

( – Senator Tom Cotton, representing Arkansas, has recently proposed new legislation titled the “Stop Pro-Terrorist 4 Riots Now Act”. This move aims to stiffen penalties for riot involvement, specifically targeting those who participate in or encourage violent acts within such disturbances. The context for Cotton’s bill is the surge of pro-Palestinian protests, marked by violence, which have occurred following a significant attack by Hamas, supported by Iran, on October 7th in southern Israel, and the Israeli military’s subsequent responses in the Gaza Strip.

Cotton’s legislation is driven by a desire to confront what he perceives as radical movements that support violence and terrorism, particularly those showing pro-Hamas tendencies. Through this bill, Cotton seeks to enhance the legal repercussions for riot-related violence, suggesting an increase in the maximum imprisonment term from five to ten years for riot participants, alongside establishing a compulsory minimum sentence of one year for individuals endorsing or engaging in violent acts during riots.

This legislative effort is underscored by a broader critique from Cotton’s office, which argues that the occurrence of violence in recent protests reflects a fundamental aspect of what they describe as contemporary leftist ideology. This perspective follows incidents of unrest and violence, including an episode where six officers of the U.S. Capitol Police were wounded during a protest at the Democratic National Committee headquarters, and a confrontation at the University of California-Berkeley, where a student event was disrupted by pro-Palestinian demonstrators causing property damage.

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