Florida Preparing For Mass Influx Of Haitian Immigrants

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

(PatriotNewsDaily.com) – Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida declared the state’s intention to reinforce its southern areas with additional law enforcement personnel in anticipation of a potential influx of Haitian migrants, triggered by the ongoing turmoil and political chaos in Haiti. To this end, over 200 state law enforcement officials and approximately 50 National Guard troops will be stationed in South Florida and the Keys, supplemented by an array of aircraft and vessels.

DeSantis highlighted Florida’s proactive measures in addressing the challenge of unauthorized maritime arrivals, particularly from Haiti, emphasizing the state’s commitment to aiding the U.S. Coast Guard’s interdiction endeavors. He underscored the imperative of preventing unlawful entry into Florida.

This action is set against the backdrop of severe unrest in Port-au-Prince, where gang violence has spiraled, with gangs reportedly controlling about 80% of the city. This situation has led to mass prison breakouts, releasing around 3,500 inmates, per United Nations reports.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration is considering the utilization of Guantanamo Bay as a processing facility for Haitian migrants intercepted at sea, reminiscent of its use following the 2010 earthquakes in Haiti. This proposal surfaced amidst the recent announcement by Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henry of his resignation, alongside his support for a transition plan backed by the United States, which has faced criticism within Haiti.

Concurrently, the United States has pledged $300 million to support a Kenyan-led international security mission aimed at addressing the gang-related violence in Haiti. In response to the escalating crisis, the U.S. government has advised American citizens to evacuate Haiti, completed the evacuation of the U.S. Embassy, and dispatched Marines for its protection.

The implementation of a security strategy, endorsed by the United Nations Security Council last year to stabilize the situation, has been hindered by the political uncertainty following Henry’s resignation and the persistent turmoil in the country.

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