Biden Forms Tight Bond With Republican Governor

Utah Reps, PDM-owner, via Wikimedia Commons

( – On Saturday, President Joe Biden called for less partisanship and bitterness in politics, a message that Utah Gov. Spencer Cox agreed with. 

Biden who first joined the U.S. Senate in 1972 argued that nowadays politics was too “personally bitter.” He pointed out that this is unlike what it used to be like. These comments were made during a toast during a White House dinner in honor of the country’s governors and their spouses. In his remarks, he claimed that it felt good to be hosting the governors from every state and that this was part of their tradition to do things together. He then pointed out that while they do fight, they also made sure that their message got across, and that ultimately their objective was always to “get things done.” 

Republican governor and National Governor Association chairman Cox, who had spoken before Biden at the event, stated that the association was looking back at a time when they had been working together and when there wasn’t any political danger appearing from the opposing side of the aisle. 

Cox had led an initiative called “Disagree Better” which was aiming to bring down divisiveness. Earlier in the program he had joked that his and Biden’s mutual appearance in the White House might be “mutually assured destruction” considering it is an election year. 

He proceeded to tell Biden that as state chief executives knew a little part of the pressure that was on his shoulders and that they could not imagine what that was like and the decisions he was called to make. 

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