Amy Coney Barrett Sides With Liberal Justices

The White House from Washington, DC, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

( – On Monday, the Supreme Court in a unanimous vote ruled in favor of former President Donald Trump in a case relating to the previous ban from the Colorado Supreme Court in Trump participating in the state’s primary election. Previously Trump had been banned from participating in the race in a 5-4 ruling where the justices had invoked the 14th Amendment. 

Conservative Justice Amy Coney Barrett, along with three of the liberals sitting on the bench criticized the other five Conservative justices arguing that they had gone overboard by specifically specifying that the only way for the 14th Amendment to be enforced was not through the state but rather through Congress.  

Barrett, who was appointed to the Supreme Court by Trump, wrote in a concurring opinion that this lawsuit had been brought forward by voters in Colorado and that it was not a requirement for them to examine more complicated federal legislation questions regarding when Section 3 could be enforced. She pointed out that the choice of the majority leaves the remaining Justices to respond. 

She added that the Court has issued a ruling on an issue that is politically charged, especially with the upcoming Presidential election, and the Court should be looking to dampen tension rather than increase it. 

All nine justices agreed that in this case Trump should not be banned from the presidential race, which according to Barrett is the message that all Americans needed to remember regarding this case. 

The court’s decision came at a critical time ahead of Super Tuesday which is when voters in Colorado are going to be joining over a dozen other states in order to vote for the Republican nominee in the primary race. 

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