Voters Unfazed by Biden’s Economic Recovery

Photo by Charles "Duck" Unitas on Unsplash

( – Political experts, including Democratic Party strategist James Carville, have argued that President Joe Biden’s polling would remain low even if the economy recovers, as the real problem is that most voters have a “stubbornly” bad view of how Biden has been handling the economy.

Carville told Politico that it appeared that American voters had made their assessment regarding the economy and that their opinion would not change. Politico added that Biden’s current situation with voters’ views on the economy is not changing despite the fact that inflation has been slowing down and that the President managed to “soft land” on the economy. Still, despite these two successes, voters do not appear to be affected at all.

Politico pointed out that the economy was growing fast, and that the low unemployment rates and growth in real wages should be benefiting the perception of voters’ regarding Biden’s handling of the economy. However, it so far has not according to several polls. Inflation, which has slowed down some, continues to slowly climb, and affordability remains one of the biggest concerns for voters.

Carville, who had previously worked in former President Clinton’s campaign as a top strategist, noted that people have made their judgment regarding Biden, and they did not appear to be willing to reconsider their position and reassess their judgment. He added that while the economy was appearing to be moving better, voters have continued to view things differently leading to Biden being punished ahead of the election.

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