FBI Investigating Democrat Mayor

Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash

(PatriotNewsDaily.com) – The FBI has seized the Democratic New York City Mayor’s devices as part of a federal probe into his campaign fundraising. 

Mayor Eric Adams was first approached by FBI agents while in the street who requested his security detail to step aside. They then gave Adams a warrant and proceeded to seize all of his electronics, which included at least an iPad and two cell phones. The devices were given back to Adams shortly after. 

Boyd Johnson, the Adams’ campaign attorney stated that they had found that an individual in the campaign had “acted improperly” and that after the initial discovery, they informed investigators to be transparent. 

On Monday, the FBI reached out to a mayor following an event. The Mayor had complied with the FBI’s request and gave them access to all electronic devices immediately. Johnson also pointed out in an email statement that there are no allegations of wrongdoing connected to the mayor. 

Still, this is an important development in the probe as it is the first time that Adams is being directly affected by the development. 

Adams in his own email statement noted that as someone who formerly worked in law enforcement, he expected the full cooperation of all of his staff in the probe and that he would continue to do exactly that. 

In relation to the fundraising investigation, FBI agents also raided top fundraiser Brianna Sugg’s home. The federal investigation relates to questions regarding possible collusion between Adams’ 2021 team and the Turkish government. 

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