Appeals Court Defends Trump’s Rights From Insane Democrats

Photo by Sebastian Pichler on Unsplash

( – On Friday, an appeals court broke the gag order in the federal election interference case which stopped Trump from publicly commenting about prosecutors, court staff, and potential witnesses. The gag order was temporarily paused ahead of any future legal battles.

The DC Circuit Court of Appeals order will also expedite the case. The decisions are going to set the ground for a similar legal battle that is being handled by a lower court. In that case, Judge Tanya Chutkan found that Trump’s social media posts had resulted in threats against the subjects of his posts. As such, she barred him from making any statements that “target” those who are a part of or relevant to the case.

Chutkan had previously also decided to put an administrative stay in her order after Trump had appealed her decision. On Sunday, she ultimately ruled that the gag order needed to stay in place. However, Trump is going to continue his efforts to have the case overturned.

The appeals court’s three-judge panel has given Trump’s team until Tuesday to state their case on the reasons why Chutkan’s gag order needed to be paused while he appealed the order.

Trump’s legal team has maintained that the gag order violated the former President’s First Amendment rights while also harming his 2024 presidential campaign. In the order, Chutkan added that the First Amendment rights of those involved in criminal proceedings could at times be yielded in order for justice to be administered. She further pointed out that there was a Supreme Court precedent for this.

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