Republicans Put Pressure On Supreme Court

Photo by Joshua Woods on Unsplash

( – Republican senators are hoping to see Chief Justice John Roberts take action and deal with the Supreme Court’s ethics problem especially following the recent reports that both conservative Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito had received luxury vacations from GOP mega-donors that were never included in their financial disclosures. This situation has also led to the public having a more negative perception of the Supreme Court.

While the Democrats have sponsored a Supreme Court ethics reform legislation, that legislation does not have the support of the Republicans. Many GOP members have also claimed that the reports about Thomas and Alito accepting expensive vacations from GOP donors were released in the hopes that they would create a public relations problem for the Supreme Court.

Now, many lawmakers want to see Roberts address this situation through the creation of a judicial code of ethics or updated principles that the Justices will be called to follow. Sen. Lindsey Graham (SC), the top-ranking Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, added that it would be “helpful for the court to up its game.” He proceeded to state that he did not want Congress to have to micromanage the court and that there would be greater confidence if the court was clearer on certain issues.

This week, ProPublica put out a report noting that Alito had flown on a private plane provided by billionaire Paul Singer in 2008. In 2014, Alito had not recused himself from a case that related to the Republic of Argentina going up against American creditors, including Singer. Following the Supreme Court’s decision, Singer received a $2.4 billion payout.

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