Court Sabotages Republican Party

Photo by Tingey Injury Law Firm on Unsplash

( – The Arizona Court of Appeals issued an 11-page ruling on Tuesday in which they rejected the Republican party’s claims that early voting and mail-in voting violated the state’s secrecy clause in the constitution. The Republican party was trying to get rid of mail-in voting, which has currently become the most popular voting practice within the state.

As the court ruled, the mail-in voting statutes were created in a way that helps ensure that all the ballots being filled out are done so secretly and in a way that does not force the voters to disclose who they are voting for. They added that according to the superior court’s findings, it does not appear that these protection measures are enough to guarantee that voting secrecy is preserved.

According to the latest reports around 80 percent of Arizona voters have been using the early voting system since it was first established in 1991. This means that they receive a mail-in ballot through the U.S. Postal system which they then get to cast in one of the ballot boxes.

For those using this voting system, it is clearly noted that they should fill out their ballot secretly and that the ballot needs to be sealed.

The GOP has repeatedly tried to get rid of the early voting system. Especially following the 2020 presidential election, when Donald Trump failed to win Arizona, despite the fact that for years it had been a red state. Currently, Arizona is considered a purple state.

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