Biden’s WH Secretary Pushes Wildly Ridiculous Lie

The White House, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

( – WH press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre recently spoke up against the practice of moving migrants to non-border states and cities because of the “pressure” it causes those areas. This statement has resulted in a lot of online criticism.

In the past year, many state governors have made national headlines for their programs that include transporting thousands of migrants by either bus or plane to more liberal cities or sanctuary cities, including Washington, Chicago, New York City, and Martha’s Vineyard. While many have considered this movement of migrants to be a political stunt it has been effective in putting a strain on the resources that liberal mayors have to handle the migration crisis.

On Monday, during a press briefing, Jean-Pierre echoed the worries of many of these liberal cities by stating that the unchecked influx of migrants was causing strain on local communities, especially as the transportation of the migrants is not usually a part of a coordinated effort with the federal government. She proceeded to call this practice both “dangerous and unacceptable” stating that people’s lives were being put at risk.

Many conservatives found her remarks to be amusing and pointed out the irony as many border states and small towns were being overwhelmed by the influx of migrants.

Jake Schneider of RNC Research took to Twitter to comment on her remarks by stating, “The irony here is rich.”

Frontiers of Freedom President George Landfrith pointed out that it required a “special kind of stupid” to have someone make this statement as if there are not 6 million illegal migrants along the southern border who are also putting stress on local resources.

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