VIDEO: Supreme Court To Get New Justices?

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( – During a recent address, Donald Trump expressed his intention to nominate more conservative justices to the Supreme Court, suggesting a preference for seven, eight, or even nine such appointments. This came after a series of Supreme Court decisions that infuriated numerous liberals, including decisions rejecting President Biden’s plan for student loan forgiveness and discontinuing affirmative action in higher education.

Trump, a former President of the United States, successfully nominated three justices to the Supreme Court during his term, significantly influencing the court’s ideological balance. Currently, he is leading the race for the 2024 Republican Party’s presidential nomination, with his closest competitor being Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

If Trump returns to the presidency, he might get another opportunity to nominate more justices if current ones retire or pass away. At present, the Supreme Court comprises six justices appointed by Republican Presidents and three appointed by Democratic Presidents.

Trump’s remarks about the recent Supreme Court rulings were made in Philadelphia at a summit held by the conservative group Moms for Liberty. He stated that while many presidents never get a chance to nominate a Supreme Court justice, he has had three, which he values highly. He went on to muse about the potential for three or four more appointments.

A snippet of Trump’s speech that was initially aired on the Right Side Broadcasting Network, a conservative channel, was retweeted by the ‘Acyn’ Twitter account, a well-known curator of significant political moments. The clip received significant attention, with over 820,000 views and more than 450 retweets and quote tweets.

The three justices Trump appointed during his term were Neil Gorsuch in 2017, Brett Kavanaugh in 2018, and Amy Coney Barrett in 2020.

On the same Friday, the Supreme Court, led by its conservative majority, rejected Biden’s scheme for student debt relief, which would have reduced the debt of most graduates with a federal student loan by up to $10,000, with $20,000 available for Pell Grant recipients from low-income households.

Biden responded by criticizing the Supreme Court for what he deemed a misinterpretation of the Constitution, although he has refused to support ideas from the far left of his party to rebalance the court with liberal justices.

Additionally, this week, the Supreme Court voted to terminate college affirmative action programs and ruled that a website designer could deny services to same-sex couples.

In June 2022, the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, a decision that had ensured access to abortion as a constitutional right for almost fifty years, causing a significant outcry among liberal activists. The decision was reached by a six-to-three vote, with all Trump-appointed justices supporting the verdict.


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