Top Democrat Bans White People

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( – Boston Mayor Michelle Wu who has come under fire over her decision to host a holiday party that would only include the people of color and not the entire City Council has defended the idea of having a holiday party just for the non-white members of the Council. She further argued that the email being sent out to all the members of the City Council was an “honest mistake. “

On Wednesday, an email was sent out with the subject line “Electeds of Color Holiday Party.” The employee who had sent out the email was asking members to RSVP and asked those attending to provide any dietary restrictions they might have.

As Wu has argued, there are many different parties that the City Council members are invited to attend and celebrate, however, this particular invite was only meant to be addressed to the six minority members.

On Wednesday Wu argued that everyone has had the experience of sending out an email to the wrong recipient and that this had been an “honest mistake” that had occurred when the invitations were issued.

Many members slammed Wu for the invitation, however, Wu who is the first person of color and woman to be elected to be the city’s mayor has stated that the event has been happening for more than a decade and that there had never before been an issue.

Outgoing City Council member Frank Baker stated that he considered the email blast divisive and argued that this was a time to bring people together, not to cause more division.

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