Military Issues Stern Warning To Biden

Photo by israel palacio on Unsplash

( – A group of retired military officials made up of one-, two-, and three-star officers, have expressed concerns about President Biden’s aggressive push for electric vehicles (EV) and pointed out that this move could have huge national security implications.

The letter sent by the 17 former officials was sent to Michael Regan, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator, and was specifically addressed to the former President. Retired U.S. Army Major General James Marks, who is leading the group, argued that the push for EVs would mean that they have increased reliance on Chinese supply chains. They further pointed out that the initiatives pushing for adopting electric vehicles were going to intensify the vulnerability of Americans to interference by the Chinese Communist Party.

In the letter, they pointed out that there was no chance that the EVs would not play an important role in the diversification of the transportation systems of the United States. Still, he argued that they believe that the plan to move forward the transition to EVs faster is only going to lead to the United States becoming more reliant on China as they do not have the necessary infrastructure to support this switch. They added that currently, China has a lot of manufacturing and critical minerals that are essential for the expansion of the EV market.

The letter continued by pointing out that the more concerning part of this push is that this reliance would only work if China is willing to export the necessary materials to the United States. It added that this would most likely lead to China manipulating the situation in a similar way as the one Russia had done with Ukrainian grain exports.

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