How One Florida Family Recovered Their Stolen Luggage

Photo by Dimitri Karastelev on Unsplash

( – A vacationing family from Miami experienced an unexpected setback during their Christmas break travels when their luggage was stolen. However, they were able to retrieve their stolen items thanks to modern technology.

Catherine Gavino, while traveling with her family from Miami to the Carolinas, faced a luggage theft at Charlotte Douglas International Airport in North Carolina. Upon arrival, they discovered that one of their suitcases was missing at baggage claim. Fortunately, an Apple AirTag that Gavino had placed inside her parents’ luggage came to their rescue.

Using her phone, Gavino tracked the AirTag’s signal, which showed the luggage moving on Interstate 85 towards Gastonia. The family, armed with their remaining luggage and a rental car, followed the signal to a specific neighborhood but initially couldn’t locate the precise spot as the AirTag stopped updating its location.

Their search was paused but resumed on Christmas Day. After another check of the AirTag’s location, which indicated a house in Gastonia, Gavino contacted the police. To their relief, they found their suitcase at the house, along with another suitcase belonging to a separate victim of airport theft.

Unfortunately, the contents of their luggage were almost entirely gone. The police surmised that the stolen items might have been sold. Gavino was particularly disheartened by this, noting the impact on her parents’ vacation. She acknowledged the pivotal role of the AirTag in tracking down their luggage.

The police successfully arrested the suspect, who faced several theft-related charges, including a drug charge, and was held on a $10,000 bond.

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