FBI Panics After Confronted By Shocking Truth

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(PatriotNewsDaily.com) – On Wednesday, FBI Director Christopher Wray resolutely denied the claim that his bureau is giving cover to the Biden family, amidst suggestions that political influence played a role in the investigation into Hunter Biden.

However, Wray remained tight-lipped when members of the House Judiciary Committee questioned him regarding an alleged bribery scheme involving President Biden.

Wray defended the integrity and work of the FBI to the committee, dismissed accusations of political bias within the bureau, and deemed the notion of his conservative bias as “quite outrageous.”

Chairman Jim Jordan, a Republican from Ohio, remained determined to combat what he perceives as government misuse against U.S. citizens and sharply criticized the perceived “uneven application of justice” that currently exists in the justice system.

The notion of this “uneven justice” was a common theme throughout the hearing. Republican representatives compared the FBI’s approach to investigations involving the Bidens to those concerning former President Trump.

Florida’s Republican representative, Matt Gaetz, drew attention to accusations made against the Justice Department by IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley. He claimed that measures were taken during the multi-year Hunter Biden investigation to shield him and prevent any questioning related to President Biden.

Gaetz quoted a particular WhatsApp message from Hunter Biden to a Chinese energy executive, apparently insinuating that he was present with his father, Joe Biden. He cautioned the executive of holding a lifelong grudge if a certain deal fell through and warned the executive would regret not following his advice.

“You don’t seem very interested in this, do you?” Gaetz questioned. “Almost suspiciously disinterested. Are you shielding the Bidens?”

“Absolutely not,” Wray retorted. “The FBI is impartial.”

Whistleblowers from the IRS alleged that federal prosecutors avoided queries related to Joe Biden, despite having evidence that might suggest the president’s awareness or involvement in his son’s business activities.

They claim that despite the FBI knowing that the laptop contained “believable” evidence regarding the Hunter Biden probe ahead of the 2020 presidential election, it still allegedly cooperated with social media platforms to suppress stories about the laptop.

Moreover, lawmakers have been requesting information from the FBI regarding the contents of a crucial FD-1023 form, which alleges a criminal bribery scheme involving then-Vice President Biden and a foreign national.

Although the FBI failed to comply with a subpoena issued by the House Oversight Committee to produce the document for congressional review, it made arrangements for the committee to examine a redacted version of the document in a secure setting. James Comer, Chairman of the Oversight Committee and a Kentucky Republican, threatened to charge Wray with contempt of Congress for non-compliance with the subpoena.

The disputed document outlines accusations made by a senior executive of Ukrainian gas company Burisma Holdings to a “highly reliable” confidential source within the FBI. The executive alleges that he paid $5 million each to Joe Biden and Hunter Biden in return for influence over policy decisions.

Lawmakers from both the House and the Senate are questioning whether the FBI ever investigated these claims, despite the form having been presented to federal prosecutors and agents working on the Hunter Biden case.

Wisconsin Republican Rep. Tom Tiffany pressed Wray on the accusations within the form at Wednesday’s hearing, specifically asking if the president received any payments from foreign nationals or corporations while he was vice president.

Wray alluded to the “active investigation” led by U.S. attorney for Delaware David Weiss and deferred all related questions to his office.

Tiffany pressed further about President Biden’s potential investigation, to which Wray neither confirmed nor denied the president’s investigation status, stating he would not be making any confirmations or denials in line with FBI and Justice Department practice.

Before Wray’s testimony, an FBI official clarified to Fox News Digital that the committee’s issues were with “prosecutorial decisions,” which are made by the Department of Justice and not the FBI. The official reiterated that the FBI’s role was to collect facts and was not part of decision-making for charges.

Last month, the Justice Department revealed that Hunter Biden had entered a plea agreement that should keep him out of prison. Hunter Biden is expected to plead guilty to two counts of deliberate failure to pay federal income tax and one charge of firearm possession by an individual unlawfully using or addicted to a controlled substance.

Whistleblowers and those knowledgeable about the investigation suggest more charges were warranted. Hunter Biden is expected to appear in court for the first time on July 26th.

In the meantime, Jordan has asked for FBI and DOJ officials involved in the Hunter Biden investigation to appear before the committee for transcribed interviews concerning the investigation. These interviews are yet to be scheduled.

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