Family’s Dog Trainer Does Something Heinous

Photo by Eric Ward on Unsplash

( – A newlywed couple, Emeka and Masera found that their bernedoodle, Brooklyn, had died while they were on their honeymoon in Europe. The dog was meant to be in the care of dog trainer Alan Brown, who failed to inform the couple about the passing of their dog straight away.

The couple stated that they had left their dog with Brown before leaving for their vacation, but the dog trainer did not provide any photo updates. As a result, they informed him that a friend of theirs was going to pick up their dog a few days earlier than expected. That was when Brown admitted that their dog had passed away while in his care.

Masera told Fox News that their dog had been in the care of the drop trainer for less than 48 hours by the time he passed away. Brown had left the dog in his van which caused it to die of heat stroke, but did not inform the couple for a week.

The Ndukwes, along with another couple whose dog had died while in Brown’s care, have filed complaints that are being reviewed by the Tarrant County District Attorney’s office.

Masera revealed that they had first gotten their dog, Brooklyn, when he was a puppy in July 2020 and that he had been a part of their family. As she said when it was time for them to take the trip she had thought that the dog trainer would be able to take care of their dog which they viewed as their child.

After a phone and in-person interview, she decided that Brown would be able to take care of Brooklyn for the next three weeks. Brown had been a dog trainer for more than a decade and his company, K-9 Direction, has positive reviews on Google with more than 4 stars.

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