Biden Lets Another American Die In Gaza

Photo by Ahmed Abu Hameeda on Unsplash

( – Recently, Fox News reported the tragic news of a 2nd American victim in the ongoing conflict in the Gaza. Judi Weinstein Haggai, an Israeli-American in her 70s, along with her husband, were captured by Hamas during an attack on Israeli communities on October 7th. The incident occurred near their home in Kibbutz Nir Oz, and until recently, there had been no information about their whereabouts.

Tragically, the community has now confirmed Judi’s passing. She was among eight American citizens being held in Gaza by Hamas. This somber news comes just a week after the community reported the death of her husband, Gad, marking him as the first American casualty in the current Israel-Hamas conflict.

The remaining hostages include Keith Samuel Siegel, Hersh Goldberg Polin, Edan Alexander (19), Omer Neutra (21), Itay Chen (19), Sagui Dekel-Chen (35).

Judi and Gad Haggai are survived by their children, who reside in Colorado, Singapore, and Israel. Following the report of Gad’s death, President Biden and the First Lady, Jill Biden, expressed their deep sorrow. President Biden remarked that their thoughts are with the Haggai’s children, grandchildren, and other relatives, sharing in their grief.

In a recent interaction, President Biden spoke with the couple’s daughter and met with the families of other hostages. He reiterated his commitment to tirelessly work towards the safe return of all hostages. Currently, the bodies of both Judi and Gad are held by Hamas.

This situation is a grim reminder of the ongoing tensions and the devastating impact of the conflict in the region, affecting not only those directly involved but also their families and communities worldwide.

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