VIDEO: Tourist Family Gets Violently Attacked by Teen

Photo by Adi Goldstein on Unsplash

( -A teenage girl, 16, was arrested by the New York Police Department on assault charges after she turned herself in. The footage of the attack that occurred on the F train in the New York City subway involved a 16-year-old and a family of tourists from Nevada. While the incident had occurred on Thursday the girl did not turn herself in until Tuesday.

In the footage from the attack, which has gone viral since it was uploaded online, the suspect can be seen battering Sue Young, 51, in front of both her daughters, 11, and her husband. During the attack, she was also using many racial epithets to attack the Asian tourists in the subway.

Following her decision to turn herself in, she was charged with two counts of assault.

Young has stated about the event that the girl along with two of her friends had first started off laughing and pointing at their family. She added that the three had originally started off by laughing at them but that the situation escalated as they started shouting insults and harassing the family. Ultimately the girl started violently attacking them.

As she shared with PIX 11, the girl who had been wearing a white shirt had first started off by grabbing her hair. They then proceeded to pin her on the ground and hit her. Her hands were bruised after the incident and her glasses were destroyed during the attack. The girls then started to attack the bystanders who were filming the incident.


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