VIDEO: Insane Mob Of People Attack Cop

Photo by Scott Rodgerson on Unsplash

( – The Seattle Police Department released footage from a Dashcam which shows the moment when a mob of people started to attack a patrol vehicle and stopped the officers at the scene who were trying to break up the illegal street-racing event.

In that same area, a woman was found dead from gunshot wounds, along with two other victims. However, it is still unclear if these shootings were connected to the illegal street race. The department noted that the officers had been sent to the scene to respond to a report regarding a crowd of people and vehicles that were recklessly driving in the area at around 1:30 a.m. local time on Sunday.

In their statement, the police pointed out that their first attempts to disband the large crowd of people were unsuccessful. The video clearly shows how many of the attendees had taken to throwing objects at the vehicle while others even jumped on top of the cruiser.

At a later point in the video, the officers could be seen slowly driving the vehicle away from the crowd that was throwing different objects at the cruiser. Officers stayed in the area despite this event so that they could respond to any “life-safety events” that may have occurred.

The department then noted that gunshots were heard roughly after 4 a.m. and that they had responded at the scene to find two victims in the same area.

So far there have not been any arrests made connected to the shooting, and it is not yet clear whether any of the people at the street-racing event were arrested.


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