Republicans Very Concerned About Major Underperformance

Photo by Elijah Mears on Unsplash

( – On Tuesday night, GOP candidate Erick Harris won the Oklahoma special election by only five points which has sparked worries about the Republican party’s performance ahead of the November races.

Harris, who was competing in a deep red area, managed to win District 39’s special election by only 261 votes, giving him 50 percent of the vote while his opponent Democrat Regan Raff was in second place with 45 percent. The election was triggered by the resignation of former state Rep. Ryan Martinez who has pleaded guilty to a felony offense of controlling a vehicle while intoxicated. 

The results should not necessarily be considered an indication of what is to come in the state in the 2024 presidential election, as in 2020 former President Donald Trump had managed to defeat President Biden in the state by 33 points. The Edmond district had also been won by Trump by 27 points. 

On the same night, in New York City, Democrat Tom Suozzi managed to flip the seat that had been previously held by former Republican Rep. George Santos who was ousted from the House. With this change, the Democrats reduce the slim majority held by the Republicans in the House, while also giving them an extra boost ahead of the November general election. 

Following the result of the Oklahoma special election, Western New Castle Region Republican Committee former chair Peter Kratofilow stated that people kept claiming that Trump was going to win the upcoming election when they were losing every election. He argued that while the GOP may lose because of how unpopular Biden was on the ticket, the fundamentals were still missing. 

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