New Discovery In Recent Mass Shooting Sparks Outrage

Photo by Toxic Player on Unsplash

( – On Saturday afternoon, there was a shooting in Jacksonville, Florida, which resulted in the deaths of four people, including the shooter.

According to officials, the shooting had occurred on Canal Street and Kings Road after an unnamed male entered a Dollar General carrying a handgun and an AR-style rifle while wearing a tactical vest. Officials have claimed that the crime was racially motivated.

Jacksonville Sheriff T.K. Waters stated that there were three victims killed during the shooting, two of which were male and a third who was female. After killing the three victims, the gunman had taken his own life.

The report noted that a SWAT team that was near the area had been at the scene while the armed suspect had been barricaded inside the store.

Waters said that the shooter had “hated black people” and that this had been a racially motivated shooting. He added that the shooter had been the author of a number of manifestos that were given to his parents, the media, and even federal agents. In the manifestos, the suspect had included his “disgusting ideology of hate.”

The sheriff noted that the suspect had also told his father in a text that at 1:18 p.m. he should check his computer. The shooter’s father proceeded to make a call at 1:53 p.m. to the Clay County Sheriff’s Office. The shooting in Jacksonville had already started by that time.

Waters added that the suspect had been involved in a domestic call in 2016 that had not caused any arrests. He added that in 2017 the unnamed suspect also had a Baker Act.

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