Luxury Car Brand Disrespects Christianity

Photo by Hugues de BUYER-MIMEURE on Unsplash

( – Porsche has been blasted following their advertisement in celebration of the 6 decades of the Porsche 911. In the ad, a statue of Jesus Christ above the city of Lisbon, Portugal, known as the Cristo Rei, was edited out.

The campaign was launched by the German luxury company last week in celebration of the Porsche 911 which was first released 60 years earlier. As part of the campaign, they are also releasing a special edition model of the car called the 2024 Porsche 911 S/T. The advertisement, which is over two minutes long, depicts the evolution of the car. At around the 44th second of the video that was uploaded on the brand’s website, the Porsche is being driven with the backdrop of the river and bridge that is overlooked by the Cristo Rei. However, the 92-foot-tall statue of Jesus Christ is noticeably not visible.

The removal of the statue was first noted by a social media user on X, formerly known as Twitter, which called the company out for digitally removing the statue.

Porsche released a statement to Fox Business in which they noted that in Europe they posted a version of the film that did not depict the Cristo Rei. The company apologized for this decision and has since uploaded a new version where the Cristo Rei is in its proper location.

The monument was constructed in 1959 as a show of gratitude for Portugal not suffering any destruction because of World War II, as they had decided to remain neutral during the war.

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