GOP’s Legal Costs Skyrocket

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

( – On Tuesday, former President Donald Trump endorsed North Carolina Republican Party chairman Michael Whatley to serve as the next Republican National Committee (RNC) chair. If Whatley is elected to the position, then the legal spending of the Republican Party governing body could increase based on his previous track record. 

Trump’s endorsement came amidst speculations that the current chair Ronna McDaniel would be stepping down from the position within the next month. In his statement, Trump argued that Whatley had performed excellently in his state. 

However, considering the way Whatley has been leading in North Carolina, it is possible that the RNC’s legal spending would also increase if he became the chair. 

Whatley during his speech at a Conservative Political Action Conference in 2021, noted regarding his usage of law firms that his state’s party’s legal budget was around three-quarters of their operating annual budget. He added that this was a worthy investment and that it would be a part of the GOP establishment as they moved forward. 

He also pushed the wider RNC to increase its legal resources to fight more elections. 

University of Nottingham professor of modern American history Christopher Phelps argued that if Whatley ended up becoming the RNC chair there could be more lawsuits in the party’s future. As he pointed out, Whatley is an “election denier” as shown by his vocal backing of Trump’s unfounded and disproven claims that the 2020 presidential election was fraudulent. 

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