Democrats At War With Themselves Over Migrants

Photo by Barbara Zandoval on Unsplash

( – Local Chicago Democrats have argued that there is a possibility that Illinois is going to flip because of the migrant crisis. 

On Monday, a National Review report noted that after speaking with Democratic candidates and several activists regarding the immigration crisis there were concerns about how the migrant crisis could affect the city. 

Zerlina Smith-Members, a candidate for the Cook County Board of Commissioners specifically noted that they were worried about how public funds were being used to provide shelter and housing to migrants rather than the homeless in the state. She proceeded to argue that these were people who had reached the city and state illegally and yet they had “jumped the line” and were able to receive support. 

She also rejected Mayor Brandon Johnson’s claims that it was Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) who was to blame for the current situation. As she pointed out, Chicago is a sanctuary city. She continued to argue that sanctuary cities were a thing that Johnson, President Biden, and Gov. J.B. Pritzker had wanted and that this was something they had asked for, not something Abbott had asked for. She proceeded to say that this situation was overwhelming. 

Peace activist Dr. Lora Chamberlain similarly opposed the idea that Abbott was to blame. She questioned which state would be able to handle millions of refugees. 

Others, including Tio Hardiman, a South Side activist, claimed that there was growing resentment over how migrants were receiving preferential treatment when compared to African Americans. He pointed out that there were high unemployment rates among that demographic, as well as a lack of available mental health services. 

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