Crooked Alvin Bragg Finally Does His Job

Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash

( – On Thursday, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg announced that seven of the migrants who had been involved in the attack against a couple of New York City police officers were indicted last month by a grand jury. 

Bragg announced the charges following the attack on an officer and lieutenant of the police force on January 27th. During the news conference he noted that he was “outraged” and “sickened” from the assault and that as someone who had spent his entire life in the city, he would not tolerate any attacks against police officers.

Following a review of the CCTV camera footage, investigators were able to determine what role each of the suspects had played in the attack. Bragg’s office has also noted that they believe there would be 11 people involved in the incident, which started when the pair of officers had asked a disorderly group to move along. This request resulted in the confrontation. 

Seven suspects, ranging in age from 19-24 were indicted on felony charges. The charges they are facing range with 21-year-old Wilson Juarez facing charges for tampering with physical evidence. While the man had only watched the attack from a distance, he had later switched jackets with one of the other suspects to confuse investigators. 

Kelvin Servita Arocha and Yorman Reveron, are facing two counts of second-degree assault each as well as charges of obstruction of a governmental administration. 

Other members of the group, like 22-year-old Jhoan Boada, 22 were arrested but ultimately not indicted.

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