Yale Professors Quit Over Halloween Backlash

Two Yale professors have become the latest victims of social justice run amok. Not even the tragedy in San Bernardino was enough to shut these students up. And now, Nicholas and Erika Christakis have joined a growing collection of academics who are out of work due to this insanity.

The story of these two professors is even more ridiculous than the stories we’ve seen at Claremont McKenna and the University of Missouri, believe it or not. For one thing, this is Yale we’re talking about. Aren’t these students supposed to be the best and brightest this country has to offer? That’s a depressing thought.

The cause of the controversy is, as usual, utterly without merit. Around Halloween, there were student groups warning everyone at Yale to be careful about their costumes. Don’t offend minorities, they said. Don’t even think about it.

Professor Erika Christakis couldn’t sit idly by and watch the campus devolve into fascism. She fired off an email defending free speech, a concept that today’s young men and women apparently despise.

“Is there no room anymore for a child or young person to be a little bit obnoxious… a little bit inappropriate or provocative or, yes, offensive?” Christakis wrote. “American universities were once a safe space not only for maturation but also for a certain regressive, or even transgressive, experience; increasingly, it seems, they have become places of censure and prohibition.”

Well, she might as well have dressed up in blackface. The students went ballistic, and her husband was caught in the line of fire. A student confronted him in the campus quad, telling him that he was failing to keep the students “safe.” Because these youngsters think that “safety” means you are free from that dreaded state of “being offended”.

Now both professors have announced they won’t be back next semester.

“I have great respect and affection for my students, but I worry that the current climate at Yale is not, in my view, conducive to the civil dialogue and open inquiry required to solve our urgent societal problems,” Erika Christakis said in an email to The Washington Post.

Will Yale be better off now that these two professors have hit the dusty trail? Will it be better off when all Halloween costumes must be pre-approved by a panel of minorities?

This is why we value free speech in the first place. Not only does it promote the honest and open exchange of ideas – not only does it prevent the government from controlling everything that is said and heard – it is also a common sense principle. When someone suggests that we should ban certain forms of expression, the first question should be: “Okay…who gets to decide which forms of expression are acceptable?”

Will it be the students who have caused so much trouble this year? Because if that’s the case, then you should feel very fortunate. You got to experience the last days of a dying dream. A dream of freedom and liberty, forged in blood two hundred years ago. Your children may never know what it was like.

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  1. Do you really expect us to feel sorry for these ‘professors’ who have pushed this social justice thing to the max? They are eating their own now, and that is fun to watch. Look at good ole Rahm in Chicago

    • Although we do need to be careful in lumping all profs into the same mold. This couple seem to actually be wanting to expound wisdom & teach something!

    • Where does one find sympathy? Right between shat and syphillis in the dictionary.

    • I guess you left liberals think a minority should run this country and the 1ST amendment is nothing but words that mean nothing. You are a prime example why this country is on the path of destruction and why today we have such a criminal and anti religious country. Back in the 40s and 50s this country was religious and conservative giving us low crime rate and loving family structure with both a father and mother to raise their children. Today you have neither and all it has given us is a country that is at war with itself.

      • Where did you get ‘liberal’ in anything I said?

        • Forgive me if I took what you said wrong but when you brought up Rahm it looked like you were saying the professors deserved the same as Rahm.

          • The professors are victims of ‘social justice’, that has been pushed on us by most of the other professors in our colleges today. These other professors will soon become the target, of these social justice warriors, just like Rahm is today.

    • ” They are eating their own now, and that is fun to watch. Look at good ole Rahm in Chicago”
      They are BEING eating BY their own CREATUON now, and that is fun to watch. Look at good ole Rahm in Chicago.
      There. Fixed it for ya.

  2. liberalism at its best. isn’t it great. and the good thing is it will get worse thanks to the dumb ass libs in charge…. Obama should be impeached…. Hillary for prison 2016 Obama her cell mate

  3. I still have 3 college bound Grands whose future very much concerns me as they consider Potential Colleges and Universities. We are finding their choices diminishing, not due to their GPA and test scores, but because of the atmosphere and mindset of students and Administration at so called Institutions of Higher learning. Very sad state of affairs! One wonders if tuition money and associated costs might be better spent on a business start up plan.

    • My youngest is a Sophomore at a college in Boston…I asked him if he saw any protests…He laughed and told me there was always someone protesting something or other…When I asked him what he did when he saw them he said, laugh a bit and head to class…Mamatex, I’m guessing that your kids and grandkids were raised with that kind love and attention…rest easy, they’ll be fine.

      • Thanks for your reply. my 50 ish son reminded me that every generation has had its protests but it seems sense of entitlement and selfishness seem to be the focus today as opposed to possibly worthy causes. So I am hoping good upbringing as well as an eagle eye family will prevail.

        • Just the fact that you’re concerned is something that your kids and grandkids value…again, they may make some mistakes, but they’ll be fine…Worry not.

        • It would seem that the problem that we are experiencing today may actually be larger and more infectious…we have clowns at all levels of government that support this “demonstrating” i.e. see Ferguson, Missouri. In addition we have pretender in the oral office that not only interferes at levels well below “oral office attention”, but rushes members of the Fed to interfere at the state and local level. The joke that many refer to as “the news media” is nothing more than facebook on steroids with socialists entering the ranks of “journalism” with an eye to changing the world, not reporting the facts and many times ignoring the facts while promoting their agenda….

    • Trade schools, culinary schools then use that start up money. Nothing easy about that path, but working for yourself, you cannot blame failure on stupid things like these young, indoctrinated kids are doing. Reality is that public schools indoctrinate our kids into this insane mindset. I have a 16 and 14 year old and I am scared to death to waste all that money in today’s insane academic atmosphere.

      • I am still going to rely on my old age and cunning plus their life foundation to provide balance. We just need to have conversations now to solidify. Good luck to us all!

        • You are doing it the right way, all you can do is instill a good work ethic, a sense of right and wrong and teach them to always follow God, the rest is up to them.

          • You just used a term that Obama and his cohorts judiciously avoid – “Work Ethic”. I’ve never heard the term used by the anointed one or his minions.

          • That is only associated with white privilege so that makes perfect sense.

      • I have a son that is a journeyman plumber and a daughter working on an electrician apprenticeship. Both live very comfortably and pretty much laugh at the “fools” that bought the liberal lies about college and are unemployed years after graduation.

        • And I would bet they aren’t being held back by 75K in student loans that will haunt their financial records and negatively affect them for 10+ years. A bonus is they don’t have to put up with liberal idiots and the BLM fools either. Win, Win IMO.

          • That’s the truth. I raised three kids by myself so I warned them early on that I wasn’t going to be able to pay there way through college. I could supply food, clothing and a safe place to live and raise them to know right from wrong. So far so good.

      • too many years were spent attempting to turn this nation into a white collar “service industry”…I have complained that should that take place the “dirty” jobs would go wanting, then go over seas where the price would go up and the dependency would enable others to strangle us when we ticked them off…now we have the chinkees and they are not only ticked off we have given them the manufacturing capability to support a major military off continent….oh and ICBM technology a lot sooner than the roosahns would have…

      • I couldn’t agree more. I have a 14 year old. We home school her and she has never seen the inside of a public school. She will not be going to a public university, unless she wants to pay for it herself (she doesn’t). She has more common sense and smarts then most of the lib professors in this country.

      • Don’t do it-send them to schools specializing in business & finance, not liberal arts indoctrination mills. A trade school would also ensure they would always have work, and not end up on welfare, or living under a bridge with 25 other losers.

        • Just was speaking to viable alternatives to liberal indoctrination centers. I am an accountant, so I am definitely in agreement on business and finance education. It has served me very well over the years and opened many doors.

    • Or maybe “prisons” to house these ignorant social activists because once out of college with their “socially appropriate” degrees they will be in the streets whining about another phony micro aggression against their sorry a$$e$. Put them in the military because they certainly didn’t learn anything in college.

      • when you have the old fart Bernie out there telling them that EVERYTHING should be FREE,we have another Santa Clause ,and the fools will vote for him
        Never ever question Where the money is coming from,and don’t care if others have to pay 90 or 95% as long as they get their FREEBIES

    • Higher learning has nothing to do with preparation for a productive life. It is now only a nickname for indoctrination.

    • Probably, or send them to colleges which focus on business and free enterprise. Actually, sending kids away to college has become a prescription for their indoctrination with Leftist garbage, and the peer pressure involved in partying, drugs, etc. These are not your father’s colleges!

    • Tell them to go to Hillsdale College. No Brain washing,believe in our Constituion, and GOD

  4. Students in our colleges in general have been radicalized by the liberals, thus creating such uncaring behavior. They do not respect our founders and the people that have fought and built America. They have been influenced to hate what we stand for and our President is the most guilty because he holds the highest office using his ideology to influence hatred in Americans to also hate America as he does. His Communist upbringing as with Jarrett doesn’t agree with a Capitalistic society and we dopes but him there. All are to blame those who bought into this mess and those who didn’t fight it hard enough. Pray for the Americans, pity the rest.

    • The radicalization started fifty years ago…the problem is that the Ayers, Dohrns and Rudds never gave up their “Death to America” campaign, they merely took it to our public school systems and dumbed down generations of Americans…

      • Happy
        I agree of course, but not to top what you say as it started with Teddy Roosevelt with the Progressive movement. FDR was Saul Alinsky’s father. Only kidding but you get my drift

    • The biggest question to me is why are the youth of today not able to think for themselves because if they were the liberal left would fail. Where are the parents that should have guided their children to be independent of mind and thought so they didn’t become nothing but sheep following but never leading.

      • Glenn,
        I keep saying the same thing. The parents either don’t know or its neglect. I knew we were a Republican family when I was in single digits, didn’t understand a lot but also knew my mothers cousins, aunts and uncles were Dems. No one cared one way nor another, but It was explained what each stood for by my father. He mentioned many times when I was young the Roosevelts were socialist and the New Deal was an example.
        My 4 children were given the same training and all are Republicans and practice a solid work ethic. I believe the first year in high school a course in Capitalism should be taught, the second Socialism and the third Communism always naming the countries that practice each.
        Fourth term a complete review with pro’s and con’s. When they go off to college they will be prepared for the commie professors.

        • I raised my two sons the same way but one could see what I was teaching and the other went the other way. His wife works for the teachers union in a high position and because of that he votes democrat. Many times I have had discussions with him about voting for what is good for the nation, not your own personal interest. Said you have two sons yourself and look at the direction this nation is taking, is that what you want for your son’s future? I have yet to make any inroads into his thinking.

          • Don’t know how old your sons are but the adage when your young in college your a liberal when you get older trying to raise a family and pay taxes for unemployed you become a Republican, there is still time. If Hillary wins we won’t hear about the Republican party for 40 if ever. If that happens I am not sure the liberals will admit nor understand what they did to our Country. I have several Bostonian friends that are Republicans like you a rare breed in that part of the country.

          • The one voting democrat is 35 and is paying very high taxes because of their 6 figure income but still don’t seem to get it. If Hillary wins it will finish what Obama started and there won’t be much left of this country as we used to know it. Younger son of 30 does get it so that is the split.

        • and those concepts should have all of the examples of the grief that accompanied, and still does, the implementation of those less than capable economic systems when compared to capitalism…the twits think that today’s version of US capitalism is as unbridled and corrupt as the 1860’s…wrong again, but since our education system wants to glorify diversity and failed socio economic policies instead of energy, enthusiasm, and conservatism in governmental largess we have the parasites and the coffee shop philosophers defining America as a mirror image of roosha and those countries whose socialism has been drastically altered due to failure, i.e. Great Britain….

      • You are a generation behind, Sir.
        It is the PARENTS of today’s students that we failed.

        • More then a generation behind as at my age of 75 remembered the 40s and 50s when this country was religious and conservative with little crime, father and mother family structure and hard working honest people. All of that has gone by the wayside and it is terrifying at what I see this country has turned into.

      • Glenn, you’re spot on. At least some, maybe a lot of the blame lies with the parents. Maybe, for the last 8 years or so, both parents had to work, but that’s still passing the buck. Maybe in killery’s mind it takes a village to raise a child. I think that’s where the problem lies.

        • Marty all I can say is we need change soon in the direction of this country as we are quickly running out of time. This coming election will decide if people are going to just vote for what’s in it for me or weather they give a damn about this country.

          • Glen, I couldn’t have said it any better. Our one saving grace is the folks who spend their lives on the government dole, being lazy, are mostly too lazy to vote. We all just need to speak the truth to as many as we can that our Country is on the edge of a cliff. If we speak from now until Nov. 2016, loud enough, we can save this Country. It’s up to all of us. I can HONESTLY tell you, after 31 years in law enforcement with a major metropolitan city, I spent all that time protecting the rights of our citizens, just like the officers today. No, if you listen to obummer and the lame stream media, all we do is want to kill people. That is so far from the truth, it is unbelievable. Unbelievable! Yet folks believe what this POS says? Every time he opens his mouth, he lies. The only folks in law enforcement who agree with him are some of the police chiefs. 95% of the rank and file law enforcement and most of the Sheriffs agree with us. Let’s get this country of the precipice and back on track to a Constitutional Republic.

          • What people fail to consider is those in law enforcement are regular people and have the same problems like the rest of us when not working. Just like other people there is good and some bad in every profession. Guess they think there should be perfection when it comes to law enforcement. I believe that the cop that shot the black kid 16 times, his mind just snapped and his failure was not seeking help as am sure he recognized he was reaching his limits. I myself couldn’t deal with these kind of people day after day as am sure my mind would snap at some point and would probably do the same thing. I know what it was like during the riots in 67 as was in the service at that time and know what it is like being in what Is really a war zones. He might have been in the position that had he reported his condition he would have lost his job but only he will ever know. As far as those too lazy to vote since many vote several times had to tell. I know they caught illegals in Texas voting 5 times. We also know Johnson got elected to the senate with votes from the grave and all the Republicans said is they didn’t want to raise a stink so they did nothing. Look at how that one failure of their part changed this nation. Think we all know Obama got reelected thru fraud especially when there was not a single vote for a republican in some locations in some states especially Florida. The Black Panthers were in charge in some areas, yet still no challenge from the republicans.

          • Glenn, thank you for your service. I truly believe it will be the current and former military members who will help get this Country back on track. As far as law enforcement is concerned, you’re correct in that all professions have their bad apples. I read an article a couple months back that less then 1% of all police involved shootings were unjustified shootings. If the shooting you’re referencing is the one where the kid had a knife and the officer was criminally charged, it will all come out in the trial. I don’t know the details of the case. Law enforcement is trained from the beginning, a person armed with a knife and is threatening, the officer needs to retreat if that’s possible. If not, the officer must shoot the aggressor at no less then 21 feet, as it has been proven anything less then that is within the ‘kill’ zone of a person with a knife. Some time prior to my retirement, ten and a half years ago, that distance was changed to 30 feet. We had a case on my department where the officer was on a pier. A bad guy was threatening him with a knife and he had nowhere to go. The officer started shooting at a distance of I believe, 28 feet. The suspect finally fell at the officer’s feet. I’ll wait to see what comes out in trial before I make judgement. As far as voter fraud, it makes a huge difference and is the best friend of both the dems and the RINO’s. Do you remember the case of Thad Cochran, I think in Tennessee in 2014? What a POS. He actually offered to pay Black dems to cross over and vote in the repub primary after they had already voted in the dem primary. That got him the votes he needed. Textbook case of voter fraud and nothing was done about it. All states need to pass voter ID laws as without them, voter fraud will continue to prevail. Of course the totally corrupt obummer admin filed suit each time a State passed such laws.

          • Google voter fraud and look at what you come up with for 2012

          • Here’s another one google the big list of voter fraud it really says is all.

          • Yup, but we must be mistaken. According to a NYT article in 2014 voter fraud was very rare and just a big myth LOL. I can’t possibly understand why anybody still reads that rag.

          • You’re talking about the east coast, think that kind of explains it.

    • NO Soros and millions of fraudulent votes put the Islamunist there.

  5. Close the federal Department of Education, stop all government funding for college.
    If they have to work to pay the tuition, they won’t have time for this crap.

    • I do believe Trump said something very similar, and I agree.

    • But it’s training for the ‘elitest’ schools with degrees in “communicative diversions” (the art of the spin of BS into believable), “Marx as the deity,” and “the renovation of history.” If they had to work for a living, they would possibly grow to expect to have to contribute to (rather than destroy) our excellence. If DOE was closed, they’d find (first-hand) the effects of many of their teachings, but I don’t think they would like finding out what Justice really should be.

      • If American institutions of education were in the business to actually teach instead of in it for the money and to indoctrinate their students into socialism they would have the brains to tell these students to “pound sand”. Either act as adults or get the He!! out. One thing the teaching stall doesn’t seem to know is when socialism takes over the academics are the second to go after politicians.

        • Interestingly, Chinese universities are rejecting useless degrees and socialism. They are moving to the right and we are moving to the left. It is a crazy world.

          • I noticed the same thing in Russia and the Ukraine, this country is going to be judged by Jesus very soon these wretched pagan civil rights bastards are going to be erased from the earth, it all goes back to these communist international bankers, the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds financed the Bolshevik revolution in 1917, they incited WW 1 and WW 2 , so they could slaughter hundreds of millions and make trillions of dollars by creating debt in the warring nations

      • “communicative diversions” is equal to “Tell a Lie often enough…”

      • DOE = Dumb Opportunities Everyday DOE is such a financial waste, might as well burn money in the streets.

    • I’M with you Gerald, and no more Scholarships.

    • And cut the PC Affirmative Action/Diversity CRAP.

    • And if we don’t get this Country “righted”, we are going to end up with a European-style, government provided, education. Total control of thought.

    • Education is not even one of the enumerated powers of the Federal govt. They have no authority to be there!

    • Numerous politicians over the years have advocated similarly. Even some Republicans who became POTUS, but once in office they not only did not close the Department of Education, but actually expanded the federal government grab at power over state and local school systems and parents.

    • Exactly. They need get there cuddled ass into the real world. I am tired of subsidizing others so-called educatiuon. Given the dumb down certainly indicates money doesn’t neccessarily buy smarts.

  6. And this is what happens when the Government pays worthless nigrs, mexicans, and Illegal Immigrants to attend Universities NOT because of their academic ability, but because they are “minorities”. I just wonder how many of these worthless fcks would have the time for ‘protests’ if they had to WORK their way through College like I did. NONE, I bet!!

    • Amen, I worked two jobs and took full hours every quarter. That is not part of their makeup. Whitey owes them everything for their lack of doing anything for themselves. Poor little victims… of their own laziness and stupidity.

  7. Professor Pavel Miliukov, a distinguished historian and leader of the moderate Constitutional Democrats before the Russian Revolution, was arrested after the Bolshevik takeover and slated for execution. His friends and students, all supporters of the Revolution, took the case to Lenin himself, who replied that the Revolution did not need academics. Miliukov was shot, and a generation of sputniks, apparatchiks and useful idiots in American academia are now about to experience their just deserts. Perhaps they should read the end of the last and darkest of Alan Drury’s “Advise and Consent” novels, in which the new regime in a communized America turns on the progressives. In a scene of delicious irony, the ponderous liberal pundit Walter Dobius is hauled off to St. Elizabeth’s asylum for political deviance caused by insanity; as he is taken away he calls out to bystanders that “We did this! We did this!”

    • History is repeating itself, thanks to the libtards.

      • My dad’s, and consequentially mine now, favorite comment- “The only thing we learn from history is that we don’t learn anything from history.” The liberal education establishment is finally learning that they performed their indoctrination experiment all too well.

        • Getting their just desserts IMO.

        • Do they teach history in school anymore?

          • Funny you ask, David. At 73 now, I remember that I had extensive history exposure as early as the 7th grade in elementary school. By the time I was in high school, I knew all the “Isms,” what they stood for, and was actually taught the dangers and shortcomings of “Democracy” and why our founders chose a republic for our country. My daughter-in-law has a master’s degree and if I mention socialism, or any of the other isms, the lights are on, but nobody’s home. So, apparently, the answer to your question is no.

          • It went OUT along with math, spelling, writing, reading and reasoning long ago…..
            And corrupt unions moved IN.

          • A version guaranteed to mislead.

      • Assume you mean Nazi Germany in the 1930’s?

        • Yep only one last step, taking our guns away from us, then Obama will issue the call to jihad he was placed in office to do. Then martial law and genocide of whites and Christians will begin in earnest.

          • Those Whites and Christians will defend themselves!

          • Obama knows this that is why he has not yet issued the call to jihad. Scary part is this mirrors the rise of the NAZI party in Germany almost exactly. Yet congress just keeps giving the treasonous Muslim everything he wants in fear of being called “rayciss” , time to give up on the politically correct BS and do what is right for the AMERICAN CITIZENS for a change.

          • Totally agree. I’ve said it a hundred times, the largest problem in DC is near total corruption and political correctness. This has to be recognized by the people and corrected. We won’t have a better chance then in 2016. I pray the people will open their eyes.

          • I hope for the same, the Democrats are just lining up as many voters as they can via the entitlement rhetoric. I wish all the electoral corruption would be exposed for what it is BEFORE Hillary gets placed into the White Mosque after Barry.I am obviously not very optimistic about the outcome.

          • All we can do is to continue spreading the word and hope the good folks can out vote the libs and those on the government dole. I’m not sure who would have a better chance to win in the general, but I think it comes down to Trump or Cruz. If the corrupt give the nod to another RINO, I don’t think we will have a chance.

          • Trump and Cruz are the only two choices IMO. We all need to spread the word loud and clear.

          • How about a Trump/Cruz ticket?

          • That would be ideal.

          • I’m screaming it from the rooftop, via my computer. BTW, I just read an article in the WSJ. It basically said due to national terror problems and the obummer admin’s response to it and obummer handicapping law enforcement, killery has little chance of winning in the general. Don’t believe the polls out there (they’re usually wrong anyway).

          • I know one thing, if it comes from the MSM, it is not to be trusted. This country will fall if Killary gets in. God help us!

          • We the People will have to give the government in DC and liberal states a huge dose of Sani-flush in Nov. 2016. Vote Trump-Cruz to restore the nation to its former state of freedom and free enterprise!

          • Old Patriot, let’s do it. I’m sick and tired of seeing this Country getting flushed down the toilet! Spread the word. America revival 2016. Let’s get rid of the dictator and chief and his dictator wanna be replacement, killery and put an American lover back in OUR White House.

          • when obama made his last trip to Germany,a friend who lives there,said the only thing he needed,was a small brush under his nose.

          • He would have to move Heshelle’s balls out of the way first.

          • No, pal. 80 million armed Americans will see to it that the nation is preserved, even if it means blood in the streets. Count on it, those people aren’t going anywhere but up and free!

          • I was only comparing what Obama is trying to do with what Hitler did. That is a scenario he will not be successful in unless he can find a way, legal or illegal, to take our guns away. That is what I was saying, I am right there with you on us rising up to defend what is ours. 2016 is going to get very ugly with Barry shifting into high gear on his plans to destroy the USA and give it over to Muslims. He is in for a rude and bloody awakening.

  8. Black fascism is a reincarnation of the KKK in their tactics and their actions. Simple as that. Racism, under Obama has moved to the dark side of town, he did all the pushing.

  9. Many, many moons ago, I thought that I was going to Yale. My application was spiked, so I have a resentment there. Black-balled is what we used to call, “white-balled” would be more accurate in today’s environment. Simply a heads-up that my remarks may not be strictly objective.

    Yale is still a reservoir of learning. But New Haven is a cess pool. Then you have the cancerous growth of academic administrators, a/k/a “professional educators”. These lice do not educate, they profligate.

  10. The more “Socialized” the youth of today become the more they worry about being political correct and not
    hurting anyone feeling as long as you agree with them and their moronic logic. If you disagree with what
    they are told to believe and fed on a daily biased bases by Left Wing Utopian professors who are Brain
    washing (What little they have) them daily to indoctrinate them for the take over of the politicians then you
    are a bigoted, racist with a closed mind. They dare not listen for fear they might actually learn something
    different than the pabulum they are fed by others.


  12. Who would want to hire these idiots. They are suppose to be highly educated when they graduate but most are dumb as stumps.

    • All too often anymore, the “highly educated” are really “highly programmed”.

    • Yup. Kalifornia has a bill, which may have already passed, to give high school diplomas to all who failed. Now even high school diplomas will have no meaning.

      • 3-4 years ago, or so, a news report revealed that between 35 and 45% of today’s college graduates cannot demonstrate that college had any effect on them. 38% of American’s can’t pass an armed forces entrance exam, and that doesn’t include any medical factors.

        • Yes, so sad and the reason U.S. students are so far behind the students of other countries in math, and I think other subjects as well.

  13. Yep. Our constitution guarantees Americans the right of “life, liberty, and the right to “not be offended”!

  14. This Country is going to Hell in a hand basket and if we keep voting for people who go along with the Far left Agenda that this Administration is promoting we are going to get there sooner then later .

    • It is obviously well on the way. We’re so late into that journey that its debatable if there are enough left to stop it! I think the election of 2016 is our last opportunity.

  15. We need a ruling by the Supreme Court on this Unconstitutional behavior.

    • The SCOTUS has demonstrated that it’s not particularly concerned with upholding its proper role.

      • iamcurious,
        How true. Let’s pamper the poor rather than solve their problems

        • That philosophy guarantees failure and dependency.

          • iamcurious,
            That is exactly the problem we have. The poor, especially the black poor, are beginning to rebel because of their circumstances. It is time for liberals to face that issues. But no, they just keep on with senseless welfare with nothing in return for the aid these people receive and expect them to be content with their lowly status in life. To my disgust, the conservatives are doing the same thing. Dole out money and do not lift a finger to cure the problems.

            I watched a documentary on PBS recently about the human remains at Jamestown in which cannibalism occurred. There were those within the group of colonists who refused to work. They were left to die. The last of their food supply was the dead.

            WAKE up, liberals!

          • At some point, one must face facts and divorce those who would be a millstone around your neck. When looming starvation fails to motivate, no basis for reasoning remains.

            The phenomenon, for me, is embodied in the lyrics from a song, “if live and let live, makes you give it a cry, then live and let die”.

          • iamcurious,
            I can agree to a point. So, what would happen if the government abruptly shut down welfare completely?
            With all of the illegal guns in the metro areas of major cites from LA to Boston, civil war would break out, if for no other reason than theft of food and medicine. Looting and burning would be rampant. Death and cannibalism would be the last resort.
            That was a huge fear in the Roman Empire after 70 AD when the Romans instituted bread and circuses to try to pacify the poor. It failed finally.

          • I wouldn’t advocate to just cut them off, cold turkey. My comment was slanted towards those early colonies where the community simply couldn’t carry the weight. I’d argue in favor of a phased reduction in this era, and let the chips fall where they may.

          • iamcurioius,
            That sounds like a good plan, ay wot? What do you think these people in large cities would do if their “income” was suddenly shut off? What would they do with all those illegal guns? If they could not afford to buy their drugs, how else would they get them? would they peacefully hand them over to law enforcement? Would those of us who cherish the Second Amendment stand for gun confiscation?

            This issue is much larger than welfare.

          • We understand that. We’re merely discussing one aspect of it. We can’t afford to do nothing. We’ve had much too much of that and that’s why we’re here now!

          • iamcurioius,
            Definitely you are correct in that we do nothing. So, what do we do? Obama realizes that Common Core is not working out very well. A new plan calls for more local control for grading and testing. That is basically a good idea. But teaching is a far more involved goal than what we have been doing. CC did not take it far enough.
            1.Teachers have to do more than “teach” by shoving material at them. They have to engage the students into a learning mode.
            2. Testing should involve a shot essay response. This can tell the teacher two things:
            3. Can the student display a knowledge of problem solving.
            4. Can the student present a clear cut response to the question such that it makes sense.

  16. These students are sick and weak, These are the kind that should not be able to buy a gun, but we don’t need
    new laws, just enforce the laws already on the books.

  17. The professors, with no choice left to them, have Atlas Shrugged. Christakis’ wise message was lost on ears deafened to truth. Woe to the employers who hire these students. I see them landing on government payrolls after they’ve sued their way out of the private sector. Have had the misfortune to work with one of these a year ago. He lectured me in a wordy, self-righteous e-mail–offended that I had called his assistant his ‘HELPER’. After giving him the dictionary definitions of both words, I told him to shut up and get his work done for his client.

  18. Effin whiny brats!

  19. We, who did this to ourselves, knew better, but we failed to actually do better. The “Progressives” have stayed true to their objectives, we have not. Is there yet time left to turn our fall around? This next federal election will tell our story and cast our future.

    Approximately 47% of this nation depends on some sort of federal/state handout. Few are those who will offer to vote for people who will end that “free” aid.

    Our future, right now looks very bleak.

  20. While I am not a supporter of Halloween, the University level is not the place for students with their bulls..t, this is why they don’t learn anything and are prone to believe any media hype…what a disgrace this is to a country that advocated education since its beginnings. For those that don’t know, halloween is THE big holiday for satanists, witchcraft, etc, all of which is legal but it doesn’t mean it is good for your kids, no matter how good free candy tastes….candy, anything that seems to taste good and free, be it chocolate literal candy or an education you didn’t earn.

  21. Students , not all, are the most brainwashed bunch of ignorant spoiled brats on this earth. They have no concept
    of freedom on which this great country was founded. They are stupid liberal idiots when it comes to common sense which they have none. They expect everything to be the way they want it to be in a very self serving way. I like the college president who stated this college is not a day care center so if you don’t like it go somewhere else.

  22. I hope this experience will help these professors to see this as a positive move.

  23. PC is “killing” America faster than anything else.

  24. Yale used to be the bastion of higher education and civil liberty. Now it’s filled with MoonBats and Political Correctness.

  25. These two professors should be blaming different folks. Why not go after the ones who taught these little brats, their peers. Most professors today are nothing but liberals and they are the ones who are teaching these kids.

  26. Blame obama and those five members of the SCOTUS and ALL their cohorts and minions.

  27. Looks like the inmates (students) are running the show. We need to close all colleges and universities that allow the inmates to run things, after all there can be no real teaching with babys in charge.

  28. Too many of these children and their families did not fight for theses freedoms and that’s why they won’t know what they lost until it’s gone.

  29. I have to believe that this is a minority of the student population because the college students I know have had enough of this mental disease known as liberalism and they are ready for confrontation. Hopefully the majority will destroy the minority in this battle.

  30. Well,well,what have we here? It appears to be more dumbing down and censoring of freedom of thought, and expressoon thereof.The truth can be offensive,so just you be sure now,before endulging yourself with oral expression,to check the politically correct list and be sure any dialogue stands up to its scrutiny.You must absolutely avoid whatever it is you perceive as truth and expression of it, if it is potentially offensive and hurts someone’s weak mamby pamby ego by all means necessary!Good for the professors!

  31. There is nothing in our Constitution that says we have to pay for these self-aggrandizing little twits to attend College! Wait until they take their degree out into the workplace and find out performance in their job is more important than their Degree!
    There is also nothing in the Constitution that says you have to be happy and satisfied all the time! It states that you have certain unalienable rights, “Life, Liberty and the PURSUIT of Happiness.” There is no guarantee that you will be happy and have your way whenever the spirit moves you! Grow up!

  32. The liberals are ridding the education system from kindergarten through college. They can’t stand to have any conservative who might actually teach our children something of worth that will help them earn a living. I never thought I would see America in such a terrible state.

    • Some of us free thinkers were reared by America’s Greatest Generation that fought these types of ideologues.

      • We were taught to think for ourselves. Today the youngsters are being indoctrinated to only think they way they are told to think. Oh yeah, that’s called a liberal.

  33. The loss of these professors strikes one as sad.It is however their choice.

  34. I propose a new subject for these dimwit students: “The History & Fallacy of Marxism.”
    That’s what it will take to bring these immature brats to their senses; their parents have somehow failed them, probably by intellectual neglect in many cases, and emotional neglect in others. If the colleges keep churning out socialists and communists, the US will fall into the same fate as China, Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, etc. God help our grandchildren, who’ll be raised in this Leftist mindset!

    • I would venture to guess that some of those parents were the beatniks and hippies of yesteryear. Those that have fried brains, HIV and incurable Hepatitis, Free love, LSD, maryjane, unicorns and protest.

  35. Yale’s loss.

  36. ConservativeSenior

    Yale has become a socialist toilet.

  37. Notice to all achievers, form new universities. The Ivies will be downgraded soon.

  38. There are a chosen few idle useful idiots in todays academe, much like there were, in general, decades ago. Most are progressive (radical liberal, socialist) guns for hire by enablers, controlled by puppet masters. These Sal Alinsky type mouth pieces are favored by the likes of BHO to help in his PC crisis modes to promote his agendas.

  39. The PC NAZIS are at it again. There’s a phrase for people like this: Narcissistic
    hypersensitive spoiled brats . They need to have a Coke and a Smile and shut the F**K UP. Shame on Yale for lacking the courage to call a spoiled brat a spoiled brat. If we had to depend on these Pussies during WWII, we would have lost the war

  40. Obviously children who don’t have any parents, or ones cut from the same cloth. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  41. A college degree ain’t what it used to be.

  42. Mmm prepschoolers


    It Is Time To Evict All The Radical Moslems Here In The Usa. Lets Start With The Democrats.

    Praise The Lord And Pass The Ammunition And We Will All Stay Free.
    Can Someone Thump My Bible For Me? I Got To Carry All These Guns.
    Senior Citizens Have A Good Excuse When Asked Were Did You Bury Your Weapons? I Don’t Remember. Knock On Wood. Come In!

    Just Remember One Thing. Those Who Want To Take Your Guns Away Intend To Kill You.
    When Admiral Yamamoto Was Asked After Attacking Pearl Harbor Why He Did Not Invade The West Coast? He Replied Behind Every Blade Of Grass Is An American With A Rifle.

    Spirit Of America Party Radio Show On Blogtalkradio.Com And Tunein Radio.Com

    Trump Was On O’Reilly The Rino Show. 8:00 Pm Last Night.

    I Am Glad I Labeled Fox News Fix News. Trump Was Scheduled To Be Decapitated Tonight. But He Is Tougher Than Dirt. If He Runs You Over Because You Deserve It He Will Wave From The Rear View Mirror.

    By Now We Can All Agree That He Stands Against The Jihadists, The Rinos And The Demo Commos. Plus The Nutworks That Have The C For Communist In Their Call Girl Signs. Nbc, Cnn, Cbs, Abc.
    Tom Brokaw The Lemon From Outer Space Called Him A Mccarthyite. Tom Had To Reach Way Back In His Leon Trotsky Bag.

    By The Way Our Saint Rests In Peace Overlooking The Fox River Knowing He Exposed Communism In Government. One Of Only A Few Americans At The Time Fighting For His Country. Today We Call Him Blessed Joseph McCarthy. Let Us Not Forget The First American Killed By The Communists. His Name Was John Birch.

    O’Reilly Launched His Get Trump Torpedos But That Steve Malzberg Tune Played In My Ears. I Won’t Back Down. Trump Is Now Known As Dauntless Donald.

    Sad To See O’Reilly Use A Hillary Clinton Tactic. Exaggerate Trumps Intentions By Creating Miscellaneous Situations That Will Never Happen. Do You Really Think That Trump Is Going To Stop King Abdullah Of Jordan From Coming To The USA? He Will Probably Put Him Up In The Trump Palace. Get Real O’Reilly. Listen To Dobbs And Varney They Want To Do An Intervention.

    Not Only That, President Trump Is Going To Meet With The Leader Of The Free World, Bebe Netanyahu. When He Comes Back He Will Have More Intel On Benghazi And The Demo Commos Than The Whitehouse Can Cover Up. You Think Israel Forgets That Obama Tried To Make Bebe Leave By The Back Door And Take Out The Garbage?

    Your Question About Trump’s Third Party Move Will Throw The Election To Old Hickory Is Bogus. If Disenchanted Democrats In The Party Of Their Ancestors See Rinos Joining With Democrats To Stop Trump. They May Very Well Join Trump. That Could Be 25% Of The Democrat Party.

    Don’t Underestimate Trump He Is Sweeping All States He Appears In Including The Yankee Hating for good reason South. What’s The Reason? He Is Real And Takes No Bribes.

    I Am Counting On The People Of Iowa To Make Up For The Counting Mistake That Should Have Declared Santorum The Winner Last Time.

    If A Guy Named Soros Shows Up With His Own Machine Throw Him Out.

    Trump Needs A Landslide To Send A Message To The World. We Are Getting Stronger. If Hillary Beats Trump By A Very Narrow Margin. You Will Know We No Longer Have A Country. We Need An Avalanche Landslide.

    Already Latinos Call Him El Trumpo The Job Zorro. Many Blacks Only Got Obama Phone And Bad Healthcare. The Vets Know Where To Go. Teachers Are Tired Of Getting Beat Up In The No Class Class Rooms.

    America Is A War Zone And Obama Is Raising An Al Queda Army Bigger Than The Us Army He Destroyed. I Don’t Know About You But I Want To Be Great Again. The Smaller The Government The Safer The People.

    How I Long To See Trump Walking Government Halls And Asking One Question. What Do You Do Here?

    So Get Used To It Losers. Big Change Is Coming. He Not Be Going Away. Trump Is Here To Stay. Trump-Cruz Is The Winning Combo.

    Spirit Of America Party Radio Show. On Blogtalkradio.Com And Tune In Radio.Com

    More Tea Anybody? bartender Champagne. I Have A Coupon.



  44. Professor, if your resignation is voluntary then you have failed your students and your peers.

    Your response to these bratty children and their supporters is to surrender. Your message to the brats is encouragement…that whoever screams the most and loudest is the truth teller. Think of how you’ve undermined the brats’ next victim.

  45. These students need an immediate history lesson. They need to watch a documentary about Hitler and the Hitler Youth because they all sound like they want to harken back to those “good old days”. Then they all need to have their heads removed from ovomit’s nether regions before it is too late! And for society’s sake, stop giving them free money to attend college. Let them work for a living to earn their education. That might put a crimp in their free time for protesting and thinking up maniacal reasons to have people bend over and kiss their oooh so tender feet!

  46. Vote for Trump, perhaps with real leadership and his administrations appointments, we will see the absolute collapse of Political Correctness and a return to liberty, freedom and freedom of speech, even if it offends someone. Personally, I will not hire ANYONE from a college that graduates these hyper sensitive morons.

  47. That does it. Colleges have gone of the liberal bend! BO has infected the nations schools most certainly.

  48. When the rats take over the ship…the ship is doomed to be destroyed. Soon colleges and universities will no longer be for higher learning , it will be just a place where parents send their intolerant selfish moronic young’sters , that they ,either by choice or by accident … spawned. They will no longer be a place for learning, but very expensive temporary housings

  49. Wow! Appears our society has experienced a real dumbing down of the college / university experience. Our basic freedoms are at risk as a result. Who defines politically correct – Obama, Clinton, ?????

  50. Yale sucks! Ever heard of the secret society Skull and Bones, folks? Listen, if Yale were blasted off the face of the earth today, God willing, not just society but mankind would be better served without this evil, I repeat evil agent of regime change. As “the Militia of the several States”, We the People will expose secret societies and return universities to the role of educating, not conditioning, young minds. No Militia = No Future for your children but continuing economic enslavement and spiritual bondage. Follow me on FB as 15,000,000 Texas Militia show the other 49 how it’s done.

  51. We need to close most of the Universities for a year and let these idiots be drafted into the military. Then reopen them after a year with no grants or scholarships!

  52. Our universities and colleges are now institutions of socialistic indoctrination vice institutions of higher learning. In the past, it was supposed to be an open forum for learning and exchanging of ideas, opinions and values. Now, if you do not agree with the “progressives,” you are shouted down and labeled with all sorts of names. That so-called “student,” who shouted at Professor Nicholas Christakis has NO CLUE about anything in life.

  53. Close yale and all other”liberal factories”,before they destroy America.Liberals may be brain and book smart,but,when it comes to common sense they are brain dead.Don,t believe me,just look at the democrats that are in charge.

  54. Why is no one fighting for WHITE RIGHTS!

  55. Ever since we elected a black president (oh! excuse me: Afro/American!)this PC sh*t has escalated ten fold, so now at our great institutions of learning, free speech as we knew it is no longer in style! Of course, the ‘inclusive ones’ want to run the show, now, and no doubt will have its intellectual standards lowered so that more of them can attend same and practice this new form of ‘free’ speech! There is one good thing coming out of this: Yale will rank in college standings next to the local Junior college!


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