WSJ: Pope Francis the “Standard-Bearer” of Liberalism

A feature article in the Wall Street Journal points out what has been increasingly obvious for two years: That Pope Francis is not just the leader of the Catholic Church, but also the “improbable standard-bearer for many progressives around the world.”

From the paper:

With conservative and nationalist forces on the rise in many places and with figures such as U.S. President Barack Obama and French President François Hollande on their way out, many on the left—from socialists in Latin America to environmentalists in Europe—are looking to the 80-year-old pontiff for leadership.

“Pope Francis really inspires a lot of people to want to fight. I’m pretty sure if he weren’t the face of the Catholic Church, he’d be out in the street with us,” said Bleu Rainer, an activist in the “Fight for $15” minimum-wage movement in Tampa, Fla., who traveled to Rome last month for an international meeting of grass-roots activists addressed by the pope. “He reinforces our issues and makes them moral issues.”

Francis has made no secret of his liberal leanings. His controversial tenure as pontiff has been colored with comments that endorse open borders, embrace homosexuality, and warn about the dangers of climate change. These remarks have made him a darling of the American media while rankling conservative Catholics who think the Pope should stick to the Church’s teachings and leave politics to the secular world.

Part of this narrative is exaggeration: Francis isn’t quite as much of a radical leftist as conservatives sometimes fear, nor is he the second-coming of Karl Marx as some radical leftists want to believe. He has not changed official church policy on gay marriage, abortion, or any other significant cultural issue. He preaches a Christ-like message of universal compassion that should not be confused with the statist aims of the Democratic Party.

That said, the image of Pope Francis as a force for the leftist cause is not altogether imaginary, either. When he’s out there campaigning against fossil fuels, condemning free market capitalism, and blasting countries that don’t let every refugee on the planet through their borders, he’s stepping beyond his religious messaging.

In the U.S., a slight majority of Catholic voters broke for Donald Trump. By taking veiled shots at The Wall and suggesting that Trump “is not a Christian,” Francis is unnecessarily dividing believers.

“The global left clearly see an opportunity to appropriate the prestige of the papacy for their causes,” Acton Institute’s Samuel Gregg told the Wall Street Journal. “That introduces polarization in the church about issues that Catholics are free to disagree about.”

We won’t presume to tell Pope Francis what is proper for a man in his position to say. But we do hope that he’ll think about what kind of people he’s emboldening – intentionally or not – with some of his rhetoric. The history of socialism and communism is one of oppression, war, and genocide.

Let’s learn from that history.



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  1. It will be a great day in Hell when this Pope is the first to go to HELL!
    How did we get a Scko gay president his boyfriend Mike Obama and a sicko pope at the same time
    the world has not learned from history and the world will suffer! THANK GOD FOR TRUMP!

    • You seem to be saying that the pope is evil. I do not think this is the case. He is just misguided, and does not understand the massive benefits of capitalism.

    • First off I’m not Catholic for if I was I’d be switching to Christian. First we had soap on a rope, now we have the Pope is a Dope!
      Does he read from the same Bible as the rest of Christianity etal?? God , if I remember my Bible correctly, CONDEMNED homosexuality! PERIOD! This bird seems to think it’s okay. WTF over!
      Is the # of Catholics dropping so severely that they will now allow homosexuals etal into the Church to bolster the ranks, ergo larger collection plate income?? Hmmm, this reeks of “anything for the almighty dollar”!!
      I remember the response to some stupid question which now a days garners a duh but used to get “Is the Pope Catholic”! Now a days the answer would be I don’t think so to the Pope question! “DUH” is more appropriate and apt!




        • davidfromfairviewpa

          I am an ex-Catholic and can tell you that most of the funds raised by catholic parishes stay in the parish. Only a small portion is sent to the Diocese and only a small part of diocesan money is sent to Rome. Most Catholic churches are constructed with pledges from parishioners and the construction funds are borrowed from banks. I don’t know where people get these crazy ideas.

          • Some people just like to speak from a point of ignorance. Those who don’t know what they’re talking about should shut up. Thank you, davidfromfairviewpa, for your excellent clarification.



    • BoundlessExistence

      You are obviously another contestant, there are many, in the, ‘I Am The Most Worthless Lunatic That Has Ever Lived’, contest.

    • Will you still thank your God when Social Security and Medicare are slashed and millions will be left holding the bag? Will you still thank your God while the millionaires keep raking in the bucks at your expense?

  2. This pope is the Biblical false prophet. This pope and Muslims are creating a one world religion.

  3. The pope prepares the world for the anti-Christ.

  4. Pope Francis grew up in a Socialist and then Fascist country, men of the cloth are always liberal however Pope Francis should get out of politics work on keeping and increasing catholic numbers and get Latino’s from Mexico and Central America to donate to the Church rather than just game the system. I am a Catholic a Conservative Republican and a contributor to both, so what about us, no say in these matters, we speak with our actions not our mouths.

    • I was raised a catholic and after seeing this man, I am glad to say that I was born again with a personal relationship with Jesus.

      • God gives you the gift of discernment when you truly accept Jesus as your saviour. Jesus is showing you how liberal Pope Benediction is. That is not good.

        • I wish it was different, but we live in a fallen world. When evil is supplanted into positions of power, the only thing that good Christian can do is rebel.

    • With you completely. The first words out of his mouth were juiced with socialism/communism. I was born and raised a Catholic, even was a acolyte for years. The pedophile priest issue that the Catholic Church covered up for decades possibly even centuries was the camel that broke the back for me. We had two “holier than thou” arch bishops in my diocese. One was involved in paying off a homosexual partner and the other one tried his best to hide/protect church money away from victims law suits. He was rewarded with elevation to a cardinal. Notice the word “elevated” is used like he is some kind of “godly figure”. B.S. It is all about the $$$ in my opinion.

    • The Church is not in “the numbers game.” The Church needs and wants people who are committed to following the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth about all. It’s not just numbers. And where do you think all this Latinos have all this money to give to the Church? Are you aware of the gross poverty in those Central American countries? They are not rich by a long shot. The Church has a mission to speak out against oppression and injustice in whatever form it takes anywhere in the world. That would of course include the political realm. Didn’t Jesus himself have a few words to say about this? He spoke truth to power by the example of his astonishing life. He was even willing to die a most horrible death rather than compromise his beliefs? Would you, or would any of us who glibly read these postings, be willing to do such a thing?

      • Richard, yes and it all sounds good, and where works is great. I am talking about the United States. I remember all the poor family’s growing up including mine who always gave something at mass, for the heating bill, for the starving kids in China and on and on. We didn’t have dirt but we would never not give something to the Church. We were brought up to always try to give 10% of earnings to the Church. One of the reasons the schools are loaded with Latino’s but they don’t give consequently they are closing so are a number of Church’s. I live in a very effluent area and our Church has plenty of money and the elementary and High School are in full swing with 80% Latino Children attending and who travel from the City, as they do not live in the area. If it was left to them to keep it going a closing would be imminent.
        The real world is a tough place

  5. what is this ahole doing about the genocide of Christians??

    the same as our muslim traitor

  6. If a close and honest look is given, it will show there is a division in the American Catholic Church; many do not accept this weak, socialist pope who would see America weakened and made a dumping ground for terrorists and the like. This pope says we are to coexist, in peace, with muslims; however, like the bumper sticker says…”You can’t coexist with people sworn to kill you”.

  7. Satan does his best work from the pulpit. Many lie that they are of Christ Jesus when they are, in fact, of their father the antichrist (instead of Jesus). This includes the pope. Liberals are totally and completely of Satan and directed by Satan. This includes pope francis.



  8. This is a political Pope not a religious Pope. That is why this one was chosen.

  9. The Prodestants were right in the 1500s! When then they sacked Rome & the Vatican. Forcing the dog pontiff to flee like the little lying coward that they have all been as history proves. Sadly they permitted the lying pontif to buy his freedom,an ecape his death. APPARENTLY Prodestant are much more mercy ful theN is the Catholics

  10. It would be great to think that the Lost Sheep of the Left – searching desperately for some figure they can follow and obey – would come to the Pope and listen not only to his “personal” teachings (i.e., what they want to hear) but also to his moral teachings, which continue to oppose homosexuality (not those who practice it – there +is+ a difference), abortions, euthanasia, etc. But that won’t happen, ever. Like it or not, and in spite of some grave lapses of its own, the Catholic Church seems to me to be the the one remaining “mighty fortress” against the works of that very real and never-tiring Satan who has taken over the Democrat party in this country and most of the “center left” parties elsewhere (much easier for him to take over movements rather than individuals!)

  11. It would seem the pontiff is serving two masters.

  12. Many Catholics are looking forward to replacing this open border Socialist.

  13. Hey pope, go back to what you do best. Molesting little boys.

  14. He’s a poor example of the Vicor of Christ. Nothing but a south American socialist peddling his propaganda through the veil of Christianity.

  15. The only type of people on this blog are narrow minded bigots. The Bible teaches us to accept anyone that is different than we are. They also can’t accept information coming from someone that is smarter than they are. Most of them are lost soles.

    • I do believe it’s written in the Bible and I don’t recall writer/ prophet, chapter, verse but I do believe God said “Man WILL NOT lay down with man” ERGO God wasn’t to keen on homo’s!

      • The God I know has been keen on everyone. Even a bigot like you.

        • The Bible says it’s a DENOUNCED by God moron! By GOD Himself! How freaking moronic can you be, @$$HOLE?? Are you by chance gay??

          • Nope, but if I was to show your comment to my minister he would say that man needs to go to church. No Christian person talks like that and then tries to talk about what the Bible says. You are not smarter than the POPE even though you think you are.

          • SHOW it to him BUT MAKE sure you show him/ her EVERYTHING! That or you belong to one of those Asinine Church’s like Scientology! You’re a freaking MORONIC A$$HOLE typical of DemoCommieScumboRATZ that pick and choose, not always wisely, what they state and wish to believe. I FIRMLY believe what is written in the Bible “Man should NOT lie/ lay with Man ergo God is against homosexuality etal! So shove it gay blade!

          • I am a happily married man. I would never think of calling one of God’s creatures names like you did. I hope you don’t think of your self as being a good Christian person. If you do then I must be a saint.

          • Yes you most assuredly are, of Hades! I see you ONLY believe the Bible when it agrees with your [email protected]$$HOLE views. NOT WHAT WAS WRITTEN IN IT!! You’re like the Pope IS a Dope!

            Which of the 10 Commandments don’t you like and refuse to obey?? They too are God’s rules/ laws! If God, in the Bible, states that homosexuality is an ABOMINATION then how are you and “Pope IS a Dope” making it alright to be gay?? Are you and he BETTER/ SMARTER than God!

          • I hope you don’t consider yourself a Christian. I don’t know of anyone that I consider a Christian that condemns another human being to Hell. Especially for something they don’t have any control over.

          • Wayne : You say,Especially for something they they have no control over…Horse crap-ola ! For even the most extremely addicted person has a choice. That choice is to use the power God gave all his people. ( Will power ) Gods will of your very own fleshly desires YOUR WILL Even the weakest of heart can take control of their lives their desires. Or like you who choose to believe they have no control. My friend Where is this so called Faith for which you have so vehemently proclaimed ,professed I would suggest You haven’t even the tiniest morsel of lower case-f-faith. As for being a Christian Wayne If The Bible to you is not the word of God. But the word of God descends from the pope.THEN YOU ARE NOT A DISCIPLE OF CHRIST JESUS.

            For the Bible is to be considered the sole Authority of Christian Doctrine and the interpretation lie’s not with one individual ( Sola scriptura )
            Both The Old & the New Testament’s Proclaim,profess Gods word Which proclaimed the commandments for which God requires his chosen people JEW OR GENTILE to live by. IF YOU CHOOSE TO DISOBEY ONE THEN YOU HAVE DISOBEYED ALL . Which Then places you in the categories of the unruly, irreligious, unlawful ! Which then you shall meet Gods Condemnation to hell.
            It really isn’t hard to understand ! As it is here on earth for those who choose to break mans law the law you go to jail or prison. Exactly the very same In heaven. There isn’t any getting around it.

          • So you obviously think you have enough will power to turn yourself gay if you wanted to? Everything about you, you can change if you just use your will power? I do not feel I could ever enjoy kissing another man no matter how much will power I have. The thought of kissing another man on the lips to me is so repulsive but you want me to use my will power if I so wish. Am I understanding you right?

          • Wayne I had always assumed, believe you to be a bit on the SLOW SIDE, Mentally handicapped if you will,Even A bit of a Non truth teller or fabricator of stories.. But I had never before believed you to be as deceitful, as you have now proven yourself to be. Either that or you are in deed the ignorant fool I had always presumed you to be. Let us return to my previous posted comment. Which you have simple perverted twisted with purposeful, irrational, illogical question’s.
            My Question 4 you Wayne Is this, What is your intended purpose four leaving out, setting aside, ignoring,discounting the following words- (FLESHLY DESIRES )- ( CHOICE )- (WILL POWER ) Was it your purpose to prove your a liar, or !a fool ??. Now onto your worldly ignorance ! In many cultures Both sex’s kiss same sex persons on the lips, as signs of affection, endearment and as is most often the case,when this does occur Wayne it is between close friend or Family extended Family . There is no sexual implications in this. No Tongue Baths, french kissing No Face sucking. For you to have assumed so ! Literally place’s you in the ignorant column. I know this as fact! AS it is the custom of my entire Family; extended family ,very close friends & or personally close neighbors. Those whom we have excepted as Family & They Us.
            One final point , My O My what insecurities you posses ,so you feel your man hood is threatened by kissing another man on the lips. Is it not any wonder Wayne as to why your bride thinks of you as A Limp wrist-ed, twisted Theology perverted Boy.

          • You avoided my illustration. If a gay person can change himself with enough will power than you should be able to change yourself and be a gay person This is your logic not mine. Now is this what you are insinuating?

          • So you obviously want to play God and condemn all gay people to Hell?

          • Yo Stupid don’t twist my words around! I stated you and the Pope is a Dope think “YOU ARE BETTER AND SMARTER THAN GOD”! I don’t have to God beat me to it, MORON!

          • So you want to dance around the problem. Are all gay people condemned to go to Hell.. The answer is either yes or no. There is no doubt your going to dance around it again.

          • I’m NOT DANCING around the problem but since you’re Hell Bent for an answer, according to the Bible, GOD’S word, it would appear that He, God Said yes!
            Don’t try to put words in my mouth either. God said! So they either repent and become “HETEROSEXUALS” or grab a shovel and start shoveling whatever fuels the fires of Hell!!
            God Almighty CONDEMNS it and you and the “Pope Is A DOPE” want to rewrite the Bible!You must be a pretty good DemoCommieScumboRAT cause you sure like twisting the words to what “YOU” want to hear or do!

          • Well the truth comes out. You are not a Christian. A Christian knows that our God is full of forgiveness and he sent his only son to die for our sins. I don’t know what church you go to but I know it not the same one I do. Yours obviously teaches hatred and bigotry.

          • Ah yes says the moron from the Church of Scientology! No mine teaches FACTS from the Bible! You know it’s wrong, they know it’s wrong and they wallow in it daily! Take your Stetson off, crap in it and replace it on your head as your brain is about a pint or to low!

          • Okay let it out. Get it all out of your system. All that hate and bigotry is just burning a whole in your stomach. I hope you feel better. When you do go and read your Bible. I know the Lord will forgive you for being like you are.

          • May be you SHOULD read yours! If you do, you’ll be 3 times smarter than you think you already are!

          • Well if you were half as smart as you think you are you would be twice as smart as you really are. I will remember you in my prayers because you are obviously a lost sole.

          • I’m not lost but pray away. You and the pope are the lost ones!

          • It’s only you or people like you that think you are God that would think like that.


            Try these on for size oh legend in ones own mind!
            Rom 1:26-27
            Leviticus 18:22, 20:
            Matt 19:4, 5
            1 Cor.6
            Rom. 12:2

          • I don’t need to read the passages you want me to read. The Bible also says it is an abomination to work on Sunday. It is also an abomination to get a divorce and get remarried. There are a lot of passages in the Bible that you can read to justify your bigotry. It’s up to you to use a little common sense.

          • Wayne the bible no matter the version, says nothing about Sunday. The Bible speaks of the Sabbath. Which of course was & is Saturday BEGINNING FRIDAY AFTER SUNSET. . SUNDAY THROUGH FRIDAY WAS A 6 DAY WORK WEEK AS THE LORD GOD COMPLETED HIS WORK AN RESTED ON THE 7TH DAY.

          • You just want to dance around my point. You can find a lot of abominations in the Bible. You just want use the ones you want and just fits into your bigotry.

          • So Wayne Your saying? Is one should use a little Common sense. So Wayne There for what it is your actually saying is to use the verses in the Bible that best suits your fleshly desires an be dam the rest.??
            ” Right Wayne? ”
            Hint ,Clue, Can you say Hypocrite, Hypocrisy, not at all Faithful ,not a true believer, Not even a semi believer.But a believer of self Wayne.
            Fact of the matter Wayne is this Christ Jesus , Spoke of your type.These are some of the words describing His & our Heavenly Fathers classification for your type.
            Lawless, irreligous, rebellious. You are the very type the law 613 laws specific were directed towards .

          • You are the bigot that uses the Bible to cover your bigotry. You are the one that is so full of hate that speaks about hating your fellow man. Don’t you try to preach to me.

          • No Wayne I do not speak of hating my fellow man I literally speak of hating my sin ,their sin an all sin..The differences between you an I are huge. I recognize my sins, you on the other hand deny your sinful nature,your hypocrisy. All the while twisting God’s words to suit your desires.

          • You have obviously got me confused as being a gay person. Well I am not. I sympathize with them for they can not help what they are. If they could they sure wouldn’t choose to be gay. I have been bullied and picked on in my life so I have an idea of what they have had to put up with all their life. I don’t know why people like you can’t have any compassion and let them live their lives they way they choose. How does it affect you in any way if that gay couple down the street have a piece of paper between them selves or not? Why should you care? Having that piece of paper or not is not going to change their life style. I wish you would recognize your sin for bullying them.

          • Wayne you my friend are living under a false premise: For I have no confusion or delusions as to exactly who and what My perception of you is or ins’t ! I couldn’t care less whether your gay or straights. What matters to me most is honesty ! Further more Wayne, you spew much garbage , Such as those who have chosen the gay life style have had no choice.
            Fact is Wayne you my friend have made it abundantly clear your not a very well read individual. Case in point ! Clearly your un aware of the following studies or your ignoring them. 2008 Studied put out by Two self proclaimed Gay liberal Berkeley College professor’s. Their peer reviewed study, Leaves zero doubt as to Choice being an absolute factor ! Their study was of a Cause effect & relation’s Study. Their findings resulted in what they had similar preconceived notions for which they had developed prior to their study. Their opinions & beliefs steamed from their lifes experiences;For which had occurred during pre-adolescent years. Their test subject had also experienced early
            pre- pubescent sexual experiences,such as being raped,or molestation by same sex persons. Were the direct link, cause factor in their’s and their text subjects decision to choose ,peruse same sex relationships had been founded. Their study combined with a 2002 Oxford university study concurred. “Choice” Oxfords studies was a two parts study. 1st part was of the sexual acts linked to that of of prison inmate populations. While inmates were in confinement & their choices,sexual preference upon release from prison. In prison Straight became gay Released back out into society. 98.2% reverted back to strickly straight.
            2nd part was of the animal kingdom ! Caged penned up animals of same sex orientation. When isolated with same sex animals the actions were nearly identical to the sexual actions of human prison inmate populations. Once opposite sexes were brought in the mix,the animal test subjects nearly always 99.9% of the time perused female subjects. ” Choice ”

            You say I hold or have no compassion for these folks” Wrong ” I Care equally for all Mankind & the animal kingdom ! What I despise and have zero sympathy for is lies & the false notions of victimization. When in fact there are far to many true victims whom are over looked; Because of the false pity party folks like you portray upon self victimized individuals,of the gay community. The second item for which I despise. Is when individuals such as yourself attempt to either pervert twist scripture in order to utilize scripture to suite your feelings or beliefs. All the while completely rejecting the entirety of scripture.
            Then folks like you who state we are not to judge. Yet when pointing specifically to Gods word. Which clearly states that when we see a brother or sister going astray we are compelled by God to admonish to repudiated him or her .
            Wayne your not exactly living up to the example God has given Us. Christ Jesus ! No my friend you go by what ever it is that tickles your ears. Last Point & most critical point ! LOVE THE SINNER HATE THE SIN. If one has claimed to except Christ Jesus through their mouths from their heart mind & spirit then one shall turn from their sin repent of their sin AND not continue to walk in their sin filled nature.
            Wayne Find any scripture which contradicts that last part! You can not. !

          • Obviously you don’t believe in separation of church and state. Why does that bother you if that gay couple down the street have a piece of paper between them or not? Now don’t dance around the question.

          • Speaking of the obvious. Wayne you fall rather short on the historical prospective of the Very meaning of the term of marriage Long before ,in fact thousands of years before governments entered into Marriage ceremonies tribAL customs between people joined couple’s together in religious rights. Over 600 years ago civil unions were recognized as contracts between two parties. Yes I have a huge issue with issuing same sex couples, marriage certificates. What I never had an issue with is civil Unions. You an others attempting to conflate the two seperate yet equal in law contracts . One was designed to advance an grow the tribe while maintain cohesion. The other was designed to give legal grounds for anyone in contract with another. While your blind as to how marriage has now been deminished in meaning an of importance. Just as welfare laws have broken families tax laws have deminishing the importance of marriage so to has given gay couples marriage license.
            Yes I know the blind, deaf , dumb & self serving refuse to see the facts as they are an not as they think things should be. For all of modern societies belief of anyone’s enlightened age,is as neanderthal like we have reverted.

          • Boy you bigots go to no end to ease your conscience of your bigotry. How does it affect your life in any way if that gay couple down the street have a piece of paper between themselves or not. All it does is give you bigots fodder to complain about.

          • Bigots you say?? Are you accusing the University of Berkeley’s Two self proclaimed liberal gay Professors of being bigots ?? Or are you accusing Oxford Universities Professors of being bigots. ??? ” MY O MY “How far the idiots shall travel in order to avoid facing the truth.( Bigots & fodder ) Is that the best your tiny little mind was able to foment. ??? Wayne Moronson Calling someone a bigot or racist who is neither! May make you feel better about your tiny minded self. However it certainly shall not aid you in a debate of intellect where well reasoned logic is a paramount requirement . Neither shall it ever advance what ever cause you seem to advocate for. And just what exactly is your cause. Do you have a gay brother, sister, daughter or son. or has your wife switched sides,or was it your mom or pops who switched sides. No I think it is you! You who it is that is now finding your own desires objectionable are you trying to rationalize your own gay desires. ?? No one really cares so long as your not attempting to force others into excepting as Normal Your gayness . We could care less! 82 % of the worlds population is normal the balance of 18% is made up of the abnormal whether Lesbian,Gay Bi,Transgender,transvestite, Bestiality type or the Sociopaths . You all choose your desires. No matter how sick or perverse though’s choices are.

          • No I don’t personally know anyone that is a gay person. I just know because someone else has a different life style than me It is non of my business. Unless it affects my lifestyle as I live it. Now can you tell me how that gat couple down the street affects your life in any way if they have a piece of paper between them or not. Are you going to avoid answering the question again or dance around it again? I don’t want keep asking you the same question and getting gobly gook answers..

          • Wayne ! I have already answered your question. Either you simply refuse to except my answer or you are incapable of comprehending my answer. Hint you shall find my complete answer laid out in rather logical terms revisit my comment section of just 17 hours ago. Answer given ! O I know it isn’t the answer you were hoping for.

          • IF you answered the question 17 hours ago then repeat it. I don’t know how it affects you life in any way shape or form. Live and let live is the Christian way to live. If a Catholic person thinks he should eat fish on Friday and you are not a Catholic I would suppose you condemn them also.. You can’t live and let live because of your bigotry.

          • I Refere You to the Book
            Of Romans . Read an learn Apparently your not half the Catholic you think yourself to be.

          • Still can’t answer the question. Huh

          • Still refusing to except my answer ( HUH? ) ANSWER GIVEN Reread my posted comments directed toward you as of 2 days ago & one day ago ! If your able to at the very least read to the level of a 2nd grader my answer will be quite evident. And it isn’t the answer you were looking for I’m sure

          • You still insist that you answered my question. I say you haven’t. You just danced around it by not answering it. What affect is it to you if that gay couple down the street have a piece of paper between them or not? If it makes them feel better about themselves then if you are a religious person it should make you happy.

          • Not only do I insist that I’ve answer your question! I’ve actually answered your question in rather definitive terms. As well beyond the realm of any miss iterpretation,for even the least of literate people, even a monkey is able to comprehend my given answer. Yes everyone here recognizes Your need for folks to answer a question as you would have them answer it. Sad for you that there are superior numbers of independent thinking individual who refuse to betray their Ideals. Hint I’m one of them. So go on with your bigoted ,racist masoginist comments . For they merely reflect the intolerable individual you project yourself to be.

          • You don’t have an answer that is why you refuse to answer it. So just keep dancing. You know it doesn’t affect you In any way shape or form it that gay couple down the street have a piece of paper between themselves or not. You bigot can think of some of the stupidest reasons to cover your bigotry. The only person that swallows your bigoted reasons is you.

          • Wayne ! My answer is the answer fore which I have given You. Whether or not you like my answer?/ that is your problem & yours alone !
            For you are neither sufficiently powerful enough or intelligent enough to force your words from my tongue. Again with the bigoted name calling Wayne are you that much of a Child to resort to name calling .There,s this old saying fore which I live & go by Wayne .
            And it goes like this; You can call me anything you like, but never ever call me late for dinner. Meaning I am neither bothered by your childish name calling nor am I offended by your childish behavior. Too-Taa-lou Too-Taa-Rou

          • You have never answered my question and neither has every other bigot like you. You keep insisting you have answered my question. If that was the case then you would answer it again. I know you haven’t because you don’t have an answer. Only in your bigoted head. You have justified yourself only in your head. I didn’t want my daughters to marry anyone other than a thoroughbred Norwegian. I didn’t get my wish. But I have learned to live with it. I will pray that you do the same.

          • I had wanted to ask you if you are Norwegian or even Swedish but declined. Kinda forward I thought. When I read you are in Minnesota I was tempted again to ask. Of course, my grandparents lived in Minnesota when they were indentured servants. My Grandfather was Chris. Lindseth, he married another Norwegian and they moved to Montana. My mother and father met and married, moved to Kansas, Texas, then La. I was born on a bayou, actually across the street from one. I married a real Frenchman (France – you know). He did not vote for Trump either. He served with NATO forces before coming to the states. I like your posts. Some good humor for something so serious. I like Obama, none of my local relatives did. But they just aren’t with reality either.

            Liked it a lot when you tell these jokers to watch the news. Now they are like Trump calling it “fake news”. Nothing original for sure.

            Thanks for your service. Especially for Vietnam. I was in college from ’62 to ’65. I have never had bad feelings toward our military, I just hate war as it is where youth are sacrificed for the wealthy. (that is my opinion). When I think of Vietnam, I am angry and I get tears too. We supported the Vietnam war, but I think it was because I was so patriotic as most of us were where I went to college. You are a hero, and John McCain definitely is too. Trump is a coward and a bully……and the list goes on. Bye.

          • Thanks for the good words.

          • So you admit your a true hard core bigot ! As well a racist”, Take your bigoted racist dumb ass an pack it: For you to attempt to justify your bigotry while claiming or assuming others are as bigoted or racist as you; is a true example of a low life lying scumbag : (Thoroughbred Norwegian ) there is no such living example. That ended about 400 years ago. O sure like with all nationalities there are those who claim of pure blood lines; ” Horse shit “. Now like all other races we are all Mixed breads . With the sole exception of some very off grid native peoples who’s populations are near extinction.. but even then they to have impurities, with in their DNA.

          • You being the top of the list of mongrels!

          • Bigots walk all over morons. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Well well I have a stalker! mrpoohead /shot filled cranium wants to blow me! No thanks faggot I’m straight. Go stalk your bigoted racist partner Wayne Thorson after all you two allie birds of all Re feather who blow together.

          • Errr; pot, kettle – little tarnished, me thinks!

            Now remind me Pea-brain who is it who’s always bringing up the subject of bottoms? That’ll be you then.

          • Take your filthy comment of me and show your minister what you said. I’m sure he would like to give you a private sermon of communication.

          • Wayne you are an ignorant Jack ass ! (Filthy comment) Hey jackass: You proclaimed your bigotry& racism when you professed you had wanted your daughter to marry a (Thoroughbred Norwegian) your words jackass. By the way I am & Ordained Minister. Wayne Thorson Repent of your sins of bigotry & racism turn away from those sins ,turn away from your shameful covering, protecting of Homosexuality.

          • Peatro you are also a liar. You claim to be an ordained minister HA HA HA . For your information everyone is a racist in their own way. If someone wants their daughter to marry a doctor or lawyer they are a racist according to you. I wish your minister could see how you call people names and how much hate is built up in your body. I am also a happily married man and grandfather of 8 gorgeous grandchildren. I would really like to see your congregation. I bet they are a hoot.

          • No Wayne That is the dumbest posting of comments you have posted up to this day. Heres the facts Wayne: Anyone ,Someone who may want either their son or daughter to marry a person no matter the profession. Does not make him or her either a racist or bigot. What it makes them is a parent who desires their children to advance further along or higher up ,The economic ladder. You Wayne are in deed a freaking lying jackass poored forth straight from the mold of A White Racist ,bigoted, Degenerate homo. Who’s wife is of his same sex, your children are adopted. I have great pity for those poor children. To have been raised by & abusive, racist, bigoted ,degenerate, bastard the likes of You. As to my Ordination Which came through a Nondenominational Christian church which is recognized in all 50 states & all US Territories as well 15 other nations.God is my witness . SATAN IS YOURS

          • I wonder what your congregation would think of you if they could see your comment. How can you even consider yourself a Christian after saying words like that? By the way I wanted my daughters to marry Democrats also. I could make a long list of who I wanted my daughters to marry. I’m sure every parent has. Does this make everyone racist or not. You don’t seam to share the same thinking I have on this matter. You pick out that I am a racist because I wanted them to marry a thorough bred Norwegian but if I wanted them to marry a doctor or lawyer that was different. How about if I wanted my daughters to marry a Catholic? There are many examples I can give you that can be used to make people racists. Like I say everyone is a racist in their own way. I’m sure you cover up your own bigotry against same sex marriage in some fashion that is not accepted by others and they will call you a racist.

          • Like all Dumbo-rats Your KKK roots are shinning brightly. What make one a bigot or racist is when one choose’s to resent ,consider less equal one race, creed, culture over another. Still hiding behind those KLAN hoods. Right Wayne. By the way My congregation is preparing to rid our nation ,of bigots racist ,Homophobes, sexist,Mosogonistic,dumbo-rat progressive ,socialist twink’s like you. FURTHER MORE Wayne it is rather clear your ignorant of the very meaning of the terms racist or bigot. Only & idiot. Would utilize the term racist in place of the proper term bigot; for one who is set against same sex marriage. Which literally proves you haven’t given much thought on the subject. Like I said your wife is a same sex partner your daughters are adopted. An heck yes I do pity those poor emotionally abused girls .

          • ………and you’re the bigot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • By your own words you have proven to be a true racist. Good luck in the future. You Trump supporter.

          • ……and you’re not a bigot?

          • Unlike You Ass Clown shit filled cranium . You who takes the form of a muliti faceted, Racist,bigot ,sexist,Mosogonist, Arrogant socialist prognosticator of 100% bullshit. I freely admit to my minor forms of bigotry. Yes I 100 % disagree with same sex marriage, I find it and the supporters of same sex marriage to be lacking of any morals ,eithics or logical reasoning. My truth is, I hold neither resentment ,bitterness or hatred for the fallen from grace Gay person. I simply disagree with their life choices. Where I become angered is when others attempt to force upon still others their personal views.

          • I just love modern Christian’s – so full of love, forgiveness and acceptance. Wasn’t that what Jesus preached or have you converted? Apparently Islam is right up your street. Please tell me were Jesus advocates your hatred?

            Personally my attitude was – there’s therefore more girls for me. Figured I could sweet talk lesbians with my charm. Obviously something you are devoid of.

          • Forgiveness, acceptance two words you know absolutely nothing about. Speaking for Christ; Is another subject area for which you have absolutely zero knowledge. So stick to swallowing skin flutes ( Your not into women ! ) You & Wayne Thorson are Skin flute players. From what I hear you an Wayne share special moments quite often.

          • Suggest you read your previous posts versus mine – I don’t really care what folk are, whereas you have very definite ideas of what is okay. Think that’ll make me the more accepting and forgiving – you the bigot!

          • So you say you really don’t care what folks are?? O REALLY?? Then why is it Mr racist, bigoted,egotistical ,masoginist Ass clown you IN many past postings have chosen on numerous occasions to use the scumbag racist Term Nigga’ s??? Not only are you everything I have attributed to you in the above! But you are also a Lying sack of shit.

          • I don’t care – I used that term as shock-value for you bigots. wondered what the response would be. One of my employees is an African refugee and usually house-sits for us (and the animals) when we’re away. She is lovely, as are her family and my daughters are very “pally” with hers – not so keen on the boy though. Gender-ist perhaps?

            Please; what is a “masoginist” – is it some weird kind of therapy?

            Gave up on your Pakistan idiocies did you. Couldn’t find any revisionist history to substantiate your drivel?

          • So now your trying to claim you used the term for shock value. Liar,Liar ,Liar .You use that racist term as if it come as second nature, all to often all to many times. (
            An now you like all racist resort to that good old racist trick that nolonger Flys! ( I have a black friend or my house keeper is black or my house sitter is black or my neighbor is black.) Bull shit Your little more then a lying, racist, bigoted ,sexist, Mosogonistic, arrogant, egotistical, Ass clown An we Patriotic American s aren’t going to sit quiet. So go away before your find your racist ass ,hung up on a lamp post.

          • Please what is “Mosogonistic” – new religion? Does it allow you to hate really dumb people? If so sign me up – obviously you won’t be allowed to join.

            She’s from Eritrea actually – was amazed when I told her I’d been next door when Eritrea became a country. She has no family left there – scattered all over, mostly Europe. Only one in US – he wants to move to Europe as not overly impressed and lifestyle the rest of the family has is much better.

            Patriotism – the last refuge of the scoundrel and moron!

          • Misogynistic A woman hater: Like you A Lying Racist fagot you hates women. Here you go adding more bullshit to your bullshit black friend story.( You have no friends) Admit it your little more then a Lying, Racist ,bigoted, Misogynistic , Fagot, egotistical, Ass Clown

          • You’re still on about bottoms – I think you’re just a closet fairy. Probably wears ladies lingerie underneath your big butch work clothes. Ha, ha, ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • And you of course are the epitome of truth and facts. Look flying piggies!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • ………and there was me thinking the Bible professed peace, love and forgiveness. Obviously your church is the FuckUifUDon’tThinkLikeUs variety. Evangelical perhaps?

          • I call a spade a spade. Just keep dancing. You don’t have an answer to my question.

          • I call an Idiot as I see an idiot .Wayne I do not Waltz .I Tango ,Salsa & Merranga an many other styles of dance . But I’ll never dance to your dumb ass tune. Just as I will not answer your question with the answer you wish for me to give.
            My answer is my own. It may not be the answer you where looking for .That is your problem an will never become mine.

          • Dance, dance, dance. You don’t have an answer so you choose to dance around the question. You are not my first rodeo. You don’t have an answer so you choose keep on being a bigot.

          • Wayne are you not aware ,of just how it is your projecting your very own deep seated feels about your very own bigotry. Yes you are the bigot.Your are the Homo-phobe. Admit it Wayne be true to yourself Wayne . Everyone else here already understands. Your a switch hitter, during the day you play the straight heretosexual family man! At night Wayne you troll the down low clubs looking for quick fixes in the dark corners of the gay clubs (Right Wayney,gay boy.).

          • At least I don’t cover up who I am by using an alias. You can justify your bigotry in your own mind but you will never justify it with the big man in the sky.

          • An Alias you falsely acuse. Unlike you I’m Proud of my heritage an Family name which traces back well overy 800 years .My username is the very same name written on my drivers license ,C.C.P. , EVERY HUNTING & FISHING LICENSE, ON EVERY ONE OF MY DEGREES,DIPLOMAs CERTIFICATIONS, DIScharge SEPERATION PAPERS-DD214. My Baptism, Church membership & my Ordination into the Ministry
            Visa Passport School Idea Club idead. Such as pistol clubs long range Rifle an pistol clubs Mason license. Fake my arse Alias My Arse. .

          • 800 years – proof!

            Degrees? Bum scratching?

            A passport – why?

          • Well “Ass clown ” Place government photo identification as to who your are,” ass clown ” on the world wide webb

          • “Assclown” is one word doofus.

            There are many Peatro Giorgio’s so which one are you – the dumbest to be sure, but that’s not evident in photo’s. Probably even more Mr Pooheads, I know another father locally who has the same moniker.

            Your ignorance is boundless! Nothing new there I guess.

          • On each of your preceding postings youve proveN yourself to be the #1 idiot .
            Ass Clown may be used either as two seperate or two a joined words combined to be one. I chose to use it in the very manner for which I had. Ass in your & ass & a clown. HENCE ASS CLOWN . WELL ,WELL COWARD STILL HIDING BEHIND A FALSE USERNAME..

          • Congratulations – first thing you’ve got right. I actually had to look up the term – bit surprised someone nearly retired would be using the term. More of a teenage, twenty-something word(s). Immature either way.

            You chose it in what meaning?

            Still waiting for you prove one thing I’ve said is in-correct – and I offered you 10,000 to a charity of your choice. Don’t believe in charity? Whereas I have destroyed pretty much everything you have said.

            No other usernames, much too much hard work.

          • Your dismay was not at all surprising to me. Time an time again your arrogance has beaten you ,your ignorant prideful Ness has defied you in your attempt to project a world traveled ,enlightened individual. Only to become the mirror image of a Troglodyte’s escrement ingesting Monad. J

          • No dismay. No arrogance – fact are facts. What is “Ness”? No projections, just disproving your drivel with facts. Too pretty to be a troglodyte. Suspect you had to look up “monad”. And, if I did resemble one, then what intelligence do you have considering you are yet to disprove anything I have emitted? You’re well below myself, modesty aside.

          • Really? Then what purpose has it served you to have to continually deny your dismay,arrogance or ignorance???? . Hey stupid I did not call you a Troglodyte! I called you a Monad That eats Troglodyte escrement. Dam your truly are illiterate.
            Read again ! ( Troglodyte’s escrement ingesting Monad.) Further more in not to distent past I recall you having to Google search Monad’s.
            Not nearly half as intelligent as you believe yourself to be. No wonder your daughters nicknamed you shit head . Keep right on living in total denial

          • ” Only to become the mirror image of a Troglodyte’s escrement ingesting Monad”, actually makes no sense. Had to Google “escrement” too. Troglodyte doesn’t require capital “T” unless at start of sentence. I have to Google much of your stuff as it is nonsensical.

            Pridefulness – no capitals in the middle required, nor a separate word. Duh!

            “Mr Poohead”, no rude words required.

          • Capital letters signifies the name of a person, place or thing. My use of & orientation of Capitals is & was correct “Duh is right” Once again leaving you standing there speechless with your thumbs stuck in your ass “Right ” Ass Clown

          • Ha, ha, ha! What are “inequetties”?

          • “Really? Then what purpose has it served you to have to continually deny your dismay,arrogance or ignorance????” When?

          • Once again I’ve easily left you standing utterly speechless, with your thumbs stuck up in your Arse! ” Right ” Ass Clown !
            The real question is,
            ” When not” ???

          • Sitting actually and if you had then you’d have claimed your 10,000 for charity. Ha, ha, ha!

          • Never; I think you’ll find. But comprehension and language not your strong suit.

          • Well good for you Peatro.

          • Me too – idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Me also idiotic shithead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I see you still very much proven in your daughters Right

          • Yet I still remain correct in every episode with you, which means you are were?

          • O really Such as ! Les peuples Ingenes. Verses no French word you say for indigenous I guess your are the idiot after all. I stated no such french word for naturalized moron. Or Published as you claim verse written as I stated Moron ! “Sure moron ” I keep kicking your dumb ass.

          • ” The french use the term Indigenous” no they use “indigenes”. Duh!

          • Let me know when you start! You should thank God you wear a large hat to bad it’s full of shiit!

          • I just wish I could think of something that would be dumber than your comments. Adios.

          • Good-Bye! Be sure to get a Bible and actually read it!

          • If you had one you would know it talks about love your fellow man not hate them.

          • Since you wish to keep up the charade, “IF” you had one that you actually read it STILL SAYS “MAN SHALL “NOT” LAY WITH MAN”! Ergo God abhors HOMOSEXUALS!

          • Bigots can find something in the Bible to cover up their bigotry. The Bible also says a person that gets a Divorce and remarries that he is committing an abomination. Do you feel this way? If you do then how many of your friends are divorced and remarried?

          • Can’t think of but one. Take your Tex Ritter wanna be cowgirl hat off. It’s cutting off the blood flow to your brain!

          • It’s you that’s talking stupid.. Just go back and read your comments. All you can do is call people names and have absolutely no substance in your comments. You obviously don’t have anything intelligent to say. You are a good example of a Trump voter.

          • “YOU” only wish to revere/ obey the things you wish to see! You walk into a forest and see only one tree NOT the forest so you pick and chose which/ what you want!
            You and the Pope seem to think you can just up and usurp the “whole Bible”, you want to pick and chose what to believe and obey! You think you’re smug with the cowboy hat and that you are a Biblical Scholar but you and the Pope fail miserably!
            I’ll be sure to see if you’re sitting alongside St. Peter at the Pearly gates!
            Good bye!

          • Start here: Matt 5:22, Eph 4:29, James 3:10, Eph 5:4 as an initial step. Then reflect on your worthless anger, hate and bigotry.

          • Your 1st one says “optimum word” “JUST” cause!


            Try these on for size oh legend in ones own mind!
            Rom 1:26-27
            Leviticus 18:22, 20:
            Matt 19:4, 5
            1 Cor.6
            Rom. 12:2

          • You can’t have it both ways…citing scripture to support one argument and then ignoring it when its incovenient. Reflect on your worthless anger, hate and bigotry.

          • Oh ignorant one it ISN’T both ways! Old I wear a cowboy hat so I must be smart started it when I CONDEMNED the Pope and him for their trying to rewrite the Bible in regards to HOMO’s! Then you jump in with your WORTHLESS 2 Cents! You started quoting scriptures and I just replied with scriptures right back at you! You’re trying UNSUCCESSFULLY to make me the villain. WRONG! It’s I wanna be Tex Ritter and his 10 gallon hat along with the “Pope is a Dope”!
            So KMA! What are you his lover??
            P.S. the 747 is still waiting to be started!

          • I quoted scriptures to illustrate your hypocrisy, and expose your worthless anger hate and bigotry.

          • I quoted scriptures to show how ignorant you are of the original debate! I just happen to hate gross ignorance!

          • Deflection. That doesn’t entitle you to promote your filth, bigotry and hatred. Go and pray about it and then come back and tell us what you learned.

          • Yes you’re right! I will pray that you and Tex Ritter wannabe BOTH pull your heads out of your collective @$$es!
            Please remove your head from the place the sun never shines and take a breath of fresh, clean air! Please! The flatulence you’re inhaling has just about destroyed every brain cell you ever had! You’ve smelled your own flatulence for so long it now smells good to you!

          • Nope. i reject your filth, anger and bigotry. You have work to do. Matt 5:22, Eph 4:29, James 3:10, Eph 5:4.

          • Reject away. “I REJECT YOUR TOTAL IGNORANCE”!! You can’t or WILL NOT read the Bible which states God denounces, abhors HOMOSEXUALITY! You and Tex Ritter wannabe along with the Pope think in your own “EGOTISTICAL” minds are one up on God. It must be wondrous to be so narcissistic and egomaniacs to think you’re better than God Almighty!
            Have a nice day NOT!

          • Name calling is a common strategy of propagandists, bullies and the poorly educated.

          • Another Scientology Jerk off???

          • More deep thoughts. I’m guessing the poorly educated category.

          • Did you finish reading the Dick and Jane series yet? You know the ones , see Jane run, see Dick run or is that beyond your IQ level??
            If so, then read the Bible, God Himself CONDEMNS Homosexuality! I didn’t say it GOD ALMIGHTY DID! Just because you or your friends wish to be gay DOES NOT mean the Bible gets tossed or rewritten to suit you!
            P.S. get back to me/ us when you finish the Dick & Jane series!

          • Educate yourself then: Matt 5:22, Eph 4:29, James 3:10, Eph 5:4

          • No Wayne !
            The answer is not either a Yes or No. The correct answer is this. If one who was previously a sinner now baptized in Christ name have fully excepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his or her LORD, KING & Savior Having spoken so through their mouths from their hearts, mind & Spirit. Then one takes on the new man,for the old man has died in the water. The new man in Christ for ever repenting ,turning away from his or her worldly sinful fleshly desires. Lives as the new man in a new life in Christ Jesus. Than they shall surly be received in Heaven. Wayne God Knows we are broken vessels, with sinful natures & that from time to time,we fall allowing our will to over come our desire, need to be true to the Lord. Yes we all sin. That said if one is a habitual sinner committing the very same sin over & over again & again.
            Then as Scripture tells us ! That person is lawless, irreligious unrighteous,rebellious, LOST TO THE WORLD. That includes those whom except homosexuality as normal for they to shall be Lost To the World.

          • Yep you are a typical Republican. You use a lot of words but don’t say a damn thing. Is a gay person condemned to go to Hell or not? You that like make yourself sound like God should be able to answer this question.

          • I’m sure the Lord will forgive you for having such a sick twisted mind. I’m praying for you now.

          • Name calling is a tactic typically used by propagandists, bullies and the poorly educated.

          • Why don’t you go suck start a 747!

          • Deep thoughts…worthless really.

          • Wayne You may well be happy in your marriage .But I would be whiling to wager Your Poor wife isn’t at all happy with your limp wrist-ed twisted theology. ! Timothy 5:19-20 19. Pay no attention to accusations against presbyter unless it is supported by two or three witness. 20 The ones who do commit sin,however,are to be publicly reprimanded,so that the rest may fear to offend.
            1 Timothy 6:8-11 We know that the law is good, provided one uses it in the way is supposed to be used- 9. that is,with the understanding that it is aimed,not at the good men but at the lawless and unruly,the irreligious and the sinful,the wicked and the godless,men who kill their fathers or mothers,murders,fornicators,sexual perverts,kidnappers,liars,perjurers,and those who in other ways flout the sound teaching 11 that pertains to the glorious gospel of God-blessed be he with which I have been entrusted.
            Old Testament Leviticus 18:22 Thou shalt not lie with mankind,as with womenkind. And 15 other chapters and verses in scripture dealing with sexual deviants immorality

          • You are preaching to the wrong crowd my friend. I refuse to take serious words that come from a deep seated bigot with a twisted mind. You spiel nothing but self serving thoughts that only makes yourself feel good and removes the guilt from your sick mind.

          • You lost the bet.

          • Wayne ! That isn’t what your honest wife told me ! She said Peatro Your so much brighter ,so much wiser then is my limp wrist-ed, twisted theology spewing, sad excuse for a husband .
            Clearly Wayne in your brides eyes I won.

          • And you claim to be a disciple of Christ. Bah hum bug.

          • In that case Wayne I as an Ordained mister, would suggest & highly recommend your minister return to scripture. For the Bible is the sole Authority of Church doctrine. As for Judgement That is for the Lord God Alone. However we as Disciples of Christ are command, To rebuke & admonish those who are not following the Path of Christ which is the only way to the Father. As Christ Jesus had spoken The old Mosaic laws are not dead they are quite good for learning discerning and teaching. Final point As Christ Jesus had proclaimed we live under a New Covenant One with but two commands. Love thy one and only God with all your heart mind and spirit and Love thy neighbor as you would be loved. Christ Jesus went on further to express that if one followed these two commands, then one would have fulfilled all 10 commandments. For those of you whom are quite the neophytes of Faith or rather still fed on the milk of Christ & not yet partaking of the flesh. Christ Jesus’s words mean Sodomy is still very much a sin.

          • You can’t have learned all that hatred you spiel from out of the Bible. If you did then your not reading the same Bible I am. Bigots look for every thing they can find to justify their bigotry.

          • God does not hate sinners. God HATES THE SIN.
            Clearly Wayne you’ve never even gone so far as to open a bible. Let alone having read any particular version or verse there of.
            Try the NkJV, NIV. the American Standard,the open Bible or The Amplified version . Youll find them on line. At Christian books Dot com. YOU might also find them a Local Jesus book store or a Barnes & Nobal.
            The above versions are but just a few of the bibles for which I have been blessed to own. Get off your lazy back side. Close your ears to that which tickles them. Cease to listen to false teachers. Like your so call minister.
            If You wish I am very open to instructing you on bible doctrine. Just give me your email address I shall then reply we then shall begin. SUGGESTION purchase a New American standard MacArthur study bible with Commentaries.

          • I do not care to study the Bible with a person that uses it to cover their bigotry. If you can not accept other human beings for what they are that is your choice. If I have to choose which to follow between you as a self proclaimed ordained minister and the POPE I will choose the POPE. Instead of preaching hate you should be preaching about loving your fellow man,



    • The Biblel Teaches us to love one an another. It doesn’t say or command us to Eccept what ever it is. That our neighbor speaks. FOR. WE SHALL KNOW THEM BY THEIR WORKS speaking of far more intelligent nearly every other contributer on this site is your superior in that regard whiney Wayne

  16. Certainly all true. Should move the Church from The Vatican to Venezuela.

  17. Compassion is one thing and politics is another! One thing that is missing here is that Christ and His Church, has set the moral tone of belief and sin and when one sets himself up as a sinner, he knows the consequences of its act and suffers the penalty ! Christ put it succinctly when he forgave Mary Magdalene as a courtesan: “sin no more.” He had compassion for her by forgiving her, but He also made it known that she was not to flaunt His forgiveness and return to her ways! In short, Pope Francis seems to overlook the consequences of sin, by giving the sinner a pat on the back and ease their burden of guilt by granting them the attributes of a non-sinner! He might forgive but to award their transgression by giving them full communion with the adherents of the magisterium , is a bit much! But he has the mentality of a third world persona and only sees things from that perspective; therefore,from this background he developed his angst against capitalism as being an intrinsic evil!



    In the door they came with their tale between their legs. What a sorry lot in complete disarray. Tom don’t mention Trump they can’t handle it right now. All their petty fogging issues shot down by bible thumpers, farmers, fishermen, ranchers and mom and pops. Those Christian people with their kids. The undesirables who beat the Pharisees of Karl Marx. We just moved from NYC to NJ to get away from out of touch with America communist New York. Latte lickers and supporters of the all inclusive party of whites only on the platform. The servants have to stay below. You would have to have oak for brains not to see the Clinton hoax.

    One white candidate and tag along Sanders until told to pull up lame at the post. . How any socialist could not see they were had is beyond me. The Bern three homes socialist said we will fight on the convention floor. Then he shoved his faithful followers out the door for $650,000 more. I was asked by my Leninist relatives how I like New Jersey. My reply was better than communist New York. Then I pointed out the communist mayor, DeLousio, Senators Heinrich Schumer and his staff of 129 sending out vote for Schumer letters. Who by the way is cutting his staff down prior to the Trump audit.

    Then we have Gov Cuomo who had to cancel 200 hotel rooms in DC for the Clinton inauguration. Oh the humanities. It’s the Hidenberg all over again. So trump saved New York taxpayers Clinton hotel room bills. He just got Boeing to build two AF1’s for half the price the demo commos were going to pay. Boeing is richer for it because the don’t have to pay the two billion dollar bribes packed into the price.

    The Party of death to little children has to reorganize and get on the same page talking points again. In order to do it they have to steal Trumps promises and pretend it is their idea.

    The man is not yet president and already he has Japanese investing 50B in the USA. He cut the cost of planes in half. Mexico is bidding for the concrete that will build the wall. The great news is Americans are saying Merry Christmas again. God is back and everything is coming up roses. Things are swell, things are great going to have the whole world on a plate. Everybody sing. Trump has kick started America. keep the ball rolling. Deny the demo commos a home on the range.

    We don’t want to hear their discouraging words and cloudy issues and loser’s wishes;.

    Do not trust the Trotsky media. Take your Tweets from Twump. God saved the constitution.


    Russian President Vladimir Putin casts his ballot at a polling station … PUTIN SPOTTED IN UTAH


    Putin’s party leading in Russian elections amid controversy over vote …PUTIN SPOTTED IN MICHIGAN

    Election Voting Fraud: Allegations Of Vote Rigging Surface As Putin …PUTIN SPOTTED IN NEW HAMPSHIRE


  19. This pope has done more to degrade the faith than any pope ever. The college of cardinals should vet would be popes. Maybe American Catholics should follow the Church of England and break away from the socialist roman church.

  20. The Roman Catholic Church’s dalliance with progressivism and socialism has always backfired. They think they can empower the “State” to do “good”. And, wind up creating an entity that ultimately puts them out of business. Humanity is very short sighted. Once, the state becomes all powerful who needs God? The state provides all. Look at Europe, empty churches, secularism run amok, and now the Catholic Church wringing its hands as governments shut them down, drag priests from the church, or let them be butchered.

    The Catholic Church cut a deal with the Dems on Obamacare and was silent as millions of Americans rallied against Obamacare. Not a peep out of the Church. Then when the Obama Administration started going after the Church all of a sudden these dramatic and moving videos about how the church was under attack and that we needed to rally to the church to help defend it started popping up on the Net. What a crock. Foolish old hypocrites.

    Want a real eyeopener, you should watch “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing”. It was playing on the EWTN channel. How so many Catholic Leaders got hoodwinked by Saul Alinsky is amazing. And, how much effort they put into supporting his objectives. Explains how Notre Dame covered all the religious icons when Obama spoke there.

    • Obozo came from a muslum communist family. His father was an African muslum commie, his caucasian mother and her family were hard core card carrying commies. One of their best friends was a hard core card carrying commie, Frank Marshall Davis. Even Barry Soetoro’s step father, Lolo Soetoro was a commie. After they all abandoned Barry, he was sent to Chicago, a communist hot bed, to live with the radical family of Bill Ayers. That’s where the commie elites groomed Obozo for his future in politics. His so called studies in Constitutional Law and his association with Saul Alinsky’s (Rules for Radicals, ~1971) community organizing, were the intermediate steps. The final step was his association with Valerie Jarrett and the law firm where Moocelle and Barry were hooked up. Jarrett and her liberal family lived in the Middle East for a while and she is probably a muslum and communist. All of Barry’s WH associates are commies, those that just love Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Ho, Castro, Che, the little fat kid in N Korea, all communist. So, soon Barry will probably be the president of the commie UN General assembly and ready to take on America and Trump.

  21. By my NoBama countdown clock, the traitorous Kenyan Muslim has only 24 days, 22 hours, 22 min and 22 seconds left! YAY!

  22. Pope Francis came from Marxist Argentina, so should there be any doubt ??? Remember the Perons ??? Old Juan associated with Mussolini and other murderous despots.

  23. Pope Francis has been an incredible disappointment to me. I had high hopes for the Catholic Church, but he has become a real problem. He’s definitely a socialist.

  24. How can anyone who calls themselves a christian, much less the Pope embrace these terrible people? They are proud of murdering babies, and advocate for the complete and total collapse of the traditional family while going further and further from reality in their zealous mania to force the ‘lgbtabcd community’ down everyone’s throats, especially children. They are vicious, violent liars who will attack and attempt to destroy anyone who doesn’t agree with them. They are narrow minded, intolerant, hateful people who act like Nazi’s and riot, burn, loot and create chaos everytime they don’t get their way. He’s got nerve saying Donald Trump isn’t a Christian, while aligning himself with people who are rabidly antichristian in every way.

  25. In the Wikileaks dumps, Podesta said that the left had sent spies within the Catholic church…

    Sure seems worse than I expected.

  26. I am sorry, but I consider Francis as an anti Pope, perhaps an apostate from hell.

  27. It cannot be denied that certain of Mr Trump’s pronouncements do not follow the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth. All you have to do is listen to what he has been saying – really listen! Or read some of his famous tweets. I would hardly call Mr Trump a true follower of Christ.

  28. Pope Francis may think he is pleasing the radical Left Catholics in this world, but he certainly isn’t making God a fan of his. Not only has he forgotten what his job entails, but he has campaigned just as hard as our Presidential campaigners did using God as his sword.
    If anyone would check the numbers in the Catholic church these days, you would see that they have drastically been reduced. Why is that? Is it because those Catholics who are used to a more traditional Pope are grossly disappointed in this radical Pope’s ideas that all Catholics should be following? Or is it because the Catholic church has fallen down on its religious teachings to accept a more radical group of followers? What ever it is, many lifetime Catholics I know have chosen to leave that church for a more traditional religious venue…Christianity. A Pope that thinks he is God, needs to look again in the mirror and ask for forgiveness for ignoring the teachings of his very own God. Amen.

  29. This Pope is a disgraceful false prophet and teacher. Is it not written: “The heart of a wise man leans to his right; but the heart of a fool leans to his left.” (Eccl 10:2) Gos, our creator is not a liberal, He is not tolerant of sin. He does not excuse sin. He grants forgiveness to those who humble themselves in earnest repentance and plead the blood of jesus Christ. The cultism of Catholocism condemns many to the fires of hell because they do not have a relationship with Christ. They have a perverted and distorted religion.

  30. It is not ours to judge him! He understands that his “judgement” will be by a much “Higher Deity” and he and he alone will have to explain himself to the Holy GOD!

  31. Sorry, Francis, but you are not my Pope but a clone of Obama and moonbeam of CA! Read where a cardinal is stating the truth, we are about to suffer a schism of our Catholic Church because of Francis. Not bad either because then we can keep our REAL Catholic Faith and Church and he can go live in Avignon!

  32. He is the False Prophet, I ‘m starting to believe our Muslim-Marxist jihadist is his partner in evil, the anti-Christ – we’ll see!

  33. Put in the position of Pope by the same people that put in the Muslim Mutt

  34. Of course, the Pope is a “liberal” as defined by the conservative movement. That’s because the conservative movement, and especially the conservative “Christian” movement is not truly anchored in the real values of Christ. Christ taught us to value “liberal” issues such as helping the sick, helping the poor, helping the hungry, helping the homeless and helping the elderly, yet the conservative “Christian” movement wants to eliminate all programs that help these “unworthy” groups of people. Christ said, “so you help the least of these, you help me also”. That was one of his primary messages, and it is a message the Pope supports in his sermons every single day. So now, the conservative “Christian” movement brands this Pope as “liberal”. The Pope also asks people to stop hating members of the gay community because he follows the Ten Commandments that say “Thou Shalt Love Thy Neighbor”. It doesn’t say thou shalt only love those who believe the same as you, or those who are the same race as you, or those who live exactly as you do. No, the Commandment does not say “Thou Shalt Love Thy (Christian or White) Neighbor”, it says “Love Thy Neighbor”, meaning all people on this earth. It is also said in the Bible, that conservative “Christians” so love to quote, that you should “judge not, lest ye be judged”. Judging is God’s job, not ours. Yes, we have to judge people for civil crimes, etc., but judging the value of a human being is His domain. If you read and believe the Bible, as conservative “Christians” are supposed to do, then you will find that judging people by the color of their skin or their economic situation or how they live is a sin.

    In actuality, true Christianity is a very “liberal” movement compared to the values of the conservative movement within the Republican Party, and the platform of the Republican Party. In practice, you will find many more “liberals” doing what Christ asked them to to, working at homeless shelters and food banks, teaching the young, trying to stop wholesale destruction of our planet by major polluters in the oil, gas and coal industries, the steel industry, the chemical industry and so many others. These “liberals” are merely trying to save our only home so that future generations might be able to live. I believe that Christ AND the Pope are on the side of these people in these so-called “liberal” endeavors. Yes, the Pope is a “liberal”, and for good reason. The Bible and his Christian beliefs command him to be.

  35. He’s the worst pope ever, he’s like barack hussein obama not worth a crap walking, riding, or flying.

  36. Pope Francis is not a pope. The last pope was Benedict. He is the only legitimate pope. Francis and Obama are both frauds put into power by Satan. God recognizes only Benedict.

  37. Wethepeople Freedomnow

    The Roman Catholic Church, is representative of The Pope, The Peter, The choice of CHRIST SON of ALMIGHTY GOD, and for those reasons that position must be respected! So let us all be respectful with the choice of words, believer or not, if you are of the Judah-Christian religion RESPECT…In the course of history there have been a few bad Popes. This sitting Pope unfortunately is a liberal and as such should be questioned, even challenged if he sways from The BIBLE The Alpha First Testament and The Omega Last or Final Testament, nothing more, nothing less, NO deviations…Even CHRIST the Son of GOD, is not empowered to change that which GOD COMMANDED. I hope all know communism-fascism-islamism-nazism-socialism-progressivism-liberalism are all offshoots of MARXISM, which is total control of humans from inception to death, every aspect of our lives. However, our sovereign Constitutional Republic of these United States of America Declaration of Independence and Constitution have the TEN COMMANDS OF GOD imbedded therein by our GOD Fearing-Loving Founders, we are in effect One Nation Indivisible with Liberty and Moral Justice for ALL. That said this sitting Pope if professing liberalism and/or changing and/or ignoring THE WORD OF GOD, we are obligated to respond respectfully [the position of Pope] and denounce those transgressions. But most of all pray for Pope Francis that he may be enlightened by GOD through CHRIST!


  39. pope francis is a fraud a liar and a cheat and a boy raping faggot.

  40. Father Malachi Martin warned about the DEVIL entering the Vatican Years prior to His death.



  43. As a catholic I am ashamed of this pope…he is in fact destroying christianity by his open arms to muslims….

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