‘Wrong Trump’ Trends Following Ivana Trump’s Death at 73

There are hardly any days that one can’t find Donald Trump, the former president of the US trending on social media for all the wrong reasons. Soon after he announced the death of his ex-wife, Ivana Trump on Thursday, July 14, the words “Wrong Trump” started trending on Twitter. Ivana Trump who was 73 years old at the time of her death had three children with the former president, named Donald Trump Jr, Ivanka Trump, and Eric Trump. 

The Czech-born businesswoman and ex-model divorced Trump in 1992 after 15 years of marriage. However, even after they separated the duo remained relatively close in the years that followed, with Ivana and her fourth husband Rossano Rubicondi even choosing to hold their 2008 wedding at the Mar-a-Lago resort. Donald Trump described Ivana as “a wonderful, beautiful, and amazing woman, who led a great and inspirational life” while announcing her death on his Truth Social platform. 

Ivana’s death soon became one of the top trending topics on Twitter alongside “Wrong Trump” and “Donald”. With “Wrong Trump”, certain sections of Twitter users expressed their hatred for Trump.

Sportswriter Jeff Pearlman tweeted “I see ‘Wrong Trump’ trending”. “Not gonna lie—I’d said that to my fam a few minutes earlier. I don’t root for deaths. But exception can be made for an aspiring authoritarian with nary a decent bone in his body (who, for that matter, openly celebrated John McCain’s death)” he added. “BREAKING: Wrong Trump Dies,” tweeted comedy writer Brad Wollack. Another user said: ‘God took the wrong one!’ 

Author William Shunn tweeted “Well, Death, you turned over the wrong Trump”. Comic book writer Matt Miner tweeted “Once again, the wrong Trump”. “Terrible thing to say. But the wrong Trump died,” tweeted a user.

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  1. Many sick communists living here in the U.S just cannot stand the FACT that PRESIDENT TRUMP exposed them ALL for their nefarious “plans” to destroy this country and turn it into a communist controlled cesspool by FRAUDULENT “installing” their “chosen” chinese communist bought, owned, and controlled pair of “puppets'”in order to carry on FRAUD obama’s “fundamental transformation” of this country into a communist-controlled , third-world banana republic cesspool, filled with mentally-ill , QUEER, “gay” freaks (like him,) hordes of illegal aliens, and protected Criminals, like “black LIES matter” and “antifa” to push their agenda.

  2. In actuality is the true fact that it should have been all the top Democrat snakes that should have died!

  3. Those ones tweeting their desires for something like that are the reason nothing but a bunch of FREAKS WEIRDOS, PEDOPHILES,FAGS & CORRUPT MINDED PEOPLE flat out ruining the country!

    And yes the whole world knows it.

  5. Doug Corrigan Jr.

    Actually, that phrase was stolen and bungled. Used correctly, it was applicable to the death some years ago of Quid Pro Groper Joe BiteMe’s son Beau.

  6. Couldn’t finish ready this pile of crap! Hey perlman, you’re really enjoy all the dirt you can type on your keyboard, to make OUR PRESIDENT look bad? Well, let me tell you,YOU ARE AN ASS! Pieces of filth like you are NOT a journalist, or even a writer! Go and try to dump dirt on all the evil ass holes we’ve got in government, instead on saying lies about a man who just lost the mother of his kids. And by the way, I AGREE WITH HIM ABOUT McCain!

  7. LISTEN UP….GOD has a REASON for EVERYTHING. GOD did NOT Take the WRONG TRUMP. GOD has a PURPOSE for PREZ TRUMP. HEAR MY WORDS….TRUMP Shall Become a TRUMPET. Is ANYTHING Impossible for GOD???? YOU Aint SEEN NOTHING Yet. GOD is Going to DO WONDERS that will SHOCK YOU. From SamuraiQueen aka CHIAKIA. 😄😄😄😇😇😇😉😉😉

  8. With everything that the current bungaler in chief has screwed up, it is astonishing how terrified of the Real president of this nation that these people are.

  9. Tell it like it is Cliff…Your right on the button…Anyone who thinks this a hole in the White house is one tenth the leader Trump was is apparently committed to stupidity…

  10. First God doesn’t make mistakes people trying to twist a death are pathetic they don’t have a clue about God’s reasons for anything he chooses to do , humans are so arrogant and ignorant!

  11. All the people with the “wrong Trump” statement just makes me laugh. It is so true that Donald Trump is living RENT FREE IN THEIR PATHETIC HEADS. I listened to Geraldo Rivera eulogizing Ivana and what great friends they were and all she accomplished in her life and then the A$$HOLE always made sure he brought up in every interview what happened between Donald Trump, Ivana and Marla Maples. Here’s a guy eulogizing a so called friend and he brings up one of the worse times in her life just to talk trash about Donald Trump. And the joke of it all is it’s coming out of the mouth of a DIRT BAG MAN WHO’S BEEN DIVORCED 5 TIMES.

  12. Cliff loves to lick the little orange balls. Take your head out of Tucker’s butt and fact check, trumpwad

  13. RIP Ivana. It is sad that in all of this the spin is the focus and not respect for your passing. Enjoy the purity and love you now are a part of. Peace to your remaining family, including your husband, children, and yes, to your ex-husband Donald whom you called friend.

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